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 {*} Co-founder and project lead for [[|Ubuntu MATE]].  {{}} Co-founder and project lead for [[|Ubuntu MATE]].
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 {*} Project lead for [[|Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker]].  {{}} Project lead for [[|Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker]].


About Me

Passionate open source advocate, Linux enthusiast and Podcaster. Lives in England, with his wife and daughter. Works for Canonical making Ubuntu and Snapcraft.


Things I do for Ubuntu


  • Ubuntu Snap Advocate.

    Ubuntu Community management.

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Desktop contributor.


External Stuff

Future Goals

  • Become a Debian Developer.

  • Ubuntu Help organise a community event, perhaps an UbuCon.


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I have known Martin for years personally through our local Linux User Group. We worked together on the initial build of Ubuntu MATE which he took over and has been the driving force behind. He's been a fantastic steward of the Ubuntu MATE project. I don't believe anyone else could have got the project to the state it's in without his leadership. I have also worked for the last 3 years on the Ubuntu Podcast. He dived into the podcast with both feet, sorting out infrastructure and automating our processes to streamline show production. Martin is a reliable, friendly, relentlessly active contributor to all the projects he cares about. He cares deeply about the community around his projects, and is always willing to help people. He would be a fine member of the Ubuntu Community Council. -- AlanPope

Martin is everything you want from a great Ubuntu Community member. He works tirelessly to promote Ubuntu at events, through podcasts, and wherever he gets the chance as well as driving technical initiatives like Ubuntu MATE and helping others bring their software to Linux and Ubuntu with Snaps. His enthusiasm is infectious and spending even a short amount of time talking to him it is clear he cares about community, technology, and how others can benefit from free software. For all of these reasons and more Martin would be a great member of the Community Council. -- JamieBennett

I've worked with Martin for a while on a huge range of Ubuntu topics. He takes an interest in the full distro and is very hands-on when it comes to finding, logging and fixing bugs. He's been a tremendous help to the desktop team both through his work in MATE, with upstream and directly on the main Ubuntu Desktop. He's a fantastic ambassador for all things Ubuntu and his work in the community sets the standard for collaborative and welcoming projects. His understanding of Ubuntu processes and the reason the processes exist is deep and wide and he is always happy to offer help to people wanting to get involved in the project that might otherwise be scared off by some of the perceived red tape. Martin would make an outstanding member of the Ubuntu Community Council. -- WillCooke

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