08:52 mdz_       good morning
  08:53 mvo        hello mdz_
  08:53 ajmitch_   morning
  08:53 Kamion     morning
  08:54 mdz_       do we have everyone?
  === ogra looks around
  08:54 pitti      hey everybody
  === Mithrandir waves
  08:55 doko       the ui sprinters are missing
  08:55 Kinnison   blurgh
  08:56 JaneW      ping: BenC, dholbach, fabbione, infinity, iwj, jbailey, heno,
                   Kinnison, keybuk, ogra,  seb128, sivan ,Riddell
  08:56 JaneW      hi all
  08:56 mvo        doko: not all of them
  === Burgundavia [n=corey@S0106000fb085cc63.gv.shawcable.net] has joined
  08:57 JaneW      doko: so you are here then..? ;)
  === ranf [n=ranf_@dslb-084-058-167-092.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined
  08:57 ranf       hi
  08:57 doko       JaneW: not awake ...
  === JaneW sees that Riddell is here...
  08:57 Kinnison   JaneW: pong
  === iwj [n=ian@xenophobe.extern.relativity.greenend.org.uk] has joined
  08:58 mdz_       mvo: would you ring seb128/dholbach's room?
  === infinity [n=adconrad@loki.0c3.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
  08:59 mvo        mdz_: no answer so far
  08:59 fabbione   JanC: pong..
  08:59 mdz_       mvo: same for Riddell please
  08:59 JaneW      hi fabbione
  09:00 JaneW      fabbione: and it's JaneW :P
  09:00 mdz_       I've sent an SMS to Keybuk
  09:00 mvo        mdz_: I don't know Riddell roomnumber, if you don't know too
                   it I'll call the reception
  09:00 fabbione   yeah yeah.. JaneW stop pinging me on 20 channels and i wll be
                   less confused :P
  09:00 mdz_       mvo: I don't
  09:01 JaneW      fabbione: I am covering all bases :P
  09:01 fabbione   ehhe
  09:01 JaneW      can someone in the UK call keybuk please?
  === dholbach [n=daniel@george.kkhotels.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
  09:02 doko       fabbione confused by JaneW?
  09:02 Kinnison   JaneW: I'm on it
  09:02 ajmitch_   morning dholbach
  09:02 JaneW      Kamion: ty
  === seb128 [n=seb@george.kkhotels.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
  09:02 seb128     hi
  === minghua [n=minghua@69-153-139-36.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined
  09:02 JaneW      ok we are missing BenC, jbailey, heno & keybuk
  09:03 pitti      hey seb128
  09:03 mvo        mdz_: Riddelli is coming
  09:03 JaneW      might be a bit early for heno
  09:03 seb128     hey pitti :)
  === Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
  09:03 Kinnison   JaneW: rang out to voicemail
  09:03 mdz_       no response from BenC either
  09:04 mdz_       need to get started though
  09:04 JaneW      Kinnison: hrm. Thanks for trying.
  09:04 mdz_       dholbach: you're up first
  09:04 JaneW      mdz_: I'll mail them both.
  09:04 dholbach   mdz_: i'm not prepared yet
  09:04 dholbach   sorry
  09:04 dholbach   we were down at the conference room
  09:04 dholbach   it was closed *grrr*
  09:04 JaneW      backwards again?
  09:05 Riddell    hi all
  09:05 JaneW      hi Riddell
  09:05 dholbach   right, here i am:
  09:05 dholbach   this week: UI sprint (worked on gdm login screen, icons,
                   gnome-session fading)
  09:05 dholbach   this week (todo): UI sprint, more icons, little improvements
                   here and there
  09:05 dholbach   next week: new GNOME (2.14.0), catching up with bugs
  09:06 JaneW      ty dholbach
  09:06 JaneW      is mdz_ still with us?
  09:06 JaneW      doko: you ready?
                   - toolchain-roadmap: gcj-4.1 final uploaded, gcc-3.4.6 final
  09:07 doko       uploaded, gcc-4.0.3 release is expected today, then
                   toolchain-roadmap can be set to implemented
  09:07 doko       - python-roadmap: only change this week an update to current
                   CVS leading to 2.4.3, plus bug fixes
  09:07 doko       - openoffice.org: 2.0.2 release announced today, -l10n
                   package uploaded, other packges will follow after flight-5
  09:07 doko       - openoffice.org-amd64: all ia32-libs* packages updated, spec
                   can be set to implemented now.
