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Clear message

This is the Kernel Team Meeting, started on 21 August 2007, 15H00 - 16H00 ( Etc/GMT).


  • BenC
  • rtg
  • amitk_
  • zul


  • Team status
  • Distro-qa bugs
  • Open discussion


  • Community Patches.
    • BenC noted that the can start once kyle is finished with the repo.
  • libata patches from Edward Amsden.
    • rtg wanted to know if these patches were duplicates for the ICH8 stuff that just went in. BenC & AmitK_ confirmed that it wasn't duplicates.

Any Other Business

  • None reported.

IRC Logs

05:15   BenC    yeah, I think we cancel for today :)
05:15   BenC    unless anyone has some stuff they want to talk about
05:15   zul     nope
05:15   rtg     BenC: we  have some community patches that need review.
05:15   BenC    amitk_, kylem, rtg: anything?
05:16   zul     rtg: er mine?
05:16   amitk_  nope
05:16   rtg     zul: Yours and others.
05:16   BenC    rtg: yeah, we need to start on those as soon as kyle is finished with the repo
05:17   zul     rtg: mine just fixes a bunch of bugs
05:17   rtg     zul: I know, but I still have to look at 'em.
05:18   rtg     BenC: how about these libata patches from Edward Amsden?
05:19   BenC    rtg: they looked like cherry picks from mainline at first glance...is that correct?
05:20   rtg     BenC: yep, I just wanted to make sure they weren't duplicates for the ICH8 stuff that just went in.
05:20   rtg     I'm a little confused about all of the ata/piix variations.
05:22   BenC    I think the other stuff was poulsbo
05:22   BenC    this isn't the same thing is it?
05:23   rtg     BenC: I don't know, thats why I'm asking you :)
05:23   amitk_  I haven't heard of more poulsbo patches after I committed the libata poulsbo support patch
05:24   BenC    sounds like they aren't
05:26   amitk_  definitely aren't. They are bugfixes for ICHx chipsets not recognizing ATA/SATA drivers
05:27   BenC    ok, anything else to discuss?
05:29   BenC    alright, meeting adjourned :)
05:29   BenC    I really need to read up on the meeting bot