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This is the 5th meeting (special session) of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:00 CDT and finishing at 21:00 CDT


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:

  • Iowan
  • jimerickson
  • gringochapin
  • Infl8ableSoulm8

  • F0o


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

  • Discuss the various Jam location options (UofI/Simpson/Kirkwood/???) @KWierso@


  • Iowa City has a site! Thanks go to gringochapin for getting it set up! Public library, meeting room E, 1:00-6:00 on Saturday the 27th. One Internet port, we'll need a switch/router. Wireless is also available. Wish-list needs to be posted on Wiki page. Des Moines site is still uncertain.

Any Other Business

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The meeting moderator will ensure key points are discussed. Key points from the Agenda will be noted by [TOPIC] Agenda item. When ideas are put forward to be considered they should be noted by [IDEA] Idea. The meeting moderator will indicate the final state of each topic by [ACTION] Action being taken. This should signify that the topic is discussed and the meeting is moving forward. The meeting moderator will use special tags to start and end the meeting and its recording. Please see MootBot for details on specific tags.


Mar 16 20:02:10 <gringochapin>  Our local jams will be part of the global jam, held from the 26-28 of this month.
Mar 16 20:03:01 <Iowan> I guess we're officially "on"
Mar 16 20:03:11 <Iowan> PRESENT
Mar 16 20:03:33 <jimerickson>   present
Mar 16 20:03:34 <Iowan> (actually, that's for Mootbot - which we don't use- yet)
Mar 16 20:03:34 <gringochapin>  We'll probably be doing a lot of testing of Lucid, and maybe some bug or doc fixing.
Mar 16 20:04:17 <gringochapin>  Present. (I don't care. I just like to say it.)
Mar 16 20:04:39 <Iowan> (If it trips your trigger - say it again :)
Mar 16 20:04:54 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       Present is good.  Presents are better.
Mar 16 20:05:21 <gringochapin>  :)
Mar 16 20:05:57 <Iowan> What's the great news about IC location?
Mar 16 20:06:21 <gringochapin>  Well, I got a room in the IC public library.
Mar 16 20:06:50 <gringochapin>  It's basically a room with ethernet (only one port so we'll need a hub) and a large conference table.
Mar 16 20:06:58 <Iowan> I take it ACM evaporated?
Mar 16 20:07:08 <Iowan> Library is OK!!!
Mar 16 20:07:11 <gringochapin>  If we are too many, we can spill out into the library proper.
Mar 16 20:07:29 <gringochapin>  ACM... who knows.  Flaked.  Never heard back.
Mar 16 20:07:56 <Iowan> Their loss - we could have made them look SOOO good...
Mar 16 20:08:06 <Iowan> Maybe next year!
Mar 16 20:08:20 <gringochapin>  Anyway, we have the room from 1:00-6:00 on the 27th (Saturday) in room E of the ICPL.
Mar 16 20:09:10 <gringochapin>  Agreed. I plan to show up at 12:30 for setup (they scheduled that too, so if anyone else wants to come a little early, you're welcome.)
Mar 16 20:09:38 <Iowan> VERY Thanks for finding us a place
Mar 16 20:09:55 <gringochapin>  Glad to help.
Mar 16 20:11:14 <gringochapin>  Here's the link from the library.
Mar 16 20:11:16 <gringochapin>  http://calendar.icpl.org/view.php?did=14970
Mar 16 20:11:24 <gringochapin>  If anyone cares.
Mar 16 20:11:43 <gringochapin>  Now what about Des Moines?
Mar 16 20:12:11 <gringochapin>  And how can we advertise the crap out of this event?  Craigslist, I'll tweet, but what else?
Mar 16 20:12:36 <Iowan> I was eavesdropping on earlier discussion for DM
Mar 16 20:12:51 *       F0o (~chatzilla@173-28-62-125.client.mchsi.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
Mar 16 20:13:18 <Iowan> There's the "registration" page - which I see got deprecated
Mar 16 20:14:00 <Iowan> With a time/site, I'll try to get it updated/moved
Mar 16 20:14:31 <gringochapin>  Someone should update the events page on the Ubuntu wiki.
Mar 16 20:14:52 <gringochapin>  With at least the IC time and place.
Mar 16 20:15:26 <Iowan> I'll try to get the logs transcribed, then I'll have something to reference - otherwise my memory fails me
Mar 16 20:15:47 <gringochapin>  Funny that KWierso isn't here, seeing as how he sent the reminder to the list.
Mar 16 20:16:19 <F0o>   gringochapin: no doubt
Mar 16 20:16:23 <Iowan> We'll keep the channel busy for awhile - he may yet come by.
Mar 16 20:16:38 <Iowan> Busy is good (that's my motto at work)
Mar 16 20:16:58 <gringochapin>  So, does anyone know of any other sites with local community calendars for the area?
