1. The accessibility profiles have been implemented. We need to finalize the various settings for the profiles, such as magnification window placement, the amount of magnification, speech rate, etc.
  2. Gok remedies - Gok brings up a warning about not being able to do pointer grabs without a modified X config. Determine whether anybody has found a way to get rid of it, or alternatively, look at how easy or difficult this may be to implement properly.
  3. Get the necessary packages onto the live CD ASAP. Discuss further what was brought up on the list as well as the gnome lists about flite compared to festival and disk space, as the devs of the gnome-speech speech-dispatcher driver seem to be discouraging its mainstream use at this time.
  4. The TODO wiki page located at [WWW] http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Team/TODO needs cleaning up and resorting, as it hasn't been updated since December, and a lot has happened between now and then.

  5. Making the Ubuntu CD's Accessible - We need a "dimple" or some other braille like marking on at least one of the Ubuntu CD's so that people know which one they have. [cjs on behalf of manoeuvre.org]


08:00 heno           Hello all :)
08:00 TheMuso        Hey heno.
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08:01 heno           Hi TheMuso. Thanks for organising the aganda and stuff
08:01 heno           and generally holding the fort :)
08:01 dholbach       Hey! :)
08:01 heno           dholbach: ! how was your weekend ? ;)
08:02 dholbach       Thanks heno - had a nice Saturday, with wandering through Berlin and a loooong party in the
                     evening - Sunday just some bits of working and mostly recovering :)
08:02 dholbach       How were your weekend?
08:02 dholbach       weekends :)
08:03 heno           nice thanks, had the place to myself. Did some good design work on TheOpenCD
08:03 heno           (I was reffering to your missed meeting though)
08:03 dholbach       Nice.
08:03 dholbach       Yeah, I thought so. :-)
08:03 heno           It's good to make those contacts though
08:04 dholbach       well, I tried to gather up with the KDE a11y and usability folks (who met in Berlin)
08:04 TheMuso        Nice.
08:04 heno           We've just been in touch with some KDE access people
08:04 heno           all good stuff
08:04 dholbach       after I got there, I tried all the bells and doors, but they didn't hear me on the 4th floor
                     (or wherever they were)
08:04 TheMuso        I have also been talking on and off to Garry in the #kde-accessibility channel recently. He has
                     been following what we are doing with great interest.
08:04 dholbach       so I took my laptop the Ubuntu CDs and everything else to a nice walk through Berlin. .-)
08:05 dholbach       But I'll meet with Ellen soon to catch up with.
08:05 TheMuso        he has said on several occasions that KDE doesn't yet have the same as what GNOME has to offer
                     in terms of accessibility.
08:05 Riddell        heno: just remembered, I've not replied to your e-mail
08:05 dholbach       hey Riddell
08:05 heno           Riddell: np. What do you think?
08:06 Riddell        heno: are you talking about a separate CD or an option on the live or install CD at boot time?
08:06 heno           wil we get some Kubuntu AT love this release? :)
08:06 Riddell        "AT"?
08:06 dholbach       accessibility technology?
08:06 heno           Assistive Technology
08:06 dholbach       oh well
08:06 dholbach       good enough for a non-native speaker ;)
08:07 heno           I ws thinking as boot feature. Do you ship Kmag?
08:07 Riddell        kdeaccessibility is in universe
08:07 heno           ah, ok
08:08 Riddell        but that can be fixed of course
08:08 dholbach       :-D
08:08 TheMuso        heno: We could still offer a derivative.
08:08 TheMuso        Unless kdeaccessibility is promoted in the meantime.
08:08 heno           yep
08:08 heno           ok, so where are we with the current game plan?
08:08 TheMuso        Riddell: The kubuntu live CD uses the same overall infrastructure as the Ubuntu one right?
08:09 TheMuso        Have you looked at the agenda?
08:09 TheMuso        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Team/MeetingAgenda
08:09 heno           yep, point 1
08:09 heno           access profiles
08:09 Riddell        TheMuso: yes
08:09 heno           well done on getting those sorted, thanks :)
08:10 heno           about the magnification, 8x sounds huge
08:10 heno           but I'm no expert on that
                     Well it actually wouldn't be too difficult to set up kubuntu profiles for accessibility from
08:10 TheMuso        the same casper script if there was a way to identify what CD we are using, and once I knew how
                     to modify/set KDE configuration files.
08:10 heno           don't you end up scrolling sideways alot?
