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(07:00:58 PM) jrib: hi (07:03:53 PM) guinea-pig: hey! (07:04:11 PM) guinea-pig: hi avila! (07:04:46 PM) jrib: can someone dcc me a slice of pizza? (07:07:34 PM) ***xavier faxes jrib one (07:08:28 PM) ubuntu-ma-screen [i=steve@ilo.staticfree.info] entered the room. (07:09:03 PM) hagolark [n=tony@c-66-30-141-37.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] entered the room. (07:10:55 PM) leftyfb [n=leftyfb@wireless-19-137.media.mit.edu] entered the room. (07:11:32 PM) n8k99: dcc:slice of pizza (07:12:43 PM) guinea-pig: /dcc send jrib pizza (07:12:59 PM) jrib: thanks! (07:17:46 PM) Deviousdragen [n=ddragon@wireless-11.media.mit.edu] entered the room. (07:17:56 PM) guinea-pig: HI Deviousdragen! (07:19:06 PM) DPic [n=danny@ubuntu/member/dpic] entered the room. (07:19:10 PM) DPic: Hi (07:19:18 PM) Deviousdragen is now known as notes (07:19:28 PM) DPic: has the meeting started? (07:19:33 PM) xavier: it's about to! (07:19:34 PM) notes is now known as Miss (07:20:07 PM) Miss is now known as MissNotes (07:20:20 PM) xavier: ubuntu-ma-screen: hi (07:20:23 PM) MissNotes is now known as DeviousNotes (07:20:30 PM) DeviousNotes: HI! (07:21:23 PM) DeviousNotes is now known as MissNotes (07:21:48 PM) n8k99 is now known as Earl_of_Dunham (07:21:54 PM) DPic: what's ubuntu-ma-screen? (07:22:06 PM) xavier: the screen Smile :-) (07:22:35 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: we have a really BIG screen that we are lookin at (07:22:35 PM) guinea-pig: the WALL (07:22:36 PM) xavier: we have a projector here (07:22:45 PM) maccam94: ah, so there's a meeting tonight (07:22:47 PM) maccam94: ? (07:23:34 PM) DPic: maccam94: yes,, right now (07:24:22 PM) MissNotes: Yes Tonight we are only discussing the Installfest which is happening Feb 23rd 9-6 for installers and 10-5 for general public (07:24:39 PM) maccam94: sweet (07:24:42 PM) maccam94: i think i'll be there (07:24:59 PM) MissNotes: um...we are here now... (07:25:09 PM) maccam94: MissNotes: at the installfest :-P (07:25:28 PM) MissNotes: Oh, yea...well, sorta, we are at the meeting for it, at mit (07:25:29 PM) MissNotes: Wink ;) (07:25:47 PM) maccam94: i understand haha (07:26:12 PM) maccam94: so what are the major topics in relation to the fest? (07:26:35 PM) shardz: Okay, I'm here. (07:28:02 PM) guinea-pig: i tihnk this might be relevant to tonight's meeting (07:28:08 PM) guinea-pig: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Meetings/Agenda (07:28:37 PM) maccam94: guinea-pig: yeah thanks, i should check the wiki more often >_< (07:28:42 PM) MissNotes: Umm...I think we are going to go over the last installfest as to what we need to change from the last one.... (07:29:28 PM) guinea-pig: first idea (07:29:31 PM) maccam94: maybe organize a "tour trail" (07:29:34 PM) guinea-pig: we hafve some ubutntu custom keyboards (07:29:43 PM) guinea-pig: let's work out a plan to give them away (07:29:44 PM) maccam94: or organize the stations in some sort of order...? (07:29:51 PM) MissNotes: Lefty is showing us one of the few Zareson keyboards...with ubuntu keys (07:29:58 PM) maccam94: oooooh cool (07:30:47 PM) MissNotes: First order of buisness....how are we going to give away the 4 we bought? (07:31:02 PM) shardz: You could do 4 for me? (07:31:13 PM) shardz: We could raffle them away if you think that's a good idea. (07:31:26 PM) maccam94: raising funds *is* a plus.... (07:31:42 PM) shardz: True. But they said "give away" (07:31:58 PM) shardz: Perhaps they go to the first 4 donators? (07:32:08 PM) maccam94: still not giving away (07:32:10 PM) maccam94: um (07:33:02 PM) ubuntu-ma-screen [i=steve@ilo.staticfree.info] entered the room. (07:33:21 PM) MissNotes: We could 1. Sell them, 2. Raffle? (People come and go) 3. ?? (07:33:28 PM) maccam94: maybe make some sort of contest or game...? (07:33:45 PM) shardz: We could see who could do the quickest install? (07:33:54 PM) shardz: Naw, ubuntu isn't really that flexible about installtime. (07:34:21 PM) maccam94: yeah, it's highly dependent on how good the computer is (07:34:38 PM) shardz: Mine was a bad idea. Don't entertain it. (07:34:59 PM) maccam94: MissNotes: anyone come up with any good ideas at the actual meeting? (07:35:16 PM) ***shardz waves (07:35:19 PM) MissNotes: We kidna are skipping around (07:35:32 PM) maccam94: grrr (07:35:43 PM) maccam94: MissNotes: is this meeting being held at the location of the installfest? (07:35:50 PM) MissNotes: Yes (07:35:58 PM) guinea-pig: ... different floor (07:36:10 PM) xavier: we're in a meeting room. the installfest is in a common area. (07:36:28 PM) maccam94: ok, well people should draw out a floorplan as to what sort of table layout we'll have, where cords will run, etc (07:36:46 PM) shardz: Last time I believe we just made it up in the first hour and that went very well? (07:36:49 PM) maccam94: and being in the room when doing that can be very helpful (07:36:52 PM) MissNotes: Martin is talking about the installfest at Mel King's "South End Technology Center" (07:37:00 PM) maccam94: shardz: ehh it could have een better (07:37:02 PM) maccam94: MissNotes: k (07:37:21 PM) shardz: Personally I would prefer to have it at the MIT Media Lab's Lower Atrium. I thought that location was perfect. (07:37:37 PM) xavier: that's where it will be. (07:37:40 PM) xavier: this time. (07:37:43 PM) shardz: Okay. (07:39:10 PM) shardz: We should have a code-off for the keyboards. (07:39:24 PM) maccam94: no (07:39:29 PM) maccam94: lol (07:39:35 PM) MissNotes: Ok, we are working on the floor plan...But, we are thinking the tape instead of planning the floorplan (07:39:52 PM) maccam94: MissNotes: what do you mean? (07:40:02 PM) MissNotes: We are doing PR First, then then the planning (07:40:22 PM) shardz: http://www.monzy.com/?p=18 <-- "Code Fight" (07:40:50 PM) shardz: How well did the big sign work last time? It seems like we got a lot of people off the street. (07:40:59 PM) guinea-pig: the banner? (07:41:17 PM) shardz: Yes, we had a large Linux banner out front. (07:41:25 PM) leftyfb: we'll be using it again (07:41:29 PM) leftyfb: it worked pretty good (07:41:42 PM) leftyfb: not as big as I thought it was going to be .. or at least in proportion to where we put it (07:41:54 PM) shardz: http://gallery.ubuntu-ma.us/?g2_itemId=87 (07:42:01 PM) leftyfb: we're trying to come up with names for the installfest (07:42:02 PM) MissNotes: We are going to make a list of names that we can choose for the installfest... (07:42:19 PM) guinea-pig: a better term than just "installfest" as that doesn't necessarily explain what it is (07:42:22 PM) shardz: Are we gonna keep the ubuntu release naming scheme? An alliteration and an animal? (07:42:29 PM) MissNotes: Ubuntupalooza, ubuntuparty, The UP, (07:42:42 PM) shardz: hahahaha ubuntupalooza (07:43:04 PM) MissNotes: "free as in beer fest" (07:43:11 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: free as in beerfest (07:43:21 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: ubuntu orgy (07:43:26 PM) shardz: I think we'll get some college students looking for free beer with that one. (07:43:33 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: ubuntu-a-ton (07:43:36 PM) shardz: I'm pretty sure my parents wont let me go to the ubuntu orgy. (07:43:41 PM) MissNotes: Ubuntu-a--thon (07:43:41 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: ubuntu-a-thon (07:43:54 PM) guinea-pig: ubunt-a-thon (07:43:55 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: ubuorgy (07:44:17 PM) shardz: We just need to throw this[1] picture all over the place, people will go. (07:44:21 PM) shardz: [1] = http://gallery.ubuntu-ma.us/?g2_itemId=90 (07:44:30 PM) MissNotes: UBUNTU 08 (07:44:46 PM) shardz: Better do something like Ubuntu 08.0 (07:44:51 PM) guinea-pig: 08.4 (07:44:54 PM) shardz: Since don't we have these... every so often? (07:45:00 PM) guinea-pig: or ... 08.2 as it were (07:45:03 PM) shardz: 08.2? (07:45:12 PM) MissNotes: Replace your windows with Ubuntu! (07:45:14 PM) shardz: I missed two installfests this month? (07:45:15 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: Ubuntu Linuxfest (07:45:27 PM) shardz: My totally original idea: (07:45:29 PM) shardz: Ubuntu Tag (07:47:00 PM) shardz: Any good ideas coming from the live people? (07:47:02 PM) MissNotes: On the old flyer, we are missing "a paragraph about what we do, "Free windows alternative", (07:47:24 PM) shardz: I would say linux is more than a 'free windows alternative' (07:47:40 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: FREE STUFF!!!! (07:47:57 PM) maccam94: shardz: don't bother with semantics for windows users :-P lots of them are confused enough already (07:48:04 PM) MissNotes: Installfest...or (07:48:04 PM) shardz: heh (07:48:12 PM) shardz: I think installfest is the best name so far. (07:48:17 PM) maccam94: (not to make generalizations >_< ) (07:48:28 PM) shardz: It's a fest, where the focus is to install linux. (07:48:33 PM) shardz: I guess you could call it the "ubuntufest" (07:48:35 PM) MissNotes: "FREE STUFF" the paragraph should read, Bring, your computer and we will replace that with a free operating system...a paragraph... (07:48:52 PM) maccam94: MissNotes: maybe not installfest, but more demonstration? most people are afraid to get things installed right away... (07:49:14 PM) shardz: I don't support the name demofest, btw. Last time we had a demo computer, correct? (07:49:28 PM) leftyfb: we had a few (07:49:55 PM) shardz: Right. I remember quite a few people were very impressed. (07:50:07 PM) shardz: Infact someone dumped some guy on me and had me explain stuff. Big Grin :) (07:50:09 PM) MissNotes: *****PR Will have a new poster to put up tomorrow for us...***Will recieve though mailing list, and we can all decide if it's great or not, if not, send ideas to fix, or post if you like them.....THANKS (07:50:30 PM) shardz: Sounds good. I believe that's what we did last time? (07:50:44 PM) xavier: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Events/InstallFests/2008-04-12?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=installfest_floor_layout.png (07:50:48 PM) xavier: That's the floor layout. (07:50:50 PM) guinea-pig: discussing the waiver at the moment (07:51:39 PM) shardz: Do you want me to throw tables in that image? (07:51:44 PM) MissNotes: Changing the waiver form to say "Boston User Group" not "Victoria user Group" (07:51:51 PM) shardz: hahahahaha (07:51:54 PM) xavier: shardz: I don't know the proper scale, otherwise I would have. (07:51:55 PM) guinea-pig: do you remember where outlets and the ethernet drop was? (07:52:00 PM) MissNotes: Next Item of buisness... (07:52:10 PM) shardz: I remember there was a table with a large switch. (07:52:18 PM) xavier: guinea-pig: yeah. The ethernet drop is where the "tel" icon is. (07:52:20 PM) shardz: I remember where one of the outlets was, that's it. (07:52:31 PM) guinea-pig: xavier: *i* remember. i was asking shardz (07:52:57 