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I think I could be an excellent addition to the #ubuntu-offtopic channel staff because I often provide guidance and assistance as needed, as well as help keep the channel fun and interesting for all types of users. I am currently an operator in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel on freenode IRC.
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 * I am also present in #ubuntu, #ubuntu+1, #ubuntu-motu and a few others at the same times, but I do not actively watch those channels as much.
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=== Groupies === == Contact ==
Matt can be found at:
 * Launchpad:
 * IRC: funkyHat on

== Groupies ==
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== Contact ==
Matt can be found at:
 * Launchpad:
 * IRC: funkyHat on

I am currently studying IT at college, and hoping to go to university to study Computer Science. I am also learning how to package for Ubuntu, and hoping to become an Ubuntu Developer in the near future.

I have produced some updates for Ubuntu packages (including packages which were failing to build and bug fixes), and sometimes help out in the #ubuntu IRC channel.


I advocate Ubuntu and Free Software in general locally, including at college. I have given out over 200 Ubuntu CDs in total (spanning several releases).


I am currently an operator in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel on freenode IRC.

  • I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time in #ubuntu-offtopic, but am most often available between 20:00 and 02:00 GMT.


Matt can be found at:


  • funkyHat would be an excellent addition to the Op team in #ubuntu-offtopic. Keeping conversation lighthearted, he is a great help to the channel with or without Op status and I would be excited to see him as an operator. -- anthonyhook 2010-04-12 01:17:31

  • funkyHat would make an excellent op for #ubuntu-offtopic. He's got the sense of humor and easygoing personality necessary to deal with people like me. I wholeheartedly support his application. -- canthus13

  • I think funkyHat aka Matt would make a great OP. He is always helpful and keeps the conversation flowing in -offtopic. He is always helpful and knows the channel rules and the Ubuntu Irc guidelines very well. A BIG (OK) -- idleone

  • funkyHat has the intellect, the knowledge, and the physique to represent #ubuntu-offtopic in a proudful manner. -- jondale

  • funkyHat has shoulders which are wide enough to carry the responsibilities which come with being an #ubuntu-offtopic moderator. -- ikanobori

  • I think funkyHat has well earned an op status, that all that's left to do is grant him the abilities. I thought he was already an op. -- enthdegree

  • funkyHat is exactly the sort of person I would consider an excellent op. Level-headed, good-humored, and responsible. -- ubertaco


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