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 * GRUB v2  * [https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/grub2 GRUB v2]

These are my personal notes about possible projects for EdgyEft and beyond. It is not a place for suggestions from others. For that, see CommunityEdgyIdeas.



Release Process

  • Deadline for spec approvals
  • Dapper release post-mortem


  • Explicit milestone regression testing (early and often)
    • Test plans
    • Laptop testing team
  • Incorporate multilingual testing
  • Coalesce non-overlapping test cases (e.g., partitioner vs. OEM)
  • Monitor testing progress regularly
  • Adapt test case assignments for bandwidth as well as hardware
  • Client-side application for guided and semi-automated testing


  • Forums
    • Involve more in formal testing efforts
    • QA of FAQ answers, etc.
  • Formal process for gathering feature ideas from the community (currently random mixture of mailing lists, wiki pages, blueprint, etc.)

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