PM) shardz: It's probably better if someone who's not about to go do family stuff tables-up this image. (07:53:15 PM) shardz: guinea-pig: aside, bring fluxx again Big Grin :) (07:53:27 PM) MissNotes: *************Name, Where they heard from installfest, and e-mail address*********For sign in sheet (07:53:32 PM) guinea-pig: did we only have round tables available, besides the two rectangular? (07:53:33 PM) xavier: shardz: again, I don't have the scale. (07:53:34 PM) guinea-pig: shardz: duh (07:53:53 PM) shardz: xavier: oh, wow, yeah, didn't see that the first time. (07:56:03 PM) MissNotes: Our goal of the installfest... *******Educate, inform, install, fix issues, teach, and promote******* (07:56:06 PM) xavier: guinea-pig: we had 2 rectangular plus infinite round. (07:57:38 PM) maccam94: note how install is only 1 of the 6 things... (07:58:01 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: ducate == teach (07:58:07 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: educate == teach (07:58:13 PM) guinea-pig: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Toolbox/WindowsAlternativesFlyer (07:58:34 PM) MissNotes: ***we need to edit the ubuntu alternatives*** Remove Gaim, and just have pidgen (07:58:43 PM) maccam94: *pidgin (07:59:26 PM) MissNotes: **Key signing for the internal group, not other people** (08:00:03 PM) guinea-pig: does anyone know where to find aptana easily, or should we remove that from the alternatives flyer? (08:00:11 PM) guinea-pig: it's not in multiverse/universe (08:00:23 PM) maccam94: http://www.howtoforge.com/aptana_ajax_ide_ubuntu (08:00:59 PM) MissNotes: An agenda on the poster... (08:01:27 PM) xavier: just a simple list of a few events that we have. (08:01:31 PM) xavier: showing off something cool. (08:02:45 PM) maccam94: we should plan on what to tell people who come (08:02:58 PM) MissNotes: "Hourly introduction talk" Spoken by Brian Falick, (08:03:00 PM) maccam94: line up some sort of proceedings, a program for them to follow (08:03:11 PM) maccam94: go from one station to another (08:03:12 PM) maccam94: etc (08:03:18 PM) guinea-pig: maccam94: can we work on packaging this for ubuntu at our packaging jam (or something?) (08:03:30 PM) MissNotes: We want "demo Stations" that are deticated to demo on. (08:04:17 PM) maccam94: guinea-pig: aptana? the trick is that it requires individual registration for trial keys (08:04:25 PM) guinea-pig: oh. really (08:04:26 PM) maccam94: but i'm sure we can package the .zip for people too (08:04:44 PM) guinea-pig: so it's a bit... proprietary? :P (08:05:01 PM) maccam94: it's open source (08:05:10 PM) maccam94: idk i just found the link when someone asked (08:05:28 PM) maccam94: oh wait (08:05:33 PM) maccam94: the trial is for a premium version (08:05:35 PM) maccam94: it's optional (08:06:46 PM) MissNotes: Show off...Brian wanted 5 ideas to explain why ubuntu is interesting ****1. Eye Candy 2. Amount of programs and how you get to them 3. It is free*** (08:07:24 PM) maccam94: not in that order (08:07:30 PM) maccam94: :-P (08:08:12 PM) maccam94: how about security/stability? (08:08:46 PM) maccam94: you don't need to run virus and spyware scans Wink ;-) (08:08:50 PM) xavier: that's a good one. (08:09:10 PM) MissNotes: 4. you don't need to run virus and spyware scans (08:09:15 PM) maccam94: maybe we should have "Fun Facts" (08:09:29 PM) maccam94: and list what major organizations currently use Linux (08:11:53 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: Vrgin Airlines,Google, Banco de Brasil... (08:12:05 PM) maccam94: NSA, FBI, USPS, Library of Congress, NASA, US Military, Google, Paypal, OLPC, other countries which