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This is the nth meeting of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:00 CST and finishing at xx:xx CST


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

  • Insert agenda items here


  • A summary of the meeting will be placed here after the meeting. Topics will be linked to the topics in the log.

Any Other Business

Guide Lines

The meeting moderator will ensure key points are discussed. Key points from the Agenda will be noted by [TOPIC] Agenda item. When ideas are put forward to be considered they should be noted by [IDEA] Idea. The meeting moderator will indicate the final state of each topic by [ACTION] Action being taken. This should signify that the topic is discussed and the meeting is moving forward. The meeting moderator will use special tags to start and end the meeting and its recording. Please see MootBot for details on specific tags.


IRC logs will be placed here after the meeting. Summary Topics will be referenced before the topic in the log. 

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