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[[Include(MarylandTeam/Header)]] <<Include(MarylandTeam/Header)>>

Ubuntu Maryland Local Community Team







Meeting Details

  • Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2007

  • Location: IRC: #ubuntu-maryland on freenode.

  • Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm (meeting may end earlier, but no later)


  • Software Freedom Day activities planning
  • Gutsy Release Party planning


<CraigYounkins> hey man. i just put up like 10 flyers
<rhoderickj>    Nice!
<JulianC>       The ones on the map?
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<CraigYounkins> I'm going to update the map with the ones we hit right now
<CraigYounkins> how's everyone doing?
<John>  fine.
<rhoderickj>    I'm sick as hell
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<rhoderickj>    Some kind of virus or something, but that was a rhetorical question, I know
<rhoderickj>    lol
<JulianC>       I won't be able to make it next week, but I can put up some flyers at some of the libraries near me here in Montgomery County.
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<John>  /Nick Atog
<CraigYounkins> Is Chuck in the house?
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<rhoderickj>    JulianC: Cool. Be sure to let Craig know where you put them so he can update the map
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<JulianC>       Will do.
<CraigYounkins> http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=106017942038319463394.000437bef4cedc41199d2&ll=39.243421,-76.834946&spn=0.174159,0.258179&z=12&om=1
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<CraigYounkins> thumbtacks mean we successfully put up a flyer
<rhoderickj>    Great job, Craig. That's awesome. Can we add to this or are you the mapkeeper?
<CraigYounkins> I am the mapkeeper. no way to share or make it public
<CraigYounkins> if you have updates or more spots to add to the map, PM me here now, post in the SFD advertising thread, or shoot me an email
<rhoderickj>    Okay. I'll add the link to the wiki somewhere
<rhoderickj>    In the advertising section or something
<JohnBiggs>     What do the blue things mean
<CraigYounkins> I spoke to Amy and Luis at our main library today. They are going to bring 5 LCDs to the install fest.
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<CraigYounkins> JohnBiggs: Blue bubbles are places we need to try to put one up
<BrianKemp>     That reminds me, I need to get some keyboards in the dishwasher. How many do you think we'll need?
<CraigYounkins> and the purple thumbtack is where the install fest is
<JohnBiggs>     I can bring a few keyboards.
<rhoderickj>    BrianKemp: In the dishwasher?
<JohnBiggs>     must be dirty
<CraigYounkins> Gooood question. I don't really have an answer for you. bring maybe 4 if you can?
<JohnBiggs>     I have my 4 port KVM. Do we have any other 4 port KVMs
<megatog615>    Are Installfests really fun?
<JulianC>       Are those keyboards PS2 or USB?
<CraigYounkins> I have usb to ps2 adapters
<JohnBiggs>     I enjoyed it. And I actually learned more than I thought because you will see some unique problems.
<BrianKemp>     They're PS2. I have one PS2->USB adapter and many of the other direction
<BrianKemp>     I will bring 4 keyboards, then.
<JohnBiggs>     I have one USB and a few PS2
<CraigYounkins> megatog615: depends on if you like *madness*! kidding... we should avoid much o the madness of the last one
<rhoderickj>    megatog615: I think they're fun. They're definitely a geek thing though. :)
<JohnBiggs>     I have a network switch now.
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<JohnBiggs>     And I have my network cable and ends. We can make what we need.
<aptenix>       I have a KVM, but it is PS2 only. Do we need another?
<CraigYounkins> Now, those GX100 workstations. they are sold at $25 for a base, and $25 for a monitor. the library says that is *not negotiable*. i told them we will not be selling them on SFD. unless we have good reason to change that...
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<CWEJ>  Not sure etiquette -- first time on irc -- greetings,  Chuck Johnson here....
<JohnBiggs>     PS2 is fine. Sounds good if you can bring it.
<aptenix>       you got it
<megatog615>    I'll probably have to pass this one but I'd like to bring my dad
<pronto>        hey, its justin here
<JohnBiggs>     Sure megatog615
<megatog615>    He's rejecting Ubuntu like crazy and I've recommended it to him so many times
<pronto>        Craig and i put up flyers today for instalfest
<megatog615>    Because it would fix his problems easily
<JohnBiggs>     Heh. For some people the switch can be tough.
