About me

I am Maxence DUNNEWIND, french Ubuntu user.

I study computer and use Linux since 2002 and Ubuntu since the warty release.


e-mail :

Jabber : ""

irc : "Sp4rKy" on freenode

My LP account: maxenced

Ubuntu involvment

I do my best to help new Ubuntu users, mainly in live discussions on #ubuntu-fr or #ubuntu.

I help so many people to install Ubuntu in their computer and help them during transition from Windows to Ubuntu. During this year, i'd help about 30 peoples for installation.

I do some meetings of information about Ubuntu in some computer-clubs, and organized an Ubuntu Install Party this year.

I wrote/translate some wiki pages on [WWW]

* Reprepro

* LDAP (Translation)

I'm also working on an enlightenment repository .


Advocated (on REVU)

* Devede (DVD authoriting software)

* Yersinia (Layer 2 attack and test software)

In progress (on REVU)

* Audacious (audio player)

* PlanFacile

In progress (not yet uploaded to REVU)

* BMPx (Next generation Beep Media Player software)

* Torsmo (System monitor for X)


* dvd-slideshow bug #43433


* packaging

* Helping new users of Ubuntu and process information about Ubuntu

* Translating some u.c wiki pages for the french community


[GauvainPocentek]: I know Maxence (well, Sp4rKy) since several months and I've always seen him very active on the french irc channels, helping people with their Ubuntu box (especially with wifi issues). He now packages too and I'm he will be really helpful for Edgy development Smile :)

[JeremieCorbier]: Maxence is really helpful to users either on #ubuntu-fr or #ubuntu-fr-testing. He also began packaging a few weeks ago and learns very quickly (his first package yersinia was accepted in universe a few hours ago).

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