tz UTC-5 {{{( (12:04:33 PM) JoeyStanford: ping nixternal dinda elkbuntu (12:04:49 PM) ***elkbuntu grumbles something sleepily (12:04:49 PM) FunnyLookinHat: ahh, let her sleep (12:04:55 PM) FunnyLookinHat: oh my! (12:05:03 PM) elkbuntu: FunnyLookinHat, i set my alarm just for this :-/ (12:05:12 PM) FunnyLookinHat: elkbuntu, you rox0r! (12:05:13 PM) dinda: I'm here (12:05:14 PM) atoponce: nice (12:05:25 PM) JoeyStanford: Excellent. (12:05:29 PM) nixternal: yo yo (12:05:37 PM) elkbuntu: and.. i actually heeded it's call. it's incredible Wink ;) (12:05:42 PM) nixternal: sorry, I was burried into some code (12:05:45 PM) JoeyStanford: Great. It's 5 after the hour so we should start. (12:06:00 PM) JoeyStanford: First on the agenda, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamMeeting is the LoCo Docs Day (12:06:43 PM) JoeyStanford: As you can see, we're targeting the next LoCo Docs day for 3 March....this coming weekend. (12:06:54 PM) FunnyLookinHat: Didn't we say that someone was going to send an email to the list to raise awareness since we set that date? (12:07:12 PM) JoeyStanford: FunnyLookinHat, good point. We need an email plus some blogs. (12:07:40 PM) JoeyStanford: nixternal, elkbuntu, ... think the three of us can blog about this and generate awareness on the planet? (12:07:48 PM) nixternal: sure can do (12:07:51 PM) elkbuntu: JoeyStanford, we can sure try (12:07:52 PM) FunnyLookinHat: I'll digg all of you... ; ) (12:08:12 PM) atoponce: JoeyStanford: you forget Zelut and i on the planet as well... Smile :) (12:08:15 PM) elkbuntu: FunnyLookinHat, you're better off digging the wiki page (12:08:36 PM) JoeyStanford: Excellent. So Action Rin, Nix, and Elk...and Poncey and Zelut (12:08:44 PM) FunnyLookinHat: Poncey, haha. (12:08:55 PM) Zelut: spam the planet! (12:09:16 PM) ***atoponce ignores that new nick... (12:09:17 PM) JoeyStanford: Does anyone want to volunteer to email the loco-contacts list? (12:09:26 PM) elkbuntu: i will (12:09:33 PM) phanatic left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)). (12:09:35 PM) JoeyStanford: Fantastic. Thanks. (12:10:35 PM) JoeyStanford: I'd like to propose that we blog/post about having everyone meet up in #ubuntu-locoteams for coordination. Agree? Disagree? (12:10:46 PM) nixternal: +1 (12:10:48 PM) elkbuntu: +1 (12:10:51 PM) FunnyLookinHat: ++ (12:10:52 PM) atoponce: +1 (12:11:00 PM) JoeyStanford: ok, so carried. (12:11:07 PM) phanatic_ is now known as phanatic (12:11:11 PM) JoeyStanford: Anyone else think of any coordination related items? (12:11:31 PM) FunnyLookinHat: Are there any defined organizers for the day? (12:11:53 PM) JoeyStanford: Are you volunteering? Smile :-) (12:11:55 PM) FunnyLookinHat: Some people we could count on watching the channel all day to point volunteers towards pages that haven't been worked on.... (12:11:56 PM) elkbuntu: apart from the triad of terror? not as yet (12:12:08 PM) FunnyLookinHat: I am, if I'm not alone in that.... (12:12:15 PM) FunnyLookinHat: triad + 1, sounds good. (12:12:23 PM) JoeyStanford: lol (12:12:44 PM) elkbuntu: (joey rich and myself, if you didnt already know ;)) (12:13:04 PM) FunnyLookinHat: I think that's the most well known clique in the world... i want in! (12:13:09 PM) JoeyStanford: (to the background music of Monty Python's SFTHG) (12:13:40 PM) JoeyStanford: Right then, ideas on how we can increase non-English speaking participation? (12:13:48 PM) nixternal: oh lord, a triad of terrors, be affraid, be very affraid (12:14:07 PM) ***nixternal makes mental note to self, afraid with 1 F (12:14:17 PM) JoeyStanford: I very much would like help from places like India, Brazil and nearby countries, etc. (12:14:45 PM) JoeyStanford: I think the language barrier of "use English" has a negative affect in this area. (12:14:49 PM) atoponce: getting non-english help on the docs, you mean? (12:15:00 PM) atoponce: like translations? (12:15:01 PM) JoeyStanford: Is there something