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My name is Mattia and I am from Veneto, Italy. I was born on November 18th, 1992 and studied in a scientific high school, where I approached German language too (only a little bit though). In 2008 I started learning the basic languages to build a simple website (mainly HTML and CSS) on my own. That began as a joke, but became my job some years later.
Now I study Computer Science at the University of Padova and at the same time work as a Web Designer freelance (head on to my website and have a look. If I haven't already, I'll make a section on that matter).
I use Linux since 2005, when my uncle introduced me to Kubuntu, which I abandoned three years later when they implemented KDE 4.0. I switched to Ubuntu and loved it, but then - again, some years later - it became too havy for my 512MB RAM-powered PC. So I tried something else (Xubuntu, Lubuntu), landing on ArchLinux for quite some time and trying Gentoo Linux, with Kernel Panics. Now I am again on Ubuntu and love Unity: it's beautiful and intuitive!



Ubuntu Member since June 19th, 2013


Ubuntu-it Member since April 17th, 2013

As an Ubuntu Italy contributor I am active since July 2012 in the following groups:

Translations Team

Even if I am not really a member of this team, I like contributing when I can. I began contributing in July, 2012 and so far I worked on the following translations:

Website Team

Since September 3rd, 2012 I am a member of the Italian Website Team, in which I can contribute with my knowledge and passion, mostly by writing and reviewing page contents.

Press Team

Since February 2013 I am leader of the Italian Press Team, along with Flavia Weisghizzi. I'm working hard to let this group work at its best.

Future Goals

As I'm studying Computer Science, I'm interested in contributing to Ubuntu as a Developer. That's my plan for the future and I'd like to start soon.

Other Projects


I am one of the founder of Dueville Linux User Group, 2viLUG, and I see it as a creature of mine. I really love it, especially because it is born in a little town, but immediately caused a lot of interest in other people.


This is half a job and half an hobby. Engeene is a "Social Tech Blog" that writes about Google, Amazon and Canonical. I work in it as Editor specialized on Chrome World since January 2012 and on various things around Canonical, Ubuntu and ubuntu-it since April 17th, 2013, when this section was born.



  • 06/01/2013 - "The new ubuntu-it Press Team" at DUCC-IT in Fermo, Italy.

  • 05/14/2013 - "Ubuntu Community: a good example of positive virtual reality?" with 2viLUG at "Eticamente" in Dueville, Vicenza, Italy.
  • 02/16/2013 - "WordPress and Web Design" at G.B. Quadri High School, Vicenza, Italy.

  • 02/16/2013 - "Introduction to Linux terminal" at G.B. Quadri High School, Vicenza, Italy.



Mattia is a pillar of the Italian LocoTeam. He showed an impressive effort in putting back on the track the ubuntu-it press office, is among the most active members of the italian marketing team and gave quite a big help organizing our meetings (including the Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference - Italia 2013, where he has proven to be very collaborative with important upstreams like Debian). I definitely recommend him for the membership, it's well deserved. -- warp10 2013-05-31 11:49:26

Mattia is a great contributor. He's passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic and considerate. I fully support his application for the Ubuntu Memebership. -- xdatap1 2013-06-04 07:25:59

Mattia is a very helpful and friendly person, that actively participates in the ubuntu-it press office of the Italian LocoTeam as coordinator. He also participates in the web team, so I strongly support the membership Smile :) -- palma-salvatore 2013-06-04 19:39:59

Mattia is a great guy. He showed an impressive effort in putting back on the track the ubuntu-it press office. I definitely recommend him for the membership, it's well deserved -- 2013-06-04 20:00:10

Mattia is a great Italian LocoTeam contributor. He's enthusiastic and passionate. Remarkable commitment that shows in the group ubuntu-it press office. I fully support his application for the Ubuntu Memebership. -- fabio-colinelli

Mattia is first of all a friend. I met him the first time 6 months ago at our LoCo Meeting, we were working together to maintain our LoCo Website. He does a great work in every Team he is involved, and is always a pleasure to collaborate with him. And when I need some help, or just want to have a chat, he is available. Thereby fully support his request for Membership -- rpadovani 2013-06-05 14:56:34

I know Mattia since months.. The first time's been when he requested to join the Ubuntu-it Website Team and we accepted him for his fantastic qualities. Day by day, he has always been able to enhance everything he did and I had the honor to meet him in the last meeting DUCC-IT 13 (Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference). What else can I say? Everything he does is perfect and accurate. It's really a smart boy, nice and very collaborative. I think he deserves this membership! -- hallino1 2013-06-08 16:08:21

Mattia is an outsdaning contributor in the Italian LoCo Team. He is an enthusiastic and dedicated person, always willing to help and to make things in the right way. I truly support Mattia's Ubuntu Membership application. -- milo 2013-06-11 20:43:13

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