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  • dto
  • paultag - Chair
  • guinea-pig
  • jmnormand
  • ChogyDan

  • shishire
  • Pendulum
  • leftyfb
  • decusgeek
  • chedrania
  • BillN1VUX
  • Burzmali

Topics discussed

  • MA LoCo was un-approved at the last LoCo council meeting.

  • Martin Owens (DoctorMo) has resigned as leader of the LoCo, leaving the organization without a contact and leadership model.

  • Loss of SETC and MIT contacts has left the LoCo without a meeting place / HQ.

  • Discussed options for acquiring a new space including universities, coffee shops, hackerspaces and libraries.
  • Briefly discussed options for software demos, could use USB sticks for Ubuntu or laptops.
  • Discussed the possibly of using public libraries for meeting space
  • Discussed options for meetings in the western part of the state
  • Discussed the need for a contact and a leader
    • Discussed the role of the leader
    • Created page for election
    • Agreed to fill roles with volunteers in the short term and to plan to elect a leader in 3 - 6 months.
  • Discussed and assigned roles
    • Burzmali to chair 9/2 meeting
    • leftyfb to continue as IRC Ops, ML Ops and Forum Admin
  • Discussed website, currently hosted on MIT's servers accessible to leftyfb
    • leftyfb to continue as admin, and to review adding shishire and/or jmnormand as webmasters pending conversation with DoctorMo

  • Discussed 10.10 launch party
  • Discussed LoCo attending Anime Con in November

Action Items

  • Contact Tufts for possible meeting space - shishire

  • Contact Hackerspaces - Burzmali

  • Research libraries as possible meeting space - Burzmali, ?

  • Research coffee shops for possible meeting space - ?
  • Review website situation and confer with DoctorMo for webmaster role - leftyfb

  • Plan to discuss ideas for improvements to the LoCo website next meeting - All

  • Research location for 10.10 Release Party - jmnormand

  • Secure a table and passes for Anime Con - shishire