<megatog615>    When I know it will fix the problem, he rejects the easy way and tells me to reinstall Windows instead
<megatog615>    If I can get him to switch, I can get anyone to switch
<JulianC>       The workstations... the library still wants us to help sell them?
<rhoderickj>    CWEJ: Welcome!
<pronto>        no one cares :(
<CWEJ>  Tks
<rhoderickj>    pronto: We were just talking about that
<JohnBiggs>     I care. Craig beat you to the punch
<rhoderickj>    pronto: You just missed it. Craig took all the credit. :)
<pronto>        heh
<CraigYounkins> JulianC: They have them if we wish to. They aren't pressuring us at all
<pronto>        that whore
<rhoderickj>    lol
<CraigYounkins> lol hey hey... i was considering thanking him publicly, but didn't think he'd like it
<JohnBiggs>     How much do they want to sell them for?
<JulianC>       $25 for the box, $25 for the monitor.
<CraigYounkins> Correct
<JohnBiggs>     ohh. Did anyone make an image for them?
<pronto>        zomg its you
<BrianKemp>     Do you know the specifications on the monitors?
<CraigYounkins> No, mine has a bad hard drives.
<JohnBiggs>     I think they were 17" tubes
<CraigYounkins> BrianKemp: They are 17" CRTs. Amy and Luis are bringing 5 LCDs for LOAN ONLY on SFD to help us set up stations
<JohnBiggs>     Where does the $25 go to?
<CraigYounkins> Library.
<BrianKemp>     Thank you
<JohnBiggs>     ahh. My only concern is the amount of effort to get these things set up. If we have an image that's one thing
<CraigYounkins> How do people feel about selling these? $50 for monitor and base isn't too bad, and it's a chance for us to get linux into the community, but at the same time it's more load on us.
<CraigYounkins> and if the box is dead or dies a week later, we could be blamed
<JohnBiggs>     I'm a little concerned. The hardware is very old and could break.
<CraigYounkins> other thoughts?
<JohnBiggs>     Can we say they are from the library so we dont get blamed
<aptenix>       Was the idea to have them preloaded? I would think we could say...."come one come all, even if you don't have a machine you can buy one from the library and have us install"
<rhoderickj>    I don't think we'd want to get Linux into the community on faulty equipment
<CraigYounkins> i think even if we say that, they'll get the impression it's coming from us. or worse yet, they'll blame Ubuntu
<JohnBiggs>     heh.
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Exactly. 
<CraigYounkins> aptenix: We could either preload or set it up there. preload would be easier
<JohnBiggs>     Lets get one to image. Once we do that we can have them available. The library has been supportive of us.
<JulianC>       I think that our role with those systems should be to help their new owners install Ubuntu.
<JulianC>       (space providing)
<CraigYounkins> JulianC: Yeah... but I'm kinda concerned about space.
<JohnBiggs>     Craig can you get a new one from luis?
<BrianKemp>     Is the Library going to use their own space, or part of ours in order to have these available?
<CraigYounkins> I can.
<CraigYounkins> BrianKemp: I am unsure, we have a small designated area but since they're the library they might be able to use more space
<JohnBiggs>     All around it would be best if we get one running and make an image. It'll solve hassle of dealing with those things on install day
<CraigYounkins> well, i think the first thing we need to decide is if we're even dealing with them. we don't have to.
<JohnBiggs>     I feel a little obligated due to the great support they've shown us
<JohnBiggs>     Josh, any thoughts?
<CraigYounkins> or ANYONE?
<rhoderickj>    Is the library expecting us to sell these?
<JohnBiggs>     hello?
<JulianC>       Agreed. But... I'd want to make sure that we're putting the best product possible into the hands of the new owners of the systems.
<aptenix>       I don't think it is a bad idea, as long as when there are problems found during install we have the right to exchange with a working model on behalf of the new owner. Unless the Lib is certifying minimum operation.
<JulianC>       $25 for a box is still a great deal.
