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Ubuntu Check out Spread Ubuntu to create, use, share, and translate marketing materials! Ubuntu

The Ubuntu Marketing Team consists Ubuntu users who volunteer to promote digital freedom, digital rights, and Ubuntu. Anyone is welcome to join and contribute.

All in accordance with the Ubuntu Code of Conduct


The Marketing Team strives to create the building blocks needed by the Ubuntu Community to spread Ubuntu throughout the world.

Our objectives are:

  • The Ubuntu Marketing Team will act as a central marketing resource for the Ubuntu Community.
  • Provide resources to assist and encourage LoCos in marketing their activities to the wider community.

  • Gather the hard work that LoCo teams are already doing.

Join Us

To join the Ubuntu Marketing Team:

If you are interested in participating in this team, please scroll down to read more.

Getting Involved

The marketing team is always looking for more people to help out. We have huge plans to bring the wonder of Ubuntu to the world and the more people helping to do that the faster we can make progress. Please read through the pages linked to from this page to get an idea of what we are currently working on.

See Also: ActivismHowTo

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