• Joey - Is there a need/desire for a one page recruitment flier that can be translated? The flier could be printed out and distributed with CDs at events that would let everyone know about your LoCo?

  • Joey - Further discussion on the obsoleted LanguageTeamCoordination and stalled CountryTeams topics. Need to bring these to closure.

  • Timo - LoCoTeam hosting server is starting be unusable under load, pages' load time being in minutes, not seconds. The server will probably be as good as dead if the new server is not brought in before Feisty. The problems have been there for five months (being better for one-two months when Ubuntu Italy moved away), but Canonical people unfortunately have not had time to bring the new server in. Have e-mailed Jono on the subject.



ok, who is here for the meeting?
11:04   Mirv    o/
11:05   Mirv    and that's it? :)
11:05   elkbuntu        seems so
11:06   Mirv    I had the hosting server problem, but got a reply from Jono already stating that it's a sysadmin issue. I would just have liked to hear some thoughts.
11:09   elkbuntu        well, i dont think we're going to get much discussion on that.
11:09   Mirv    I'm getting somewhat used to that...
11:10   elkbuntu        Mirv, that's uncalled for. nobody within the locos would be able to help you. jono is aware, and he can make others aware. that's all you can do.
11:11   daviey  no agenda?
11:12   elkbuntu        daviey, there is.. at the usual place. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamMeeting
11:12   Mirv    elkbuntu: Jono said he can't do anything, so basically I guess he doesn't have too much of contacts in the sysadmins. basically I hoped that maybe community members had some idea if some other hosting solution should be though of, as unfortunately I can't do much else towards Canonical than what I've done.
11:16   Mirv    well, if there's nothing better to do, I had actually prepared a list of issues we are facing. they can be logged in the meeting logs...
11:16   Mirv    1. The server has been slow ever since we moved from smurf's server to the new one.
11:16   elkbuntu        Mirv, newz2000 is the only one i know of that has powers with the server
11:16   Mirv    2. The server is currently usable, but only because the apache is restarted every 30 minutes to reduce swapping. The restart interval has been shortened all the time (starting from no restarts). The apache does not always manage to start itself again.
11:16   Mirv    3. The server is using Ubuntu 5.10, security support for which is ending in a month. No information about upgrading has been received, and it would probably result in a downtime, just around Feisty release.
11:16   Mirv    4. There are no backups made, and complete backups cannot be made by me without asking someone to change MoinMoin Data permissions each time.
11:16   Mirv    5. The users are disappointed by the lack of resources at Canonical, but surely this is not to blame anyone because everyone is working hard. Especially Matthew Nuzum has been extremely helpful all this time, despite his huge workload, but he cannot bring in the new server, the only real solution to the problem, even if he wanted to. The others have been virtually unreachable on the subject.
11:17   Mirv    elkbuntu: yes, he's the one who is keeping us alive, but he can't do anything else beside configuration
11:18   elkbuntu        Mirv, i posted on the mailing list and mentioned several times in the channel that there is a page to list such things on. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoReview
11:18   elkbuntu        it is from this page that i will be constructing specs to be considered at the next UDS
11:19   Mirv    elkbuntu: thanks, I will add information also there. one problem is that we might not be alive until the next UDS.
11:20   elkbuntu        that's an incredibly defeatest view
11:22   Mirv    elkbuntu: I'm sorry if it sounds too negative, but the problems are starting to be so severe that people can't discuss in the forms, and if the security support ends in a few weeks I don't know what can happen. also if the server dies there are usually no recent backups.
11:23   elkbuntu        i am going to PM you an email address of someone who *might* be able to help you out. He usually helps out unofficial projects with web services, but he is not canonical supported or funded, so cannot be relied on to solve all canonicals problems
11:23   Mirv    elkbuntu: but Matthew has one more thing he's trying to configure, my hope is that it will help
11:24   Mirv    elkbuntu: ok, thank you. I'll also discuss with newz2000 next week.
11:24   elkbuntu        this is all i can do for you, sorry
11:25   Mirv    I think that's enough of that subject, one thing in my mind is to ask ubuntu-eu.org if in crisis
11:25   Mirv    elkbuntu: no problem, I appreciate every bit of help we get to solve the problem(s)
11:26   elkbuntu        does anyone else present have any issues to bring up?
11:28   effie_jayx      elkbuntu,  I have an issue. Has a decision been made about using the ubuntu wiki for docmentation for languages that are not in English?
11:28   elkbuntu        effie_jayx, not at this point. no.
11:29   effie_jayx      elkbuntu,  thanks
11:30   elkbuntu        anyone else?
11:30   tsmithe sorry elkbuntu
11:31   elkbuntu        unfortunately, we do not have critical mass to cover the agenda items, so im calling this meeting to an end.
11:41   Mirv    ok, thanks for the short meeting. added the hosting problems to the end of the LoCoReview page.

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