About me

I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades, living and working in Montréal since 1992. I've been recently working as a research assistant (in sociology) in recent years, but I'm planning a return to process revision in the public sector. I also worked as translator and teacher, even as IT technician.

I have discovered open-source software in february 2006, and since then, have advocated its use.

I can be reached (most of the time) at my gmail adress Martin dot Gamache at gmail dot com .


Plans & vision for Ubuntu

Although I do think the beauty of Linux is in its diversity, I see Ubuntu as a more user-friendly distribution, and its community as being more open to newbies and non-computer-proficient users. Sharing and supporting new users is one of the defining traits of this community, and I hope to contribute to that.

I will continue to advocate the use of open-source software, and in my upcoming job, I intend to do presentations in order to encourage its use in the public sector.


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