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Ubuntu Opportunistic Developers Week March 2010 - Integrated development workflow with Ground Control - Martin Owens - Mar 1 2010

(03:01:02 PM) doctormo: Hello everyone
(03:01:23 PM) doctormo: We're here today to talk about Ground Control
(03:01:54 PM) doctormo: So who here doesn't know what Ground Control is?
(03:02:08 PM) doctormo: OK
(03:02:31 PM) doctormo: So traditionally to get into Ubuntu development, where you can collaborate with other members of the community
(03:02:56 PM) doctormo: You'd have to set up a launchpad account, set up your ssh keys, learn bzr and do a lot of red tape in the launchpad website
(03:03:14 PM) doctormo: The ssh keys was actually the biggest barrier in userbillity studies
(03:03:44 PM) doctormo: So what I've done is I've created a project called Ground Control that intergrates into launchpad
(03:03:54 PM) doctormo: Sorts out your ssh keys, oauth tokens
(03:04:00 PM) doctormo: Automatically
(03:04:25 PM) doctormo: Then provides an interface in nautilus for dealing with launchpad projects and bzr branches
(03:04:47 PM) doctormo: You can see a demonstration video of the version 1.0 here:
(03:05:54 PM) doctormo: In essence what we want to do is provide a way for _everyone_ to be able to use launchpad and the ubuntu desktop to create projects, get involved with existing projects and just feel more able to grab code and learn form it.
(03:06:08 PM) doctormo: Does everyone have ground control installed?
(03:06:30 PM) doctormo: <- you can get it here
(03:07:15 PM) doctormo: So the problem right now is that launchpad just changed it's login protocal to openid and groundcontrol is broken.
(03:07:48 PM) doctormo: There isn't a lot we can do about that right now and since it's the configuration part, it's fairly useless without it.
(03:08:46 PM) doctormo: For those who already had it installed and already logged in, you should be fine.