(12:00:56 PM) ***johnc4510 we having a meeting?  LoCo teams?
(12:00:59 PM) elkbuntu: Ok, who is here for the loco teams meeting?
(12:01:08 PM) johnc4510: +1
(12:02:26 PM) elkbuntu: anyone else?
(12:03:04 PM) doctormo: hi
(12:03:10 PM) elkbuntu: hi
(12:03:10 PM) johnc4510: howdy
(12:05:15 PM) elkbuntu: Ok then, any general issues (except the servers)?
(12:06:12 PM) elkbuntu: hi effie_jayx
(12:06:16 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  ;)
(12:06:37 PM) effie_jayx: hi all
(12:06:39 PM) elkbuntu: we only just started with: any general issues (except the servers)?
(12:06:59 PM) elkbuntu: but nothing has been said yet, so you havent missed anything
(12:07:32 PM) effie_jayx: great.. I am here for SFD mentoring :D
(12:07:38 PM) johnc4510: i might note that US teams now has a forum page   http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=284
(12:08:53 PM) elkbuntu: hi yann2
(12:09:07 PM) yann2: hi - agenda?
(12:09:43 PM) elkbuntu: yann2, so far only: any general issues (except the servers)?
(12:10:10 PM) yann2: fr/de and a couple others are on their own, so np for now (finger crossed) :P
(12:10:33 PM) elkbuntu: yep. you guys were fortunat
(12:11:12 PM) yann2: else mmmmh let me think
(12:11:37 PM) yann2: mmh nope, no big issues :)
(12:11:51 PM) yann2: a couple of ideas maybe?
(12:12:04 PM) elkbuntu: yann2, sure?
(12:12:09 PM) yann2: we plan to do a "we advertise for you for free" for pc vendors who decide to sell ubuntu boxes
(12:12:39 PM) yann2: so during the next 6 months every pc seller that agrees to certificate some of his pcs for ubuntu will get a huge ad on our website
(12:12:39 PM) elkbuntu: yann2, we = ubuntu-fr?
(12:12:43 PM) yann2: yup
(12:13:02 PM) yann2: on a longer term, we hope to have a separate section on our website, linking all these sellers
(12:13:12 PM) johnc4510: nice
(12:13:21 PM) yann2: and maybe more, who know what can be possible - so to encourage them to help us
(12:13:33 PM) yann2: like "we offer advertising, for you it costs nearly nothing - so.."
(12:13:49 PM) yann2: we'll see if it works :]
(12:14:15 PM) elkbuntu: yep, sounds like a good idea
(12:14:24 PM) effie_jayx: yann2,  I have a question
(12:14:28 PM) yann2: yup?
(12:15:04 PM) effie_jayx: do stores have the human resource to go ubuntu?
(12:15:22 PM) yann2: yeah :)
(12:15:58 PM) yann2: basically it means - put ubuntu on the box and test if everything works out of the box
(12:16:03 PM) effie_jayx: yann2,  in my city. there are plenty of stores that are just not interested cuz they say they have no linux guru. and I have tried to convince on particular store to sell it and they say. they can suport it for lack of knowledge :S
(12:16:31 PM) yann2: dell doesn't do any support afaik :)
(12:16:45 PM) effie_jayx: yann2,  they don't?
(12:16:55 PM) yann2: I don't think they do?
(12:17:16 PM) effie_jayx: yann2,  it is a great initiative, and good that you have stores with you :D
(12:17:17 PM) yann2: as far as i understood they propose an optional canonical support fee
(12:17:20 PM) elkbuntu: nope, they resell canonical support ;)
(12:17:28 PM) yann2: effie_jayx > we don't have any yet.. well maybe one
(12:17:31 PM) yann2: we'll see
(12:17:38 PM) yann2: if it does not work, too bad :P
(12:17:47 PM) effie_jayx: yann2,  exactly
(12:17:52 PM) elkbuntu: there's little harm in trying
(12:18:05 PM) yann2: we may need to do a list of supported material to help them
(12:18:15 PM) yann2: like pick among these, and its fine
(12:18:40 PM) yann2: that would help some sellers i think
(12:21:46 PM) yann2: eeeelse... well, our tshirts operation is going well... it was hell /o\ i am happy it is nearly done ^^
(12:21:55 PM) elkbuntu: :)
(12:22:16 PM) elkbuntu: was that the only idea yann2? should we move on now?
(12:22:21 PM) yann2: do other locos have something to report? I would be happy to hear about it :)
(12:22:33 PM) yann2: elkbuntu , yup, if there is an agenda, please, do :)
(12:22:37 PM) elkbuntu: yann2, i think they just want us to entertain them ;)
(12:22:55 PM) elkbuntu: yann2, the only other agenda is SFD discussion
(12:23:02 PM) yann2: sfd?
(12:23:08 PM) elkbuntu: yann2, software freedom day
(12:23:29 PM) yann2: oh - i think we've always been quite bad with this one :)
(12:23:49 PM) elkbuntu: hehe. no -fr participation in any french teams this year?