  09:07 doko       - other: gcc-3.3/gcc-3.4 security updates, zope3 in main
                   installable, other bug fixes and bug tracking work
  09:07 doko       - next week: OOo sprint, OOo fixes, OOo bug work, fixing
                   other bugs.
  09:08 JaneW      doko: thanks, so you expect at least one goal to move to
                   implemented this week?
  09:08 JaneW      toolchain-roadmap...?
  09:08 doko       JaneW: yes
  09:08 JaneW      and openofficeamd64 too
  09:08 doko       yes, mot "my" spec
  09:08 JaneW      how are the others looking? Still on track?
  === mdz__ [n=mdz@host217-37-231-22.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined
  09:08 mdz__      having connectivity problems here
  09:08 Mithrandir JaneW: ooo-amd64 was deferred, I though?
  09:08 JaneW      hi mdz__ doko's just been
  09:09 mdz__      saw dholbach and doko's updates, but my responses were lagged
  09:09 JaneW      Mithrandir: right, but it;s done anyway right, even if it's
                   not included now
  09:09 doko       Mithrandir: it was having it built native _or_ the -amd64
  09:09 Mithrandir doko: ook
  09:10 JaneW      doko: and java roadmap? I am still bothered by the RED status
  09:10 doko       JaneW: openoffice-gnome -> OOo sprint, it's all implemnted,
                   what can be implemented for dapper
  09:10 JaneW      doko: great, can I mark it as implemented?
  09:10 doko       JaneW: java done for the need of OOo, others not touched
  09:11 JaneW      doko: so done as required, rest deferred?
  09:12 doko       JaneW: -gnome: most things implemented , java: done as
                   required, rest deferred
  09:12 JaneW      doko: right, thanks
  09:12 JaneW      can we move on?
  09:12 infinity   Please.
  09:12 JaneW      fabbione.
  09:12 fabbione   * server-candy: Missing/buggy: apache2 for "central snakeoil
                   SSL setup" and kernel -server as default from CD install.
                   * ubuntu-cluster: Waiting ocfs2-tools release for new
  09:12 fabbione   userland to sync with the kernel that will allow (finally)
                   full desync later.
  09:12 fabbione   * RLIMIT_PRIO: should be all in place.
  09:12 fabbione   * last week: mostly holiday. Catching up, bug fixing.
  09:12 fabbione   * next week: partman-auto/espresso (plan to review what's
                   done with Kamion after meeting), kernel security, bug fixing.
  09:12 mdz__      are my messages getting through?
  09:12 JaneW      mdz__: no
  09:12 seb128     mdz__: this one is
  09:12 fabbione   mdz__: last one was:
  09:12 fabbione   <mdz__> saw dholbach and doko's updates, but my responses
                   were lagged apparently
  09:12 seb128     mdz__: the previous was <mdz__> saw dholbach and doko's
                   updates, but my responses were lagged apparently
  09:13 seb128     then <mdz__> are my messages getting through?
  09:13 mdz__      ok
  09:13 JaneW      fabbione: are you managing to help Kamion much with espresso?
  09:13 mdz__      fabbione: would you confirm with the requestor that
                   RLIMIT_RTPRIO is working for them now?
  09:13 fabbione   JaneW: i am trying the best i can...
  09:13 fabbione   mdz__: will do
  09:14 JaneW      ok, heno isnt here. anyone know about example content?
  09:14 Kamion     JaneW: the partman-auto stuff fabbione's doing is a
                   respectable chunk of work and it's pretty necessary
  09:14 JaneW      dholbach: ^^
  09:14 JaneW      ?
  09:15 JaneW      ok I'll mail about that
  09:15 dholbach   JaneW: it's implemented - only updates and selection of other
                   material is needed for now
  09:15 JaneW      Kamion: ok thanks
  09:15 JaneW      dholbach: ok, how much work does that involve? Can we set it
                   to implemented, or is that premature?
  09:16 JaneW      infinity: when you're ready
                   last week buildd: Spent most of the week with soyuz/buildds,
  09:16 infinity   both hunting and fixing bugs, as well as getting sparc and
                   ia64 caught up again.
                   last week packaging: PHP security updates are uploaded and
  09:16 infinity   built, just need to release an advisory, did a bunch of work
                   locally on Thunderbird and Thunderbird extensions.
  09:16 mdz__      dholbach: we have examples for each of the categories in the
                   next week buildd: hppa should come online soon, and need the
  09:16 infinity   same (or tougher) sort of love that sparc and ia64 have been
                   getting, plus a vicious soyuz bug that makes mass-give-backs
                   more painful needs to be sorted.
