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 * Taking care of the KubuntuGrubconfig tool aimed for Kubuntu Feisty.  * A Kubuntu Member
* Taking care of the KubuntuGrubconfig tool aimed for Kubuntu Feisty
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 * Fixing some smaller bugs in the meantime
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 * IRC: mhb [at] freenode<dot>net, channels #ubuntu-cz, #kubuntu-devel, #kubuntu-testers

Martin Böhm

About me

  • 18 years old, around 4 years with GNU/Linux
  • living in Prague, Czech Republic, European Union
  • studying at a secondary school, final year
  • speaking Czech, English, German and French (un peu)


  • Computers, algorithms, programming
  • Living languages
  • Literature of the 20th century
  • East Asian culture

Ubuntu present activity

Ubuntu TODO List and future ideas

  1. Work with the Kubuntu Testers team and make it ready for the Edgy+1 testing phase.
  2. Create a pyqt4 tool that would simplify test results posting, ready before the end of the year. (We'll see.)
  3. Finish the Oxygen web tools and set them up.
  4. Continue popularizing Kubuntu in the Czech Republic, report and fix bugs specific to the Czech language.
  5. Make Edgy+1 the best translated Kubuntu release to date.
  6. Make other wishes come true = see MartinBöhm/NewReleaseIdeas .



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