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16:02   heno    agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings
16:02   heno    sorry for the late announcement!
16:02   pedro_  i'm loving the meeting schedule posted at the wiki page
16:02   pedro_  thanks for it ;-)
16:03   heno    yeah, I thought that might be useful :)
16:03   heno    (for when I make agendas very late ;-D )
16:03   Iulian  Actually it is ;)
16:04   heno    [TOPIC] QA-Website frontpage (nand and stgraber)
16:04   MootBot New Topic:  QA-Website frontpage (nand and stgraber)
* heno still needs to reply to some of nand's emails about brainstorm
16:05   stgraber        that's something we have been discussing a bit with nand, qa.ubuntu.com looks really empty and useless as it's now and we thought we would really need to improve it
16:05   nand    yep!
16:05   heno    nand: I've not forgotten, it's just queed up ...
16:05   nand    heno: I guessed so
16:05   stgraber        so first thing, as this page will be linked from the QA bar you have at the top of all our websites, we'll need a name for it
16:06   stgraber        this page will act as a summary of all the other QA related websites (ISO tracker, Brainstorm, QA Blog, links to Hug days, ...)
16:06   heno    'Home' ?
16:06   heno    does drupal have a blog plugin, btw?
16:06   stgraber        the problem I see with 'Home' is that people will expect to be brought back to the main page of the website they currently are on
16:07   stgraber        heno: yes, we are testing it on http://qablog.stgraber.org
16:07   heno    ooo, pretty
16:07   nand    Ideally there should be some feedback on Ubuntu dev on this blog
16:07   liw     oops, I forgot to /join the right channel
16:08   heno    nand: agreed
16:08   nand    to give some update to a good portion of users whose only portal to Ubuntu is brainstorm
16:08   heno    'QA Home'?
16:08   liw     (if someone wants to paste me the backlog for this meeting, I'd be happy to catch up)
16:08   stgraber        liw: http://paste.stgraber.org/1989
16:08   liw     thanks
16:09   pedro_  I've already flood him by privmsg hehe
16:09   stgraber        'QA Home' sounds better
16:09   liw     I have three copies of the backlog now, thanks everyone
16:10   stgraber        any other idea ?
16:10   heno    we should also consider setting up reports.qa.u.c or similar for bug lists, weather report, etc
16:10   stgraber        heno: that's my idea with qa.ubuntu.com
16:10   stgraber        let me copy/paste the planned content
16:10   stgraber        - Summary tab (developer weather report, news from the blog, top-10 from Brainstorm, links to different tracker (iso, mozilla, ...))
16:10   stgraber        - Testing tracker tab (status for ongoing testing, summary of user's subscriptions)
16:10   stgraber        - Brainstorm tab (user's favourite ideas, top-10 most recent ideas, top-10 from frontpage)
16:10   stgraber        - Resource tab (links to Wiki, LP, Hug days, Ubuntuwire, ...)
16:10   heno    ogasawara: could the weather report live on reports.qa.u.c/releasestatus ? or so
16:11   ogasawara       heno: I believe so - I actually have it at http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogasawara/weatherreport.html currently
16:11   stgraber        the default tab being the Summary which would have some kind of block base UI showing content from the various QA resources
16:11   heno    ogasawara: yeah, thanks for getting that back up!
16:13   stgraber        any other idea of what we should show on qa.ubuntu.com ?
16:13   nand    Ideally too, it should be noob-proof
16:13   davmor2 nand: :)
16:14   nand    meaning, a new user could actually learn things here about the processes
16:14   nand    and how to get involed
16:14   nand    ;)
16:14   nand    I see that page as a portal for noob to enter and discover Ubuntu dev
16:14   stgraber        we don't want our users to be sent to the ISO Tracker with no idea of what it's and how to use it, so we should disply the appropriate wiki link in the various tabs
16:15   heno    sort of a 'How can you help? layout
16:15   davmor2 pictures pictures everywhere.  It's easier to understand something when you can see it.
16:15   nand    davmor2: exactly
16:15   nand    You all remember I guess when you started contributing: The hardest part is to actually start
16:16   heno    least complex at the top: filing bugs, running unstable milestones, triage, structured testing
16:16   heno    getting increasing complicated
16:16   nand    And it would be good to take this opportunity (high popularity of brainstorm) to recruit new contributors!
16:16   davmor2 Wiki updates will be on going adding images where appropriate and hopefully simplifying where possible it's all in hand honest
16:16   nand    boss around :)
16:17   heno    shall we just do some layour mock-ups on a wiki page?
16:17   stgraber        good idea
16:18   stgraber        would be great to have different views of how this website will look like so we can discuss it a bit more at Prague
16:18   davmor2 heno: yes it'll be best then vote on it next meeting
16:18   stgraber        (assuming you guys will be at FOSSCamp)
16:18   heno    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/MainSiteHomePageScratch say
16:18   davmor2 stgraber: :(
* heno will be there
* nand too
16:20   davmor2 heno: page sounds good :)
16:20   heno    sounds like a plan
16:20   heno    [TOPIC] RC and final testing preparations
16:20   MootBot New Topic:  RC and final testing preparations
16:21   heno    our team efforts on final release testing could do with some more structure
16:21   heno    -- an action item for me basically
16:22   heno    Several people have already stepped up to take ownership of various parts of it
16:22   heno    Thanks!
