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The Maryland LoCo Team meets every third Thursday of the month at the [ Howard County Library's Central Branch] in Columbia, MD. The team also meets on IRC every first Wednesday of the month in the #ubuntu-maryland channel on [ freenode.] For more information on a specific meeting, visit that meeting's page.

Meeting Schedules


Previous Meetings




Meeting Type

Meeting Page

June 21, 2007

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Howard County Library - Central



May 17, 2007

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Howard County Library - Central



General Meeting Information

Who May Attend

There are no requirements to attend team meetings. It is beneficial to have some knowledge of Ubuntu and Linux, but such knowledge is not necessary. Our meetings are attended by people of varying ages and professions and all are welcome.

Meeting Locations

General Meetings

If you're unfamiliar with Howard County Library's Central Branch, see [ their web site] for a map and driving directions. The meetings are typically held in library's conference room located just inside the front door to the left. The door is near the vending machines. If no one is present when you arrive, you may turn on the lights and have a seat. If you have any trouble finding us, just ask the nice folks at the front desk.

Internet Relay Chat Meetings

Meetings held on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) are in the #ubuntu-maryland channel on [ freenode.] If you need assistance getting started with IRC or freenode, take a look at the [:InternetRelayChat:community documentation for IRC] and the [ freenode FAQ]. Please remember that, unless otherwise specified, IRC logs will be published on the Wiki.

Topics of Discussion

Topics vary from meeting to meeting but, as an Ubuntu LoCo team, our focus is on Ubuntu-specific topics rather than Linux in general. In addition to Ubuntu, our team is also active in the free software community. Each meeting has an agenda that will soon be available on the Wiki. Until these agendas are made available, you are invited to contribute to the agenda by contacting ChuckFrain. In the future, IRC logs and meeting minutes (when available), will be posted to their respective meeting pages.