have recently switched... (08:12:24 PM) xavier: put together a poster that shows why ubuntu is free. (08:12:30 PM) xavier: and other cool things about it. (08:12:31 PM) maccam94: http://linuxhow2.com/News/Linux_Has_Won_Windows_is_Gone.html <-- i don't really like the blog post, but he's got a good list of organizations (08:12:41 PM) MissNotes: 9:00-10:00 Showup/Setup (08:12:42 PM) MissNotes: 10:00-3:00 (08:12:42 PM) MissNotes: 12:00-1:00 Lunch Pizza...Perhaps for (08:12:42 PM) MissNotes: 3:00-5:00 Games (08:12:42 PM) MissNotes: 5:00-6:00 Pack up and leave (08:12:42 PM) MissNotes: Hourly Speaches By BFALLIK (08:13:10 PM) maccam94: make google up some "why switch" type articles and borrow from them? (08:14:49 PM) MissNotes: PUT ON MAILING LIST! ****IF YOU WANT TO DO A TALK, PLEASE LET US KNOW, SO WE CAN SCHEDUAL A TIME**** (08:15:12 PM) guinea-pig: schedule (08:15:12 PM) MissNotes: WE NEED CD"S FOR THE EVENT< WE HAVE ABOUT 20 LEFT. (08:17:00 PM) MissNotes: MARTIN, e-mail Mako about getting cd's for the group...Please PLEASE (08:18:01 PM) maccam94: MissNotes: aren't we supposed to receive them as a team from Canonical? rather than just burning them...? (08:18:41 PM) MissNotes: We are supposed to, but we already burned though almost all of them, we have 20 of the 200 we had i believe. (08:20:46 PM) MissNotes: *teashirts* (08:20:54 PM) xavier: covered in tea! (08:21:01 PM) maccam94: t-shirts/tee-shirts (08:21:03 PM) maccam94: :-P (08:21:16 PM) ***maccam94 imagines shirts shaped like teabags (08:21:34 PM) xavier: maccam94: distracting ;p (08:21:43 PM) maccam94: lol (08:24:39 PM) maccam94: MissNotes: update? (08:25:04 PM) MissNotes: *we are discussing how we are going to get the money to buy more shirts* (08:25:39 PM) MissNotes: where the cash is, bank, cash, and lefty's paypal (08:26:32 PM) MissNotes: The shirts will be about 600 $$ (08:27:01 PM) maccam94: how many shirts?!? (08:27:40 PM) MissNotes: 72 shirts, so it's at a lower cost (08:28:18 PM) MissNotes: Leftyfb will call tomorrow (08:30:39 PM) maccam94: hm (08:30:42 PM) maccam94: k (08:30:48 PM) maccam94: that's not a bad per-shirt cost (08:30:56 PM) maccam94: maybe charge $15 per shirt? (08:31:15 PM) MissNotes: PHysical Layout Planning... (08:31:25 PM) leftyfb: maccam94 (08:31:27 PM) MissNotes: Maccam94 (08:31:35 PM) leftyfb: you find with planning the layout with guinea-pig ? (08:31:46 PM) MissNotes: *giving the floor planning to maccam94 * (08:31:54 PM) leftyfb: you'll be provided a floor plan to scale as well as measurements of the tables (08:32:07 PM) maccam94: ok, nice (08:32:10 PM) maccam94: i can't work on it till the weekend, but sure (08:32:11 PM) xavier: I'll be printing up the signs for various tables Smile :-) (08:32:14 PM) xavier: that's cool. (08:32:37 PM) guinea-pig: okay. width of both elevator doors and the space between is 13' (08:33:02 PM) guinea-pig: maccam94: could you and i work together on it? (08:33:37 PM) MissNotes: EVERYONE Please NOTE! IF you want someone to help at the installfest, Please Hang out at the front door and help greet some people...I Sara, will be willing to hand off the first person though the door to you, if you want that. (08:34:34 PM) xavier: we should put together business cards (08:34:52 PM) maccam94: guinea-pig: sure (08:35:04 PM) xavier: not personal names, just a group card. (08:35:20 PM) guinea-pig: maccam94: okay. i'll see if i can measure things out a bit more before i leave tonight (08:39:35 PM) ***Earl_of_Dunham gathered (08:39:39 PM) MissNotes: ***DEMO TABLE*** (08:44:18 PM) MissNotes: maccam94, we need one of the 2 rectangular tables to be the "greeter Table" round doesn't work well for that