Mar 16 20:17:27 <gringochapin>  or have any ideas on how to publicize?
Mar 16 20:18:08 <gringochapin>  Testing, debugging, writing docs, ETC. is fun, but I wouldn't mind a few folks showing up who are "simply curious" wanting a demo.
Mar 16 20:18:17 <Iowan> As I recall, a couple of Profs wanted to tell their classes
Mar 16 20:18:35 <gringochapin>  Good point.  I'll hit up my profs as well.
Mar 16 20:18:45 <Iowan> I plan to bring "some" computers to install - I suppose a CD would be handy, too
Mar 16 20:19:13 <F0o>   are the locations set in stone yet
Mar 16 20:19:54 <Iowan> No - but at least the clay is drying nicely
Mar 16 20:20:02 <gringochapin>  Iowa City is.  IC public library, room E 1:00-6:00 on Saturday the 27th.
Mar 16 20:20:27 <gringochapin>  Show up at 12:30 if so inclined to help setup.
Mar 16 20:20:38 <F0o>   that  sounds set, i like
Mar 16 20:20:52 <gringochapin>  Room E is on the second floor.
Mar 16 20:21:23 <gringochapin>  In the event of an overflow, we can spill out into the library proper.
Mar 16 20:22:05 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       so all 1U machines in the actually room... :D
Mar 16 20:22:28 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       s/actually/actual/
Mar 16 20:23:14 <gringochapin>  Not sure what you're asking. Sorry.
Mar 16 20:23:34 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       was more of a joke.
Mar 16 20:23:55 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       1U == loud, library == quiet
Mar 16 20:24:45 <gringochapin>  Awe. Gotcha.  :)  Yeah, we'll have to be quietish, and hopefully we won't overflow.
Mar 16 20:25:02 <gringochapin>  Sorry, a little slow tonight.
Mar 16 20:25:17 <Iowan> Was gonna offer (OLD) Wireless router - but library already has wireless
Mar 16 20:25:40 <gringochapin>  Yeah, what we need now is a hub.
Mar 16 20:25:58 <gringochapin>  Or a bunch of 4 port routers that we can daisy-chaine
Mar 16 20:26:11 <Iowan> Push/shove, I'll unhook this 8-port... or go buy another
Mar 16 20:26:38 <Iowan> justification... 'ya know...
Mar 16 20:26:52 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       :D
Mar 16 20:26:56 <F0o>   i have 2 4 ports  can bring
Mar 16 20:27:14 <F0o>   unless the wifey is in labor that weekend
Mar 16 20:27:17 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       no one in IC has a 24-port switch?
Mar 16 20:27:47 <gringochapin>  I just have a 4-port.
Mar 16 20:27:53 <gringochapin>  router.
Mar 16 20:28:00 <Iowan> I've one 8 and one 4
Mar 16 20:28:02 <gringochapin>  8 ports is more like it though. :)
Mar 16 20:28:25 <Iowan> anybody got 'em on sale?
Mar 16 20:28:30 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       anyone have a null modem cable?
Mar 16 20:28:46 <Iowan> 9-pin?
Mar 16 20:28:51 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       yep
Mar 16 20:28:52 <gringochapin>  Could probably make one.
Mar 16 20:28:55 <gringochapin>  easy.
Mar 16 20:29:04 <Iowan> got at least one at work
Mar 16 20:29:39 <Iowan> Wonder if we need a wish-list page somewhere?
Mar 16 20:30:01 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       Well, if you are a travelling person, you can have this 24port 10/100 + 2port 1000 switch, but it's a managed deal and needs to be reset.
Mar 16 20:30:23 <F0o>   we had a list going
Mar 16 20:30:26 <Iowan> I presume library's connection is 100?
Mar 16 20:30:53 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       I don't have a null modem cable.
Mar 16 20:30:59 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       so it's just sitting here.
Mar 16 20:31:15 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       been too lazy to cut a serial cable apart.
Mar 16 20:31:16 <gringochapin>  No idea... I in fact wasn't sure if we should count on getting a good connect from the lib, or if I should bring a local repo on my laptop.
Mar 16 20:31:43 <F0o>   i wouldnt count on a good connection
Mar 16 20:31:43 <gringochapin>  Yeah, last weeks meeting.
Mar 16 20:32:41 <gringochapin>  That's kinda' what I thought.  What repos should I archive?  Just Lucid i386 and amd64?
Mar 16 20:32:50 <gringochapin>  What about source?
Mar 16 20:33:20 <Iowan> ??? Dunno...
Mar 16 20:33:27 <F0o>   all 3 me thinks
Mar 16 20:33:32 <gringochapin>  Sorry, the last weeks meeting reference was in response to talking about the list that was started.
Mar 16 20:33:51 <F0o>   i have the list
Mar 16 20:34:33 <F0o>   anyone actually using lucid
