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Meeting Details

  • Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2007

  • Location: IRC: #ubuntu-maryland on freenode.

  • Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm (meeting may end earlier, but no later)


  • Ubuntu Maryland's web site discussion
  • Install fest planning
    • Flyer discussion


Started talking in ubuntu-us-md on Wednesday 02/06/2008 06:49:18 PM #ubuntu-us-md [freenode-info] if you need to send private messages, please register: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#privmsg -> phr0ze has joined ubuntu-us-md phr0ze hi all cyounkins pdragon isn't here eitther phr0ze ohh well. -> istarex has joined ubuntu-us-md istarex Is this the MD Loco team meeting? cyounkins indeed! phr0ze yes istarex so, installfest cyounkins Yep, i'm handling that phr0ze Yes, it'll be great istarex is there any way I can help? phr0ze Are you able to attend? istarex probably istarex it's a Saturday right? cyounkins Yes. phr0ze Thats great. The more people who help, the better. cyounkins You can help by assisting people, donating hardware for the day, and putting up flyers istarex I can do some of that stuff phr0ze We usually need someone to bring monitors, there are never enough. cyounkins as far as hardware, we can always use mice, keyboards, switches, power strips, and KVMs cyounkins we can borrow monitors from their facilities cyounkins but they do help greatly phr0ze last time we only got 4 at that place. it was tight. We had more KVMs than monitors istarex I live in Western MD (Frederick area), so if anybody out here needs a ride, I can give it phr0ze Wow, we have several frederick people. Perhaps one of them would appreciate it. cyounkins You might want to see about carpooling with Josh. he lives in frederick phr0ze I have a suggestion for this install fest cyounkins let's hear it phr0ze It seems it's too much to handle 4 computers on one KVM. Most of them sit IDLE for a long time. phr0ze Lets limit 2 per cyounkins I've got to post on the forum about the presentation on laptops.... </random thought> cyounkins hmm.. okay. we can do that cyounkins it would be easier if we didn't run into problems with every single computer phr0ze We can always start putting spill overs on the 4 kvms, but only if we have to. cyounkins where on Earth is Josh and Chuck... phr0ze I have no idea. I bet they show up at 8 phr0ze phr0ze Any other suggestions for the install fesT? cyounkins none from me... istarex beer? cyounkins heh phr0ze yeah, that would be nice istarex Alright, here's a question for you guys istarex other than hosting installfests, what does a LoCo team do? cyounkins our aim is to promote Ubuntu in our community cyounkins we're working on presentations at senior centers (one has happened) cyounkins other than that, we have done very little as a team phr0ze We are always looking for ideas. phr0ze chuck is on his way -> chuckf has joined ubuntu-us-md chuckf howdy phr0ze Hey Chuck chuckf sorry, I lost track of the days phr0ze I lost track of the time. No biggie. chuckf so what's going on? phr0ze Not much. istarex is in Frederick and offered to possibly give others in the area a ride to the install fest cyounkins *sigh* phr0ze Craig gave up already. chuckf on this chat? phr0ze hehe. cyounkins i'm tired. i pulled an all nighter monday night, and I have a lot of work. and i'm a litle fed up with this team phr0ze He has been here since 6:45 chuckf ah, chuckf unfortunatly I didn't remember this chat until John just im'd me chuckf sorry that you had to pull the all nighter phr0ze Perhaps we should discontinue the scheduled chat meetings and have impromptu chat meetings as needed. chuckf that works for me chuckf I know that most of these mettings are poorly attended anyway phr0ze I think these were designed to include Josh and other distance members in some meetings. chuckf that was the intent phr0ze But they dont seem to be working. I think we should try to plan a Fredrick meeting phr0ze I am willing to go to one if someone else can drive. cyounkins i'd like to see a Frederick meeting as well chuckf I can go, but unfortunatly it's wouldn't be convient to give you a ride out there from columbia phr0ze I attend another group that meets at a TGI fridays and it works out well. Fridays doesn't mind if its a week night. We can call to be sure they are willing. -> rhoderickj has joined ubuntu-us-md phr0ze I can meet you. phr0ze Josh! rhoderickj Hey rhoderickj Sorry for being so late phr0ze We weren't talking about you, I swear chuckf hiya josh rhoderickj lol chuckf well if you wanted to come down to Olney I can give you a ride from my place cyounkins hey... phr0ze I can do that. phr0ze Craig, can you go to Olney to meet for a carpool? phr0ze Josh, we are trying to plan a meeting local to you rhoderickj To me? Why? chuckf to see what kind of turnout is there phr0ze