<parma> Only if it works
<CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: Well, they thought we would be, but i told them today we most likely would not be on SFD
<JohnBiggs>     Can we get the library to agree to a 7 day money back, in case of problems?
<CraigYounkins> it's a possibility.
<rhoderickj>    I don't see it as a problem as long as the owner is aware that the equipment is used.
<JohnBiggs>     yeah. If it means someone new will be using ubuntu, lets do it.
<aptenix>       A good explanation of the well used nature/no promises on the hardware during sale should be sufficient.
<JohnBiggs>     Craig, if you don't have time to mess with it, I may have time. let me know.
<rhoderickj>    I do think there should be some limited support though... even though it's only $50, I don't think it'd be wise to pass off equipment without providing some sort of guarantee as to its quality
<BrianKemp>     I'm going to throw my lot in with the "let's do it" crowd.
<JohnBiggs>     I think due to the age of the equipment, a 7 day refund should be encouraged.
<JulianC>       But with the library handling the hardware end of things.
<rhoderickj>    JohnBiggs: I agree.
<BrianKemp>     The library may come back and say All Sales Are Final. But we can at least ask. Motion to ask library for a 7-day refund?
<JohnBiggs>     I also think the library should handle the sales, and the logistics
<JohnBiggs>     agree
<aptenix>       agree
<CraigYounkins> Were you thinking of SFD or Install Fest + 1?
<JohnBiggs>     SFD
<CraigYounkins> I agree - if we do it, we'll request a 7-day refund
<CraigYounkins> Now, we must realize that in order to do this, someone may need to go help them transport them.
<JohnBiggs>     We'll be responsible for setting up ubuntu on working hardware, thay handle the transactions, any loses, etc.
<JohnBiggs>     Ok. Lets move on. What other hardware do we need for the install fest
<aptenix>       Moving is ok......let us know if that is needed
<aptenix>       Do we have enough CDs?
<aptenix>       I have a handful of Canonical originals Feisty.
<CraigYounkins> OK, let's take a vote. 0 = "no", 1 = "yes", Should we assume we'll attempt to help with these workstations on SFD? this means that we will need to setup ubuntu on them one way or another. the library *must* agree to transport them to the library and collect the money for them. 0/1 please!
<JohnBiggs>     I still have about 25 feistys. Craig has 10 alternates.
<aptenix>       1
<JulianC>       1
<JohnBiggs>     1
<rhoderickj>    Let's try to get rid of all the Feisty CDs before October
<JohnBiggs>     heh
<BrianKemp>     1
<JohnBiggs>     Chuck has about 20 I think
<rhoderickj>    1
<CraigYounkins> Any objections?
<CWEJ>  too new to have a vote
<JohnBiggs>     that should be plenty
<JulianC>       Alternate CDs are all ready to go?
<JohnBiggs>     right?
<JohnBiggs>     yeah, 10 of them
<JohnBiggs>     5 Monitors, 5 Stations. 2 Per station
<JulianC>       Given the space provided, that might be as much as we can fit.
<JulianC>       (and still be able to move around)
<JohnBiggs>     Should we count our KVM ports? I have a 4 port and a 2 port.
<CraigYounkins> hold on people, can we finish talking about the library's workstations? So I'm going to tell that we agree to do some (maybe max of 25?) if they transport it them, collect money, and get space at the library to do it.
<CraigYounkins> anything else?
<CraigYounkins> they can't put the computers in our space, it simply won't work.
<JohnBiggs>     I'm not sure about space. I would hope we can get them setup prior.
<JulianC>       CraigYounkins: sounds like the perfect plan.
<JohnBiggs>     then have them in a closet
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: So this is NOT happening on SFD?
<CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: well, the vote just said to yes, do it on SFD
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Oh. duh. I thought it was a yes/no on the idea. Nevermind.
<aptenix>       5 yes, 12 abstain?
<parma> I abstain
<JohnBiggs>     Lets just get an image, pre-load the machines if possible, and IF we get to it on SFD, we'll sell them. If it doesn't work out, ohh well.
<JohnBiggs>     As far as space, I hope we can lock them in a closet. I don't have time to keep an eye on library property.
