This is summary of the UMC team weekly meeting, that took place on Wed. August 30th, 2007 on Freenode in #elisa.


Planning the next release (0.3.2) that is due for the 26th of september:

  • plugin management system: easy browsing and installation of plugins

  • personal video recorder (PVR) infrastructure work

  • easing creation of user interface oriented plugins


New theme by Christophe: It needs to be experimented and it is likely to be kept as is for UMC. All comments welcome!

Mailing list

Still no news from Jono Bacon and the Ubuntu guys Sad :-(

Marketing Strike Force

Jeremy is back but not yet active. A project to federate blogs (Planet Elisa) about Elisa is under discussion.


Unofficial ubuntu packages are online ( Debian package is stuck: Pigment is still in the NEW queue. Elisa update to 0.3 is close to the update.


HAL progress (needed to autodetect USB remotes):

Gutsy's GTK UI to configure remotes: philn_:

Some work done on the kernel integration:

Kudos guys for all the work!

Raw Log

Kaleo_: So, let's start
Kaleo_: point 1) artwork
Kaleo_: As you may have seen Christophe posted a complete theme
dloic: sorry but the first point ins't elisa ???
Kaleo_: sorry
philn_: yes
Kaleo_: yes
Kaleo_: Elisa
Kaleo_: let's do it again :)
Kaleo a quitté le salon (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
Kaleo_: 1) Elisa
Kaleo_: last week was spent planning the next release and starting to implement the features decided
Kaleo_: one important of them being the plugin management system
Kaleo_: that philn is in charge of
dloic: which is the role of this plugin ?
philn_: being able to install additional plugins from elisa
stalker`: dloic:  it's a meta plugin :)
Kaleo_: exactly
philn philn_ 
dloic: philn_: not to manage installed plugins ?
Kaleo_: it has to be dead easy to see available plugins
philn_: and setup a community repository for external contributions
philn_: dloic: that, also
dloic: dloic: yep, stupid question, sorry
Kaleo_: more details are available there:
dloic: basically add/remove/configure ?
dloic: ok
philn_: current plugins will be splitted to various sets depending on criteria we need to define
Kaleo_: second important point is the beginning of a player infrastructure necessary for the PVR
Linediconsine: What is PVR?
Kaleo_: lightyear is working on it and information for those interested is available there:
Kaleo_: personal video recorder
lightyear: yep
Kaleo_: watching tv, recording tv
Kaleo_: from various sources
lightyear: <- ask this guy...
Kaleo_: a third important part of the release will be to lower the entry barrier to write Elisa plugins that need user interface bits
dloic: interface with pigment ?
Kaleo_: pigment yes
Kaleo_: but this infrastructure work should help for any toolkit
lightyear: aah, stalker`: did you get the changes on the exif-ticket?
lightyear: but. psst.
stalker`: lightyear: what changes?
Kaleo_: anything else, lightyear, philn?
lightyear: sorry.
dloic: Kaleo_: interesting point because I have a plugin to "translate"
Kaleo_: dloic: translate?
Kaleo_: from gtk?
lightyear: dloic, what do you mean?
dloic: yes, from gtk
Kaleo_: interesting
philn_: Kaleo_: i18n, memory usage...?
dloic: the plugin to choose the right remote control (writtent with wattazzoum)
lightyear: btw. Kaleo_, did you say somethiing about translation?
philn_: mouse support in pigment?
dloic: (not really translation, i mean convert)
philn_: pigment win32 ?
dloic: I need something like a treeview, but we have some idea to do this with pigment
Kaleo [] est entré dans le salon
dloic: why this silence ?
Kaleo: oh my god, I'm sorry
Kaleo: my connection keeps going
Kaleo: so, point 2) artwork
Kaleo: Christophe Dumas completed the new theme
Linediconsine: we need to convert it in green again ?
Uzuul [] est entré dans le salon
dloic: what do you think ?
Kaleo: well, it is quite different: first it is fully SVG
Kaleo: and the style is different
Uzuul: hey guys. just taking a small break from all my house financial stuffs...
dloic: Uzuul: hi
Kaleo: Uzuul: I could need some help
lightyear: hi Uzuul
Uzuul: thanks to Kaleo for leading tonight ;-)
Kaleo: Uzuul: badly
philn_: hi Uzuul
Linediconsine: W Uzuul :D
Kaleo: we were discussing about the theme Christophe did
