Branding: (hoary+1 goal)


  • brand any distro/derivate completely

What needs to be done

  • exchange text, images in applications, configuration-files
  • documentation changes
  • code changes (d-i, vim)
  • infrastructure change (bug tracking system, live CD, install CD, archive)


  • use Replace on hundreds of packages
  • use Divert on hundreds of packages
  • change hundreds of source packages (patch it or use hct with tagged branches)
  • use gettext (and push the problem to rosetta)
  • make a general branding framework (make each package brandable and provide branding packages)

proposed solution

  • parameterized source packages change + buildd (dh_brand) and a environment variable include file replacement
  • have one $distro-branding and one $distro-artwork package


  • we'll get fuzzy translations because of the branding changes (rosetta needs to optimize for it)
  • some dispute about what parts of the branding need to be done at run-time and what at build-time

what needs to be branded:

  • DistributionDefaultsAndBranding

  • apache:
    • - "no site here" page:
      • remove it from the apache package and make it depend on $distro-branding package that contains this page
      • - serverstring: try to make it configurable and push it upstream
  • bug-buddy: should magically work
  • gdm:
    • - default theme: try to push a patch upstream to make that easy - Disable the gdm face configuration item: ?
  • gnome-cups-manager: neutralize test-page printing
  • gnome-desktop: can be done at build-time (--with-gnome-distributor)
  • lsb, lsb_release: ?
  • gnome-system-tools: not a branding issue
  • mozilla, epiphany: get homepage from $distro-branding, bookmarks, menu-items, homepage-url
    • - need more work/thought on the application-branding
  • ?
  • ubuntu-artwork -> $distro-artwork, branding

  • xscreensaver: needs upstream love to make it configurable (bounty)
  • boot-splash: usplash-images: branding can go into the $distro-artwork
  • kernel-image: neutralize it
  • installer:
    • - initial image when the you boot the cd: need to parameterize boot-cd, build-depends on ubuntu-artwork


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