<CraigYounkins> How would you propose transporting and imaging them?
<JohnBiggs>     Where are they now?
<CraigYounkins> At our meeting library
<CraigYounkins> i forget which branch it is
<JohnBiggs>     and is that where SFD is
<CraigYounkins> No...
<CraigYounkins> They are at Central branch, the SFD is at East Columbia
<rhoderickj>    Wait a moment. Why can't we just let the Central branch keep these and make them available for as long as necessary until they're sold?
<JohnBiggs>     Ok. lets make one good image for them, and see I can go Friday before with that image and churn through them.
<rhoderickj>    They could put up a few flyers saying they have PCs for sale, and we could work on them over the next few weeks or months until all are ready to go. I see no reason to try to do all of this for SFD.
<JohnBiggs>     A simple poster would do.
<CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: I think i understand what you just said. We've got to transport them to East Columbia branch to sell them, but we won't sell all of them on SFD.
<JohnBiggs>     I assume they have keyb+mice too
<rhoderickj>    If someone wants to purchase one, they could just approach the counter and we could have them ready to go. That way we don't have to deal with any of the transport, sale, or anything else.
<CWEJ>  Just trying to follow...what means "SFD"?
<JulianC>       Good question, John. I would imagine so, but it would be good to be absolutely sure.
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Right. We probably won't sell all of them, and by doing the selling at our event, it sort of makes us responsible for them. I say we let Central keep them, but we prep them for sale, and then let the library handle getting rid of them
<JulianC>       CWEJ: Software Freedom Day.
<CWEJ>  GOt it!
<CraigYounkins> So if i get this right, your proposal is to keep them at the Central branch the whole time, we'll try to image them, but they have to sell them.
<CraigYounkins> I'm OK with that idea, it would reduce my strain on SFD
<rhoderickj>    CWEJ: SFD = Software Freedom Day = Next weekend's event. See our wiki page on it here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Events/SoftwareFreedomDay2007
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Yes. That means the library can sell them at their own pace. We just need to get them all ready for sale and they'll handle the rest.
<JohnBiggs>     07:34:53 PM) phr0ze: We'll be responsible for setting up ubuntu on working hardware, thay handle the transactions, any loses, etc.
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: I think this is too much to be handled for SFD
*       CraigYounkins sighs
<CWEJ>  SFD de CWEJ: Thanks --
<CraigYounkins> just when i thought i knew what you all wanted :P
<aptenix>       How many people do we have working that day?
<JohnBiggs>     1 here
<BrianKemp>     It turns out that I must consult my schedule so I'm a tentative 1
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Well, I was confused about the vote. I've been bed-ridden for a couple of days so my brain isn't working properly :)
<aptenix>       I'm there
<CraigYounkins> heh, np
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: I would've said something sooner if I had been paying more attention
<BrianKemp>     Actually, I am a definite 0. aptenix can you pick up the keyboards from me at some point? I work in Frederick
<aptenix>       I think if we have enough bodies we can have one of them installing in Lib computers for the sale
<BrianKemp>     (will continue that part of the discussion outside of this channel)
<aptenix>       Sure Brian
<CraigYounkins> BrianKemp: Thanks :)
<JohnBiggs>     So 3 people?
<CraigYounkins> heh, me
<CraigYounkins> and Justin
<rhoderickj>    I will NOT be able to make the SFD event
<JulianC>       I can't, either.
<JohnBiggs>     Anyone know if Chuck intends on being there?
<BrianKemp>     Something just came up, I must depart early.  (aptenix--I have contact information all over the place. Email me and we'll discuss meeting up)
<rhoderickj>    Later BrianKemp
*       BrianKemp (n=broam@c-76-100-35-95.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has left #ubuntu-maryland
<JohnBiggs>     Also since it's luis' turf, will he be helping
<aptenix>       sure thing
<CraigYounkins> I really don't know :-( I sure wish Luis was here...
<JohnBiggs>     Ok. So back to KVMs, do we have at least 5?
<CraigYounkins> I have one 2-port
<aptenix>       I have a 4 port
<JohnBiggs>     brb.
<JulianC>       That would cover six of ten spaces...