  09:16 dholbach   JaneW: set it to implemented - the example-content
                   visibilification has been introduced
                   next week packaging: Thunderbird, Thunderbird, Thunderbird,
  09:16 infinity   and more Thunderbird, I think.  Lots of bugs, and I'd like to
                   cut them in half before release.  I also need to get some LRM
                   upstream bumps in (pending approval).
  09:16 dholbach   mdz__: Jeff wanted to add some thing too.
  09:16 JaneW      dholbach: ok thanks, will do - who is responsible for
                   completing the content bits?
  09:17 dholbach   JaneW: heno is working on it. he mailed the art and desktop
                   lists about it.
  09:17 JaneW      dholbach: ok, ty
  09:17 mdz__      JaneW: heno
  09:17 JaneW      infinity: the LRM stuff going to happen in time?
  09:17 infinity   JaneW: Pending approval from mdz.
  09:18 JaneW      ah ok.
                   mdz__: I need a UVF exception for fglrx (again), and avm
  09:18 infinity   fritz (whacky isdn thingee that doko uses), if that's cool?
                   mdz__: doko assures me the latter is great and spiffy, the
  09:18 infinity   former adds more hardware support (yay), so it a bit of a
                   must I'd think.
  09:19 JaneW      iwj: you're up
  09:19 doko       the latter is an amd64 update only, needed for sending faxes
  09:19 Mithrandir infinity: that's the first time I've ever heard somebody
                   refer to avm fritz as "spiffy"
                   AutomatedTesting: Spent most of last week wrestling with Xen,
  09:19 iwj        pbuilder, etc.  There turned out to be an annoying tcp
                   checksum bug in Xen.  I now have a working script for setting
                   up testbeds.
                   DefaultApplicationsFirefox: When discussed on ubuntu-devel,
  09:19 iwj        no-one was clearly in favour of the new behaviour without
                   `you have chosen to open ...', so I will revert it.
                   Firefox maintenance: Not done much this last week apart from
                   dealing with bugs and discussing the
  09:19 iwj        DefaultApplicationsFirefox change.  I'm halfway to preparing
                   a new release and that will go out today.  (An assortment of
                   minor things; I need to do a breezy->dapper test to check
                   some of the bugs.)
                   Firefox maintenance: horizontal scroll vs unwanted back
  09:19 iwj        problem (Malone 31827): do we have anyone who's an expert on
                   mouse input processing in X ?  I think this bug needs looking
  09:19 iwj        DeveloperDocumentation: no progress this week.
  09:19 iwj        Next week: on holiday.
  09:19 iwj        Email/bugs backlog: not too bad.  I didn't fix the amd64 gs
                   bug 29878 yet; will try to do that tomorrow.
  09:20 JaneW      iwj: those docs going to happen? ;) they are not tied to the
                   release at all though, are they?
  09:20 iwj        No, they're not tied to the release.
  09:20 JaneW      ok, good.
  09:20 iwj        But I want to get them done.
  09:20 infinity   iwj: Are you doing de-facto gs maintenance right now?
  09:20 JaneW      agreed.
  === mdz_ [n=mdz@host217-37-231-22.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined
  09:21 iwj        infinity: Err, not really but I probably should be.  That is,
                   I don't think Malone's sending me the bugs.
  09:21 mdz_       urgh
                   iwj: That perl error spewed by gs when fonts are installed is
  09:21 infinity   a bit irritating (and I suspect right up your alley to find
                   and fix in about 10 seconds, given your perl history)
  09:21 mdz_       iwj: which bugs?
  09:21 iwj        Bugs for gs.
  09:21 mdz_       iwj: are you set as a bug contact?
  09:21 iwj        I doubt it.  Can I do that myself ?
  09:22 mdz_       iwj: yes
  09:22 mdz_       as for any package
  09:22 Kamion     https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/gs/+subscribe
  09:22 iwj        OK, I'll do that.
  09:22 JaneW      jbailey is not here, I will mail him.
  === pitti tried to find the 'Edit bug contacts' link and failed yesterday
  09:22 JaneW      Kamion.
                   infinity: I'll take a look.  Do you have a handy ref ?  I
  09:22 iwj        wasn't watching my last upgrade so I didn't spot it myself
  09:22 mdz_       JaneW: I don't think jbailey has anything outstanding
                   ue-gnome-ui: Nearly all UE progress this week has been here;
  09:23 Kamion     I visited the UI sprint in London on Monday, got good
                   feedback, and have implemented about half of the necessary
                   ubuntu-express-bootloader: Basically implemented now,
  09:23 Kamion     although needs testing of espresso-yaboot since my powerpc
                   system's CD drive is too broken for me to test it myself.
