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'''Launchpad''': || [[]] ||

Mauricio Peñaloza S.



<espacio.tiempo AT SPAMFREE vtr DOT net>


elkan76 on


La Cisterna, Santiago, Chile

Time zone:



GPG Key:


Hi, this is my new wiki page!

Because Ubuntu-cl is migrating to, now we have a lot of people to show our work.

Well, as you can see my name is Mauricio Peñaloza, i'm a Computer Engineer, and a fan of Linux. I've been installed many distros (included Ubuntu Warthog), but after hours searching which distro select for me, i return to Ubuntu with the Feisty Fawn (7.04). Then i signed de CoC and now i'm working as "Ubuntero" at Ubuntu-cl.

Me and "egne" (ñ)

As you can see my last name is Peñaloza, but the camel, don't accept this, by the moment, i put a double "n".

I'm not very good with english, but i do as possible as i can to make me understand (this include a course).


Para el resto de la gente

Hola, soy Mauricio Peñaloza, soy informatico y un adicto a Ubuntu, he probado muchas distros, pero desde Feisty Fawn, decidí quedarme con Ubuntu. Firme el código de conducta y ahora estoy trabajando duro en la comunidad de Ubuntu-cl.

Como ven mi apellido es Peñaloza, pero como en camel, no es posible colocar esa letra, yo la reemplazo por un a doble "n".

My Work on Ubuntu

Since July 2007, i'm working on Chilean Forum On May 2008 AlvaroOlivares and me take the forum administration.

From July 2008 to present i'm being part of Ubuntu Chilean Council. I like talk to the people that's why if there is an opportunity to be in a stand "I'll be there". But it doesn't mean that i do everything. If you like to go with me, much better will be.

From time to time i work making translations on Launchpad :-).


On 2008 i was participated at FLISoL, OpenCommunity, Freedom Software Day and Open Minds. You can see more about on our Flickr

  • November 2007, First Junta Ubuntera, Santiago.

  • April 2008, Second Junta Ubuntera, Viña del Mar.

  • FLISoL 2008, Talca.
  • Open Community, Santiago.
  • Día del Software Libre, Curicó.
  • Open Mind 2008, Santiago.
  • Encuentro Linux, Concepción

The Biggest Project

On August 2008, i take a big project, make a Spanish Ubuntu Course with Moodle plataform (we know about other project, but are more technical), you can see them on This project was an idea of Werner Westermann and i want give public thanks for all the trust that he gave us.

What i want for Ubuntu

In my country

Chile has not too much penetration of free software culture, but i think that Ubuntu can do the difference. Our LoCoT is trying to stay on every opportunity. Now we want to follow if it's possible, the evolution of every pc installed to see where we have to put our efforts.

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