<CraigYounkins> but we also have just keyboards, monitors, mice
<aptenix>       So is it usually us doing the physical install or us monitoring the users installing?
<rhoderickj>    aptenix: We generally do the installs.
<aptenix>       ok
<CraigYounkins> we encourage the users to be hands on though
<CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: can you talk about the release party?
<CraigYounkins> I'm doing wiki stuff
<rhoderickj>    Sure
<rhoderickj>    Did everyone see the thread on the Gutsy release party?
<JulianC>       I've read it.
<rhoderickj>    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=540015
<JohnBiggs>     bak
<rhoderickj>    We have to make a few decisions about how we want to do the party. This should be a LOW STRESS event and I want everyone to vote
<rhoderickj>    Or at least contribute to the discussion
<JulianC>       I'd recommend a different day, and I can't quite recommend a location.
<rhoderickj>    First things first. Gutsy will be released on Thursday October 18. 
<rhoderickj>    Do we want to have the party on that day or on another day?
<CraigYounkins> We have a meeting that day. Another day, because the meeting is important
<JohnBiggs>     Its our normal meeting day
<rhoderickj>    Right. I figured that we could do both at the same time, but maybe I'm wrong about that, so unless anyone has any objections, we'll be doing this on another day.
<LadyNikon>     yo
<parma> What's important about the meeting that can't wait?
<LadyNikon>     people talking
<rhoderickj>    Will we get better participation if it's held on another day?
<rhoderickj>    Thursday is a weeknight. Maybe Friday or Saturday would be better?
<JulianC>       It may depend on location (geographic and type of facility).
<CraigYounkins> hmm.. people might actually have lives or other things to do.. i don't know what that's like though.
<aptenix>       yeah...a Friday night, some pub nearby, a few fliers.
<LadyNikon>     looks like someone already put ubuntu flyers all over HCC campus
<LadyNikon>     i saw a few
<JohnBiggs>     What would people rather do, Meet on our normal night for Release party, or manage to find a facility and meet on a Saturday
<LadyNikon>     pub
<rhoderickj>    JulianC has a good point too. This may depend on our choice of location too.
<JohnBiggs>     Ok, what location do we get?
<CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: Were you thinking it'd be at the library's meeting room? I don't even know if we can reserve it earlier than that.
<rhoderickj>    I don't know about you folks, but I'd like to get a beer, so the library probably isn't the best place for me.
<CraigYounkins> lol
<JohnBiggs>     heh. I'm all for beer
<CraigYounkins> Now please keep in mind we have people even under 18 (Justin, the noob) who would like to join us.
<rhoderickj>    Yeah, that's why we shouldn't go to a bar or anything.
<CraigYounkins> and I'm 18, so I may not be able to get into all places.
<aptenix>       Two tables at the bar....one free as in Freedom...another free as in Beer1 :-)
<rhoderickj>    But we can go to restaurants that serve alcohol
<JohnBiggs>     Yes, there are several
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: You're only 18 and already this responsible? You're going to be a great man, Craig.
<CraigYounkins> lol thanks Josh
<JulianC>       A central location would be Howard County?
<JohnBiggs>     Do we want a quiet place or someplace fun. I prefer Red Robin.
<rhoderickj>    JohnBiggs: I'm not familiar with Columbia, so I don't know what's out that direction
<CraigYounkins> It doesn't have to be in Columbia...
<JohnBiggs>     They have beer (Guinness) on tap too.
<rhoderickj>    I'm eventually going to make you guys drag your asses to Frederick, but I'll wait until there's enough people from Frederick to make it worthwhile. :)
<JohnBiggs>     yeah. it doesn't have to be. Columbia is all I can make recommendations for though.
<CraigYounkins> I was actually thinking we could schedule meetings at other libraries around the state in an attempt to raise some support
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: A good idea, no doubt.
<rhoderickj>    Let's make some decisions, people.
<rhoderickj>    So this is NOT going to be on Oct. 15?
<rhoderickj>    If not, what day?
<JohnBiggs>     Red Robin, if no one else has anything to throw in the hat.
<aptenix>       16 or 17 works for me
<JulianC>       I'd go with some day that weekend.
