04:00   elkbuntu        Ok people
04:00   elkbuntu        who do we have here for the LoCo Teams meeting?
04:01   pochu   yo
=== markvandenborre will be here, but might have to go during the meeting a few times
04:01   elkbuntu        sure, no prob
04:01   elkbuntu        who else?
04:02   elkbuntu        i'll give it 5 before we start so people have a chance to turn up
=== rafael_carreras will be here, but I have not much to say, I think
04:05   elkbuntu        ok, show of hands for the LoCo Teams Meeting
04:05   jono    yo
04:05   pochu   me
04:05   elkbuntu        hey jono, just baout to start
04:05   pochu   hey jono
04:06   jono    hey
04:06   elkbuntu        Ok, so we're here to discuss what we want to be discussed about LoCos at the UDS next week
04:07   elkbuntu        Based on the feedback we got through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoReview i have registered 3 specs, which I hope will go to the summit. They're at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamsUDSSevillaSpecs
04:08   elkbuntu        take a moment to read those, and then feel free to ask/comment
04:12   elkbuntu        ok, anyone?
04:12   pochu   elkbuntu: what about name policy?
04:12   elkbuntu        pochu, that comes under 'definition'
04:12   pochu   yeah :)
04:13   jono    dammit, I have to run, back soon
04:15   amachu  hi
04:15   Med-Wei|Sara    Hi.
04:15   elkbuntu        for those just joining for the meeting:
04:15   elkbuntu        <elkbuntu> Based on the feedback we got through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoReview i have registered 3 specs, which I hope will go to the summit. They're at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamsUDSSevillaSpecs
04:15   elkbuntu        <elkbuntu> take a moment to read those, and then feel free to ask/comment
04:18   markvandenborre elkbuntu, like, comment here, or add something to the wiki pages? what would you prefer us to do?
04:18   amachu  elkbuntu: i would like to add
04:18   elkbuntu        markvandenborre, both
04:18   elkbuntu        what is your comment?
04:18   amachu  the co-ordination we have with Sri Lankan Tamils
04:18   markvandenborre resources: banners and stuff
04:19   markvandenborre is just one example
04:19   amachu  also be added to the positive things happening around....
04:19   Belutz  hi all i'm from Indonesian LoCo
04:19   markvandenborre hi
04:19   amachu  I will add it now..
04:19   elkbuntu        markvandenborre, while i feel that comes under: * Resource availability - What is and is not available to teams. This has changed recently and some are confused.
04:19   elkbuntu        feel free to add it to the page
04:19   markvandenborre it falls under that item, of course
04:20   markvandenborre it's mostly about stuff that has to be sourced new and will be of no use except for to promote ubuntu
04:21   elkbuntu        markvandenborre, i intentionally avoided strictly defining certain things in the specs, to avoid restricting discussion
04:21   elkbuntu        ok, amachu. what about coordination?
04:22   amachu  elkbuntu: its on translation efforts
04:22   elkbuntu        amachu, explain further please
04:23   amachu  elkbuntu: tamil is language spoken both in TamilNadu, India & SriLanka
04:23   amachu  so we decided to share common things among us
04:24   amachu  we approched the Tamil speaking members of SriLankan team
04:24   elkbuntu        amachu, and what is the concern? there should be a translation team to cover the language, but the locos should still be seperate identities
04:25   amachu  i think its not needed... if proper co-ordination can be achieved..
04:25   markvandenborre elkbuntu, you can't separate translation and language entirely
04:25   amachu  LoCo teams can happen to be geography based
04:25   markvandenborre remember a discussion at UDS Mountain View?
04:25   amachu  russell: can u share about your experience with Bengali Team
04:25   markvandenborre I was not very awake at the time
04:25   markvandenborre I think I can explain more clearly now
04:26   elkbuntu        markvandenborre, not entirely, but the translation efforts, while a project of the loco, should not be confined to a loco
04:26   markvandenborre of course they don't have to
04:27   markvandenborre the situation for ubuntu-nl.org and ubuntu-be.org
04:27   Ekushey amachu, our target group are school going kids and university students
04:27   elkbuntu        markvandenborre, that's what im trying to say here. the locos could easily form translation subteams within them, and the culmination of these subteams would form a language team
04:27   amachu  Ekushey: ok..
04:28   markvandenborre elkbuntu, that's overstructuring things I'm afraid, and not a solution to everything
04:28   Ekushey amachu, the responce is very good... i get atleast 2 phone calls everyday from ppl who wants to use ubuntu or run into problems
04:28   Med-Wei|Sara    amachu: Does translations have some slighty different between nations?
