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16:00   heno    agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings
16:01   heno    [TOPIC] QA Today: OpenOffice bug day and test automation development in #ubuntu-testing
16:01   MootBot New Topic:  QA Today: OpenOffice bug day and test automation development in #ubuntu-testing
16:01   heno    again, mainly FYI
16:01   heno    any points needing discussion here?
16:01   davmor2 how goes the OO.o buggin'
16:01   stgraber        hello
16:01   bdmurray        pedro_: have you tried that gm script?
16:01   liw     heno, I could paste the urls for the record
16:01   stgraber        I'm currently at the station, will be home in 35min
16:02   heno    liw: please do
16:02   liw     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/DogtailTutorial https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Coverage https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/ScriptingGuide https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/LimitationsOfDogtail
16:02   liw     hmm... no, not like that
16:02   heno    stgraber: ok, see you :)
16:02   pedro_  bdmurray: not yet, I'm adding in the old way the tags by now
16:02   liw     [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation
16:02   MootBot LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation
16:03   liw     that's the main page, from which sub-pages are linked
16:03   bdmurray        I'm hurt
16:04   heno    bdmurray: as in blood on the keyboard?
16:04   bdmurray        heno: no as in my feelings ;)  I'll get over it though
16:04   heno    good news :)
16:04   heno    ok, moving on
16:04   heno    [TOPIC] Cleanup and presentation of qa-hardy-list
16:04   MootBot New Topic:  Cleanup and presentation of qa-hardy-list
16:05   heno    A few bugs there are not triaged, in the new state and the LP listing is quite poor with lots of dupes
16:06   davmor2 where we on about sorry?
16:06   heno    I can go through and triage the lagging ones
16:07   heno    https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=qa-hardy-list
16:07   heno    ogasawara: would it be possible to create a listing like the kernel one for these?
16:07   ogasawara       heno: sure.  it'll just bit a bit long.
16:08   heno    It will be a bit more tidy when we present it to the dev teams
16:08   heno    your kernel list isn't sorted by anything right?
16:08   ogasawara       heno: nope
16:08   heno    what should we sort by, assignee?
16:09   heno    one nice feature of your listing is that the fixed bugs stay on the page (at the bottom)
16:09   heno    ogasawara: how much manual maintenance do you have with that page now?
16:10   ogasawara       heno: none other than copying over the new list each week
16:10   heno    I assume you have to move bugs to 'fixed' at some point
16:10   ogasawara       nope, they move to 'fixed' automatically
16:10   heno    but with some lag?
16:11   ogasawara       heno: I've got the cron job running every hour on rookery
16:11   heno    because there are some fixed bugs at the top of the list
16:11   ogasawara       ahh, that's on purpose
16:11   heno    right, it a good thing, I just wondered about the mechanics of it
16:11   ogasawara       I think they should be listed at the bottom also
16:12   heno    indeed they are, ok
16:13   heno    [AGREED] heno will re-triage the qa-hardy-list and ogasawara will set up a display page
16:13   MootBot AGREED received:  heno will re-triage the qa-hardy-list and ogasawara will set up a display page
16:13   davmor2 it would be easier if they could just be listed by the level of fixedness :)
16:13   heno    ogasawara: let's take the implementation to email
16:13   davmor2 new at the top fixed at the bottom
16:14   heno    davmor2: the state, yeah that works too
16:14   ogasawara       I can put together a few prototypes and we can go from there
16:14   heno    btw, for ref http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogasawara/hardy-buglist.html is the kernel page we talked about above
16:15   heno    [TOPIC] Spec status https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Specs
16:15   MootBot New Topic:  Spec status https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Specs
16:15   davmor2 heno that does make it a lot simpler
16:15   ogasawara       developer weather report spec:  http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/weatherreport/
16:16   heno    shall we just go down the list?
16:16   heno    ogasawara: ooops [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'data/complete_data.txt'
16:16   ogasawara       heno: yah, it's a know issue, you have to hit refresh
16:17   heno    ok, looks good!