<rhoderickj>    Everyone pull out your calendars. Let's try to make it within a week after Oct 15. Otherwise, it's kind of pointless. :)
<rhoderickj>    I say we go for the 16th. 
<JohnBiggs>     ok. 16th is fine
<CraigYounkins> 16th is good.
<rhoderickj>    Err... not 16th.
<rhoderickj>    How did we get 16th? It's being released on the 18th.
<CraigYounkins> rhoderickj      I say we go for the 16th
<JohnBiggs>     heh
<rhoderickj>    I think we all mean the 19th, correct?
<rhoderickj>    The day after the release?
<JohnBiggs>     19th is good too
<rhoderickj>    lol
<aptenix>       yeah.....19....whoops
<CraigYounkins> we're not doing installations if we're at a restaraunt
<CraigYounkins> lol ooookay
<JohnBiggs>     yep
<rhoderickj>    We can still bring laptops though... does Red Robin have WiFi?
<CraigYounkins> 19th is fine too
<rhoderickj>    Okay, 19th it is.
<JohnBiggs>     I dont know.
<rhoderickj>    Now: Location.
<aptenix>       I think handing out live-cd from Canonical would be enough for the release party
<rhoderickj>    John recommended Red Robin. I'm not familiar with it.
<aptenix>       Off of Dobin?
<JohnBiggs>     umm yeah
<JohnBiggs>     Near Expo
<aptenix>       It is easy to find
<JohnBiggs>     yep
<rhoderickj>    Let's shoot for a family-oriented place that still serves alcohol
<aptenix>       off 175
<JohnBiggs>     thats what it is
<rhoderickj>    Good
<JohnBiggs>     Burgers, Beer and bottomless fries
<aptenix>       I second RR
<rhoderickj>    Do you know if we can reserve a room or something?
<rhoderickj>    JohnBiggs:"Niiiice
<aptenix>       Maybe a big table
<rhoderickj>    That works too
<JohnBiggs>     No rooms, we can should reserve a table.
<JohnBiggs>     Need a head count.
<aptenix>       1
<CraigYounkins> take a head count in a forum poll
<JohnBiggs>     Lets get an attendee list in the wiki page
<aptenix>       that's better
<rhoderickj>    Okay. I'll put up a wiki page for this tonight.
<rhoderickj>    Or tomorrow... if I can't keep my eyes open.
<JohnBiggs>     Then at 4, someone can call for the reservations.
<CraigYounkins> lol Josh
<JohnBiggs>     We can use the existing wiki page for the release
<rhoderickj>    Did someone make a wiki page already? I made a generic link to the event description
<rhoderickj>    Don't worry about the wiki. That's my job. I'll post the link in the forums when I'm done with it.
<rhoderickj>    So Red Robin?
<JohnBiggs>     yep
<CraigYounkins> i like this.... this decision making
<rhoderickj>    Does anyone have the address for this place? I'm looking on their web site and it looks like they have a few locations in Columbia
<rhoderickj>    Oh wait, there's only one. Snowden river parkway?
<JulianC>       Yeah.
<JulianC>       8640
<CraigYounkins> 8640 Snowden River Pkwy, Columbia, MD
<rhoderickj>    Columbia Crossing?
<rhoderickj>    Okay, great.
<rhoderickj>    Now this is just going to be us, right? Well, us and some friends? I'm going to bring my wife.
<aptenix>       maybe a google map on the wiki too?
<JohnBiggs>     http://www.redrobin.com/home/locate.aspx?id=75&dist=2.9
<rhoderickj>    In other words, we're not doing any public advertising are we?
<JohnBiggs>     Menu and Map if the link works
<JohnBiggs>     no
<CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: I would suggest no advertising
<rhoderickj>    That's what I was thinking.
<rhoderickj>    Simple enough.
<JohnBiggs>     Could never get an accurate head count
<JulianC>       Otherwise, we might have too many people.
<rhoderickj>    JohnBiggs: We'll get a headcount soon. It's still too early for people to be sure they can make it.
<CraigYounkins> and defeats the purpose of a head count :P
<CWEJ>  departing...