we can do to have those teams participate? (12:15:01 PM) nixternal: translation purposes? (12:15:18 PM) JoeyStanford: Let's talk about that for a minute..... (12:15:21 PM) elkbuntu: JoeyStanford, the wording of the blogs etc will be the key i think (12:15:34 PM) JoeyStanford: Docs Day was designed to enhance the official ubuntu wiki (12:15:38 PM) nixternal: JoeyStanford: the easiest way possibly is to create a "LoCo Doc Project" if that is possible, and submit the pages for translations (12:15:48 PM) nixternal: it kind of forces it to get translated Smile :) (12:16:12 PM) JoeyStanford: however, we know, and encourage, the non-native-english folks to create/recreate some of the material in their own language for the betterment of their constituents. (12:16:20 PM) atoponce: are there existing docs in other languages on the wiki? this is something new to me, but i'm curious (12:16:29 PM) FunnyLookinHat: No, there are not. (12:16:31 PM) JoeyStanford: nixternal, hmm that's an idea. (12:16:48 PM) FunnyLookinHat: Official stance is to have loco teams put translations on their own websites... at least from mdke and whatnot. (12:16:59 PM) JoeyStanford: atoponce, on loco website (e.g. brazil's is in Portuguese.) (12:17:00 PM) nixternal: JoeyStanford: these docs are meant for the Wiki correct? (12:17:30 PM) JoeyStanford: nixternal, correct. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoDocsDay is meant to enhance the official Ubuntu Wiki and therefore English is desired. (12:17:35 PM) nixternal: what we can do is take the english wiki markup, copy it into a text file, and submit it for translation. (12:17:44 PM) nixternal: I think (12:17:50 PM) atoponce: to launchpad? (12:17:57 PM) nixternal: sure (12:18:00 PM) JoeyStanford: My question, as I formulate it in my head, is really....should we also encourage other teams to enhance their own material? (12:18:00 PM) nixternal: use rosetta (12:18:23 PM) nixternal: JoeyStanford: if other teams aren't already enhancing their own material, we need to find out the reasons (12:18:24 PM) JoeyStanford: re: Rosetta, yes. I'm not sure how the wiki is setup there but it's technically possible to do it. (12:18:48 PM) atoponce: just thinking out lound, but wouldn't different tld's be more appropriate for wiki transaltions? (12:18:53 PM) atoponce: like wiki.ubuntu.de? (12:18:58 PM) atoponce: is that possible? (12:19:23 PM) elkbuntu: i think that sometimes teams dont contribute, because they feel like they're just a tiny unnoticed part of the overall project (12:19:29 PM) nixternal: atoponce: you would think so, but I thought there were issues with that (12:20:07 PM) atoponce: hmmm (12:20:07 PM) elkbuntu: especially if they're from places that often get overlooked (12:20:17 PM) Zelut: elkbuntu: teams are the big picture. I hope we can help that. (12:20:24 PM) JoeyStanford: elkbuntu, yes, I get that feeling as well. I think because they are new or because of the language barrier they are timid. (12:21:02 PM) Zelut: loco teams are the front line soldiers. everything we do is important Smile :) (12:21:04 PM) elkbuntu: Zelut, of course they are, but letting them feel the love, and feel wanted is a key issue (12:21:18 PM) nixternal: language barrier hasn't been an issue with me and other members, I can usually decypher them chewing me out Smile :) (12:21:25 PM) JoeyStanford: The only way I know to defeat the "we're not worthy" syndrome is to request responses (and work with as appropriate) all of the teams. (12:21:28 PM) atoponce: nixternal: lol (12:21:41 PM) elkbuntu: JoeyStanford, indeed (12:21:51 PM) nixternal: hrmm, JoeyStanford that could also make for a good blog post (12:21:53 PM) elkbuntu: spotlights work wonders sometimes (12:22:14 PM) JoeyStanford: From a management point of view, we don't ask for people to come and participate, we go to them and ask them questions. (12:22:26 PM) elkbuntu: now i've seen this especially with the venezuela