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These items will be discussed at the next meeting:

    • DNS - The dns are still handled by smurf's private server. Is there any room for improvement there? [YannHamon]

      • o
        • DNS is now handled by the ubuntu-eu master server. Dynamic updates are possible; ask me for your domain's secret code. [MatthiasUrlichs]

    • Set Date for next LoCoDocsDay. What can we do to encourage more LoCo's to contribute?

    • Please add your items here.

Add your items for the agenda here. Remember, agenda items should be issues of general interest to the general LoCo community.


In Process TZ UTC+1

11:00   JoeyStanford    ================= > Meeting Start:  LoCo Team Meeting     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamMeeting  <================================
11:01   JoeyStanford    I guess I'll start it off :-)
11:01   JoeyStanford    Welcome everyone for the LoCo Team meeting.  The Short agenda is located at  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamMeeting
=== nixternal notes the agenda has been answered except for item #2
11:02   elkbuntu        first item on the agenda was from yann: The dns are still handled by smurf's private server. Is there any room for improvement there?
11:02   JoeyStanford    nixternal, elkbuntu, and myself set this meeting up so all blame goes to us. We thank those of you who are here.  We understand that the time may not be the best for everyone.
11:02   JoeyStanford    We plan on having the next meeting at a better time. We'll talk about that towards then end of this meeting.
11:02   nixternal       when it comes to that stuff, I have always worked with newz2000. Now I don't know if that is because I am within driving distance of him, or if he does that for everybody
11:03   elkbuntu        well, smurf has replied: DNS is now handled by the ubuntu-eu master server. Dynamic updates are possible; ask me for your domain's secret code.
11:03   nixternal       that stuff being "DNS, websites, and what not"
11:03   smurf   some locos already have. No complaints yet. ;-)
11:04   smurf   I've written a small Perl tool that makes the DNS updates a little more palatable than the under-documented "nsupdate" tool. ...
11:04   nixternal       ahh, good ol' nsupdate
11:04   JoeyStanford    Is Yann here by chance? I don't see him on the user list.
11:05   elkbuntu        is there anything regarding dns and/or websites that anyone wants to bring up now?
11:05   smurf   JoeyStanford: I've pinged him on #u-locoteams
11:06   JoeyStanford    smurf, thanks.
11:06   JoeyStanford    elkbuntu, yes I'd like to raise a related item
11:06   JoeyStanford    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCreatingWebsite
11:06   JoeyStanford    needs to be written
11:06   FunnyLookinHat  I would like to discuss that as well.
11:07   elkbuntu        who would volunteer to assist smurf in the writing of that wikipage?
11:07   elkbuntu        smurf, i'd like you to contribute to it, so the 'howto' steps are actually accurate ;)
11:07   boredandblogging        i could help, jsvh and I are working on starting up the Georgia LoCo
11:08   FunnyLookinHat  Should we first establish the guidelines that will be on that page so that we know what it will actually entail?  Stuff other than simply making the wiki page, etc?
11:08   elkbuntu        FunnyLookinHat, sure. suggestions?
11:08   smurf   elkbuntu: umm, see LoCoHosting ?
11:08   JoeyStanford    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoHosting
11:09   elkbuntu        smurf, that contains everything?
11:09   smurf   anyway I've never set up a community webpage, so I'd like to defer that to people who actually speak from experience.
11:10   nixternal       community webpage? Like what we are doing with Drupal and such?
11:10   FunnyLookinHat  elkbuntu, well, there is a strong push from a few members of the Colorado team right now to move completely away from the wiki...  I had understood that a certain standard was to use the wiki as a main basis for all loco information
11:10   smurf   elkbuntu: LoCoHosting has the technical details on who to talk to if you want hosting. The point of LoCoCreatingWebsite should be content and structure of what you need to set up after you have hosting.
11:10   JoeyStanford    It appears to me that the hosting page has enough information on how to get a hosted page. So then, might I suggest the Creating Website page be for ideas on how to represent your LoCo?
