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I regularly write Installation Reports for Ubuntu Daily/Milestone CD/DVD installations,
report bugs, and help others on the ubuntu-users list.
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 * Ubuntu Instant Server Team Leader
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IRC: mgalvin IRC: mgalvin on

A Little About Me


My name is Matt Galvin. I am generally interested in all aspects of computing. Personally and professionally I have worked with many different types of systems ranging from Linux to Windows to Mac OS to Solaris and other UNIX variants, IDS's, Firewalls, Routers and written code in most of the big languages ranging from shell scripts to C to Perl, PHP, Java, all the Web stuff, and much more. I have also done a great deal of work with PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle.

I don't buy computers. I build them. And although this is not a particularly difficult thing to do, I am somewhat proud that I don't have to be handed my tools, I build my own tools, sort of how real mechanics build their own hot rods (although on a much smaller scale Smile :)

In both my professional career and in my hobbies I have a great deal of experience solving problems that arise in day to day development as well as hitting long term goals on VERY tight deadlines. I also have a great deal of experience maintaining systems over the long term, making sure things continue to run smoothly over time.

I am currently an Enterprise Java Developer, DB Developer, and CVS Admin/Release Manager for my organization.

I use Ubuntu at work and at home and encourge others to do the same.

Team Memberships

  • Ubuntu Documentation Team Member
  • Ubuntu Instant Server Team Leader

Publications I have authored/co-authored:

Other Current Community Involvement

  • I became an official Ubuntu Community Member on June 07, 2005
  • I am an active contributor on Ubuntu, PostgreSQL and Tomcat mailing lists.
  • I have started the process of becoming both an MOTU and a DD with one of my primary goals being to help keep us in sync with each other.

Contact Info


IRC: mgalvin on

Web Site: Blog:


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