Matthew J Steven

Matthew is a web developer and free software advocate.

He's available for Ubuntu related work most weekdays from 19:00-21:00 UTC

Major skill assets:

  • ~15y programming experience. Specializing in web applications
  • Management/marketing experience (business, telecommute teams, remote projects)
  • Formal education in computer science (Honored via UPE)

  • ~10y LAMP system administration for hundreds of customers on public hosting platform
  • ~12y exclusively a GNU/Linux desktop user
  • Excellent real-world troubleshooting skills

*buntus Used/Troubleshooted Most Often

  • Mythtv/Mythbuntu
  • Xen & more recently Kvm

  • Desktop is Xubuntu
  • Diskless workstation related problems
  • Occasional use of Ubuntu Studio
  • LTS releases for server use, in general
  • Amateur radio software


  • Brewing beer/mead
  • Amateur Radio Contesting/Emcomm (call: AI1P)
  • Classical guitar


Homepage at Email: <>

I was formerly maintaining a page for:



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