(12:24:26 PM) yann2: we have a lot of events, but i can't remember of any action during the sfd
(12:24:46 PM) yann2: but wait for november, i think olive is organising a huuuuuge ubuntu party in paris :P
(12:25:18 PM) elkbuntu: yann2, softwarefreedomday.org (should be back up and ok, it was in the servers with the loco sites)
(12:25:54 PM) yann2: btw i have a stupid question but... on the compromised servers, what about the usernames passwords? :S
(12:25:55 PM) elkbuntu: my team still doesnt have a venue yet :-/ im not lucky like effie_jayx to have a university to use
(12:26:03 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  :D
(12:26:16 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  I am not getting goodies it seems...
(12:26:21 PM) elkbuntu: :(
(12:26:32 PM) effie_jayx: I did register before cutoff date
(12:26:43 PM) yann2: I hope that in 2008 ubuntu-eu will have some money for goodies
(12:27:05 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, yes, but the limit was 200 teams, which means some still missed out before the cutoff date
(12:27:26 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  I thought that was for open cd's and extra tshirts
(12:27:45 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  but heck . I am in it for more than a t-shirt ... right :D
(12:27:53 PM) elkbuntu: yep :)
(12:28:16 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  are talking SFD?
(12:28:18 PM) effie_jayx: then...
(12:28:33 PM) yann2: weird how quiet ubuntu loco meetings have become :)
(12:28:34 PM) effie_jayx: I have som very specific questions... you might have answers for
(12:28:44 PM) yann2: 2 years ago.. \o/ :D
(12:28:47 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, sure
(12:29:41 PM) gouki_ is now known as gouki
(12:30:03 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  In my country... certificates are what people are after... can the team issue  certificates or a letter of attnedance?
(12:30:09 PM) yann2: i wonder if no locoteam attending the loco meetings means, all the teams are happy, or nobody cares... the loco mailing list is a bit quiet too :(
(12:31:03 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, i suppose so
(12:31:36 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu, do you know of any other teams that have done so?... how does certificates by request sound.
(12:31:39 PM) ***greg-g is kind of here.  I'm the leader of the Michigan Team (US).  No issues/questions right now.
(12:31:53 PM) ***effie_jayx hates dealing with certificates...
(12:32:31 PM) effie_jayx: hello greg-g
(12:32:32 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, if you are holding 'intro to linux' classes on the day, it would work
(12:32:44 PM) greg-g: hello effie_jayx
(12:33:33 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu, you mean more academic like talks?
(12:33:49 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, i mean like tutorials
(12:34:14 PM) effie_jayx: there will be developer talks on a separate rooms... not to scare away the new people...
(12:35:00 PM) effie_jayx: next question then...
(12:35:20 PM) cbx333 is now known as cbx33
(12:35:21 PM) effie_jayx: food? finger food, sponsored ... is it ok to sell
(12:35:22 PM) effie_jayx: ?
(12:36:49 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, that kind of thing is different in each country
(12:37:03 PM) effie_jayx: ok
(12:40:32 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  and on the subject of talks I read . not too much filosophy involved. are there any presentations online that offer just enough where we can build upon?
(12:41:14 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, um, dont know
(12:41:42 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  but you know what I mean... ?
(12:41:44 PM) effie_jayx: :S
(12:42:01 PM) ***effie_jayx is kinda jerky asking the q's
(12:42:03 PM) elkbuntu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations?action=show&redirect=UbuntuPresentations
(12:42:22 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  thanks
(12:43:10 PM) ***nixternal wipes eyes and sees something loco going on
(12:43:26 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu, once we are done with SFD i'll bring up another issue
(12:43:45 PM) ***effie_jayx hopes he isn't naggin too much with q's
(12:44:09 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, not at all
(12:45:22 PM) elkbuntu: nixternal, any issues to raise or questions to ask?
(12:46:16 PM) nixternal: not off hand...just woke up sorry :)
(12:46:17 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  It turns out you registered _just_ after the registrations for schwag
(12:46:17 PM) effie_jayx: closed, but before the notice went out. I will include you for shipping of
(12:46:17 PM) effie_jayx: goods due as you were so close :)
(12:46:18 PM) effie_jayx: :D
(12:46:33 PM) effie_jayx: cool
(12:46:42 PM) effie_jayx: then on to the issue I thought..
(12:46:43 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, excellent luck
(12:46:48 PM) ***effie_jayx looks for email
(12:48:18 PM) elkbuntu: Well, if nobody has any further issues or questions, i believe we shall call this a done deal and i can go sleeep :)
(12:48:58 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  nevermind
(12:49:06 PM) effie_jayx: can't find the email.
(12:49:32 PM) elkbuntu: effie_jayx, thats ok. did you have anything else?
(12:49:59 PM) ***effie_jayx hugs elkbuntu  for the great effort in putting together the meeting considering her local time
(12:50:10 PM) ***elkbuntu hugs effie_jayx back.
(12:50:22 PM) effie_jayx: elkbuntu,  gracias
(12:50:32 PM) elkbuntu: everyone else seems to have gone anyway
(12:50:35 PM) elkbuntu: no problemo, hermano
(12:55:40 PM) effie_jayx: thanks everyone for listening

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