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04:55   opi     hi jono
04:55   jono    hey
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=== jono grabs a drink
=== opi grabs a coffee (damn you, office!)
05:00   smurf   Hello everybody
05:00   juliux  hi smurf
05:00   opi     hi smurf
05:01   jono    smurf! :)
05:02   opi     jono, can we start from my case (EmilOppelnBronikowski)? :)
05:02   jono    shoot
05:02   opi     jono, OK, so here it goes
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05:03   opi     jono, I'd like to quit from LoCo leader position in Polish team. I'm overloaded by my work activities and perform badly
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05:03   opi     jono, question: can I join next LoCo meeting with a New Guy that would be selected within Polish community?
05:04   opi     jono, and they you would appoint him?
05:04   jono    opi, I don't need to appoint him
05:04   opi     jono, or is there a process I should follow while quitting?
05:04   opi     jono, OK
05:04   jono    feel free to appoint him inside the team
05:04   opi     OK
05:04   jono    so long as the team are happy with the new leader :)
05:04   opi     then I'll inform you and the rest on ML
05:05   opi     and give him all the data: planet code, ML accounts and so on
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05:05   opi     so, again, thanks for this two years -- it was fun -- but I sucks and I have to be replaced!
05:05   opi     :-)
05:05   jono    opi, thanks for your work :)
05:06   opi     jono, well, it was fun
05:06   jono    its always a shame when people have to step down due to other commitments
05:06   opi     jono, after I'll clean up my own backyard, I'll be back
05:06   opi     that's for sure
05:06   jono    woo!
05:06   jono    so does anyone else have any burning issues to discuss
05:06   jono    I figured we could this session fairly open
05:06   jono    particularly with the open week occupying a lot of people
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05:08   jono    who is here for the LoCo meeting?
=== OgMaciel raises his hand ;)
=== dand from the RomanianTeam
=== nmsa same me
05:10   jono    right
05:10   opi     jono, BTW: will the logs from ubuntu-classrom going to be uploaded somewhere? :)
05:10   jono    yep, they are linked on the main Ubuntu Open Week page
05:11   jono    ok, it may be an idea to cancel the meeting
05:11   opi     jono, LoCos could translate some of the Good Stuff there
05:11   jono    I think the Ubuntu Open Week has maybe overtaken it :P
05:11   opi     jono, OK
05:11   jono    I know a bunch of people are in there now
05:11   opi     jono, I wish my meetings at work would go so smooth :)
05:11   jono    hehe
05:11   jono    seemed to go well
05:11   dand    opi: http://www.tonyyarusso.is-a-geek.com/irclogs/openweek/
05:11   opi     dand, thanks! :)
05:12   jono    particularly with over 350 people in there
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05:12   nixternal       good morning!
=== morgs is here but partially afk
=== OgMaciel waves at nixternal
05:13   OgMaciel        s/at/to
=== smurf is here ... mostly
05:13   nixternal       hehe
05:13   OgMaciel        ;)
05:14   jono    hehe, ok lets cancel the meeting
05:14   jono    if anyone want sto discuss anything while we are here though, do go ahead :)
05:14   opi     jono, I'll remove my case from Wiki then
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05:15   jono    opi, ok cool
05:15   opi     jono, BTW!
05:16   opi     jono, I see "settings planet guide" thing
05:16   opi     I can write small guide and give away our planetplanet template we did for planet.ubuntu-pl.org
05:17   jono    opi, cool :)
05:17   opi     wait, I'll add that to rememberthemilk list :)
05:17   jono    :)
05:18   opi     OK, done
05:18   opi     so, see you soon
05:18   jono    :)
05:18   opi     and let gods give me power to kill my customers :>
05:21   OgMaciel        well, off to the classroom to sit waaaaay in the back for me
05:21   jono    smurf, ping"!
05:21   jono    hehe
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05:30   popey   jono: can you think of anything we (UK Team) can do to improve what we are doing already
05:31   popey   (hello BTW)
05:31   popey   (I have sobered up a little) :)
05:31   jono    popey, hehe
05:31   jono    popey, I think keep doing what you are doing, do lots of events, have lots of campaigns
05:31   jono    I would like to continue to see more regular meetings and strategy where possible
05:31   popey   strategy for what?
05:32   popey   how we deal with local business / charity etc?
05:32   popey   how we present ubuntu?
05:32   jono    all of the above
05:32   popey   meetings are tricky of course
05:32   jono    I would like to see a roadmap of things that the team want to work on
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05:51   smurf   jono: ?
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05:55   jono    smurf, are you /msg'able?

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