over the past few months. they've really come out of their shell (12:22:50 PM) JoeyStanford: and Chile is right behind them. http://wiki.ubuntu-cl.org/ (12:22:54 PM) elkbuntu: yeah (12:23:51 PM) JoeyStanford: nixternal, you want to volunteer to blog about the "we're not worthy"? You're blog is getting lighter than mine these days. (12:23:58 PM) JoeyStanford: Smile :-) (12:23:58 PM) nixternal: sure (12:24:03 PM) JoeyStanford: Thanks mate. (12:24:04 PM) nixternal: getting lighter? (12:24:11 PM) JoeyStanford: neglected (12:24:13 PM) nixternal: dude I have moer flames than you can imagine Smile :) (12:24:37 PM) ***JoeyStanford glances at the agenda again. (12:24:48 PM) ***FunnyLookinHat was about to mention agenda. : ) (12:25:00 PM) atoponce: i don't feel resolution with the wiki docs translation (12:25:09 PM) ***ausimage was the only other soul on it Wink ;) (12:25:19 PM) atoponce: what's the outcome on it? (12:27:28 PM) JoeyStanford: I guess the first step is to circle with Jono. (12:27:54 PM) JoeyStanford: I'd like to say "let's do it" but I would feel more comfortable getting his opinion. (12:28:05 PM) atoponce: ok. cool (12:28:15 PM) JoeyStanford: The triad can make things up but not always in the manner Jono would like to see. (12:28:26 PM) atoponce: then the next step with rosetta and launchpad? (12:28:28 PM) JoeyStanford: I'll take an action to email him. (12:28:34 PM) atoponce: cool (12:28:52 PM) JoeyStanford: right. If Jono defines his desires and we get the green light, the next step is to talk to the website folks and see what exists and how to piggy-back on it (12:29:34 PM) JoeyStanford: the hard part for me to visualize is how someone in Russia will know the wiki was changed and needs to retranslate something. It's not very practical. (12:29:47 PM) nixternal: JoeyStanford: not for rosetta it isn't (12:29:50 PM) JoeyStanford: But maybe there can be an emphasis on the more static material...a minimal subset (12:30:10 PM) nixternal: JoeyStanford: exactly what I was thinking (12:30:16 PM) atoponce: well, the subscribe feature of the wiki could work for that... (12:30:21 PM) nixternal: use bazaar to host the project, and set that up that way (12:30:29 PM) JoeyStanford: nix, you'd have to load the page in rosetta ..wiki + rosetta is possible but I know of no easy way to do it. I'm not the expert though. (12:30:36 PM) nixternal: atoponce: good idea as well (12:30:43 PM) JoeyStanford: but you defeat the purpose of the wiki then to some extend. (12:30:50 PM) JoeyStanford: unless we carve a piece off and do it that way (12:30:52 PM) Zelut: atoponce: how to subscribe to new pages though before they're made? (12:30:55 PM) nixternal: JoeyStanford: once it is translated, we take it back to the wiki (12:31:12 PM) atoponce: Zelut: well, you'd subscribe to the page that needs to be translated (12:31:17 PM) nixternal: that will cause our wiki to fill up though, and our wiki is w/o a doubt the biggest pos there is (12:31:21 PM) nixternal: jeesh (12:31:34 PM) JoeyStanford: yeah. Ok,I'd like to table the implementation discussion for another meeting if that's ok. (12:31:45 PM) atoponce: sounds good (12:31:52 PM) JoeyStanford: I'll circle with Jono via the loco-contacts list so it's public. (12:32:07 PM) elkbuntu: +1 (12:32:17 PM) JoeyStanford: anything further on Docs Day before we move to ausimage? (12:32:17 PM) nixternal: -3+4 (12:32:30 PM) FunnyLookinHat: ++ (12:32:51 PM) ***elkbuntu swats nixternal for cheekiness (12:32:55 PM) nixternal: hehe (12:32:57 PM) ***nixternal ducks (12:33:04 PM) JoeyStanford: ok then, ausimage is up. He's here to talk about the Ubuntu Scribes ..or...why Joey should stop using post-it notes to record meeting minutes. Smile :-) (12:33:14 PM) nixternal: haha No such command. (12:33:38 PM) nixternal: I have seen a lot of info about the Scribes team, but still have no clue what it is about. to lazy to read I guess Wink ;) (12:33:47 PM) ***ausimage thinks