04:28   markvandenborre take Belgium and Holland
04:28   amachu  elkbuntu: now, that has to be done in unison with upstream also
04:28   markvandenborre and the dutch language
04:28   amachu  Med-Wei|Sara: Yes
04:28   amachu  very little though
04:29   elkbuntu        markvandenborre, there doesnt have to be structure, but if structure is needed for the sake of coordination, it should be use
04:29   rafael_carreras amachu: but significant
04:29   amachu  Ekushey: i too have started getting calls
04:29   markvandenborre the use of nl in online services is important for reaching a certain critical mass amongst the speakers of the language
04:29   markvandenborre not only in translations
04:31   elkbuntu        this is why we need to discuss definition
04:31   markvandenborre which is why ubuntu-be.org did not create a separate forum
04:31   markvandenborre ok, so that's something for Sevilla then, sorry
04:32   markvandenborre I just wanted to make sure that the distinction between
04:32   markvandenborre 1. translation
04:32   markvandenborre 2. online-only services
04:32   markvandenborre and 3. really location bound services
04:32   markvandenborre is made in these discussions
04:32   elkbuntu        markvandenborre, that's why it's proposed for sevilla
04:34   amachu  elkbuntu: on LoCo resources.. It would be nice to have the databases upgraded to latest versions
04:35   amachu  elkbuntu: we do have problems that we could not upgade to latest version of mediawiki due the the server not supporting it
04:36   elkbuntu        amachu, ok, note it on the review page please
04:36   amachu  so, periodic upgration of server is the key point to be noted here
04:36   amachu  elkbuntu: sure
04:36   amachu  any comments on this
04:37   elkbuntu        i'll comment that it's at the sysadmin discretion, and they already get plenty of ribbing for accidental downtime ;)
04:38   amachu  elkbuntu: :-)
04:38   amachu  On LoCo definition,
04:39   amachu  We are indeed a Team representing a State of India
04:39   elkbuntu        amachu, does india have a team to cover all of it?
04:40   amachu  elkbuntu: yes.. we do have Ubuntu-in.. but 1 billion population to toooooooooo big for it to cover
04:40   amachu  ;-)
04:40   elkbuntu        amachu, i am aware, i was just making sure there was complete coverage
04:40   amachu  I have recently noticed budding Andrapradesh Team
04:41   amachu  another neighbouring state of us
04:42   elkbuntu        amachu, do all these indian state teams cooperate like for instance the US state teams do?
04:42   amachu  well, Yes
04:42   amachu  with Ubuntu India team we do
04:43   elkbuntu        cool
04:43   amachu  elkbuntu: andra team is yet to grow and get approved
04:43   amachu  i had recently established contact with them.. no not much of interaction..
04:44   elkbuntu        there's no one firm rule that can be applied to all teams and circumstances, but there are cases where exceptions and additional structure is required. that is what we are hoping to decide, discuss etc at the summit
04:44   lifeless        night all
04:44   elkbuntu        amachu, you're trying, that's enough
04:44   elkbuntu        night lifeless
04:45   amachu  now.. LoCo Resources.. we can have some place in Ubuntu Site, we have can have our special appeals made
04:45   amachu  like request for funding at a global level
04:45   amachu  for LoCo specific projects
04:45   Ekushey elkbuntu, regarding the "state" teams, i've a question... shouldn't there be a rule on when "state" or divistional teams can be formed? maybe based on population and size of the country?
04:45   elkbuntu        i dont know. that is what needs discussing. resources has afaik never been formally discussed, this is why it is top priority as far as i am concerned
04:46   elkbuntu        Ekushey, indeed. one  of the things that will be discussed
04:46   nixternal       good mornin'!
04:46   elkbuntu        moin nixternal!
04:46   amachu  while LoCo sites are their language specific and the number of hits is low to their site and more to Ubuntu site
04:46   amachu  some link in Ubuntu site where LoCo appeals can be put forth
04:47   amachu  and coming to LoCo Collaboration,
04:48   amachu  we did identified a person as it has been stated in the page for education.. and it was in the mid of the academic year
04:48   amachu  now its summer vacation for schools here, we need to trigger it up
04:48   elkbuntu        yep
04:48   amachu  also the Ubuntu LoCo derivative project
04:48   Ekushey elkbuntu, oh ok... USA and India are big counties, so they can have divisional teams. But if people from smaller countries start making divisional LoCo teams without consulting with the country team, then it will only lead to grouping.
04:49   markvandenborre amachu, derivative project is dead
04:49   amachu  markvandenborre: but we need it
04:49   amachu  :-(
04:49   markvandenborre we need information about creating localised iso's
04:49   markvandenborre better documentation of that would be a great resource to locoteams
04:50   elkbuntu        Ekushey, indeed. at any point where there's multiple teams per locale, it's best to have a 'coop' group to make sure there's communication. they'd do things sort of like this meeting here, but on a local level
04:50   Ekushey u r right markvandenborre
04:50   amachu  LoCo derivative project is the foremost resource that we expect..
04:50   markvandenborre which is why I added it to the "things that don't work" page
04:50   amachu  and we would be much pleased to have one mentor atleast
04:50   Ekushey elkbuntu, got that, thanks
04:51   amachu  for that
04:51   markvandenborre what I would like to find out is how to measure our relevance
04:51   markvandenborre as locoteams
04:52   elkbuntu        ok. as a basic concept as you'd propose for a spec, how would you go about it?
04:52   markvandenborre towards Canonical, towards press, towards our team members
04:53   markvandenborre elkbuntu, maybe I can drop something on the wiki about it?
04:53   elkbuntu        markvandenborre, please
04:53   markvandenborre on a separate spec page?
