05:04   BenC    calling a second time, he didn't answer the first
05:04   BenC    he's getting on
05:04   mdz     morning
05:04   sfllaw  mdz: Morning.
05:04   pitti   hi mdz
05:04   fschoep hi
05:04   Keybuk  mdz: morning
05:04   tkamppeter      hi mdz
05:05   mvo     hi mdz
05:05   keescook        hiya
05:05   Riddell hi
05:05   seb128  hi mdz
05:06   mdz     do we have ogra,Keybuk,doko?
05:06   Keybuk  we do
05:06   Keybuk  at least me
05:06   ogra    sure
05:06   mdz     fschoep,kwwii: ping
05:06   fschoep mdz: hi
05:06   kwwii   mdz: hi
05:07   heno    doko is on as doko_ today: ping
05:07   sivang  hi
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:07   doko_   pong
05:08   mdz     seb128: you said you have a commitment immediately after the meeting, so would you start?
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
05:08   seb128  Done:
05:08   seb128  - bugs fixing
05:08   seb128  To do:
05:08   seb128  - CD testing
05:08   seb128  - bugs fixing
05:08   seb128  Bugs milestoned for edgy:
05:08   seb128  - #62593: evolution-alarm-notify doesn't start if evolution is not started, annoying but not a blocker. I'll look to it next
05:08   seb128  - #3642: hibernate not working from gdm login screen, it never worked but might be easy to fix and would be nice to make working, low priority though
05:09   mdz     seb128: excellent, all your other bugs are resolved?
05:09   seb128  yep
=== webben [n=benjamin@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== pips1 [n=philipp@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:09   seb128  busy week but I'm pretty happy with the bugs fixed
05:09   mdz     indeed
05:10   mdz     only 34 on the milestone list in total now
05:10   seb128  I'll have a look at that panel freeze on upgrade happening for some people
=== tortoise_ [n=tortoise@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
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05:10   seb128  to make sure it doesn't happen on dapper to edgy update
=== olemke [n=olemke@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:10   mdz     seb128: is there no bug open about that yet?
05:10   Riddell what's the URL for the milestone list?
05:10   seb128  there is one, it's Needs Info though
05:11   dholbach        Riddell: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-6.10
05:11   ogra    hrm... sorting by status doesnbt work at all
05:11   mdz     ogra: sorting is pretty broken in general on that page; I've filed a bug already
05:11   Keybuk  mdz: you can sort the milestone list?! :p
05:11   mdz     seb128: send the bug# on -devel if you have it
05:11   Kamion  it may be easier to use the main Ubuntu bug list and use advanced search to get the milestone
05:11   ogra    heh, clicking on status seems to sort on prio :)
=== seb128 uses http://tinyurl.com/ygw4gr
05:11   BenC    I filed a bug on i too
05:12   mdz     Kamion: it is, but it doesn't have assignee on it which is less than ideal
05:12   Kamion  Keybuk: yes, but it sorts by two columns to the left due to a javascript bug
05:12   mdz     seb128: thanks
05:12   mdz     dholbach: next
05:12   Kamion  mdz: yeah
05:12   dholbach        Done
05:12   dholbach            * bluetooth fixing/updates, uvf, bugs, artwork (reverted to dapper-artwork), hug day, reviewing
05:12   dholbach        To do
05:12   dholbach            * triage, cd testing
05:12   dholbach            * more bugs, especially:
05:12   dholbach            * bug 56651 ("Impossible to do pairing in Kubuntu") - needs more investigation and testing - talking to kmobiletools upstream
05:12   Ubugtu  Malone bug 56651 in bluez-utils "Impossible to do pairing in Kubuntu" [Unknown,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/56651
05:12   dholbach            * bug 57588 ("GDM themes do not have pam-message item") - need to talk to fschoep
05:12   Ubugtu  Malone bug 57588 in edgy-gdm-themes "GDM themes do not have pam-message item" [High,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/57588
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05:12   Keybuk  Kamion: so how do you sort by status?
05:13   seb128  dholbach: if you say "bug #nnn", no need to mention the title, Ubugtu does it for you :p
05:13   ogra    Keybuk, invent two new columns ?
05:13   dholbach        seb128: thanks for the explanation ;-)
05:13   seb128  Keybuk: http://tinyurl.com/ygw4gr
05:13   dholbach        seb128: that's for the wiki then :-P
05:13   mdz     dholbach: the artwork update (or anti-update) to dapper is done?