08:11 TheMuso        I really wish others were here to give their opinion, as I haven't as yet received any email.
=== TheMuso jumps to the ubuntu-a11y mailbox.
08:11 dholbach       yeah
08:11 TheMuso        No, nothing.
08:11 heno           So we just make a decision and go with it I think
08:11 TheMuso        Yeah.
08:12 heno           That small detail can be changed after feedback
08:12 dholbach       TheMuso: casper uses the packages on livecd file system - so from there it should be easy to
                     judge wether we're in ubuntu or kubuntu land
08:12 heno           I would vote for 4x ...
08:12 TheMuso        dholbach: Very true. Check for kubuntu-desktop for example.
08:12 dholbach       TheMuso: or we can test for binaries we need
08:12 TheMuso        heno: Ok will make a note of it.
08:12 heno           The placement worries me more though. It seems to assume a certain screen rez
08:12 dholbach       i have unfortunately not much of an opinion on the default settings
08:13 TheMuso        I don't know how else we can work that
08:13 heno           how would that work on a smaller screen?
08:13 TheMuso        As the default placement IMO is crazy.
08:13 heno           I guess you would still get something
08:13 heno           agreed
08:13 TheMuso        Yeah.
08:13 dholbach       we could ask on the gnome a11y list
08:13 heno           A larger screen should be no problem, just less optimal
08:13 heno           dholbach: good idea
08:14 dholbach       although i'm not entirely convinced they ship the best they can think of as a default already
08:14 TheMuso        dholbach: Yeah, as we will be patching these gconf settings into the package anyway.
08:14 TheMuso        dholbach: Neither do I.
08:14 heno           I still need to thank them all for the detailed replies
08:14 dholbach       TheMuso: yeah, if we have better defaults no need to change casper - we can change that in the
                     packages directly
08:14 dholbach       heno: yeah, that was great
08:15 TheMuso        dholbach: Yeah. The only thing the script for casper should do is turn on or off the ke
                     settings that make things available or not when GNOME starts.
08:15 heno           OK, so we'll just pick the position setting in your mail and call that settled ?
08:15 TheMuso        Yep. We still have time to test so we can hopefully get feedback.
08:15 dholbach       yes
08:15 heno           ok, point 2?
08:16 heno           I guess that's an upstream bug really
08:16 TheMuso        hmmm
08:16 dholbach       *nod*
08:16 heno           they need to get used to the idea of fixing that
08:16 dholbach       at least we could ask for pointers
08:16 dholbach       :)))
08:16 TheMuso        No pun intended right? :)
08:16 heno           I still havent 100% understood the problem
08:16 TheMuso        Me neither.
08:17 TheMuso        Something to do with gok getting more direct hardware access to the mouse.
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08:17 heno           Gok just needs more testing and exposure generally which we will hopefully provide
08:17 TheMuso        Yeah.
08:18 heno           Has anyone else experienced my panel crashing bug?
08:18 heno           I've asked other random people to test on dapper
08:18 TheMuso        heno: I will be totally honest and say that I haven't played with GOK AT ALL>
08:18 TheMuso        LATELY
08:18 heno           but so far it works for everyone else
08:19 dholbach       i guess that was the at-spi / gail changes that made it work again
08:19 heno           it's a quick test: just install and start somethinmg from the gnome panel while gok is running
08:19 TheMuso        Righto.
08:19 heno           if nothing crashes you're ok
=== TheMuso flicks over to oher box to try.
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08:20 heno           I've not tested it today after the latest updates
08:20 heno           anyway, it doesn't look like a showstopper for us
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08:21 dholbach       i seem safe
08:21 heno           works for most and doesn't get in anyones way
08:21 TheMuso        ok
08:22 TheMuso        Nice to see GNOME is killing its processes properly now. :)
08:23 sorush20       so what are you guys trying to make more accessible?
08:23 heno           So I guess the conclusion on GOK is that it works acceptibly now
08:23 dholbach       sorush20: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Team/MeetingAgenda is our agenda
08:23 TheMuso        So if it is just a matter of running something from the panel while GOK is running, there seems
                     to be no problem. I haven't updated today either.
08:24 dholbach       sorush20: we're discussing point 2 atm
08:24 heno           and if we have time, enenergy and brains to make it better for dapper we will
08:24 heno           but it can go in as it is
08:24 TheMuso        Yeah.
