This is summary of the UMC team weekly meeting, that took place on Wed. August 08th, 2007 on Freenode in #elisa.


Many kudos to the Elisa team, Elisa 0.3.1 ‘Reborn’ and Pigment 0.3.1 are out ! More informations on :


Marco A. has done some works on the icons and usplash. No news from others. We are waiting for the poll forum to open the choice of the logo.

Mailing List

still no news...

Marketing Strike Force


Any update for coherence / pylirc inclusion in gutsy. You can help in this task by add a comment to those bugs : Every comments that show "the (massive) interest" are welcome, don't hesitate to do this if you want to see those package in gutsy (needed for elisa)


ArnaudQuette will post for the namespace and HAL.

DenisGautherot and LoicDardant are very happy to announce the release of glirc-0.1.0, a little applet to launch irexec. The code on the launchpad will be updated very soon and package will be available.

Other work done on the elisa plugin for LIRC. The next step is to convert the gui in gtk to pigment. For the moment the solution is a daemon, to change "on the demand" the lircd.conf file. The daemon has root privileges (start at boot time). Don't hesitate to contact LoicDardant if you want to help ! Sources are available on launchpad.

Derivative distribution

Testing and report are welcome.

Raw Log

<Uzuul> so, here we go for another lightning UMC meeting.
<lekastor38> hello, i am here, butin passive mode... very busy this evening
<dloic> :)
<Uzuul> dloic: will you be able to manage the minutes this time?
 1) elisa
<dloic> Uzuul: yep
<Uzuul> the team has release 0.3.1 last friday, as promised.
 Kudos to the elisa team and contributors ^_^
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<Uzuul> Kaleo: anything to add?
<dloic> tested with feisty, it works
<Uzuul> well, I think most of the team is now on deserved holidays...
 dloic: thanks 
 2) artwork
 Marco A. has started some icon green'isation... and some more usplash.
<dloic> what about icons
 not too green ?
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<Uzuul> quite frankly, I've really quickly looked at, and I can't say much than "final decision waiting for the poll forum"...
 the best would be to test these in place, and see how it render... so wait and see
<lekastor38> yes, the poll forum will fix that all
<dloic> yes
<Uzuul> I'll have to ping orion2012 about that!
 jump to 4 (dloic, plz no comment ;-)
<lekastor38> oh....
<Uzuul> 4) MSF
 still waiting for info. Since Jeremy has started his new work, I've had no news :-( 
 sad, since he is (was) the 2nd coordinator there....
 5) packages
<dloic> is there someone to package the 0.3.1 ?
<Uzuul> I've not seen any update for coherence / pylirc inclusion in gutsy. some of you can follow and push the bugs I've logged to ensure these will be in gutsy
 dloic: lool will take over elisa / pigment, though he told me that won't be for tomorrow (too many changes)
<dloic> Uzuul: ok
<Uzuul> I've already updated coherence to 0.4 in debian, and have to request for another update in gutsy...
 don't hesitate to take over the push in gutsy guys ;-)
<dloic> Uzuul: how it works ?
<lekastor38> how do we do that ?
 can you explains us, or give us links to learn how to do that
<Uzuul> let me dig a bit
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<Uzuul> follow the link I've given previously (bugs on elisa:
 simply add comment to the bug to show the (massive) interest
<lekastor38> ah ok...
<Uzuul> and you'll get the karma bonus ;-)
<lekastor38> like 'up ! '
<dloic> just add a comment ?
<lekastor38> as my karma is zero....
<dloic> "i'm very sad, i can't install elisa on my desktop, plz" :)
<Uzuul> dloic: yep, like "it's really important for Ubuntu to have this full featured MC... in time for gutsy... yadayada..."
 so point 6) LIRC
<lekastor38> ok, we will do that foryou ...
<dloic> Uzuul: ok
<Uzuul> nothing on my side (lazy me), so nothing new for the new namespace application, HAL support / configless lirc.
<dloic> some work done for lirc
 finish the first plugin, with gtk step
<dloic> and finish glirc (yes less important Uzuul :))
<Uzuul> I don't know where Mario is on the kernel integration.
  But just seen today that Dell want to push several upstream efforts such as remote ctrl support ;-)
<dloic> nice
<Uzuul> dloic: hey, cool. sad that I didn't have time to test it though :-(
<dloic> Uzuul: for the plugin the next step is to code the gui with pigment. I will ask the team for some help
<lekastor38> you will see it in the final distro !
<dloic> ues but how can I share it ?
<Uzuul> cool guys,
 dloic: ues => yes ?
<dloic> Uzuul: yes, excuse me
<Uzuul> how can you share what? if it's the code, you have the bzr repos.
<dloic> Uzuul: but for an include in gutsy ?
<dloic> or in lirc... ?
<Uzuul> look for an inclusion in elisa directly, or as a separate package. Make a report on the ml, exposing me everything (you can post me priv. in french otherwise ;-)
 and I'll check. but I'm on holidays as of friday, and still many things to hunt before...
 anything to add?
<dloic> no
<lekastor38> how can i help for distro ?
<Uzuul> I'll check if I can put up something for the namespace and HAL tonight, since at least the later will be of interest for the elisa pluggin
<lekastor38> i asked on the mlbut did notget any answer... holidays...
<Uzuul> (USB remote autodetection through HAL...)
<dloic> Uzuul: ok, ping me if you've have feedback
<Uzuul> so jump to 8) Distro
<lekastor38> ah...
<Uzuul> since it's really techy, and otherwise need me to bootstrap somebody,
 it's for the moment limited to ensuring the more possible pkg hit Debian and gutsy. 
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<Uzuul> for the rest, lekastor38 and others, look there
<lekastor38> to look for ?
 ah ok, i see
<Uzuul> Update section,  or there
 and read the
 this is the script that generates the .iso 
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<lekastor38> is this the "recommended way" ?
 or can we derive fromtat to make our own process ?
<Uzuul> one other point needed is a (falcon?) packages repository on (instead of the trivial one on my personal website, referenced by the scriptà
<dloic> yes there are some on the net to produce a cd
<lekastor38> yes, i tried uck
<Uzuul> lekastor38: we're more a derivative from the server than the desktop, according to our lightness aim...
<lekastor38> and another way to produce iso fromlive cd
<Uzuul> the various existing derivation tools are more to tune some params (theme, packages list, ...)
<lekastor38> but the aim of the first release is a live-cd no ?
 with a few changes fromthe original one
<Uzuul> but not as drastic changes as we need. So I've started from the mythbuntu base, which has many common aims with us.
<lekastor38> ok..
<Uzuul> lekastor38: note that you can check the existing tools and make something using the extracted info (like again, the packages I've put on my repos, the needed one, ...)
 you're very welcome ;-)
<lekastor38> ok
 sorry,but i have to leave now....
<dloic> lekastor38: bye ;)
<lekastor38> i note your request ! ;)
 bye, and sorry again...
<Uzuul> well guys, I have to go, so meeting closed.

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