I live in Nashua, NH, USA, and I've been running Linux since '98. I started with Red Hat and I've toured through Fedora, Mandrake, and Gentoo (long stop there) - and the tour ends at Ubuntu.


  • FOSS Awareness - I work with Software Freedom International, which organized the first international Software Freedom Day celebration in 2004. Please check out our website to find out how you can help celebrate FOSS on the third Saturday of September every year!

  • Linux --> Education - I want to see Linux replace MS as the platform that dominates education. Edubuntu has driven LTSP development forward and we now have a solid, aesthetically-pleasing, thin client solution with long-sought features such as pluggable devices that "just work".

I'm "moquist" in the forums and in #ubuntu, and I'd love to hear from you at moquist-ubuntu -at- if you care to drop me a line.


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