08:25 heno           Cool. I might be I have funky hardware or that a reinstall would fix it
08:25 heno           I'll try it on the Live CD too when it turns up there
08:25 heno           Great! point 3?
08:26 heno           Is there somewhere we can see the packages currently on the live cd?
08:26 heno           germinate something or other?
08:26 TheMuso        heno: Yes there is. Give me a sec.
08:26 ogra           heno, http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/seeds/dapper/live
08:27 ogra           and http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/seeds/dapper/desktop
08:27 heno           ogra: thanks. and hello :)
08:27 TheMuso        Thanks ogra.
08:27 ogra           (live contains desktop)
08:27 heno           ogra: are you absorbing all these cool new AT features into Edubuntu?
08:28 ogra           not yet
08:28 ogra           i have massive space probs
08:28 TheMuso        So it seems that the packages we need are not there yet.
08:28 dholbach       we really need to know how much all these packages will take
08:28 heno           ah, ok
08:28 ogra           (cat include the example content)
08:28 TheMuso        I found the same when checking one of the dalies the other day.
08:28 heno           dholbach: yeah, I'm still in the dark on that
08:28 ogra           *cant
08:29 heno           ogra: hm, shame
08:29 ogra           yup
08:29 dholbach       ogra: it's just 8,7M :)
08:29 heno           ogra: are you carrying the winfoss?
08:29 heno           that will shrink this time
08:29 ogra           dholbach, i dont even have 1M free
08:29 ogra           heno, nope
08:29 ogra           only edubuntu
08:29 dholbach       ogra: throw away openoffice and add the accessibility stuff
08:30 heno           I'm making some unilateral cuts :)
08:30 ogra           and as long as we ship kdeedu we wont have space
08:30 heno           makes sense
08:30 ogra           dholbach, nope, i'll replace the kde stuff in dapper+1
08:30 heno           replace OOo with koffice?
08:30 sorush20       I can't even start gok
08:31 heno           sorush20: have you installed at-spi and restarted the X session?
08:31 heno           sorush20: try starting it from the command line
08:31 heno           see if you get any errors there
08:32 sorush20       heno: shouldn't that be part of the dependency that needes to be installed.. I get the error
                     that can't find registery..
08:32 heno           sorush20: it should yes
08:32 dholbach       sorush20: could you file a bug about that and include which version of ubuntu you use?
08:32 sorush20       its running now thanks.. but at-spi sould be installed with it..
08:33 sorush20       oka
08:33 dholbach       thanks
08:33 heno           brb
08:33 TheMuso        I will see if I can chace up the total size of packages needing to be installed.
08:33 dholbach       that'd make it easier to start a disciussion
08:34 sorush20       what packages are you guys talking about ... and will there be a gui fo me to just check box
                     the assistive stuff or will there be a blue screen?
08:35 TheMuso        Good old speakup. Managed to cause a bit of a kernel oops of some sort when trying to press
                     several keys at once or close to each other.
08:35 TheMuso        An now on another machine while I wait for that box to reboot. :)
08:36 sorush20       brrb
08:36 heno           sorush20: a black screen actually:
08:37 heno           and
08:37 sorush20       heno: so it hasn't changed.. that is bad... there should be something similar to xp
                     installation where you can select extra stuff like a gui..
08:38 heno           sorush20: actually our solution is better than the XP one
08:39 heno           youb select this technology at the very first screen and off you go
08:39 dholbach       it does the right thing for you
08:40 heno           I've seen some shots of the vista installer though and that's looking strong on this
08:40 heno           so they're catching up :)
08:40 heno           dholbach: the Live boot
08:40 TheMuso        heno: It won't be accessible AFAIK.
                     I guess you have a point.. although I think you would agree that it would be better if there
08:40 sorush20       were some icons.. like a disabled wheel chair.. stuff. like that to make it more visually
08:40 heno           I tried a live CD a few days ago, but I got no boiot at all then
08:40 TheMuso        No good for us people with vision impairements.
08:41 TheMuso        heno: I don't even think my casper stuff is on the live CD yet.
08:41 heno           Ah, the wheelchair picture is therrible! :)
08:41 TheMuso        Mithrandir only merged it a couple of days ago
08:41 sorush20       TheMuso: you have a big point there..
08:41 heno           I need to email the icon designer and make sure we don't get that :)
08:41 Mithrandir     TheMuso: it could be on tomorrows if you want.
08:42 heno           Mithrandir: yes please :)
08:42 TheMuso        Mithrandir: No point in doing so until we have the necessary packages.