16:22   heno    davmor2: will be responsible for Windows-based testing
16:23   heno    liw will run a series of upgrade tests and netboot
16:24   heno    pedro_ will keep https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/FixValidation updated and track that
16:25   heno    I may still ping other team members and ask for help on bits of this
16:25   stgraber        I'll do LTSP and some other weird Alternate testing (manual + double encrypted LVM that sort of things)
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16:25   heno    I should write an overview of who'se doing what
16:25   heno    stgraber: excellent, thanks
16:25   davmor2 I'll move on to *buntu's once I get the windows stuff out the road.
16:26   ogasawara       heno: that would be good.  then we can sign up for responsibilities that aren't yet assigned
16:26   heno    yep
16:26   stgraber        heno: hmm, we should have that overview with user's subscription if they update them accordingly
16:26   davmor2 heno: with the RC are we going for full coverage at least once?
16:26   heno    ogasawara: I'll ask for some of your tracking page expertise as well :)
16:27   heno    davmor2: ideally more than single coverage
16:27   heno    stgraber: I mean a bit more general tasks
16:28   davmor2 I did say at least once :)
16:28   heno    thinks like keeping track of the fix verification isn't a test case
16:28   davmor2 stgraber: I updated mine as much as possible
16:28   stgraber        heno: right
16:29   heno    davmor2: indeed, you're right -- more than one tester and likely more than one iteration too
16:29   heno    I've been wondering if we should remove the updates cases from the tracker
16:30   davmor2 heno: what would also be useful would be a way to identify the least tested product so when general jobs are done the least tested can be nailed
16:30   heno    they way liw and mvo tests updates doesn't really fit with that
16:30   heno    thoughts?
16:30   liw     hmm
16:31   heno    also, davmor2 had requested feedback on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Backing_Up
16:31   liw     I like the approach of having a list of tasks to be performed and being to click "pass" or "fail" for each
16:31   liw     even for upgrade testing
16:31   heno    ref http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/upgrade/all
16:32   heno    liw does that fit the tests you plan to do?
16:32   heno    or should the cases be adjusted?
16:32   stgraber        I'm not sure if that was mvo or something else but someone asked for "Upgrade (cd-rom)" to be added to the Upgrade testcases
16:32   stgraber        so we'll have : Upgrade (internet) and Upgrade (cd-rom) instead of a single Upgrade testcase
16:32   heno    yep and we need Dapper->Hardy cases too
16:33   liw     heno, I think it's fine, at least currently; I assume that if I come up with improvements, they'll be easy to do
16:33   heno    (ok, so forget my first suggestion; let's look at ways of modifying the cases)
16:34   stgraber        so we currently have upgrade for : edubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu server and xubuntu
16:34   stgraber        any other to add ?
16:34   heno    liw: there are no dapper upgrade tests listed for example
16:34   heno    do we still want Edubuntu as a separate case?
16:34   liw     heno, yeah, that's true; I'll make a list of all the scenarios I want to test, and make checklists for how to test each one
16:35   heno    liw: thanks
16:35   stgraber        heno: it's : current edubuntu -> ubuntu edu add-on
16:35   stgraber        heno: so we'll drop edubuntu with Intrepid
16:35   liw     heno, and offer them up for discussion on #ubuntu-testing (putting/keeping them on the wiki, obviously)
16:35   heno    ok, cool
16:36   heno    FYI: liw is setting up some massively package-overloaded install images to run upgrade from
16:36   heno    so it's more than just install+upgrade
16:37   heno    most packages and flavours are covered in a single upgrade test really
16:38   stgraber        my initial plan was to update the testcases for RC tonight as I'll be away next week. With the problems I had with my Dapper VM I'll likely do the sync only tomorrow evening
16:38   stgraber        so please tell me what you want changed by then
16:38   liw     stgraber, ack
16:38   heno    stgraber: great, thanks. We'll do that
16:39   davmor2 I'll probably poach the screenshots from here http://www.partimage.org/Screenshots rather than create new ones for the backup page
16:39   heno    so I'll take the action of setting up an overview page, and we'll take it from there
16:40   heno    [TOPIC] Beta bugs impact
16:40   MootBot New Topic:  Beta bugs impact
16:40   heno    I just wanted to hear what the impact of the release has been. Doesn't look too bad AFAICS
16:40   heno    pedro_, ogasawara?
16:40   pedro_  yep it's looking good on the desktop side
16:41   pedro_  we indeed have more bugs which is good
16:41   ogasawara       same here, haven't noticed anything major
16:41   pedro_  but there's nothing we don't know already and the other ones are low impact (features, etc)
16:41   heno    pedro_: :)
16:41   davmor2 goodo :)
16:41   pedro_  so yeah everything looking pretty good
16:42   heno    excellent!
16:42   heno    and as usual, we had a bug day yesterday, and will have one tomorrow!
16:42   heno    any other items?
16:42   pedro_  yes sr! based on GDM and GNOME Screensaver so be there ;-)
16:43   pedro_  not from me
16:43   heno    and KDM as well I guess
16:43   heno    3
16:43   heno    2
16:43   heno    1
16:43   heno    #endmeeting
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