There are several frederick members. It would help build support cyounkins you're sweating details, we don't have a location rhoderickj Oh, okay. I think that would be a good idea. rhoderickj Let me check with the library rhoderickj I'll call them tomorrow phr0ze heh. Like I said, my other group meets at a Fridays. I would think theirs would be willing phr0ze I'll call them if you all like. rhoderickj Look here: http://www.fcpl.org/information/meetingrooms/index.htm chuckf that works for me rhoderickj I recommend that we try for the C. Burr Artz branch first rhoderickj If that fails, then the Urbana branch will do chuckf well do we want to do the friday's first to get an idea of the turnout? rhoderickj When were you trying to set this up for? rhoderickj Yeah, that's fine with me phr0ze The library rooms do have openings here and there. So with a good lead it should be easy to get a room. chuckf either place works for me rhoderickj Did you guys discuss the flyer? chuckf looking at the google map, we might want to meet up in cooksville and carpool from there cyounkins John, will you explain your idea for the second type of flyer? rhoderickj You don't have to repeat yourself. I'll read the log. cyounkins it's not in the log chuckf although here or there it's not a huge difference in distance phr0ze Called Fridays in Frederick. phr0ze The manager named Jeff said Mon-Wed is best and to call a week or two in advance but it will be fine. chuckf the second wednesday of the month is bad for me, but otherwise I'm pretty flexible rhoderickj We might want to set up our web site before the Frederick meeting... so we can use it as a tool to promote it. phr0ze The idea for the second flyer is to nat talk so much about ubuntu features, but appeal with the lower cost devices these manufacturers are making with linux on them. phr0ze Such as the EEE PC and the Walmart PC phr0ze We definately need to advertise that meeting because there are probably locals which haven't considered joining due to distance. chuckf that is a factor rhoderickj phr0ze: Exactly. I think having the web site will make it much easier. phr0ze We should post a few messages on boards. And have a link to the website Josh suggested. chuckf and we can utilize a wiki page for the time being if needed rhoderickj Yes, I can post to the Frederick News Post forums (I already post there, they know me). And I can post to the Gazette. rhoderickj I can also post a craigslist listing, although I don't know if it would do much good phr0ze it wouldn't hurt. I can put it in my sig perhaps in a few forums. rhoderickj Oh, and I still have contacts at Hood College, so I can speak with them and ask if they'll let the comp. sci. club know phr0ze That would be great chuckf well it won't hurt to put something on craigs list cyounkins can we set a datee? phr0ze I'd say we could conduct a real meeting at fridays in a group of 8 or less. However, a groupd larger than 8 would be more of a social gathering. We need to decide if we care. phr0ze And we need to tell people to RSVP. chuckf well I think basing it as a social gathering to begin with would be a better idea cyounkins brb phr0ze It would if the goal is to build members. chuckf and just kind of get a feel for what people want as a regular meeting, then book the library if we get enough positive feedback rhoderickj So this would sort of be just a social gathering of Ubuntu users, enthusiasts, and people who are curious? phr0ze sounds good. phr0ze sure rhoderickj okay, great phr0ze If there is large enough interest, someone local to frederick can coordinate meetings. If not, we could maybe meet there quarterly or less. chuckf so if we have 8 people vs 25 we can kind of change things as it flows phr0ze yeah. Hopefully we'll have an idea of the size before we call fridays. phr0ze She should have taken the deal rhoderickj Yeah, I could probably run the local meetings if there were enough interest, but I'm often big on ambition and short on time and energy phr0ze me too. A lot of us are. chuckf I could probably make regular meetings out there phr0ze Lets make the decision after the meeting turn out. This time we should collect email addresses chuckf we'll do a signin sheet rhoderickj Right. Like Craig said, we should set a date rhoderickj We can iron out the details as we get closer to it. All we need right now is a date and venue. phr0ze Ok. Someone pick a Mon Tue or Wed. And make sure Josh can get to it. rhoderickj After the install fest? phr0ze I dont care. More or less, what ever we feel we can get interest for. phr0ze Wed are best for me. rhoderickj March 26? rhoderickj That would be the fourth Wed in march cyounkins back rhoderickj Three weeks after the install fest chuckf I'm thinking before the install fest would be better chuckf if we get interested people we can say, come out on the 8th phr0ze The Wed of. chuckf so how does the 27th