08:42 TheMuso        on the live CD.
08:42 TheMuso        Which is the point we are still discussing.
08:42 TheMuso        I am trying to work out here just how much space they would take up, so bare with me guys
08:43 heno           so what is the right process for that?
08:43 heno           thanks
                     We need to finalize what speech approach we are going to take, and if we have to use flite due
08:43 TheMuso        to space constraints, there is no choice but to use speech-dispatcher. Yeah the driver is
                     young, but we have no choice.
08:44 heno           sorush20: here is a description of how it will work:
08:45 heno           the irony is that it doesn't seem to take that much less space
08:45 sorush20       how are you guys going to do documentation for blind people?
08:45 heno           I'm hoping to push the new slimmer WinFOSS package out Sunday-ish, which should clear up a ton
                     of space
08:45 sorush20       talking about the interface between brail writer and linux?
08:45 Riddell        heno: what will (or not) be in that?
08:46 heno           Then the plan is to just grab it again ;)
08:46 heno           Riddell: I'll remove OpenOffice and see if people cry
08:46 Riddell        that should free some space :)
08:46 heno           the mailing lists seemed to agree on that
08:47 heno           but I'll add some stuff
08:47 Riddell        heno: will you do the same for the kubuntu winfoss?
08:47 heno           of course some wanten no winfoss at all
08:47 TheMuso        Ok. The debs themselves are about 10.6MB. When installed, 40.5MB will be used on disk.
08:47 heno           Riddell: didn't we already skip OO on kubuntu?
08:47 TheMuso        Give or take a few meg.
08:48 heno           TheMuso: that's not too bad
08:48 Riddell        heno: don't think so, can't actually remember now
08:48 heno           Riddell: btw, I have anew layout now which IMHO is look sweet :)
08:48 heno           http://www.theopencd.org/LayoutIdeas
08:48 heno           (sorry OT)
08:48 TheMuso        heno: Thats not entirely accurate, as I am trying to work this out on a dapper chroot atm. That
                     is with flite though.
08:49 TheMuso        But as close as I can get it.
08:49 heno           ah, ok
08:49 heno           I'd be very interested to see Festival too
08:49 TheMuso        Hang on.
08:50 TheMuso        Festival on its own is about 16.1MB.
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08:52 heno           So we might land on about 22 as the Sun-gnome guys suggested
08:52 dholbach       which packages? installed size?
08:52 heno           that would be ok
08:52 heno           deb size I guess
08:52 TheMuso        We are concerned with the installed size as debs aren't used on the Live CD.
08:53 heno           True, but I guess they give an idea of how well it compresses
08:53 TheMuso        Yeah thats true.
08:54 TheMuso        SHould have a deacent figure for you in a sec for gnome-speech with festival.
08:54 heno           cool
08:55 heno           enrico: did you ever get openoffice or firefox to talk to you in Italian?
08:55 heno           I was reading about your efforts on planet debian I think
08:55 TheMuso        There is only 3MB difference between flite and festival it seems.
08:56 dholbach       hrm
08:56 heno           right, so the choice seems obvious. perhaps flite is bundled with too much stuff?
08:56 TheMuso        Festival packages compress down to about 5948KB from 16MB or so.
08:57 TheMuso        I don't know.
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08:57 TheMuso        Festival would actually be a safer route, as it is an already tested gnome-speech setup
08:57 heno           I think we should lobby for Festival then
08:57 heno           yep
08:57 TheMuso        Mind you that doesn't include any other voices for other languages.
08:57 enrico         heno: haven't done that try yet
08:58 heno           how big is GOK by comparison?
08:58 enrico         heno: but I should be about to get a small working plan approved (and paid)
08:58 TheMuso        heno: Well in that case, we also need to get libgnome-speech3, gnopernicus, libatspi1.0-0,
                     at-spi and gok onto the CD.
08:58 heno           enrico: really, to work on accessibility stuff? cool!
08:58 dholbach       what about gnome-mag?
08:58 TheMuso        and gnome-mag
=== TheMuso would love to be paid for working on accessibility. :)
08:59 TheMuso        BUt that will come in time. :)
08:59 heno           what do you mean 'in that case'? Festival route?
08:59 dholbach       how much would that weigh in?