=== smurf notes that empty webpages are no fun
11:11   alefteris       I think the wiki pagw should contain link to resourses about setting up moin and getting themes for moin, forums and drupal..
11:11   nixternal       I agree with alefteris on that
11:11   nixternal       I think Drupal is covered, as well as setting up a Planet
11:11   nixternal       for Wiki, I think everything should remain on w.u.c/teamname/subdirs
11:12   nixternal       it is already there, so one less step for maintenance really
11:12   elkbuntu        right. so the CreatingWebsite page should be a portal to all the various aspects, such as those nixternal covered, as well as the hosting page smurf pointed out
11:12   JoeyStanford    +1
11:12   alefteris       nixternal, where is drupal covered?
11:12   smurf   +1
11:13   elkbuntu        any other votes?
11:13   nixternal       I thought it was somewhere on there alefteris, I might actually be wrong as I don't see anything on it
11:13   alefteris       +1
11:13   JoeyStanford    alefteris, there are a few drupal wiki entries but nothing that ties it together
11:13   nixternal       +1 if I can vote
11:13   Vorian  +1
11:13   FunnyLookinHat  +1
11:14   pochu   About that of Drupal... I think Ubuntu is changing to Joomla, so we also should put info of Joomla, and any theme...
11:14   pochu   oh, and +1 :)
11:14   nixternal       alefteris: I may have been thinking about the mailing-list, there are plenty of Drupal communications on there about the themes and what not
11:14   alefteris       talk to newz2000 a dew days ago, and told me that he is using druapal 4.7
11:14   elkbuntu        ok, who volunteers to track down all the information, document the lack of specific howtos, and add them to the LoCoCreatingWebsites wiki?
=== nixternal would love to, but he has to deal with string freezes less than a month away on 3 projects
11:16   Mirv    hmm, should the LoCoHosting's "Hosted Teams" be updated by someone who has an official list of all the Canonical hosted sites?
11:16   nixternal       I am looking at that as well Mirv, since when is Ubuntu-art a LoCo team?
11:16   elkbuntu        Mirv, yes, very likely.
11:16   elkbuntu        nixternal, or sfd
11:16   smurf   nixternal: it's not, but it's still hosted there, so...
11:16   Mirv    ubuntu-fi and ubuntu-it are eg. missing
11:16   nixternal       smurf: gotcha
11:17   smurf   Mirv: so add them ;-)
11:17   Mirv    smurf: I don't know where -it moved and if we (-fi) have a "VPS" or a "server" :)
=== JoeyStanford has another related topic ones volunteers have signed up for the hosting page.
11:18   elkbuntu        yes, so lets deal with: <elkbuntu> ok, who volunteers to track down all the information, document the lack of specific howtos, and add them to the LoCoCreatingWebsites wiki?
11:19   nixternal       elkbuntu: if we can't get the love here, maybe we could put it to the mailing list since a few people couldn't make it?
11:19   elkbuntu        nixternal, yes, but it'd be nice for a 'coordinator'
11:20   nixternal       very true, I am strapped right now, so to avoid burn-out syndrom, I have to pass
11:20   elkbuntu        however since nobody has volunteered, i suppose we'll just have to open it as a free-for-all
11:21   JoeyStanford    FunnyLookinHat and boredandblogging, from your recent investigation of hosting and perusal of places like Chicago's site and Australia's's, do you think you two could take a stab at the page?
11:21   FunnyLookinHat  I would volunteer, but I think I would be much better at filling in ideas that have already been thought of.
11:21   FunnyLookinHat  ahh, JoeyStanford had to pin me on it.
11:21   JoeyStanford    hehe... Just and idea. In no way binding.
11:21   boredandblogging        I'm not sure how much I could help since we are starting out, but that may be the best way to start the page
11:22   FunnyLookinHat  just re-iterate exactly what topics I am discovering elkbuntu , would it be anyting for locodocs day or just related to the website?
11:22   boredandblogging        I'd like to take a stab as long as people don't mind me bugging them with questions ;-)
11:23   elkbuntu        FunnyLookinHat, it needs to be a portal page to link to anything to do with loco hosting and website software usage
11:23   JoeyStanford    bugging is allowed.