04:53   markvandenborre ok
04:54   elkbuntu        mention it on the review page, and bulk it out on a spec page
04:54   markvandenborre ok
04:56   amachu  elkbuntu: any commnets from you on Ubuntu Derivative Project
04:56   amachu  we had gr8 expectations from that
04:56   markvandenborre there was no such project, only in name
04:56   amachu  markvandenborre: yes..
04:57   markvandenborre the Canonical developers I have talked to have stated clearly that they have no interest in creating localised iso's themselves
04:57   elkbuntu        amachu, given derivatives can be for any reason, i think that it probably goes beyond the scope of LoCos
04:57   markvandenborre but they are willing to help out people who have done their research with questions on how to create iso's
04:57   markvandenborre elkbuntu, I think amachu has a point here
04:58   markvandenborre when he stresses the importance of localised cd's
04:58   amachu  elkbuntu: yes..
04:58   elkbuntu        markvandenborre, i agree they are important, however if a project was to exist, it would be for far more than just localisation
04:59   amachu  I feel its not beyond the scope.. but needs extra efforts to be put
04:59   amachu  elkbuntu: exactly
04:59   elkbuntu        and it is beyond my knowledge to comment on how, or by whom they should be done
04:59   amachu  elkbuntu: we dream beyond localisation
04:59   markvandenborre elkbuntu, the main action point that could be taken is probably
04:59   Med-Wei|Sara    how about apt-on-cd packages isofile?
05:00   amachu  elkbuntu: but the first step alone is localisation
05:00   markvandenborre to make sure localisation documentation and utilities grow towards something unified and well maintained
05:00   amachu  elkbuntu: like developing applications thats specific to our region
05:00   markvandenborre hm, that sounds fluffy, sorry
05:01   amachu  elkbuntu: and adding it to that ditro.. and these applications need not have transaltions in all languages
05:01   elkbuntu        amachu, there are already localised versions that have been made by teams already, maybe it is best talking to them?
05:01   Ekushey localised+customised version of ubuntu is very important... for example, majority of the computer users in bangladesh are using pentium II and III PCs with 128 MB of RAM... installing Ubuntu on these machines can be a scary experinece
05:01   amachu  elkbuntu: yep.. mdke suggested to contact italian team
05:02   amachu  elkbuntu: i will do that
05:02   elkbuntu        amachu, then that is a good starting point
05:02   amachu  elkbuntu: ok
05:03   Ekushey elkbuntu, i'm not clear abt the ubuntu trademark pocily abt the customised/localised versions
05:03   markvandenborre read it, it's really clear
05:03   elkbuntu        Ekushey, that you need to talk to canonical about. IANAL
05:03   amachu  i had added that to community council agenda, when i too felt its dying
05:04   amachu  hope we make it there to put forth our points
05:04   Ekushey on the last CC meeting, there was some discussion abt it... but sadly i couldn't follow the entire conversion
05:04   pleia2  Ekushey: have you read: http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy ?
05:04   Ekushey pleia2 yes i've read it
05:04   pleia2  the same is true for loco teams
05:05   amachu  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda/CommunityCouncilAgenda
05:05   amachu  its happening on May 16
05:05   Ekushey pleia2, i still have some confusions, so i'll add it to the next meeting agenda
05:05   amachu  markvandenborre: how about your comments on raising it there?
05:06   amachu  markvandenborre: can we hope to bring life ?
05:06   elkbuntu        Ekushey, trademarks@canonical.com can be asked any trademark questions you might have
05:07   markvandenborre amachu, what are you talking about?
05:07   Med-Wei|Sara    The term free can be two definitions, freedom and gratis. There is a problem that Chinese doesn't have a word covering those. I got the problem when I translate some introdution documents.
05:07   markvandenborre about documentation for creating derivatives?
05:07   amachu  markvandenborre: about raising the derivative issue to CC
05:07   markvandenborre amachu, I don't see why it should be raised at the CC
05:07   markvandenborre the job needs to be done
05:08   Ekushey elkbuntu, ok thanks
05:08   amachu  markvandenborre: ok
05:08   markvandenborre centralising, creating and updating localisation documentation is what needs to be done imho
05:08   markvandenborre mostly, creating awareness about that
05:09   amachu  markvandenborre: ok
05:10   markvandenborre you don't have to agree, but I don't see any other way
05:10   amachu  and in a Longer perpective.. we need to have professionals to promote Ubuntu in LoCo regions
05:10   amachu  since LoCo is more of voluntary nature
05:11   amachu  and if Bug #1 need to fixed, we need to have
05:11   amachu  thats taking it far tooooooo beyond I believe.. and in the scope of canonical :-)
05:12   elkbuntu        Ok, unless anyone has anything else urgent...
05:12   Ekushey I'm sorry but i've go now... take care all. Bye bye amachu, elkbuntu, markvandenborre, pleia2 and others.
05:12   markvandenborre Ekushey, bye
05:13   elkbuntu        I'm going to call the meeting closed then. Thanks all!
05:13   amachu  elkbuntu: thank u
05:13   amachu  Thank You every one
05:13   amachu  :-)

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