  09:23 Kamion     ubuntu-express-copy-filesystem: Uploaded live-only package
                   removal code; still blocked on manifest from buildds.
                   ue-partitioning-tool: Handed off gparted work to Daniel
                   Silverstone; we've had a couple of long in-person discussions
                   about where to take it for Dapper, which have resulted in a
  09:23 Kamion     pretty clear plan of action that shouldn't take Daniel too
                   long to do. Waiting on disk selector in partman from Fabio
                   for most of the rest of this. Added format checkbox to
                   mountpoint page.
  09:23 minghua    infinity: are you talking about bug #6614?
                   next-week: Planning on Flight CD 5 today if possible;
                   Edubuntu amd64 CDs are overflowing and the live CDs need a
  09:23 Kamion     good kicking in general (just uploaded a fix for some of the
                   problems). Sort out the identification page's UI today.
                   Another UI sprint visit on Friday. Probably more UI hacking
                   for the rest of the week.
  09:23 infinity   iwj: I'll find the Debian bug later and link it in Malone or
                   some such fanciness.
  09:23 iwj        infinity: Thanks.  Just telling me the Debian bug number will
                   do :-).
  09:23 mdz_       infinity: livefs manifest for Kamion?
  09:23 infinity   minghua: Oh, so I am.
  09:24 ogra       Kamion, urgh
  09:24 JaneW      Kamion: are you handling flight 5?
  09:24 ogra       Kamion, today ??
  09:24 Kamion     mdz_: I just nudged him about it before the meeting
  09:24 JaneW      Kamion: I thought you were going to hand it off?
  09:24 Kamion     we'll talk about it right afterwards
  09:24 Kamion     JaneW: I never got round to talking to Adam about that
  09:24 Kamion     infinity: fancy doing Flight CD 5? :-)
  09:24 infinity   iwj:
  09:24 Riddell    hmm, I can't test any kubuntu CDs for a flight today
  09:24 JaneW      Kamion: can you give me % completes when you have a chance
                   please - it;s helpful to track the progress
  09:24 Kamion     JaneW: sure, afterwards
  09:24 JaneW      Kamion: heh
  09:24 minghua    infinity: I am doing the inter-BTS linking now (and assign it
                   to gs-common, I suppose)
  09:24 Mithrandir Kamion: if I can nag you about flight stuff, I can do flight
                   5, sure.
  09:25 infinity   Kamion: You were planning on handing off Flight 5? :)
  09:25 Kamion     Mithrandir: feel free
  09:25 Kamion     perhaps you and infinity want to tag-team it
  09:25 JaneW      Kamion/ mdz: what's the feel about espresso for dapper, it
                   going to make it?
  09:25 iwj        infinity: Thanks.
  09:25 mdz_       Riddell: vmware
  09:25 Mithrandir Kamion,infinity: tag-team sounds fine to me.
  === infinity agrees.
  09:25 Kamion     we'll talk elsewhere then
  09:25 Mithrandir sure
  09:26 JaneW      infinity/ Mithrandir if you could help with flight 5 and give
                   Kamion some slack to finish espresso that would *really* help
  09:26 mdz_       ok
  09:26 Mithrandir JaneW: we've already agreed to do so. :-)
  09:26 JaneW      let me know if you need help coordinating
  09:26 JaneW      Mithrandir: YAY
  09:26 JaneW      ok next
  09:26 mdz_       still no Keybuk?
  09:26 JaneW      keybuk not here, so it's Kinnison ...
  === Kinnison can try and call keybuk again?
  09:26 JaneW      Kinnison: you got news?
  09:27 mdz_       Kinnison: go ahead with your summary
                   * PowerManagementConfiguration: Mostly bugfixing. Upstream
  09:27 Kinnison   continues to take an active interest in taking on our patches
                   and helping with our bugs.
                   * UbuntuExpress/GraphicalPartitioningTool: Correcting UI
  09:27 Kinnison   glitches in gparted's installer-mode patch, suppressing
                   filesystem building and generally making it fit better with
  09:27 Kinnison   * General: Some soyuz work, correcting bugs with ACLs on NEW
                   * ToDo: Continue bugfixing g-p-m, acpi-support, etc. Filling
                   out rest of gparted needs for espresso. Espresso-UI work as
  09:27 Kinnison   agreed with Colin. Interspersed with that for the next two
                   weeks is the Launchpad/Bazaar-NG sprint which I have to
                   attend in London. I'll be doing my best to keep up with my
                   distro work during the sprint also.
