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 * [[ItalianCommunityStructure|Italian Team]]: LoCoTeam Council, Locoteam Contact, Documentation Team administrator, Translation Team administrator, Mailing list administrator, IRC, Marketing Team.  * [[ItalianCommunityStructure|Italian Team]]: LoCoTeam Council, Locoteam Contact

About Me

I am an English lawyer. I'm an Ubuntu Community Member. My launchpad page is people/mdke and my website and blog are at

My interest in Ubuntu

I'm interested in the Ubuntu Community spirit and relations and in helping to work build a community where the different parts work and talk together.


  • I am mdke at

  • Email me if you like: <mdke AT ubuntu DOT com>

  • My GPG key is: 0E6B06FF.

What I am involved in

Laptop Testing

The following pages are the results of my testing on my laptops, the first kindly supplied by Canonical, and the second my own laptop.


Subpages of this one:

Related Wikipages

Display context of search results
Case-sensitive searching


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