05:13   dholbach        mdz: yes :-(
05:13   mdz     ok, haven't read mail yet this morning
05:13   Kamion  Keybuk: you don't
05:13   dholbach        discussion has started on sounder and ubuntu-art
05:13   mdz     dholbach: have you heard from sabdfl?
05:14   dholbach        mdz: no, neither has fschoep, aiui
05:14   fschoep mdz: dholbach: I've spoken to Mark on Monday and Tuesday
05:14   seb128  Keybuk: http://tinyurl.com/ybb45x rather
05:14   fschoep mdz: dholbach: had contact until late Wednesday then he disappeared
05:14   pitti   seb128: heh, I guess everyone has a similar bookmark by now :)
05:14   fschoep mdz: dholbach: no options for me than to revert to Dapper
05:14   seb128  pitti: ;)
05:14   mdz     fschoep: yes, just need to confirm that what is in edgy is something he can live with
05:15   fschoep mdz: probably not if I read between the lines
05:15   mdz     that can't wait until next week
05:15   fschoep mdz: but Dapper's artwork is in now and that's best for now
05:15   mdz     I'll call him later today
05:15   fschoep OK
05:15   mdz     dholbach: thanks
05:15   mdz     fschoep: next
05:15   fschoep Done:
05:15   fschoep * community-artwork: intensive collaboration with sabdfl and other artists, dozens of designs, reverted to Dapper artwork
05:15   fschoep * firefox-themes-ubuntu: fix bugs, Ian uploaded new package 0.5.4
05:15   fschoep * art-mailing-list: fix remaining ML moderation issues
05:15   fschoep * fixing and updating random artwork bugs
05:15   fschoep * usplash-artwork: work with Seveas and msikma to create a new design
05:16   fschoep * sound-themes: shortened login and logout sounds
05:16   fschoep * ubuntu-art-polish-human-icons: iterate with Dave on polishing icons, integrating some community crafted icons
05:16   fschoep Ongoing:
05:16   fschoep * ubuntu-art-polish-human-icons: iterating with Dave until time in the contract runs out, fix problems with new icons not showing up - results will be for Edgy +1
05:16   fschoep Todo:
05:16   fschoep * postmortem artwork analysis and discussion
05:16   fschoep * fix random artwork bugs if possible
05:16   mdz     the ubuntu-6.10 bugs regarding artwork were closed by the dapper artwork upload?
05:16   fschoep that last point is mostly about bug 57588
05:16   Ubugtu  Malone bug 57588 in edgy-gdm-themes "GDM themes do not have pam-message item" [High,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/57588
05:17   fschoep mdz: only buh 57588 left
05:17   fschoep bug
05:17   fschoep because of the revert it got lost in the shuffle
05:17   fschoep it is an easy fix, patch is available
05:17   dholbach        fschoep: it has a patch attached - if you're happy with it, i'd upload it
05:17   fschoep dholbach: need to check it one more time, then it's OK
05:17   dholbach        ok
05:18   fschoep mdz: so that would fix all artwork bugs I can do something about
05:18   mdz     hmm, seb128's url is different from mine
=== pitti used Ubuntu bugs -> advanced -> milestone only
05:19   mdz     fschoep: 57588 sounds like we ought to fix it, and it should be pretty safe
05:19   mdz     fschoep: ok, thanks
05:19   fschoep mdz: indeed
05:19   mdz     kwwii: next
05:19   tfheen  pitti: you might want to limit to main+restricted too.
05:19   kwwii   This week:
05:19   kwwii   make side stripe for main menu
05:19   kwwii   made two versions of a kubuntu menu icon - for future use perhaps
05:19   kwwii   worked on 3 ideas for the kubuntu wiki header
05:19   kwwii   Next:
05:19   kwwii   put that last stuff in bzr today, bug fix anything that comes, add any small changes needed for whatever reasons
05:19   kwwii   finish the wiki header images
05:19   mdz     my advanced search didn't turn up 57588 for some reason
05:20   fschoep mdz: I've got pretty advanced bug hiding techniques ;)
05:20   Kamion  because it's in progress maybe?
05:20   mdz     Kamion: I have other in progress bugs
05:20   mdz     his list has 41, mine 34
05:20   mdz     will fiddle with it after the meeting
=== freeflying_ [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:21   Keybuk  kwwii: "small changes" in artwork, before the release?  are you mad?
05:21   kwwii   one more things for me: make release announcement pic
05:21   mdz     kwwii: so what's in edgy now is final, or something is very wrong?