<rhoderickj>    JohnBiggs: We'll put the head count on the wiki.
<CraigYounkins> adios!
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<JohnBiggs>     rhoderickj. I meant if we advertise publicly we could not get a head count.
<rhoderickj>    I'll set up the attendee list along with the page. We should leave this list open right up until the week of the party.
<rhoderickj>    JohnBiggs: Oh, right on.
<aptenix>       If we did something like a cooler full of brew in a park somewhere...advertising would be great. But RR might get pissed when 50 folks show up!
<rhoderickj>    aptenix: lol
<CraigYounkins> i don't know anything about RR, is a party of 20 OK?
<rhoderickj>    John?
<JohnBiggs>     I think so.
<aptenix>       with a call ahead....I think so
<JohnBiggs>     I ve never had over 12
<rhoderickj>    We can probably push a few tables together if we have to
<JohnBiggs>     They have these huge bench tables.
<CraigYounkins> if the count gets up higher, we need to call and confirm that it will be O
<JohnBiggs>     we'll be fine.
<CraigYounkins> OK
<rhoderickj>    Cool. And if it's large, we have to mingle, not just talk to the people sitting next to us. :)
<aptenix>       Patio too if the weather holds
<JohnBiggs>     ok. We can call once we get some numbers
<rhoderickj>    cool
<rhoderickj>    Next order of bidniss...
<rhoderickj>    Since we're going to be at RR, we won't be doing any installs
<CraigYounkins> well! you might not be :P
<JohnBiggs>     nah. unless you bring a lappy
<rhoderickj>    lol. Yeah, that's fine with me.
<JohnBiggs>     I'll probably bring one along
<rhoderickj>    I still don't have one or I'd bring it
<rhoderickj>    What about the time?
<JohnBiggs>     7 PM?
<CraigYounkins> So to confirm about the workstations - we're willing to help image them, but we're not doing anything with them for SFD
<aptenix>       sounds good
<rhoderickj>    How late is RR open?
<CraigYounkins> ehh can we go a lil earlier
<rhoderickj>    We want to do 2 hours? 3 hours?
<JulianC>       I'd go more toward 2.
<rhoderickj>    Keep in mind that we don't have to stay the whole time. I imagine it
<rhoderickj>    'll kind of be a revolving door anyway.
<rhoderickj>    We just have to make sure that the checks are separate.
<rhoderickj>    Hmm... I wonder if RR will allow us to do so many individual checks?
<JulianC>       Something to look into when we reserve...
<CraigYounkins> another question to ask
<rhoderickj>    Some places put up a fuss about this.
<JohnBiggs>     Just called RR
<CraigYounkins> lol
<JohnBiggs>     20 sounds easy for them
<JohnBiggs>     stop serving at 10 PM
<rhoderickj>    Nice. Separate checks okay?
<JohnBiggs>     heh. I think that will be up to the waitress.
<rhoderickj>    Or we could collect money ahead of time?
<JohnBiggs>     Lets all bring cash. Put it on the wiki that cash is required.
<aptenix>       We could probably handle to checks covering 10 people.....we are all adults1 :-)
<rhoderickj>    aptenix: Sure, but I've planned a few of these things in the past and someone always gets left paying much more than they expected
<rhoderickj>    aptenix: Some people have a way or ordering expensive items and then disappearing
<aptenix>       yeah.....I can bring a stun gun!
<aptenix>       :-)
<rhoderickj>    :)
<LadyNikon>     rhoderickj: yeah?
<rhoderickj>    Or at least some rope.
<LadyNikon>     im back
<JohnBiggs>     hmmm. Well I know what I'm ordering. I just don't know how many beers I'll have
<rhoderickj>    JohnBiggs: Me neither. :)
<JohnBiggs>     So its hard to collect ahead of time
<aptenix>       cash require is a good idea
<rhoderickj>    Well, we don't have to decide this now anyway
<rhoderickj>    We still have some time to work out the details.
<JohnBiggs>     yeah
<CraigYounkins> yeah
<CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: Call it a meeting or do we have something else to discuss?