11:23   boredandblogging        then I volunteer
11:23   FunnyLookinHat  boredandblogging, why don't you and i work together on it then.
11:23   nixternal       boredandblogging: you can always bug me with questions as long as I am around :)
11:23   boredandblogging        sounds good
11:23   nixternal       I am always on #everywhere_imaginable :)
11:24   elkbuntu        ok, cool. action: boredandblogging and FunnyLookinHat to oversee the construction of the LoCoCreatingWebsites wikipage :)
11:24   JoeyStanford    might also want to poke mdke for ideas since he does the Ubuntu website.
11:24   elkbuntu        very good point
=== JoeyStanford has two more topics, 1 for smurf and 1 for everyone
11:25   elkbuntu        ok, please go on
11:25   FunnyLookinHat  ::noted
11:26   JoeyStanford    for smurf, please have a peek at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrDeHosting   and see if this is still valid. It appears that it's a precursor to what you're doing now.
11:26   JoeyStanford    for everyone, is there sufficient interest to discuss this website topic today?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamsUDSMVSpecs/UbuntuWebsiteCommunityTranslations
11:27   JoeyStanford    if not, I'm happy to pass on it.
11:28   smurf   JoeyStanford: FrDeHosting is a bit out of date and has been written for a locoteam meeting, I kindof doubt that we still need that page actually
11:28   FunnyLookinHat  Do we have any non-english LoCos present that could comment on what mkde said on that page?
11:28   FunnyLookinHat  *mdke
11:28   JoeyStanford    smurf, that's what I was thinking.  I'll put that page's future in your hands.
11:29   elkbuntu        we could probably benefit taking the translation page to the loco contacts list
11:29   smurf   ok
11:29   FunnyLookinHat  agreed.
11:29   JoeyStanford    re: community translations, I know several non-English speaking LoCos have translated their own material (China, India, etc.)
11:30   nixternal       Chicago as well :)
11:30   elkbuntu        JoeyStanford, many of the teams that have their own websites have done so, yes.
11:31   JoeyStanford    So I think the decision is really: a) do we translate in one location or b) do we leave it up to each LoCo team and their webstie
11:31   JoeyStanford    From that aspect, I think I agree with mdke
11:32   FunnyLookinHat  I think that the LoCo teams would be more adept at being able to address documentation targeted at their local population.
11:32   nixternal       I would almost think it would be easier from one location, but what do I know
11:32   elkbuntu        JoeyStanford, it would be useful to have the translations 'kept' in a central place, especially for languages that are used in multiple places
11:32   nixternal       set the website up just like we do packages, and have each team translate, unless there is something easier. I have no clue though
11:33   JoeyStanford    any other comments?
11:34   JoeyStanford    smurf, jenda, Mirv pochu, etc?
11:34   JoeyStanford    all you silent lurkers... :-)
11:34   smurf   not from me
11:34   smurf   JoeyStanford: FrDeHosting page suitably commented
11:35   JoeyStanford    smurf, thank you sir.
11:35   smurf   NP
11:35   JoeyStanford    ok, I vote to pass on the translation topic and move to the next agenda item
11:35   FunnyLookinHat  +1
11:36   elkbuntu        JoeyStanford, i dont think the triad of english-speakers (you, nix, me) are going to be able to accurately decide on it, so +1
11:36   alex_muntada    We at CatalanTeam (not official yet) started translating help.ubuntu.com, so we can integrate it on the same English website
11:37   nixternal       ditto
11:37   nixternal       alex_muntada: h.u.c/community or the actualy system docs?
11:37   alex_muntada    now, from mdke comment I see that it brings trouble, so you're encouraging that teams have its own websites, isn't it?
11:38   alex_muntada    nixternal: everything that we can contribute :)
11:38   nixternal       nice!
11:38   alex_muntada    but we don't know how yet ;)
11:38   nixternal       h.u.c main page is translated in Rosetta
11:38   nixternal       well the docs listed on that page are
11:39   Mirv    yes, most guides are in Rosetta
11:39   alex_muntada    oh yes, I remember now that someone told that on our list
11:39   alex_muntada    but from mdke's comments it seems that this is not the way to go, is it?