05:21   kwwii   Keybuk: well, if something is a major bug, then yes, we should change it
05:21   tfheen  mdz: 41 bugs is with universe included.
05:21   Keybuk  (there's got to be at least three redesigns in the next week, if we follow the last plan <g>)
05:21   kwwii   mdz: nopt, everything in edgy is final
=== webben [n=benjamin@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
05:22   kwwii   Keybuk: actually I have been working on the same design since Wiesbaden :-)
05:22   mdz     kwwii: ok, phew
05:22   mdz     kwwii: thanks
05:22   kwwii   :-)
05:22   mdz     heno: next
05:22   heno    * a11y: Everything on my list has been fixed except the GOK/wacom configuration/crasher bug (#42308). I would need help from some X people with that. Annoying but gok is no longer default OSK, and there is a simple work-around.
05:22   heno    * example-content: uploaded some simple spelling changes and tweaks yesterday
05:22   heno    * winfoss: complete apart from new screenshots to reflect the new (old) artwork. Doing that now.
05:22   heno    * access.ubuntu.com: will need updating now to reflect our new features
05:22   heno    * other: stated work on Edgy+1 specs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Specs
05:23   mdz     bug 42308
05:23   Ubugtu  Malone bug 42308 in gok "On-screen keyboard (gok v1.0.7-0ubuntu3) fails" [Medium,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/42308
05:23   tfheen  heno: 42308 isn't 6.10-targeted.
05:23   heno    tfheen: ok, nevermind then
05:23   heno    and rightly so
05:23   mdz     hmm, old bug
05:23   tfheen  heno: if it's critical for the release, we should target it, if not, it shouldn't be fixed before edgy+1 opens
05:23   mdz     heno: the a11y stuff for the live CD is sorted now?
05:24   heno    tfheen: it's not critical IMO
05:24   heno    mdz: yes, fixes are applied, though I've not had a chance to test everything
05:25   mdz     heno: ok, please verify as soon as you can with a daily
05:25   heno    mdz: ok
05:25   mdz     winfoss is final?
05:25   Kamion  heno: please do (have someone) test the orca/ubiquity thing I uploaded today - I tested as best I could but my test rig isn't set up for it
05:26   heno    mdz: except that the artwork has just changed so I need to change some Ubuntu screenshots
05:26   heno    Kamion: yes
05:26   Riddell heno: is the kubuntu winfoss final?
05:26   mdz     fschoep: speaking of which, are you in communication with the doc team about screenshots?
05:26   heno    tortoise_: could you look at that? ^
05:27   fschoep mdz: no I am not
05:27   Kamion  tortoise_: tomorrow's daily build should have it
05:27   mdz     fschoep: please start a dialog about that, given how unpredictable it continues to be
05:27   fschoep mdz: right, how would I go about the discussion / problem?
05:27   heno    (I ask because he wrote the ubiquity script for orca)
05:27   tortoise_       heno, kamion: yeah, sure
05:28   mdz     fschoep: explain that the artwork has changed to dapper's and so screenshots with the old artwork will need to be updated
=== finalbeta [n=finalbet@d5152A68A.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:29   fschoep mdz: OK, that's clear but those already have the "artwork preview" notice on it, but I'll try and get in touch anyway
05:29   fschoep mdz: consider it done
05:29   mdz     heno: thanks
05:29   mdz     doko_: next
05:30   doko_   this week:
05:30   doko_   - OOo update to 2.0.4 rc3, python to 2.4.4 rc1
05:30   doko_   - fixing build failures; toolchain & python
05:30   doko_   - new hplip 1.6.9 package
05:30   doko_   - some more package syncs
05:30   doko_   next week:
05:30   doko_   - OOo 2.0.4 final?, python2.4.4 final
05:30   doko_   - bugs
05:30   doko_   bug status:
05:30   doko_   - #56779, #57121: python upgrade errors; not reproducible in standard
05:30   doko_      dapper -> edgy upgrades by mvo and me.  still investigating.
05:30   doko_   - #64604: python2.5 installation error; most likely the same problem
05:30   doko_      as above; investigating.
05:30   doko_   - #64014 ([ia64]  libgcc1: undefined reference to `_Unwind_GetIPInfo')
05:30   doko_      fixed.