16:17   heno    but starting with https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/bug-statistics
16:17   ogasawara       heno: imbrandon and I believe it has to do with the ugle use of files to store the data right now
16:18   heno    we should discuss bug stats further in London
16:18   bdmurray        okay
16:18   heno    some good work has been done on this, but we may have to adjust the spec to fit that
16:19   heno    I'm thinking of the new graph types and display app
16:20   heno    I want to do some thinking about which metrics can help drive development in a good direction
16:20   heno    https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/fixed-bug-verification
16:21   pedro_  are we using the test case for iso testing ?
16:21   pedro_  I haven't seen a single one where the iso-testing tag has been added
16:21   heno    status is 'not started' but some tagging work has been done
16:21   heno    have we seen any TEST CASE: blocks?
16:22   bdmurray        I wanted to review the iso-testing bugs so could take a look and add them where possible
16:23   heno    pedro_: would you say any of these bugs are suitable to test automation?
16:23   heno    we may soon have the ability to do that
16:24   pedro_  heno: yeah, I'd like to see the list first
16:25   heno    ok, lets review this in london
16:25   pedro_  ok cool
16:25   heno    https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-automated-tests
16:25   heno    we touched on this earlier
16:26   heno    Roadmap is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Roadmap
16:26   heno    liw: is that still a realistic plan?
16:27   heno    we missed the Alpha 3 milestone by a bit (as expected) but I think we have made good progress since
16:27   liw     heno, I suspect not, since it's taking so long to get dogtail work well for us (given that we're abusing it in unintended ways :)
16:28   liw     heno, but things might go faster at the sprint, though, with greater availability and interpersonal bandwidth
16:28   heno    I've been playing with dogtail+ubuquity today, without much luck
16:28   davmor2 heno: I think a more realistic goal would be to just get as many useable scripts together first
16:28   heno    yeah, we need to get help from Evan and Luke on that
16:29   liw     I'm working on getting the gthumb and nautilus scripts working at all for me :( (l10n issues)
16:29   liw     but once I do, I expect to get a simple test runner written up quickly
16:29   pedro_  liw: i can send you them in Spanish ;-)
16:29   heno    davmor2: ubiquity is quite important WRT ISO testing though
16:29   liw     pedro_, I'm not sure that'll help in my fi_FI locale :)
16:30   liw     but I'll set up an emulated environment for running the scripts, with an English speaking locale, so that should fix things
16:30   heno    liw: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/package-level-tests <- shall we consider this complete for Hardy
16:30   heno    pending a DC server for it
16:30   liw     heno, once the stuff is running in the DC, yes
16:31   heno    ok
16:31   heno    and https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/self-testing-desktop ? Shall we roll that over to Hardy+1?
16:32   liw     I suspect that is going to have to happen :(
16:32   davmor2 hell yes
16:32   heno    getting stuff into the distro will get more difficult closer to release
16:32   liw     yeah
16:32   heno    ok, I'll just do that today and we'll move on
16:32   davmor2 you'll be best off get that in as early as possible in the next release to be honest
16:33   heno    that brings us back to https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/developer-weather-report
16:34   heno    we'll want to display that on qa.u.c at some point
16:34   ogasawara       ok that should be simple enough
16:34   heno    that page will serve nicely for discussions in London though
16:34   ogasawara       yes, I'd like to get feedback at the sprint
16:35   heno    [I'm skipping the informational specs]
16:36   liw     ogasawara, incidentally, there's a proposal to make piuparts output stuff so that the Debian Package Tracking System, which is a bit similar to the weather report (but more geared to packages) could show piuparts results: http://wiki.debian.org/piuparts#head-a2e5fe9cd411e0ea1a8d56e351c70ff60a1e9c5d -- we could discuss something like that for Ubuntu as well
16:36   stgraber        re
16:36   heno    https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/qa-website
16:36   heno    stgraber: looking at spec status
16:37   heno    would you say that's implemented?