11:39   elkbuntu        i think we would need mdke here to clarify the point
11:40   Mirv    regarding other stuff, I think most locoteams probably want to have somewhat unique sites so that they have some more local feel, but
11:40   elkbuntu        how about we defer this point and move on to the next one?
11:40   FunnyLookinHat  agreed.
11:40   Mirv    ...we for example use the "About Ubuntu" translation from Rosetta as such for one of our pages
11:40   nixternal       there is mdke now, so fire away
11:41   nixternal       JoeyStanford: I went and wrangled him away from commiting more work than I this week :)
11:41   elkbuntu        right... mdke, we are discussing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamsUDSMVSpecs/UbuntuWebsiteCommunityTranslations
11:41   mdke    that isn't on the agenda
11:42   elkbuntu        mdke, it grew out of the first topic
11:42   mdke    I would have put some time aside to turn up if I'd known it would be discussed
11:42   mdke    as it is I have very little time
11:42   mdke    anyway, how can I help?
11:43   JoeyStanford    mdke, we were going to table this but if you have any comments you'd like to share at this time on that spec, we would love to hear them
11:44   alex_muntada    mdke: the point being that LoCoTeams put their translation in the English website or in their own
11:45   alex_muntada    help.ubuntu.com for instance
11:45   mdke    I favour local teams using their own for consistency
11:46   alex_muntada    so LoCo's websites can diverge from the original English websites, adapting to their local communities?
11:46   mdke    I think local websites are great, and it's even better if everything can be found in the same place
11:47   mdke    alex_muntada: yes, that's my opinion. I think it's also the current policy
11:47   mdke    we're probably going to go the same way for help.ubuntu.com, tbh; it's too difficult to maintain all the languages
11:47   JoeyStanford    mdke, were would go to look up the current policy?
11:48   elkbuntu        i think we're going to have to move on to the next topic now
11:48   mdke    it's not written down, but you can see that www.ubuntu.com isn't localised
11:48   mdke    that's the most important site for Ubuntu, so...
11:49   JoeyStanford    mdke, ok, thanks. We have about 11 minutes remaining so I also concur to move to the next topic.
11:49   elkbuntu        next topic: Set Date for next LoCoDocsDay. What can we do to encourage more LoCo's to contribute?
11:49   alex_muntada    agreed, we can discuss this further on another meeting
11:49   mdke    ok! please update the agenda early in future so people can see what interests them
=== FunnyLookinHat blames JoeyStanford
11:50   iSeriesSysAdm   +1
11:50   JoeyStanford    Yeah, these were pick-up topics generated from the original topic.
11:51   elkbuntu        ok,,, on to the locodocsday topic
11:51   elkbuntu        any ideas?
11:51   FunnyLookinHat  I propose that the date for LoCoDocsDay be before the end of Feb.  Any opposition to that?
11:51   JoeyStanford    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoDocsDay
11:52   elkbuntu        is two weeks sufficient to promote?
11:52   FunnyLookinHat  Hug days are often done with less promotion time and have had great success.
11:52   elkbuntu        FunnyLookinHat, hug days are more well-known generally
11:53   nixternal       I know Jono is interested mainly in getting well rounded documentation for the LoCo Teams FAQ and the Knowledge base
11:53   FunnyLookinHat  quite true.
11:53   FunnyLookinHat  Well, at the least, I say it's done before Feisty release...  I know it's a ways off, but time can go by quickly.
11:53   pochu   hug days are often each 15 days, I think :)
11:54   JoeyStanford    The driver, for me, for the Doc Days is to help bring the number of CC Approved LoCo teams up.
11:54   nixternal       Ubuntu BugSquad - we do our hug days every Wednesday, we can pick a day and make it a LoCo Hug day, on any other day than Wednesday
11:54   JoeyStanford    The better the docs, the more help we can be as group to emerging LoCo teams.  That combined with mentoring would be a boon, I would think.