table, (08:44:31 PM) maccam94: indeed (08:44:48 PM) xavier: we should try and keep the demo and greeting table Very Clean. (08:44:50 PM) maccam94: can we make sure to get dimensions on the tables as well, not just the room Wink ;-) (08:44:56 PM) xavier: so as to put on a good, professional front. (08:45:11 PM) xavier: maccam94: we'll get that this evening after the meeting. (08:46:06 PM) maccam94: kk Wink ;-) (08:47:03 PM) guinea-pig: maccam94: i'm keeping notes on layouts discussions as theycome up (08:47:09 PM) guinea-pig: relating to other ideas (08:47:17 PM) guinea-pig: i'll get them all to you afterwards (08:47:22 PM) maccam94: k, thanks (08:47:39 PM) MissNotes: guinea-pig, will get you that information maccam94 check the agenda for information going on as to how it should be set up, complaints about last time are on there... (08:48:04 PM) maccam94: ok (08:50:29 PM) cdm10: hello (08:50:44 PM) maccam94: hey (08:52:14 PM) guinea-pig: hello cdm10 (08:52:19 PM) cdm10: hey guys. (08:52:48 PM) MissNotes: everything we said verbadum type everything (08:53:09 PM) cdm10: MissNotes: hola (08:53:11 PM) MissNotes: \"We were thinking about giving the keyboards to people who are enthusiastic about ubuntu" (08:53:30 PM) cdm10: Er, are these those modified Logitech keyboards? (08:53:36 PM) xavier: probably. (08:53:40 PM) MissNotes: It has been decided to set up a keyboard on a demo machine for the installfest (08:53:43 PM) cdm10: Ah. I'm not a fan, but alright. (08:54:11 PM) cdm10: Is the installfest format going to be the same? (08:54:19 PM) xavier: we're cleaning some things up. (08:54:29 PM) cdm10: ok. (08:54:29 PM) jrib: why not just have a raffle for the keyboards, but instead of having to buy a ticket, you get a ticket by installing ubuntu? (08:54:35 PM) MissNotes: We will use the keyboards as insentive for group memebers to get them to bring people in (08:54:55 PM) MissNotes: Email the list for headcount (08:55:14 PM) cdm10: has installfest format been discussed yet? (08:55:25 PM) MissNotes: Format? (08:55:31 PM) MissNotes: explain (08:55:34 PM) xavier: cdm10: we have a little bit of an agenda (08:55:40 PM) cdm10: Well, I mean, the general setup. (08:55:50 PM) MissNotes: tables? (08:55:53 PM) ubuntu-ma-screen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Meetings/Agenda (08:55:54 PM) MissNotes: or the agenda? (08:56:12 PM) MissNotes: 9:00-10:00 Showup/Setup (08:56:12 PM) MissNotes: 10:00-3:00 (08:56:12 PM) MissNotes: 12:00-1:00 Lunch Pizza...Perhaps for (08:56:12 PM) MissNotes: 3:00-5:00 Games (08:56:12 PM) MissNotes: 5:00-6:00 Pack up and leave (08:56:13 PM) MissNotes: Hourly Speaches By BFALLIK (08:56:48 PM) cdm10: Are we doing a similar nametag thingy? (08:57:40 PM) cdm10: Oh, btw, I submitted a suggestion for a new version of the installfest form a while ago... it may be long forgotten now, so I just wanted to bring it up. (08:57:49 PM) guinea-pig: what form? (08:58:05 PM) guinea-pig: the waiver? the flyer? (08:58:09 PM) cdm10: Not the waiver. (08:58:13 PM) cdm10: The one with machine info. (08:58:51 PM) xavier: cdm10: yeah, we want to have name tags. (08:59:00 PM) xavier: We should do that again. (08:59:14 PM) xavier: get some more of the plastic holders and some cords. (08:59:23 PM) cdm10: Alright. (09:00:27 PM) MissNotes: guinea-pig, is going to figure out metapackage of what we want installed...at installfest (09:00:39 PM) MissNotes: Manual might be better, and walk the person though it. (09:00:40 PM) maccam94: i've still got my old one Wink ;-) (09:01:12 PM) cdm10: MissNotes: we're going to install some packages for everybody? (09:01:17 PM) xavier: "I never metapackage that I didn't