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Name: Mattia Rizzolo Email: mapreri AT ubuntu DOT com

Live in: Milan (Italy)

GPG Key: 4096R/B9444540

Languages: English, Italian Launchpad: mapreri

Personal site GitLab: mattia

SOCIAL GitHub: mapreri Twitter: mapreri Debian: mattia Facebook: Mattia Rizzolo

mapreri IRC: mapreri on Libera and OFTC

mapreri logo

My relationship with GNU/Linux and Ubuntu

I met this world in 2009 and tried different distributions in VMs. A year later, exasperated by some problems Windows® XP was giving to me and after an attack of madness on the immaculate partition table, I created a dual boot Windows/Ubuntu. Almost mono-operating system (just a small partition for Windows to use owned programs) from December 2010. From the middle of 2011 I added Debian GNU/Linux in dual-boot with Ubuntu. From the start of 2012 I also added ArchLinux, but Ubuntu still was my main distro. Fast forward to 2013, 6 months old computer, and I got rid of Windows: only Ubuntu (usually the Ubuntu+1 one or the latest relase), Debian (sid) and ArchLinux (for seldom experiment) are left.

Ubuntu member (since 2013-09-18, Launchpad team)
Debian Developer (since 2015-12-03, my NM page)
Ubuntu MOTU (since 2016-11-21, Launchpad team)
Ubuntu core-dev (since 2022-08-08, Launchpad team)

My contribution to the community

Ubuntu Since 2012-07-01 BugSquad member (not that active there, though) (Launchpad team).
Ubuntu Ubuntu Developer: MOTU (since 2016-11-21, Launchpad team)

Ubuntu Ubuntu Backporters: Launchpad team (since 2021-07-30)

Italian LoCo

Ubuntu Support in the ubuntu-it mailing list
Ubuntu Italian translator and typesetter of the Community Magazine FCM. Since 2012/06/25 approved member; since 2013/02/24 team coordinator (Launchpad team).
Ubuntu Member of the Italian Marketing Team (since 2013/06/29 approved member in the Launchpad team), with these internal project:

  • Ubuntu Administrator/founder of the Italian Social Media Team (since 2013/04/09)
    Ubuntu Writer of the Italian Newsletter (since 2013/05/01)

My main contributions are usually hidden to normal humans: I love logistic activities, so I take care of wiki pages, reorder shared directories,....


And several others, more or less important...

Future Plans

I'm currently a DD and a MOTU, which basically covers all of the main area of interests I have. Nowadays most of the FOSS contributions are done in Debian rather than in Ubuntu, but that doesn't mean I've completely lost interest in Ubuntu.

I'm planning on applying for core-dev, since in Debian I do handle some basic packages (libxml, devscripts, strip-nondetermism, some TDF/LO libraries, etc) and from time to time I do need to touch those in Ubuntu as well, so my MOTU+PPU rights are starting to get tight. Also with my role in the Backporters team, it feels weird to approve non-universe package when I don't have the right to upload them... Smile :)

Testimonials for Ubuntu membership

  • I support my membership Tongue out :-? -- mapreri 2013-05-30 20:34:18

  • Mattia is a very helpful and friendly person, that actively participates in the group Social Media (a project of the italian marketing team). He also participates in the FCM group as coordinator, so I strongly support the membership Smile :) -- palma-salvatore 2013-06-04 19:39:54

  • Mattia is a great guy, very friendly, helpful and supportive. He is doing great things in the Italian LocoTeam, and I love his willingness to join the Ubuntu development squad. His membership is well deserved and I warmly recommend for it. -- warp10 2013-07-07 08:33:13

  • I knew Mattia in Italian LocoTeam. He is a great guy, always available and with a great desire to do everything for our LoCo. His commitment is constant and his attitude is the best possible. I highly recommend it for membership. -- rpadovani 2013-09-14 08:13:26

  • Mattia wants always to help. He does a valuable work in the Italian LoCo Team and truly deserves the membership. -- deshack 2013-09-17 19:56:06

  • I knew Mattia during the last session of the Italian Loco Team. Mattia is a guy with thousands skills; he puts passion into everything he does and when it starts a project led him to the end. Its activities as coordinator within the translation group of FCM in italian, are powered by his great enthusiasm. Absolutely he deserves the membership. -- 2013-09-18 06:56:06

  • Mattia effectively helps Ubuntu with his work. It's a real pleasure collaborate with him. Mattia works are always top quality and he always put all his strengths in everything he does. It is a pleasure having him in our community. Strongly recommended to become an Ubuntu Member. -- claudio.arseni 2013-09-18 12:11:39

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