joey would like MootBot (12:34:13 PM) ausimage: Well get ready for brief intro.... Big Grin :) (12:34:18 PM) nixternal: woohoo (12:34:25 PM) ausimage: Our page is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam (12:34:51 PM) ausimage: I am the guy behind the team I wrote a MeetingSummerySpec last fall.. (12:35:09 PM) ausimage: And Seeker` and I formed the team this Winter (12:35:31 PM) ausimage: Our purpose is: The aim of this team is to help augment and enhance the archiving of Ubuntu community meetings and events, and provide summaries of meetings in a consistent and concise format. (12:36:10 PM) ausimage: I am one of the individuals that has been keeping up meetinglogs and Seeker` came with a bot to help that (12:36:27 PM) atoponce: cool (12:36:29 PM) atoponce: i like the idea (12:36:54 PM) nixternal: ausimage: do you guys have a template for the meeting minutes yet? I created one last year for Kubuntu meetings if you don't have one yet. (12:37:04 PM) nixternal: btw, you guys are my heros with this project! (12:37:05 PM) JoeyStanford: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam/MeetingTemplate (12:37:08 PM) ausimage: Yeah.... (12:37:14 PM) ausimage: that ~~~ (12:37:20 PM) nixternal: hehe (12:37:34 PM) ***JoeyStanford notes that adding "action items" to the template would be a great way to track deliverables. (12:38:12 PM) ausimage: The best way I can sure you the power of MootBot is for you to talk with Seeker` or AndrewWilliams. (12:38:19 PM) FunnyLookinHat: JoeyStanford is all about the action items. (12:38:47 PM) ausimage: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam/MootBot is the howto for the bot (12:39:03 PM) nixternal: ausimage: OUTSTANDING! I just looked at the 2 reports you guys did with your meetings and they look wonderful! (12:39:15 PM) nixternal: a++++++++ (12:39:19 PM) ausimage: I guess I am still slightly sleepy so I will answer questions instead of babbling (12:40:01 PM) pochu: in the Ubuntu Development meetings, Matt and Coling use a boot. Is it MootBot? (12:40:09 PM) pochu: ausimage: (12:40:22 PM) pochu: Colin* Smile :) (12:40:33 PM) atoponce: ausimage: very very nice (12:40:36 PM) ausimage: no... unfortunatley not... we talked with them and they decided not to use it (12:40:47 PM) JoeyStanford: ah, I see [IDEA] and [ACTION] excellent. (12:40:55 PM) ***atoponce joined the launchpad team. looking forward to helping with it (12:41:02 PM) ausimage: I would love for everyone to use the bot It would make my life easier Wink ;) (12:41:03 PM) nixternal: rock on atoponce! (12:41:05 PM) ***atoponce ❤ the voting (12:41:08 PM) atoponce: cool stuff (12:41:25 PM) ausimage: yeah the voting is awesome stuff... (12:41:47 PM) nixternal: voting? what did I miss now? (12:41:48 PM) atoponce: ausimage: is it possible to get a copy of the bot itself? i am runnig eggdrop, and would love to look over the tcl script, and some of the code (12:41:52 PM) JoeyStanford: ausimage, it appears that MootBot is here on #ubuntu-meeting. Does that mean if we start using the tags we can get those fancy minutes? (12:41:59 PM) ausimage: I am currently bugging AndrewWilliams and Seeker` to have bot use templates. (12:42:00 PM) nixternal: nice (12:42:12 PM) ausimage: YEAH https://launchpad.net/mootbot (12:42:37 PM) ausimage: atoponce: Andrew and Seeker are looking for help Wink ;) (12:43:00 PM) atoponce: everything, i assume, is in the tcl script? (12:43:08 PM) ausimage: Well yeah JoeyStanford (12:43:28 PM) JoeyStanford: excellent, I'm digging the commands on the bot page. (12:43:40 PM) ausimage: I believe so atoponce you would need to bug them for detaiils (12:43:43 PM) nixternal: ausimage: I take it you all are ready for the prime time then, taking on all of the meetings that occur in here? (12:43:46 PM) atoponce: ausimage: will do (12:44:01 PM) ausimage: As ready as I can... (12:44:06 PM) nixternal: sweet (12:44:21 PM) nixternal: have you talked to the CC