09:00 heno           TheMuso: definately! you are getting a proven track record as an expert :)
09:00 TheMuso        heno: Gnome-speech with festival has been used dand tested extensively. It is a proven speech
09:00 enrico         heno: nothing signed yet, fingers crossed, lots of final work to do in the next few days
09:01 enrico         TheMuso: we're talking not many hours so far, unfortunately.  But the good thing is that we are
                     talking for a small pilot project to see how we get alng
09:01 TheMuso        dholbach: about 37.9MB. It was bigger before for flite due to other gnome libraries having to
                     be installed.
09:01 TheMuso        So flite would probably be 34 or so.
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09:01 heno           TheMuso: is that the total with gok and everything?
09:02 dholbach       + the speech-dispatcher dependencies
09:02 TheMuso        heno: Yes.
09:02 TheMuso        dholbach: That is not including speech-dispatcher or flite.
09:02 heno           which we don't need with Festival
09:02 dholbach       dotconf and speech-tool
09:02 dholbach       dotconf and speech-tools
09:02 TheMuso        They only get included with flite.
09:02 dholbach       phew
09:03 dholbach       yeah
09:03 heno           TheMuso: OK, cool. It's good to have an approximate number number
09:03 TheMuso        So as much as flite is smaller, I reckon we push for festival.
09:03 TheMuso        festival is in main anyway.
09:03 heno           I'll email the people who decide and ask nicely
09:04 TheMuso        But for future relesaes, if the speech-dispatcher driver gets better, I would like to pursue
                     that route for speech.
09:04 TheMuso        heno: Thanks.
09:04 heno           And Festival sounds soooo much better IMO
09:04 TheMuso        Once we have the packages on the CD, we can then get the casper stuff done and start testing.
09:05 TheMuso        Festival in the future allows for further language expansion should we need it.
09:05 heno           TheMuso, dholbach: could one of you end me a list of the package names
09:05 heno           ? for my email
09:05 TheMuso        I have your address. Sending now.
09:06 heno           thanks
                     TheMuso: note that festival might not be the synthesis of choice for some languages.  For
09:06 enrico         example, while festival is a decent synthesis for Italian, there's a proprietary synthesis
                     called 'Eloquence', for Linux, which is light years better
09:08 TheMuso        Sent.
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09:08 sorush20       is the meeting finished.?
09:08 TheMuso        enrico: I know, but that is proprietary. We can't ship that.
09:08 TheMuso        sorush20: We still have another point to discuss.
09:09 enrico         TheMuso: sure
09:09 heno           got it thanks
09:09 heno           So point 4: the todo list needs cleaning up
09:09 heno           Which is good news
09:09 enrico         TheMuso: I just wanted to point out that I wish festival shouldn't be too hardcoded into things
09:10 dholbach       yeah :-))))
09:10 heno           perhaps we should split it into a dapper and a deferred section
09:10 TheMuso        enrico: It isn't. However I don't see how that synth would work. Can you point me to some info
                     about it?
09:10 TheMuso        heno: SOunds good.
09:11 heno           enrico: we should even consider making a derivative at some point where some priprietary stuff
                     could in theory go in
09:11 TheMuso        heno: Or at least packages to help one install proprietary stuff.
09:11 heno           right
09:11 TheMuso        As there are a few synths that gnome-speech supports that are proprietary, and I have access to
                     them, i.e bought copies for testing.
09:12 TheMuso        And on my laptop, I use one of them on a daily basis
09:12 heno           One point on the todo list that we might want to bring up is documentation
09:13 TheMuso        I am not good at docs. :)
09:13 heno           that was doing really well but seems to have stalled
09:13 enrico         TheMuso: should be around http://www.speechworks.com/demos/eti.cfm but I can't get to it now
09:13 TheMuso        I think Jason is busy with life stuff.
09:13 heno           I think Jaso got really busy
09:13 enrico         TheMuso: more info will come when I'll actually lay my hands on it
09:13 enrico         heno: for Italian, that'd be something I'd do
09:13 enrico         heno: (I mean, the derivative)
09:14 TheMuso        I get a download question. Won't let me view it as it should.
09:14 heno           enrico: cool
09:14 enrico         TheMuso: :(  I get a white page and a 1x1 pixel popup
09:15 heno           I've spoken with mdke on the doc team and they arehappy to include it if we have something
09:15 TheMuso        enrico: Worked out why, and I know eactly the synth you are talking about, as it is used in
                     JAWS for Windows, and many mobile applications.
09:15 heno           it would go in yelp
09:15 dholbach       brb
09:15 TheMuso        Eloquence is a well known synth in the blind community.