like!" (09:02:00 PM) guinea-pig: maccam94: i'm throwing up some of my notes here: http://xen.parsed.net/dokuwiki/installfestideas (09:02:43 PM) xavier: guinea-pig: can that be moved to the team wiki? (09:02:54 PM) guinea-pig: xavier: just random notes that the moment (09:02:56 PM) xavier: ok. (09:02:58 PM) MissNotes: we want a check list for the installer of them to remember...for the default installation...including making the repositories correctly enabled, waiver signed, cd given...Leftyfb is going to try to do this. (09:03:01 PM) xavier: sorry, gut reaction ;p (09:03:04 PM) guinea-pig: i know (09:03:19 PM) cdm10: that sounds good. (09:03:49 PM) cdm10: btw, I sent DPic my new idea for the computer infosheet. I'll let him figure out how to upload it to the wiki... I'm bad at that sorta stuff Smile :) (09:05:07 PM) maccam94: guinea-pig: i'm thinking we should design some sort of "flow" for the layout (09:05:14 PM) guinea-pig: maccam94: yes. (09:05:30 PM) guinea-pig: i've got ideas from the last one... i'm just making notes there from what people say tonight (09:05:48 PM) maccam94: like welcome -> demo -> presentation area -> installation/troubleshooting (09:05:53 PM) guinea-pig: but yeah. i've been playing aroudn with flow ideas at work, too (09:06:05 PM) xavier: ok, i'm going to be taking the screen down. (09:06:12 PM) xavier: wave goodbye, all! (09:06:15 PM) cdm10: hmm? (09:06:17 PM) cdm10: screen? (09:06:19 PM) guinea-pig: and the wall... comes tumblingdown (09:06:20 PM) cdm10: sorry, I'm out of the loop (09:06:24 PM) cdm10: guinea-pig: hehe (09:06:26 PM) ubuntu-ma-screen: IM UR SCREN (09:06:26 PM) guinea-pig: cdm10: big projector we have (09:06:27 PM) ***Earl_of_Dunham aves (09:06:31 PM) cdm10: aha. (09:06:32 PM) ***Earl_of_Dunham waves (09:06:41 PM) MissNotes: Time to go measure the tables and chairs for maccam94 (09:06:44 PM) ubuntu-ma-screen left the room (quit: "l8r d00dz"). (09:06:56 PM) Earl_of_Dunham: **Review (09:07:05 PM) MissNotes: maccam94, is doing the physical layout with guinea-pig (09:08:22 PM) maccam94: leftyfb might want to give some input, network wise, after we draw up an initial design (09:08:38 PM) leftyfb: oh, I will Smile :) (09:09:22 PM) guinea-pig: yes (09:09:32 PM) guinea-pig: i'm thinking, we do a general wiring plan, leave the specifics to him (09:15:11 PM) cdm10 left the room ("Leaving."). (09:16:19 PM) MissNotes: this is it... (09:16:20 PM) MissNotes: PR is doing the poster, flyers, PR stuff, Local press for kicks... (09:16:20 PM) MissNotes: Sara Big Arrow for the installfest, walk in table for events, what is ubuntu, why is it free, pamhlet, who we are, our goal, buisness card (09:16:20 PM) MissNotes: Threasa- events page, writing down what people are doing at the installfest, agenda (09:16:20 PM) MissNotes: Steve, Manage, room reservations, table, building signs, guys getting the video, Put the tv people in contact with nathan (09:16:20 PM) leftyfb left the room (quit: "Leaving"). (09:16:22 PM) MissNotes: Jason, Fixing the paper to say the correct information, a little... (09:16:24 PM) MissNotes: BF is going to prepare his 5 minute speaches, be a helpful walk around to know if people are free or busy, (09:16:27 PM) MissNotes: Martin, Who is attending, Post if they are attending, and what they are helping with, Ask if people want to give talks or presentations and let us know...Ask MAKO for CD"S or to get in contact with someone to get cd's (09:16:30 PM) MissNotes: Leftyfb-changing the waiver, and update pixi server to work smoothly without fiesty, make gutsy the default (09:16:52 PM) MissNotes: Please check notes for more "to do" (09:16:54 PM) MissNotes: BYE