  09:27 Kinnison   * Bugs: No significant changes to last weeks numbers, pretty
                   much as many opened as closed.
  09:27 dholbach   Kinnison: are you going to get the newest release of gparted
  09:27 dholbach   Kinnison: I already said to Kamion that I was fine with
                   handing the package to somebody else
  09:27 Kinnison   dholbach: the installer-mode patch stands no chance of
                   applying to it
  09:28 dholbach   hmmmmm, it has important fixes in it
  09:28 Kinnison   dholbach: so currently I'm making the outward functionality
                   match what espresso needs in 0.1
  09:28 dholbach   Ok.
  09:28 Kinnison   dholbach: I'll then be looking at 0.2.2 but I don't know if I
                   can reintegrate the patch in time
  09:28 dholbach   Yeah, I looked at it too and it was my feeling as well.
  09:28 Kinnison   I.E. no promises, but I'm doing my best
  09:28 mdz_       dholbach: can we work with upstream to get that patch
  09:28 mdz_       dholbach: upstream keeps breaking it
  === FLeiXiuS [n=fleixius@c-68-50-206-161.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined
                   mdz_: upstream wants to integrate the patch, there was just
  09:29 dholbach   little communication yet. Kamion: did I say something wrong?
                   or do you have an update?
  09:29 mdz_       Kamion: on whose list is deferring partman commit to the
                   final stage of espresso?
  09:29 Kamion     mdz_: mine
  09:30 mdz_       ok
  09:30 Kamion     mdz_: I've opened communication with upstream on that; mail
                   latency is just kinda long on both sides
  09:30 mdz_       Kinnison: how much of the LP sprint are you attending?
                   mdz_: In terms of me being in London, I am expected at the
  09:30 Kinnison   entire thing. In terms of how much I'm taking part in, I'm
                   not sure
                   mdz_: Kinnison and I decided not to defer advanced
  09:30 Kamion     partitioning commit to the final stage; it's too big a job
                   for Dapper and we can have some text that says "advanced
                   partitioning changes are applied IMMEDIATELY" or something
  09:31 Kamion     but we'll defer autopartitioning to the final stage
  09:31 mdz_       Kamion: sure, no problem with that
                   mdz_: I'm trying to get agreement for me to drive to the
  09:32 Kinnison   sprint so that if I need to spend time with Colin or Matthew
                   Garrett, I can just drive back for an evening
  09:32 JaneW      ok, can we move on?
  09:32 JaneW      Mithrandir.
                   misc: Sprint with Scott, had a sickday, been hacking on
  09:32 Mithrandir espresso.  Still goes slower than I'd like to, but getting
                   there.  General bug triage
  09:32 mdz_       JaneW: yes
  09:32 Mithrandir next week: espresso, get popcon.u.c working
  09:32 Mithrandir blocked on: nothing
  09:33 JaneW      Mithrandir: you feeling better now?
  09:33 Mithrandir yeah, fine now.  It was Tuesday, so..
  09:33 JaneW      ok, good
  09:33 mdz_       Mithrandir: which espresso bits are you working on?
  09:33 JaneW      Mithrandir: also next week: flight 5 :)
  09:33 Mithrandir mdz_: keyboard chooser still.  Moving away from using
                   console-data to using kbd-chooser again.
  09:34 Mithrandir mdz_: our keyboard stuff really, really needs attention for
  09:34 infinity   Gave up on using X keymaps?
  09:34 infinity   Or was that months ago? :)
  09:34 mdz_       Mithrandir: yes; we should be able to unify that for dapper+1
  09:34 Mithrandir infinity: discovered that the tool which loads X keymaps was
                   written in perl, so slightly inappropriate for d-i
  09:34 infinity   Ahh.  Ick.