<rhoderickj>    Soooo... here's what it's looking like as of right now:
<LadyNikon>     requiring cash isnt gonna be all that great for people who only have creidt chard
<LadyNikon>     cards*
<aptenix>       There is an ATM across the street if anyone forgets
<rhoderickj>    Gutsy Release Party; Friday, October 19th; Red Robin in Columbia; 7PM - 10PM.
<LadyNikon>     atm !=credit
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<JohnBiggs>     hmm. We'll work it out there.
<rhoderickj>    Yeah
<aptenix>       Will Canonical ship us some CDs to have laying around incase
<aptenix>       ?
<chuckf>        howdy
<rhoderickj>    Hey Chuck
<LadyNikon>     chuckf: :)
*       chuckf hates short weeks, the days are off
<rhoderickj>    aptenix: Some Gutsy CDs? I doubt it.
<JohnBiggs>     I'll bring as many as you want. They just won't be as pretty
<rhoderickj>    Right on. I say we copy our own.
<LadyNikon>     pretty is for newbs
<rhoderickj>    Or John will copy them because he is Batman
<JohnBiggs>     hehe, I'm batman
<aptenix>       I can try..I have ordered 100s from them in the past
<rhoderickj>    aptenix: For new releases?
<JohnBiggs>     http://youtube.com/watch?v=GPRscxQZs8E
<JohnBiggs>     They sell them now
<aptenix>       yes...I can buy...no biggy
<rhoderickj>    lol
<rhoderickj>    Sorry, the "lol" was for the Batman ad
<chuckf>        are we talking buying gutsy disks?
<JohnBiggs>     https://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?currency=USD&products_id=80&osCsid=88d14006c2c091aa3adbb0cb0188b38d
<rhoderickj>    Yes, for the Gutsy release party.
<aptenix>       I will see what I can do
<aptenix>       I have relationship with the shipit folks
<JohnBiggs>     Well again, if it don't have to be pretty I can make them for us all
<chuckf>        will they have the proper disks that soon?
<rhoderickj>    That's what I was wondering
<CraigYounkins> this is unimportant.
<rhoderickj>    I doubt they'll be shipping Gutsy CDs before the release
<rhoderickj>    We couldn't get them in time for us to have them on the 19th
<rhoderickj>    Unless John copies them for us
<JulianC>       When is the release frozen before official release?
<crimsun>       ?
<rhoderickj>    JulianC: I'm not sure. Like Craig said though, this isn't something we should be stressing about
<rhoderickj>    There will be plenty of Gutsy for all
<JohnBiggs>     I'll bring at least 20. No worries.
<rhoderickj>    And beer for those of us who've seen enough winters to drink it.
<chuckf>        good deal john
<CraigYounkins> Can we wrap this up?
<crimsun>       (7.10 releases on 18 October (sometime); you can count on the last daily being the frozen one.)
<JohnBiggs>     yeah
<rhoderickj>    Yes, I have nothing else
<CraigYounkins> sorry, but i've still got a lot of work to do :(
<JohnBiggs>     Craig <- Bed time.
<CraigYounkins> ha!
<rhoderickj>    Good work on everything craig.
<rhoderickj>    I'll have the log posted shortly
<CraigYounkins> thanks. thank you all for coming. we've made some great decisions
<JohnBiggs>     Thanks again for posting all those ads craig
<CraigYounkins> please check out the 3 new threads in the forum
<LadyNikon>     was there an email sent out about this meeting?
<CraigYounkins> Yes.
<chuckf>        yep
<LadyNikon>     hmm
<JohnBiggs>     yep
<LadyNikon>     maybe my gmail is moving to fast than
<LadyNikon>     may have to change it :S
<LadyNikon>     cause i didnt get it .. I was just happy to see someone talking in here
<CraigYounkins> lol.
<rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: Do you always hang out here?
<LadyNikon>     rhoderickj: im always here yes
<rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: I've thought about hanging out here before
<LadyNikon>     i used to have ops to change the topic and stuff
<LadyNikon>     but when splitnode.. split.. I lost it
<CraigYounkins> lol you all - peace. my contact info is everywhere if you need to talk to me about SFD. my username on the forums is "aboutblank"

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