This specs concerns developers that want to make a Player module for UbuntuMediaCenter. We'll define here the interface that a player module should implement.


Use Cases

  • Paul wants to make a Ubuntu Media Center player module using VLC. He wants to know how he should map the vlc functions to be UMC compliant. He refers to that page, writes a single files mapping the VLC functions to the define Specs, and there goes his plug in.





Please see UbuntuMediaCenter to get informations about the infrastructure of Ubuntu Media Center (Kernel + modules). The definition of that spec is mandatory to have an easy player module development for UMC.

Scope and Use Cases

  • In which case will a player need to do something ?
    • When receiving a message from a controller ( Play, Stop, Pause ... ) . So there should be a corresponding API for the player.
    • When used by the UI ( to set view size, full screen, ... ) . So a corresponding API will be defined.

Implementation Plan


Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion

  • OuattaraAziz :

    • Is there an existing project to define a player specs ?
    • Players can be of different kinds : WebMedia Player, Video Player, Audio Player, Picture Player. Defining a Spec for each kind will be needed .

    • We should also define a way for a player module to expose its capabilities (type, codecs supported, file supported)

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