  09:34 Mithrandir infinity: started investigating how libxkb* worked and
                   stopped just a bit short of going insane. :-)
  09:35 mdz_       Mithrandir: for now, using the same logic from d-i is fine
  09:35 Mithrandir mdz_: yeah, that's what I'm going for
  09:35 mdz_       Mithrandir: ok, thanks
  09:35 mdz_       mvo: ?
                   so now I'm waiting a bit for daniels to give me the code he
  09:35 Mithrandir has on his laptop with a broken screen so I can proceed with
  09:35 mvo        Did:
  09:35 mvo        - on the UI sprint (worked on various litlle things and the
                   notification daemon to make it look cooler)
  09:35 mvo        - dist-upgrade: worked with the lp people on getting the
                   magic into the archive (done)
  09:35 mvo        - 3rd party apps updated and added gstreamer desktop files,
                   uploaded new gdebi (mostly cosmetic fixes)
  09:35 mvo        Will do next week:
  09:35 mvo        - i18n sprint
  09:35 mvo        - get hold of infinity to get the auto-dist-upgrade test
                   chroot setup
  09:35 mvo        - get the upgrade tool into the archive
  09:36 mdz_       mvo: where in the archive is the dist-upgrade stuff?
  09:36 mdz_       (the path)
  09:36 mvo        mdz_: it is ready for upload and when it is uploaded it will
                   be in /dists/dapper/dist-upgrader-all
  09:36 infinity   mvo: Tackle me tomorrow, and I'll get you chroots on all the
                   arches currently in the DC, and we can play.
  09:36 mvo        infinity: that sounds good
  09:37 infinity   (So, that's everything except hppa)
  09:37 mvo        mdz_: sorry, make that dists/dapper/main/dist-upgrader-all
  09:38 mdz_       mvo: next week also, backporting to breezy
  09:38 mvo        mdz_: yes
  09:38 doko       mvo, dholbach, seb128: can anybody of you ask the scim guys
                   for a test plan, how to check for a working setup next week?
  09:38 seb128     doko: not me
  09:38 dholbach   doko: seb128 and I won't be there.
  09:38 doko       mvo: ok, it's your's
  09:38 mvo        doko: that would be me then
  09:39 pitti      I can ask freeflying and huahua for help
  === seb128 hugs mvo
  09:39 dholbach   pitti: and minghua and atie
  09:39 pitti      right
  09:39 Amaranth   zzz time
  09:39 Amaranth   err, wrong channel
  09:39 minghua    I've told doko that I'll help on scim in OOo
  09:39 JaneW      minghua: thank-you :)
  09:40 mdz_       mvo: has the upload/publish cycle of the dist-upgrade tool
                   been tested with your participation?
  09:40 doko       minghua: of course, nice!
                   mdz_: no, it was only tested by the lp team so far. I
  09:41 mvo        provided sample data though. I plan to do a upload of the
                   current code very soon to see where in the archive it ends up
  09:41 mdz_       ok
  09:41 JaneW      mvo: thanks
  09:41 mdz_       mvo: thanks
  09:41 JaneW      ogra
  09:41 ogra       first: sorry for missing last time
                   * general: hunting of the "no ssh keys are generated" bug and
                   working on a fix, branched out a new devel branch for ltsp
  09:41 ogra       fixed several small ltsp bugs and cleaned up the code. fixed
                   the last "gnome-screensaver ignores mediaplayers" bugs.
                   worked on edubuntu-artwork ltsp enhancements (ldm theme
                   handling, usplash theme incliusion in ltsp-client),
                   exchanging of the vendor logo, wallpaper select
  09:41 ogra       ion etc
                   next-week: more testing and digging for ltsp bugs, more
                   edubuntu-docs work (needs to go to main) writing some ltsp
                   documentation, getting edubuntu-artwork ready, flight5
  09:41 ogra       preparation i guess (strike that if we do it today...please
                   announce it a day in advance, its hard to coordinate with
                   testers if it comes completely unannounced), more
                   gnome-screensaver bughunting, play the CD space shuffling
                   game to tame edubuntu
  09:42 mdz_       ogra: ok
  09:42 mdz_       pitti: ?
                   reducing-duplication: DONE: bulk of gnutls12 migration (only
  09:42 pitti      buildd lag delays the actual demotion), seed changes for
                   demoting libgd, evaluated libsqlite0->3 transition, reordered
                   spec page for easier reading
                   general stuff done this week: many bug fixes, fixed
  09:42 pitti      thunderbird to work with locale packages, created tbird
                   locale packages
  09:42 pitti      next week: bug squashing
  09:43 Kamion     ogra: sorry for the short notice
  09:43 pitti      ... and heavy CD testing again
  09:43 JaneW      is it feasible to do flight 5 today?
  09:43 ogra       Kamion, its fine for now ...  :)
  09:43 mdz_       pitti: are langpack updates from rosetta happening?
  09:44 seb128     has rosetta imported dapper now?