11:54   pochu   nixternal: not every Wednesday
11:55   nixternal       pochu: did that change, or did someone get lazy?
11:55   nixternal       s/lazy/busy :)
11:55   pochu   nixternal: you can see the topic of #ubuntu-bugs, and the mailing list for the hug day :)
11:55   FunnyLookinHat  I think we should also note that with Feisty you are going to see a unique surge in Ubuntu (and coincidentally Loco) interest...
11:55   pochu   last wednesday wasn't a hug day
11:55   pochu   but this it is :)
11:56   elkbuntu        JoeyStanford, maybe another case for 'ask the list'?
11:56   FunnyLookinHat  +1
11:56   JoeyStanford    I was thinking about FunnyLookinHat's suggestion. Maybe the 24th.
11:57   elkbuntu        JoeyStanford, can it be sufficiently promoted, since it's not yet a tradition in the community?
11:57   JoeyStanford    elkbuntu, ...and that's what I was just thinking about.  It's easy to set a date. It's hard to get help to actually update the docs.
11:57   FunnyLookinHat  The amount of work related to LoCoDocs day is much less than they try to accomplish in a Hug day...  we won't need to garner 100 people or anything like that.
11:58   FunnyLookinHat  But it would be nice if it was people other than LoCo leaders helping out.
11:58   elkbuntu        FunnyLookinHat, no, but after last docs day, i had a good few people ask me why they had not known about it
11:59   FunnyLookinHat  Then let's definitely send an email to the loco-contacts list to make sure each team lead informs their team about the day and task at hand.
11:59   alex_muntada    elkbuntu: what about putting that in next UWN
11:59   JoeyStanford    Well, with about 1 minute remaining, we can either defer the topic for two weeks or set a date now, Fridge-it, UWN-it, and Blog-it
11:59   elkbuntu        alex_muntada, of course. the last one was on there, so i see no reason why this one shouldnt be
12:00   alex_muntada    +1 for Feb 24
12:00   FunnyLookinHat  I vote to set a date and promote like angry monkeys.
12:00   FunnyLookinHat  +1 Feb 24
12:00   nixternal       +1
12:00   pochu   +1
12:00   elkbuntu        i'd prefer more time to promote it
12:01   pochu   I think 2 weeks is fine
12:01   elkbuntu        pochu, 12 days != 2 weeks
12:01   pochu   hehe
12:01   pochu   you're right :)
12:01   FunnyLookinHat  We could always have another one before the end of march if necessary, couldn't we?
12:01   elkbuntu        of course i am
12:01   FunnyLookinHat  haha!
12:01   JoeyStanford    The next LoCo meeting should be on the 25th-ish so 3 March would be the next good date
12:02   elkbuntu        that makes more sense to me
12:02   elkbuntu        the extra week will also give us time to plan during next loco meeting
12:02   FunnyLookinHat  Agreed.
12:02   alex_muntada    no problem
12:02   elkbuntu        +1 3rd march
12:02   JoeyStanford    ok, amended proposal:  Next LoCo Meeting 25 March at 17:00 GMT  and  Docs Day on 3 March
12:02   FunnyLookinHat  +1
=== JoeyStanford opens up a can of worms
12:03   alex_muntada    +1
12:03   JoeyStanford    any more comments?
12:03   elkbuntu        nope, i think we're done
12:04   JoeyStanford    Thank you all for attending. Even you lurkers. ;-)
12:04   ausimage        Very briefly, I am with ScribesTeam. We would like to encourage a response about how loco meetings are recorded and located. You can email ubuntu-scribes@cjo20.net with a response. Check the wiki for more about the Team.
12:05   JoeyStanford    ausimag1, would you like to present at the next meeting?
12:05   ausimage        Hmmm I could... NikButler had said he would... but I had not seen him lately
12:05   JoeyStanford    ok, I'll add you to the next agenda.
12:05   ausimage        I also know Stephen emailed the list about this
12:06   JoeyStanford    elkbuntu, nixternal, I'll take a try now on updating the agenda and the docs day page.
12:06   nixternal       roger that
12:06   JoeyStanford    =================> End LoCo Meeting <=======================