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 * [ help.u.c] and [ doc.u.c]  * I administer the documentation websites [ help.u.c] and [ doc.u.c]
 * Ubuntu-docs packaging
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 * [:ItalianCommunityStructure:Italian Locoteam Contact]
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 * [:ItalianCommunityStructure:Italian Locoteam]

About Me

Hi I'm Matthew East. I am a 24 year old English guy, and I am nearly a lawyer. My site is [ here] (home server, so be patient if it's not up). I help on the DocumentationTeam and the ItalianTeam. I'm an Ubuntu Community Member. My launchpad page is [ people/mdke]

My interest in Ubuntu

My current top dream for Ubuntu is for it to have user friendly documentation which matches the OS in quality. This documentation should be translated. I'm interested in the Ubuntu Community spirit and relations and believe that the most important factor for Ubuntu Love to prosper is communication.


  • I am mdke at, and generally hang out in #ubuntu-doc #ubuntu-it and sometimes #ubuntu. COME AND FIND ME TO CHAT!

  • Email me if you like: mdke {at} ubuntu {dot} com
  • My [ GPG] key is: 0E6B06FF.

What I am involved in



Laptop Testing

The following pages are the results of my testing on my laptops, the first kindly supplied by [ Canonical], and the second my own laptop.

Related Wikipages



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