BOF Proposals

The following is a list of proposed BOFs for the Ubuntu [Conference].

Non-Latin Input

Suggested by: BenjaminMakoHill

Description: Ubuntu users should be able to not only read text in their language of choice but also be able to easily input text in non-Latin language. This BOF will serve to discuss some of the choices that Ubuntu has available to it in order to solve this problem.

New Maintainers

Suggested by: ChristophHaas

Description: Newbie contributors may find it hard to find their right place to join. I would like to see Canonical staff explain the to do lists a little more verbose to help introduce newbies. Bounties are not interesting for everyone and may even be too hard for "common people" who are not experienced programmers. Let's see how we can make volunteers feel very welcome and direct them to a list of things that they can get involved in. I would wish for a table reading: "Task: translation of debconf messages. Needed skills: good english language skills, basic knowledge of dpkg-buildpackage and lintian/linda. Schedule: permanent process. Contact: FooBar." That would make it easier to decide which tasks people can handle. Contributors should also be able to upload packages to universe and multiverse without too much hassle. There are already good ideas how to handle the mentoring/NM (new maintainer)/uploading process better than in other distributions.

Time: This should probably be done more than once as not everybody attends for the full two weeks. I'm very interested in this topic and would like to have at least one talk about that during 8.-11. Morning session preferred.

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Ubuntu Documentation Project

Suggested by: SivanGreen

Description: We should have a more streamlined infrastructure for documentation development, and by Hoary is out we should be able to have some good documentation available offline, by means of the GNOME help browser (yelp) maybe, and see how we can tackle the issue of fixing what Ubuntu is already shipping to be compatible with Ubuntu. see bug# 3353.

Time: Suggested 8.-11. because that's where Sivan, Christoph and Alexander will be there.

I suggest the morning of the 9th, since it'll probably be the only time we'll all be there (--Enrico)

PGP Keysigning Party

Suggested by: ChristophHaas

Description: What would a conference be without the mandatory PGP key signing party. Smile :) As many people will come together that intend to work on Ubuntu this will be a great opportunity to enlarge the web of trust. Future maintainers will probably need signatures as a token of trust anyway. Don't forget to bring your signature and an ID card with a photo. (Info:

Time: I suggest we do that regularly as not everybody will be there for the full two weeks.

Unified Hardware Detection

Suggested by: MattZimmerman

Description: Design, discussion, brainstorming for this feature goal. See UnifiedHardwareDetection

Language Packs

Suggested by: MattZimmerman

Description: Design, discussion, brainstorming for this feature goal. See LanguagePacks.

Hardware Database

Suggested by: MattZimmerman

Description: Design, discussion, brainstorming for this feature goal. See HardwareDatabase.

NetworkManager Integration

Suggested by: MattZimmerman

Description: Tight integration of NetworkManager with system and desktop infrastructure. See NetworkManager.


Suggested by: MattZimmerman

Description: Design, discussion, brainstorming for this feature goal. See USplash.

Laptop support

Suggested by: MattZimmerman

Description: LaptopSuspend, new feature ideas, etc.


Suggested by: MattZimmerman

Description: LiveCD redesign, integration with UnifiedHardwareDetection, additional architectures, ideas for new features.


Package maintenance workshop

Suggested by: ChristophHaas

Description: Many parts of the project deal with package building - be it shipping documentation, doing translations to debconfs, customising READMEs for Ubuntu... If there is enough interest we could put together a little workshop on how to build Debian/Ubuntu packages. Contact me if there is interest so we enough time to prepare a few infos.

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Welcome To Python Workshop

Suggested by: SivanGreen

Description: As Ubuntu is destined to be a Python centric linux distribution, I propose to have a welcome to Python workshop, for people interested in learning and using Python as an Ubuntu component. One of the talks that might be nice to have is, about what is already Python enabled in Ubuntu, what is currently on the works and about the future directions of the Ubuntu Python Team.

Time: Suggested 8.-11.

!PyGTK mega-BOF

Suggested by: ChristianReis

Description: Python and GTK+ combines the best of both worlds in Ubuntu. A number of !PyGTK hackers will be in Mataro over the weekend, planning the future of the bindings and toolkit, studying the needs of applications, and hacking code round the clock. BOF details at ['PyGTK mega-BOF'].

Time: A full-weekend event over the 11th and 12th.

Collaboration with other projects

Suggested by: Juanje Ojeda

Description: To discuss how could collaborate Ubuntu and other projects like Metadistros, Progeny Componenticed Linux, User Linux, Guadalinex, Linex, etc. See more here

Time: People from Metadistros and the rest of projects will be there from the 10th to 12th in order to talk about this one and another topics, so I suggest to choose that weekend.

Publicity and community work

Suggested by: JoshKress

Description: Rather non-technical BOF.

Time: Suggested the weekend from 10th to 12th. (Which is already crowded out, I know!)

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