Mar 16 20:34:48 <gringochapin>  I just thought that if someone wanted to grab a source package they could do so via the regular repos, as there probably won't be much of that.  And even if there is, they will probably only want a few packages at most.
Mar 16 20:35:20 <Iowan> AtomicSpark reported on Lucid - dunno if he's running it...
Mar 16 20:35:23 <gringochapin>  I was tempted to update my VM today, if that counts.  Haven't done so yet though.
Mar 16 20:36:01 <F0o>   i laid down a fresh vm a few weeks back,
Mar 16 20:36:09 <Iowan> 5 hours may blow by in a flash... sounds like fun!
Mar 16 20:36:18 <gringochapin>  For sure!
Mar 16 20:36:41 <F0o>   should be good
Mar 16 20:36:50 <gringochapin>  Can we get that list on the wiki, and maybe set it up like a sign up sheet, so we know whose bringing what?
Mar 16 20:37:06 <F0o>   i can give the list to whomever wants it
Mar 16 20:37:33 <Iowan> Yup - set up a sub page for Events (or paste it into the Jam event)
Mar 16 20:37:57 <gringochapin>  Infl8ableSoulm8: what's involved in reseting the switch?  Are we talking paperclip, or JTAG? Something in between?
Mar 16 20:38:00 <Iowan> Could set up a blueprint - but probably not enough time
Mar 16 20:39:13 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       gringochapin: keyboard combination during switch boot.
Mar 16 20:39:18 <gringochapin>  Probably fine to just put it in our event page... no need for a subpage.
Mar 16 20:39:19 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       via serial
Mar 16 20:40:44 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       after that, same concept as a cico catalyst switch.
Mar 16 20:40:55 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       s/cico/cisco/
Mar 16 20:41:29 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       all you're really have to do would be to set up the web interface ip, then you could do it the easy way for a simple setup.
Mar 16 20:41:48 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       might not even have to really do anything... I don't really know what the default settings are.
Mar 16 20:42:09 <gringochapin>  Hmmm... ok.  Thanks for the offer.  I'll see if I can even make it down there.  I'll get back to you in other words.
Mar 16 20:42:17 <gringochapin>  Unless someone else wants to take it on.
Mar 16 20:42:54 <Iowan> Where is "down there"?
Mar 16 20:42:56 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       k
Mar 16 20:43:03 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       Des Moines
Mar 16 20:43:36 <Iowan> I'm kinda hoping you'll need it there, but...
Mar 16 20:44:45 <F0o>   who's planning to go to the des moines one
Mar 16 20:45:03 <Iowan> sidenote - XChat has all these colors, but everyone is in a shade of green...
Mar 16 20:46:00 <Iowan> DM is still ??? Dunno if we have a site yet
Mar 16 20:46:23 <F0o>   simpson college sounds still up in the air
Mar 16 20:48:26 <gringochapin>  That's my understanding.
Mar 16 20:48:34 <gringochapin>  Or at least that's the last I've heard.
Mar 16 20:48:52 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       simpson would be neat.
Mar 16 20:49:02 <gringochapin>  Oh yeah, so there are only a few plugs in there, so we'll need to deal with that at well.
Mar 16 20:49:05 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       I work in indianola
Mar 16 20:49:09 <Iowan> Just checked the day's email - nothing new/absolute about DM
Mar 16 20:50:06 <F0o>   dang dm is way closer
Mar 16 20:50:42 <Iowan> Doesn't mean it won't happen - just no news...
Mar 16 20:51:08 <F0o>   theirs isnt really any dm people for it i dont think
Mar 16 20:51:24 *       Amaranth (~travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
Mar 16 20:52:13 <Iowan> Sounds like at least 4...
Mar 16 20:52:20 <gringochapin>  There are a few folks interested in DM.
Mar 16 20:57:21 <gringochapin>  So, in the interest of keeping things moving, what else needs to be decided, keeping in mind the fact that we have another mneeting planned for this Thursday?
Mar 16 20:57:43 <Iowan> I was just thinking the same thing
Mar 16 20:58:30 <Iowan> I'll try to get something started for wish-list page... unless someone beats me to it
Mar 16 20:58:44 <Iowan> (probably not tonight)
Mar 16 20:59:57 <Iowan> Anything else before we wrap it up?
Mar 16 21:00:10 <gringochapin>  Thanks.  I'll get the event posted on Craigslist, and I'll investigate other places to post it.
Mar 16 21:00:47 <Iowan> Next meeting Thursday - same time, same channel