Tartopom: hi Uzuul :p
Uzuul: good work (the chris theme)
Kaleo: question from Linediconsine: "we need to convert it in green again ?"
Kaleo: I like it :)
Uzuul: any ptr underhand?
Kaleo: yes,
Linediconsine: mmh.. ptr ? I doesnt undestand....
Uzuul: pointer
Uzuul: yeah, that rocks ^_^
Kaleo: I'd say that we should go with it
dloic: as said in the ml, i like the variation for each icon (thematic reminder)
Kaleo: it's good stuff :)
Linediconsine: good work and is in svg ! good !
Kaleo: Christophe is looking for constructive criticism, so do not hesitate to send your remarks
Uzuul: I'm not sure the green'ification is needed since there are various colors for icons, not only blue...
Uzuul: we'll have to see what I looks like with a green background
Linediconsine: not all in blue ... imho
Kaleo: ok, we have to experiment
Linediconsine: k
Kaleo: followup by mail then
Kaleo: 3) ubuntu mailing list
Kaleo: no news I believe
dloic: ...
Kaleo: ok
Kaleo: 4) Marketing strike force
Uzuul: Jeremy told me he will get back on last monday
Kaleo: in the meantime it was pretty quiet
Kaleo: there is a plan of setting up a planet Elisa
Uzuul: and will follow on the MSF tasks (forum migration with polling mod, web update, ...)
Kaleo: so that developers can tell what is the new hot stuff
Kaleo: such as cool plugins :)
Uzuul: yup, point taken (by you ;-)
Uzuul: or distro (...) progres
Kaleo: 5) packaging
Kaleo: good news! Debian packaging is in progress
Kaleo: unofficial ubuntu packages are online since today
Uzuul: lool: any update
Linediconsine: wow good !
Linediconsine: :)
philn_: pigment's still blocked in NEW queue :(
philn_: so until it's accepted elisa package can't be uploaded
philn_: if i understood correctly
Kaleo: wait and see I guess
Kaleo: 6) LIRC
Kaleo: Uzuul: your go :)
Uzuul: yup, I'll talk a bit about that
Uzuul: I've posted about HAL progress (for the recall, it's needed to autodetect USB remotes):
philn_: i've seen that in gutsy there's a gtk UI to configure remotes
philn philn_ 
dloic: philn_: have you some link ?
Uzuul: as mentioned, the work done here will help a lot for the configless
Kaleo_ a quitté le salon (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
Uzuul: (ie autoconfiguration and startup of LIRC upon plugging a USB remote=
Uzuul: s/=/)
philn philn_ 
dloic: philn_: thanks
Uzuul: philn_: from Mario (superm1)
philn_: yes the mythbuntu guy, right?
Uzuul: right
dloic: happy to see that different guy work on the same things...
philn_: seems like good stuff
Uzuul: there is also some work on the kernel integration:
Uzuul: dloic: that was the point when we got in touch with m1... and the same for linuxMCE (no follow up though)
Uzuul: dloic: you've got the hand for applets...
dloic: Uzuul: hum
dloic: dloic: yes
Kaleo: :)
dloic: the applet work, just to publish it
Kaleo: dloic: well, if you do quickly, we'll quickly have fun with it and help :)
dloic: Kaleo: I will do my best
Kaleo: dloic: nice
dloic: for this and the elisa plugin
Kaleo: anything we are missing for the meeting?
dloic: Uzuul: the separation of mouse/keyboard has been done
dloic: would you the html file ?
Uzuul: dloic: yup
dloic: ok
Uzuul: any pointer dloic?
dloic: no, i must see some point with wattazoum when he can
Uzuul: that can be appended to the meeting log. To others, we are talking about the namespace stats, separating the mouse and keyboard keys.
lool: Damn missing the meeting agian
Uzuul: this will allow me to finalise my post about the new LIRC namespace step 1
Uzuul: hey lool
Kaleo: ok
jeddy3 est désormais connu sous le nom de jeddy3|Zzz
Uzuul: lool: anything to add about elisa packages update?
lool: Uzuul: Hey; update is: packages are mostly ready, only waiting for pigment to get out of NEW since a week or so
Uzuul: lool: excellent ^_^
lool: I only need to tweak the deps of elisa a little before the upload, but the current packages are usable for me
Kaleo: nice
lool: Both packages are in the pkg-gstreamer SVN since last week, binary packages of pigment can be dled from
lool: pigment is on the first page of so hopefully will get in soon
Kaleo: thank you
Kaleo: Actually, thanks to all of you for the meeting

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