sound? phr0ze so its fresh in minds rhoderickj Good point rhoderickj Feb 27? chuckf that give a week and a half to plan chuckf yeah, feb 27 phr0ze Yeah, why not. cyounkins i'm good rhoderickj Okay, that's fine with me rhoderickj 7pm? phr0ze Josh try to hit those ad spots this week chuckf that should work chuckf depending on traffic and such, but it shouldn't be too bad by then phr0ze How long will it take to get there Chuck? rhoderickj Okay rhoderickj It takes me about 40 min to get from Frederick to Columbia chuckf I'm thinking it's about 40 minutes from here, but I'll check with peg to confirm that phr0ze I'm concerned about the traffic at 6PM rhoderickj It shouldn't be too bad, but we could push it back to 8pm to be safe chuckf accoding to google maps it's about 50 minutes phr0ze Well, if we leave at 6, we should be good. If we're late, we'll count on Josh to shake hands rhoderickj Yeah, no worries. I don't think you'll have too much trouble with the traffic. The worst of it is coming up 270 -- where I'm coming from work. rhoderickj 70 west is usually not too bad rhoderickj until you pass the 270/15 intersection rhoderickj and you won't be goign any farther than that to go to Friday's phr0ze This sounds like a great plan. 7PM at Fridays. chuckf well the 270 is the way that we'll be coming from olney rhoderickj You might want to shoot up to 70 and go west rhoderickj But, either way, I'm coming up 270... I work in Rockville, so I don't have much of a choice. phr0ze Craig, I can drive us to Chucks cyounkins how far away do you live from me? chuckf we could do the 70 route possibly rhoderickj Where are you two coming from? chuckf craig and john are in columbia cyounkins yeah, pretty close too phr0ze I guess we would have room for 1 other passenger either in Olney or Columbia. rhoderickj In the wiki, should I set this up as an event or a meeting? chuckf I do have a two door cavalier, so the back seat will be tight for two long legged people phr0ze Shotgun chuckf event chuckf hehe rhoderickj lol cyounkins dammit. phr0ze Meeting chuckf meeting sure phr0ze Meetings should be defined as a member thing and events should be more of a public thing rhoderickj So, meeting or event? cyounkins meeting rhoderickj Okay. chuckf meeting rhoderickj Oh Craig, dude, thanks for the guilt trip in my inbox rhoderickj phr0ze Craig is good at that chuckf and with so few words too phr0ze I plan to bring my info for key signing too rhoderickj rhoderickj I'll make a note of that in the wiki phr0ze Thanks. chuckf that could be a standing thing I think phr0ze Yeah, but we should remind people for things like this chuckf for anyone who wants to do keysignings at an event they should feel free to bring thier info phr0ze Are we allowed to print ubuntu business cards? chuckf if you are an ubuntu member, yes chuckf to use the logo phr0ze hmm. Ok. I thought we could as part of this Ubuntu MD thing chuckf https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BusinessCards chuckf I think we can do a generic team card without logos phr0ze I'll look at the process of becoming a member. I just wanted something specifically for these meetings chuckf well if we do just a text card I don't see a problem with that chuckf I thought you wanted a business card with your info on it phr0ze No biggie. I may be able to swing the membership. chuckf if there's a CC meeting between now and then phr0ze ohh. man that sux. chuckf but we can do generic cards for the team phr0ze Well. I'm going to sign off now. I'm glad this meeting picked up some momentum. chuckf take care John and I'll see you in a few weeks phr0ze Later all. <- phr0ze has left ubuntu-us-md chuckf anyone else got anything? cyounkins nay.. i've got work... rhoderickj I was just putting up the wiki page rhoderickj https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Meetings/2008February27 chuckf good luck with that craig chuckf can you put a signup area on there as well josh? rhoderickj Yep rhoderickj Craig, we'll have to start an e-mail convo about the web site cyounkins yeah we will rhoderickj Better yet. Forum thread. chuckf do you want to get the basic ideas out between the two of you then do the forum thing? cyounkins We'll figure it out later... i don't have the time right now rhoderickj Yeah, we'll talk about it soon rhoderickj I'll post a forum thread once the real discussion has begun... if there is any. rhoderickj I have a feeling it won't be too difficult rhoderickj Anyway, I'll talk with you guys later. Sorry again for showing up so late. chuckf np rhoderickj Oh, Craig, will you send me the log or post it on the wiki? cyounkins yeah I'll post it the wiki now rhoderickj Okay, thanks. Take care! cyounkins see ya! <- rhoderickj has left ubuntu-us-md chuckf okay craig, I'm outta here too chuckf good luck with your work cyounkins thanks cyounkins see ya <- chuckf has disconnected ("Quitting this place")