16:37   stgraber        no, we are stil missing some major parts
16:37   stgraber        LP integration will likely not be done for Hardy but I still have some changes to do for Hardy
16:38   stgraber        https://wiki.stgraber.org/UbuntuQA/QAWebsite/TODO
16:38   ogasawara       liw: sounds good, lets get together next week to iron out some details
16:38   stgraber        that's the current status of this spec
16:38   liw     ogasawara, ack
16:38   heno    ok, thanks.
16:39   stgraber        the security part is getting better and better, remaining bits are mainly UI stuff and backend (syncing blueprints)
16:39   stgraber        + the abillity to get the list of builds from cdimage that I'm still waiting on for some major rework of the download info page
16:39   heno    stgraber: should some things be moved on to a new spec for Hardy+1?
16:40   stgraber        yes, LP integration and XML-RPC should be moved for Hardy+1
16:40   stgraber        so should the QA-Feedback spec
16:41   heno    ok, let's do that
16:41   heno    https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/qa-website-tokamak implemented?
16:41   heno    we just haven't put it to proper use yet
16:42   stgraber        You should ask nand about this one, I don't think it's been entirely implemented, we still have some minor remaining bits (let me have a look at his todolist)
16:42   stgraber        https://wiki.stgraber.org/UbuntuQA/QAPoll/TODO
16:43   stgraber        so mainly UI stuff for him as well
16:43   heno    there may be a few missing details, but on the whole it's up and running
16:43   heno    and looking very good :)
16:43   stgraber        QA-Website and QA-Poll will soon be implemented, QA-Tracker is mainly stuck on this .manifest file on cdimage
16:44   heno    yeah, I'll grab the release team about that next week
16:44   stgraber        the remaining bits are admin UIs for things like adding a website, products, testcases, menu links, ...
16:44   heno    that's it for specs
16:45   heno    [TOPIC] http://qa.ubuntu.com frontpage, what do you want on it ?
16:45   MootBot New Topic:  http://qa.ubuntu.com frontpage, what do you want on it ?
16:45   bdmurray        bugs with more than 5 subscribers is missing
16:45   stgraber        ok, so we currently have a basic website listing + some links
16:45   bdmurray        in the Useful area
16:46   heno    we should probably remove the not-yet active features
16:46   stgraber        I would like to have an improved web page, showing some stats, ...
16:46   liw     that's where the weather report is going to be, is it?
16:47   heno    I guess http://server.qa.ubuntu.com/ is not in use ATM for example
16:47   stgraber        liw: "be" maybe not, but "shown" possibly, looks like the good place for it at least
16:47   stgraber        heno: well, they requested it and I have created it, now it's up to them to send me a list of product and testcases so they can start using it ...
16:47   liw     depending on the size of the weather report, it might perhaps make sense to have a mini-report on qa.ubuntu.com with a link to the full page
16:48   heno    liw: I think we should pull the full page into qa.u.c
16:49   heno    you should be able to drill down to details from a simple summary page
16:50   stgraber        I'm thinking of some kind of block layout, with one part for the bugs (links to the different bug stats), another with the weather report, another with some wiki links (bug day, Ubuntu bugcontrol team, ...)
16:50   heno    stgraber: how do we submit layout ideas, in HTML? or shall we mock it up in a wiki page to play with possibilities?
16:50   stgraber        well having something useful as it's supposed to be our main page
16:51   stgraber        html may be better as you can play with the layout
16:51   heno    we could make use of the left hand menu space too
16:51   stgraber        we can also create a wiki page containing the list of wanted items and attached the mockups
16:51   heno    ok, so contributions are welcome :)
16:52   heno    a wiki page allows for comments too; let's do that
16:52   heno    any other topics for the meeting?
16:53   stgraber        not from me
16:53   heno    seem not
16:53   heno    #endmeeting
16:53   MootBot Meeting finished at 16:53.

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