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 * Show up for our bi-weekly [:MarylandTeam/Meetings:meetings] in person and on IRC.  * Show up for our [:MarylandTeam/Meetings:meetings] in person and on IRC.




Welcome to the Ubuntu Maryland Local Community Team's wiki. We are a group of Ubuntu and Linux enthusiasts from all walks of life who volunteer to promote the use of Ubuntu, open source software, and the spirit of humanity and freedom which Ubuntu supports. Together we can help Maryland live up to its nickname of "The Free State." If you're a fellow Marylander, please consider [:/Members:joining us]. This is a great time to get on board!

Get Involved

  • Become a [:/Members:member].

  • Join us in person and on IRC at team [:/Meetings:meetings].

  • Spend time with us and help out at team [:/Events:events].

  • Help the team with our [:/Projects:projects].

  • Contribute your ideas to the [:/IdeaPool:idea pool].

Get Connected

Upcoming Meetings and Events

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