09:16 TheMuso        THey changed name to Nuance COmmunications.
09:16 TheMuso        Or something like that.
                     TheMuso: there'd even be a 'Loquendo' for Italian which should be even better, but it has no
09:16 enrico         Linux binaries as I know of.  Although I could have extreme plans of running it as a TCP
                     service in a Window virtual machine inside a vmware player and making it speak from Linux :)
09:16 enrico         (kind of like my old dosgate hack)
09:17 TheMuso        Go to www.nuance.com for more info.
09:17 enrico         But please, don't make me digress on proprietary software.  That's a stinky bit that shouldn't
                     be particularly supported by this group.
09:18 TheMuso        I know.
09:18 TheMuso        I am all for free software, but proprietary synths are so much better.
09:18 TheMuso        But that is another story.
09:19 heno           Right, so we are at the end of the agenda I think
09:19 heno           any other items?
09:19 TheMuso        Not from me atm.
09:20 TheMuso        dholbach: I should have a patch for gnopernicus with gconf settings later today.
=== enrico should add a small point
09:20 enrico         about self
09:20 dholbach       TheMuso: that'd be great
09:20 enrico         If all goes well I'm about to sign a small contract (100 hours for 2006) with a local high-tech
                     center for the blind
09:20 dholbach       TheMuso: we'll have a status update meeting at 2:00 utc, so i'll be awake for quite a while
09:21 TheMuso        Ok.
09:21 TheMuso        It shouldn't take all that long.
09:21 enrico         they have skilled people (but not on Linux) and a big archive of accessibility hardware
09:21 TheMuso        Then I can remove those changes from the casper script and push them through.
09:21 enrico         the idea is to try to start looking at accessibility of free software, and atm that means
09:21 TheMuso        Yeah.
09:22 heno           enrico: cool. Look forward to working with you on that :)
09:22 enrico         plans go along the line of "first get to do it.  Then document it.  Then improve it."
09:22 heno           sounds like a good plan
09:22 enrico         I look forward to working with you all on that
09:22 enrico         and of course I hope the project goes well and it can be continued
09:22 dholbach       cool :)
09:23 enrico         documentation will be mainly in Italian, or centered at having an Italian speaking desktop
09:23 TheMuso        It would be nice to get some of the team at least at the next conference.
09:23 enrico         I could do translation of it, though
09:24 heno           TheMuso: dholbach and I will certainly be there
=== TheMuso is going to try and get sponsored to get there.
09:24 dholbach       wooo! :)
09:24 enrico         Ubuntu confs are fun
09:24 TheMuso        Or seek other funding to help.
09:25 heno           TheMuso: cool! We'll support you :)
09:25 TheMuso        Cool, thanks guys. Even if sponsorship doesn't happen, there are other sources of funding I can
                     certainly look at, which may help me get there anyway.
09:27 heno           OK, I will go write some emails. Thanks guys. Good meeting!
09:27 enrico         heno: thanks for telling me of the meeting.  I was in need of a pretext to tell everyone what I
                     should going to be up to :)
09:27 heno           heh
09:27 TheMuso        heno: Thanks again.
09:28 dholbach       thanks guys for all the good work you did :)
09:29 TheMuso        No problem.
09:29 heno           yep, we've got a good little core team going now :)
09:29 Riddell        who's the best person to talk to about live cd accessibility profile for kubuntu?
09:30 heno           depends on what aspect, probably TheMuso or Mithrandir or Kamion
09:30 heno           or yourself :)
09:30 Riddell        just need to find out how it's done so we can do the equivalent thing
09:31 TheMuso        Riddell: FOr the GNOME accessibility settings, we are directly setting stuff in gconf.
09:31 dholbach       Riddell: one part of it is in casper's casper-bottom/30accessibility
09:33 TheMuso        The other part will be in the packages we ship on the CD.
09:33 TheMuso        i.e gnopernicus will have the settings we want patched into it.
09:34 TheMuso        So what you see in the casper script is going to change quite a lot in the next day or so.
09:35 Riddell        where can I find that script?
09:36 TheMuso        Ok guys, I'm outa here. Ping me in #ubuntu-accessibility or query me if you need anything.
09:36 TheMuso        If you are using bzr, pull a branch from Mithrandir's casper trunk.
09:36 Riddell        TheMuso: thanks
09:36 TheMuso        I can get the address for you if you like.


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