about using your setup for logging and scribing the minutes yet? (12:44:23 PM) ausimage: the nice thing about our bot is we can go to your chanel as well (12:44:50 PM) ausimage: not the CC... though I am not sure how well they would adhere some days Wink ;) (12:45:08 PM) atoponce: i just want the source, to implement it into UtahBot (my failed attempt at a bot... ) (12:45:13 PM) nixternal: ausimage: If you want to read the Fridge cal and have the bot automatically show up or what not, let me know if you need special tags or what not so we can implement them into the FridgeCal (12:45:21 PM) ***ausimage has posted many crazy CC meetings (12:45:51 PM) ausimage: nixternal: I wrote the fridge pleading for location tags (12:46:03 PM) nixternal: also I think the Scribes team might be one of the most "rewarding" ways to kick off a new users "Ubuntu Career" as well (12:46:18 PM) nixternal: hmm, ausimage I will look through the devmail and see what's up (12:46:39 PM) ausimage: yeah... if read my page..... you will see my thoughts on why I think having minutes is important (12:46:49 PM) nixternal: ausimage: minutes are super importantn (12:47:07 PM) ***ausimage is going for membership tomorrow Smile :) (12:47:14 PM) FunnyLookinHat: !! (12:47:15 PM) FunnyLookinHat: Smile :) (12:47:24 PM) nixternal: from 2005 until the summer of 2006 I was recording them for the Kubuntu team. It becomes a pain really quick sifting through the logs, but MootBot can fix that (12:47:31 PM) atoponce: minutes are the only way to look back on what was brought up and how to improve ideas (12:47:46 PM) ausimage: yup exactly.... (12:47:55 PM) JoeyStanford: nixternal, I agree. I see much benefit here. (12:48:16 PM) JoeyStanford: So that means that for future meetings we should try to take advantage of MootBot. (12:48:20 PM) ausimage: which is why I cringe when things are taken the list sometimes not as there for you (12:48:27 PM) ***nixternal will brb (12:48:39 PM) ausimage: yeah joey... we give you lessons if you like... (12:48:48 PM) JoeyStanford: ausimage, is there anything special that we need to do at the LoCo group to use MootBot on #ubuntu-meetings other than the startmeeting command? (12:49:29 PM) ausimage: no but you can also hold your meeting in your own channel if you like... (12:49:47 PM) ausimage: it is recomended you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam/SubmitMeeting (12:49:54 PM) JoeyStanford: ah, that would be good for #ubuntu-us (12:50:01 PM) ausimage: yeah..... (12:50:07 PM) atoponce: i think this is great. i just can't settle my excitement. this is *really* cool! (12:50:15 PM) JoeyStanford: I agree. Very cool. (12:50:41 PM) ausimage: Yeah I was amazed at what Seeker` brought to the table.... (12:50:46 PM) FunnyLookinHat: I'm sorry guys, but I have to head out at this point. This Scribes stuff is awesome though! (12:50:55 PM) FunnyLookinHat left the room ("Leaving"). (12:50:57 PM) ***atoponce always uses window logging in irssi, which isn't bad, but the features of MootBot... (12:51:47 PM) ausimage: any other questions??? (12:51:57 PM) tomsku left the room (quit: Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)). (12:52:25 PM) JoeyStanford: ausimage, thanks for waking up early to come talk to us about this. It's all very exciting. (12:52:41 PM) ausimage: yeah drop by #ubuntu-scribes anytime (12:52:50 PM) JoeyStanford: I'll update the LoCo meeting page to include the mootbot startup stuff so we remember to use it for the next meeting (12:53:01 PM) ***atoponce adds the chaennel to his auto-join list (12:54:58 PM) ausimage: hey I wanted to say there is a new baby loco here today Wink ;) (12:54:58 PM) ***nixternal has to head out for a bit, thanks everyone for a good meeting! (12:54:59 PM) JoeyStanford: Any further questions on the Scribes team? (12:55:06 PM) elkbuntu: ausimage, hmm? (12:55:22 PM) ausimage: yeah NewYorkTeam is lurking in here (12:55:32 PM) atoponce: JoeyStanford: not at present. in #ubuntu-scribes, though, so will ask there... (12:55:53 PM) ***JoeyStanford wonders if he met any of the NY LoCo at Ubuncon? (12:56:07 PM) JoeyStanford: Last order of business: Next LoCo Meeting (12:56:26 PM) ***atoponce as part of the US Teams Project, picked up NY as a mentor (12:56:31 PM) elkbuntu: i thought there was already an unapproved NY team, and also an unapproved NY suburb team :-/ (12:57:00 PM) JoeyStanford: March 11th appears to be the next cycle date. (12:57:04 PM) atoponce: JoeyStanford: we have docs day coming up, should we keep a channel open for discussion during that day? (12:57:21 PM) atoponce: or just #ubuntu-locoteams? (12:57:39 PM) JoeyStanford: we talked about using #ubuntu-locoteams earlier. (12:57:49 PM) atoponce: ok. cool (12:57:51 PM) JoeyStanford: We'll also get the lurkers then Smile :-) (12:58:07 PM) JoeyStanford: vote: March 11th for next meeting date (12:58:26 PM) atoponce: sounds good (12:59:14 PM) elkbuntu: +1 (12:59:23 PM) elkbuntu: for a time other than 4am AEST Sad :( (12:59:34 PM) atoponce: +8 hours? (12:59:41 PM) JoeyStanford: ok, I'll tentatively set it up for the 11th. (01:00:06 PM) JoeyStanford: Any time recommendations? (01:00:29 PM) JoeyStanford: elkbuntu, if you want to run it, we can do it at a non-favourable time for the USA (01:00:29 PM) elkbuntu: +8 would rule me out due to daytime committments (01:00:47 PM) atoponce: +16? (01:01:00 PM) atoponce: er, -8, i guess (01:01:08 PM) elkbuntu: +12 works for me (01:01:12 PM) ***atoponce is a fan of rotating the time at each meet (01:01:22 PM) JoeyStanford: elkbuntu, what's that in GMT please? (01:01:22 PM) effie_jayx: Big Grin :) (01:01:30 PM) JoeyStanford: 22? (01:01:33 PM) elkbuntu: JoeyStanford, it's 5am here, dont make me do math (01:01:52 PM) atoponce: @schedule (01:01:54 PM) Ubugtu: Schedule for Etc/UTC: Current meeting: LoCo Team | 26 Feb 23:00: Community Council | 27 Feb 20:00: Technical Board | 28 Feb 18:00: Accessibility Team | 28 Feb 20:00: Edubuntu | 28 Feb 22:00: Xubuntu (01:01:57 PM) dinda: what's a good city in India to use for timeanddate.com (01:02:00 PM) atoponce: bleh (01:02:03 PM) JoeyStanford: bangalore (01:02:13 PM) dinda: thx (01:02:51 PM) atoponce: this started at 17:00, so +12 would be 04:00 i think (01:03:00 PM) atoponce: 05:00 i guess (01:03:08 PM) Seeker` left the room (quit: No route to host). (01:03:13 PM) elkbuntu: hmm that's a bit trashy on the europeans then (01:03:20 PM) atoponce: utc (01:04:22 PM) JoeyStanford: I just glanced at the fridge, the majority average to starting at 10 GMT or 21 GMT (01:04:25 PM) ***atoponce doesn't care too much. set the time, and i'll be ther (01:04:33 PM) atoponce: *there (01:05:18 PM) ***JoeyStanford notes that setting a time will take longer than the entire meeting did. Smile :-) (01:05:29 PM) elkbuntu: well... we could +5 and it would suit me (01:05:38 PM) elkbuntu: and be ok for europeans too (01:05:50 PM) elkbuntu: or +6 (01:05:50 PM) JoeyStanford: +5 is what India complained about on the list. (01:06:02 PM) elkbuntu: or whatever, im half asleep here (01:06:33 PM) atoponce: if we keep the rotating, +8 or whatever, then we accomodate everyone at least once (01:07:14 PM) ***atoponce remembers this was brought up on the mailing list (01:07:18 PM) dinda: i wasn't complaining re: India, just needed it for another meeting (01:07:59 PM) JoeyStanford: ok, I'll list the time is as TBD (01:08:07 PM) atoponce: lol (01:08:16 PM) elkbuntu: atoponce, +8 wont suit me due to daytime committments though, unfortunately (01:08:25 PM) JoeyStanford: I have another commitment so I have to depart. (01:08:31 PM) elkbuntu: cool, im cralwing back to bed now (01:08:36 PM) elkbuntu: cyas (01:08:45 PM) atoponce: ttyl (01:08:49 PM) JoeyStanford: We'll set the time via the list. (01:08:50 PM) ausimage: night elkbuntu (01:08:51 PM) JoeyStanford: Thanks everyone }}}

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