  09:44 pitti      mdz_: still not, carlos had to rewrite the import queue and
                   is waiting for review/rollout
  09:44 pitti      mdz_: infinity enabled the old way of publishing again so
                   that we have a fallback
  === pitti grumbles
  09:44 seb128     pitti: can people translate dapper packages using rosetta
  09:44 seb128     or we are still waiting on the import?
  09:44 pitti      I'm asking for a status daily, but I can only wiat so far
  09:45 mdz_       pitti: ok
  09:45 pitti      seb128: I think it's stalled on the import; some packages are
                   imported, but not all
  09:45 seb128     urg
  09:45 seb128     k :/
                   JaneW: possibly tomorrow, depends how long livefs fixing
  09:45 Kamion     takes really, and if testers can't be found today then
                   pushing to tomorrow is fine
  09:45 mdz_       seb128: ?
                   UI sprint: played with new icons and theme, updated gdm menu
  09:46 seb128     and session dialog icons sets, played with gtkrc for GDM
                   (colors, fonts, etc)
  09:46 seb128     other: a few GNOME updates from this week, fixed some bugs on
                   the desktop
                   UI sprint to do: profiling GDM, apply gnome-panel help
                   submenu changes decided, doing the menu items labels and
  09:46 seb128     tooltip changes (just got the list), doing some little UI
                   changes to the dialog that Martin did for the sync during
                   device ejecting
  09:46 seb128     .
  09:46 seb128     next week: GNOME 2.14.O, catchup with bugs and mails backlog
  09:47 mdz_       seb128: ok, thanks
  09:47 mdz_       Riddell: ?
  09:47 Riddell    done: kubuntu-express: Kamion has merged and
                   espresso-frontend-kde released, should now be on the CD
  09:47 Riddell    ui sprint: new logo, usplash, kdm theme done along with
                   kwwii, ui tweaks done with sabdfl
  09:47 Riddell    kubuntu-system-tools: new guidance with bug fixes tested and
  09:47 Riddell    also: test and uploading various fixes people have sent me
  09:47 Riddell    TODO: kubuntu-express: better qtparted integration, location
                   page, keyboard page
  09:47 Riddell    ui sprint: ksplash, background, window manager look, various
                   other artwork (example content)
  09:48 mdz_       Riddell: ok
  09:48 mdz_       Riddell: kde upstream is finalized for dapper?
  09:48 mdz_       or may we see another point release?
  09:49 Riddell    mdz_: 3.5.2 due just after or beta release, I'll see at the
                   time if it seems stable enough to go in
  09:49 mdz_       Riddell: ok
  09:49 Riddell    but my feeling is that it should
  09:49 Riddell    s/or/our/
  09:50 mdz_       JaneW: please chase BenC and Keybuk?
  09:51 Mithrandir Riddell: having kubuntu-express as done and todo seems
                   slightly escherisque.
  09:51 mdz_       did we skip anyone?
  09:51 Riddell    Mithrandir: done is Kamion merging and first release, todo is
                   still a long list
  09:51 JaneW      mdz_: will do
  09:51 Kamion     yeah, I find batching per-goal rather than batching by
                   done/todo a bit clearer personally
  09:52 Riddell    Mithrandir: that done was a header for work done this week,
                   not that the spec is all done, if that's unclear
  09:52 JaneW      mdz_: we need to discuss next week's meeting
  === Kinnison nods
                   oh, another note, removing packages in soyuz now seems to
  09:52 Kamion     work, so let me know if you need stuff killed off (but don't
                   bother for stuff that just isn't built from source any more,
                   as we have a report for that)
  09:52 pitti      yay
  09:52 Kinnison   Kamion: Glad to hear it worked
  09:53 Kamion     Kinnison: not entirely sure about binary removals yet
  09:53 mdz_       right
  === Kinnison should have added "Solved soyuz's hotel-california mode and gave
  patch to cprov" to his General section
  09:53 Kamion     I'll have to wait a day after the removals to be sure
  09:53 Kinnison   Kamion: Have you tried one so I can look at it in the tables?
  09:53 Kinnison   JaneW: if it's not too late, can you add the hotel-california
                   to my General 'done' queue?
  09:54 Kamion     Kinnison: a bunch - let's say linux-image-2.6.15-14-386
  09:54 mdz_       I'll be travelling around the meeting next week
                   Kamion: openoffice.org2 openoffice.org2-l10n
  09:54 doko       openoffice.org2-amd64 openoffice.org2-helpcontent
  === Kamion looks forward to a meeting with an orbiting mdz
  09:54 JaneW      Kinnison: sure... but what does that mean?
