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Ubuntu MA LoCo Meeting Minutes 2008-01-24

Meeting Chair: Martin Owens BR Meeting Minutes by: Sara Abbott BR

Physically Present Members: Martin, Aaron, Joe, Mike, Sara, Nathan, Theresa, Steve, Brad, Randy, David, Yuri, MakoBR Virtually Present Members: BR

Upcoming Installfest

  • Where? [http://media.mit.edu/ MIT Media Lab]

  • When? February 23rd, 9am-5pm
  • Intend to focus for a smaller group
  • PR
    • Brad has access to advertising in periodicals (Blast Magazine, Boston Globe)
    • Suggest snow/ice safety when carrying computer equipment in advertisements
  • Food & Beverages? -- To be discussed at a later date

  • Equipment
    • Please bring spare power strips but be sure to label them with your name if you would like them back
    • Brad has volunteered a gigabit switch
  • Entertainment? [http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=628868 Live Band] -- Decided to be too distracting and will detract from the desired learning environment

  • Installfest planning meeting at MIT JANUARY 31st. @ 7:00pm Will have IRC contact for those who can't attend

Packaging Jam and/or Bug Jam

  • Can/Shall we host one? -- A bootstrapping jam. Everyone teaches, Everyone Learns.
  • What are our resources?
    • New maintainer's guide
    • How to become master of the Universe
  • David has volunteered to lead this event
  • Plan for the first to be in March

Public Relations

  • Local Support Application
    • Client, Client, Server Help Application (through Jabber?)
    • Development volunteers needed
    • Goal is to solve users problems remotely while teaching them how to use Ubuntu
    • Concern: Data Loss liability
  • Designate a PR Coordinator -- Nate
  • More PR events (Monthly)
  • Hand out more fliers & CD's

  • Promote social networking website groups (facebook, myspace, etc.)
  • Keysigning party -- coupled with installfest, head count beforehand in case organization is necessary for large numbers of people
  • Newton High School Talk & Librarians -- Mako contributed many points

    • Previously spoke at K-12 Free software convention stressing
      • "this is why [Ubuntu] will work "
      • "this is why it should be done"
      • "open the floor to particular questions"
    • Need tactical solutions for their system
    • Too many people will make it harder to communicate how powerful the Ubuntu message
    • "You should have a conversation with them, not a 'presentation' really."
    • Listeners will be interested in what their systems can't do already and how [Ubuntu] can be integrated into what they have already i.e. If you've already bought Windows licenses, stating Ubuntu will save on the cost of Windows Licenses will not be effective


  • Case Badges: Second Round in February
  • T-shirts
    • New shirts! Samples ([:Leftyfb: Mike])
    • Cost? Sale Price?
    • Decision Deadline?
  • Ubuntu CD's: Making More and Money to do it


  • Designate someone to be responsible for the [:MassachusettsTeam/Toolbox/:tool box]
  • More ways for people to help -- task delegation?

Launchpad Users Clean Up

  • Allow only 'real' names?
  • Define Moderation Practices


  • Continuous logging of the ubuntu-us-ma channel?
  • Additional channel only for meetings?

Mailing List Etiquette

  • Do we want to adopt certain policies? Will this discourage new users?
  • Should we have a no-policy policy? Or a "no whining about how people email the list" policy?
  • Bottom or Top Posting? Is it so important?

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  • Meeting called to order at 19:00, by Meeting Chair, Martin Owens

  • 2008-01-24 meeting minutes were amended and approved