  09:54 mdz_       so it's unlikely that I'll be able to make it at the
                   scheduled time
  09:54 Kamion     doko: queued, thanks
  09:54 mdz_       we can either adjust the time, or move to a different day
  09:55 Kamion     JaneW: the archive was in "you can check out any time, but
                   you can never leave" mode - i.e. we couldn't remove packages
  09:55 JaneW      Kinnison: you can check out but you can never leave?
  09:55 JaneW      heh ok
  09:55 ogra       heh
  09:55 JaneW      good guess ;)
  09:55 doko       mdz_ we can bargain, if we change the next 3am meeting ;-)
  09:55 Kinnison   Kamion: the source for 2.6.15-14 looks like it's
                   pendingremoval too
  09:56 Kinnison   Kamion: so things look good on that front
  09:56 JaneW      so the suggestions was to move next weeks meeting to same
                   time same place the following day - i.e. Friday
  09:56 Kinnison   JaneW: 1400 UTC Friday?
  09:56 JaneW      yes at 14:00 UTC
  09:56 mdz_       infinity: I think you get the worst end of that; how does it
                   work for you?
  09:56 Kamion     Kinnison: good stuff, should take effect this evening then
  09:56 JaneW      It's not ideal, but the alternative is Thursday night time
  09:57 Kinnison   Kamion: pretty much, yes. one day after datemadepending
  === Kamion parsed that as "date-ma-depending". whose ma?
  === Kinnison grins
  09:57 infinity   mdz_: Well, it puts me at Saturday morning, which kinda
                   sucks.. :/
                   I just want to let you guys know that after recovering from
                   realizing HUB will not get included in main for dapper ;-) I
                   continued full steam as much as time allows me with my
  09:57 sivang     dayjob, and it's coming nicely. Backup procedure is almost
                   done (GUI + everything) , and Restore should come after
                   re-using most of the already done backup bits. if it
                   continues as it has for the last couple of days, I will have
                   some to release soon. I apologize for the p
  09:57 infinity   Oh, no... Wait... Not Saturday morning, just 1am on Saturday.
  09:58 infinity   mdz_: I guess I can cope with that.
  09:58 Mithrandir infinity: you'll only be slightly tipsy after a trip to the
                   pub? :-)
  09:58 infinity   Something along those lines perhaps, yes. :)
  09:58 infinity   I'll write my summary before I go out for the evening. :)
  09:59 infinity   (Unless drunken summaries are everyone's cup of tea)
  09:59 Kinnison   this week I have been mostly drinking.....
  09:59 mdz_       sivang: is that in dapper now?
  10:00 JaneW      infinity: thanks for understanding :)
  10:00 JaneW      mdz_: ok so 14:00 UTC next friday it is?
  10:00 Kinnison   cool
                   mdz_: not yet. but will get uploaded to universe, in your
  10:00 sivang     approval or MOTU lead, when I think it's presentable to
  10:00 seb128     JaneW: you just want to move to friday for next week or for
                   "next weeks"?
  10:00 Kinnison   Are we done? (my machine is getting very militant about me
                   taking a rest break :-)
                   JaneW: Hey, if having it Friday nght / Saturday morning is a
  10:00 infinity   license for me to show up to a meeting drunk (for the first
                   time in my professional career), who am I to complain? ;)
  10:01 JaneW      seb128: yes just for that one meeting, because mdz_  will be
                   travelling at that time on Thurs
  10:01 infinity   seb128: Just for the next week.  If it was every week, I'd
  10:01 seb128     oh, k
  10:01 JaneW      Kinnison: ditto
  10:01 ogra       mdz_, is it clear now that sparc will be a supported arch ? i
                   got offered some sparc supporting patches for ltsp
  10:01 mdz_       sivang: any particular reason not to have uploaded it yet?
                   sivang: well, up to you I guess.  better to do the
  10:02 mdz_       development in Ubuntu than in private if you expect to submit
                   it for the desktop
  10:02 ogra       (which i would only risk to include if we officially want to
                   support it)
                   mdz_: yes, the burning to cd bit needs to be finished still,
  10:02 sivang     as this was one of my major goals in this project, I don't
                   feel it's worhty to get uploaded before it provides this
                   functionality smootly.
  10:03 mdz_       ok, I think we're wrapped then
  10:03 sivang     mdz_: all other backup solutions lack this functionality,
                   it's important to me to have it in before a user can test it.
  10:03 mdz_       thanks, everyone

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