05:31   mdz     doko_: it may not be realistic to drop in the final oo.o and pytho
05:31   mdz     n
05:32   mdz     oo.o in particular is disruptive to the release process even if the changes are tiny
05:32   Kamion  python may be more realistic than oo.o; at least we can feasibly read the diff there
05:32   Kamion  and expect it to build in reasonable time
05:32   mdz     yes, and the diff is likely to be tiny
05:32   doko_   therefore the "?"; will send an email about OOo. if we can do the OOo build on a weekend, it wouldn't hurt
05:32   mdz     for the same reason, of course, it doesn't add much value :-)
05:32   doko_   mdz: marketing :-)
05:32   mdz     doko_: if oo.o is released in time to build it over this weekend, that would be perfect
05:33   mdz     but I'm not keen to update it after RC at all
05:33   doko_   ok
05:33   mdz     we'll see what happens
05:34   mdz     doko_: I spoke with kiko yesterday; we should be able to open edgy+1 shortly and start toolchain testing
05:34   mdz     did hplip 1.6.9 go ok?  no reports of regressions?
05:34   Kamion  what do we do about inheritance of the uploads to edgy after edgy+1 opens?
05:34   BenC    doko_: I have 2.6.19 kernel packages ready if you need/want them for toolchain bootstrapping
05:34   doko_   fine. haven't read any; tkamppeter closed some more hplip reprots
=== tomveens [n=tomveens@ztn-c-1566b.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
05:34   mdz     ok, thanks doko_
=== dholbach hugs super-doko_
05:35   mdz     infinity: next
05:35   infinity        Kamion: I was about to ask the same question, since we currently can't copy packages between releases without great pain.
05:35   doko_   BenC: sure, would be ok for the headers.
05:35   infinity        Done:
05:35   infinity        - Archive rebuild kicked off, in progress, and FTBFS-fixing uploads have been happening as quickly as I can fix and/or delegate
05:35   infinity        - Spent a great deal of the week in sessions with the Soyuz folks over various bugs and misfeatures, as well as some minor fallout from the apt-ftparchive upgrade
05:35   BenC    doko_: Although it may be better to use a stable kernel header package
05:35   infinity        - Plenty of archive maintenance tasks, clearing out queue/new on a far more regular basis (we sure do like to upload just before a freeze, don't we?)
05:35   infinity        To do:
05:35   mdz     Kamion: they have a couple of reasonable-sounding plans
05:35   infinity        - Lots more FTBFS bugs to fix and delegate, I'm afraid.  They keep rolling in.
05:35   infinity        - Archive administration for the freeze/release.
05:35   infinity        - Make sure we're ready for edgy-security and edgy-updates.
05:35   infinity        - Make sure my Soyuz bits are ready to open edgy+1.
05:35   infinity        Milestone bugs:
05:35   infinity        - #61684: livefs task/metapackage mangling, should be fixed already, but confirming the fix is working as expected before I close it
05:35   infinity        - #63336: bizarre samba rc?.d symlinks appearing from nowhere, this was fixed once in hoary(?), but seems to have come back, however the package that used to cause the bug no longer seems to contain the buggy code.. I'm at a loss
05:35   infinity        - #63693: conffile upgrade prompt with initramfs-tools, looks like it may have been a bug in dapper's d-i.  Once I install a dapper system and confirm the bug, the fix is trivial and non-intrusive (copy and paste of some code from dapper, even)
05:35   mdz     Kamion: to copy over the changed edgy packages before we open it for real
05:36   mdz     (everyone: it's a good idea to use 'bug <num>' notation so that we get bug URLs from the bot)
05:36   Kamion  infinity: 61684 seems to be fine on the livefs, but due to the Malone bug where you can't open another task once one is open without a sourcepackage, it's metamorphosed into a bug about tasksel/apt-get install taskname^
05:37   infinity        Kamion: Heh, fair enough.  Feel free to assign it to you from here on in, then. :)
05:37   keescook        mdz: use 'bug <num>' even for non-milestone bugs in our report this week?
05:37   mdz     keescook: milestone bugs
05:37   mdz     the ones I'm likely to want to look at :-)
05:37   Kamion  infinity: or we can open a task on /products/ubuntu-cdimage for the livefs bits
05:37   Kamion  might do that, actually
05:38   keescook        mdz: right, thanks.
05:38   mdz     Kamion: good idea
05:38   infinity        Kamion: open a task on products/malone while you're at it, to prove a point. :P
05:38   mdz     infinity: these ftbfs are from the edgy rebuild?
05:38   fabbione        mdz: yes
05:38   infinity        mdz: Indeed.  Most are manageable so far, just a few more than I'd been hoping to see, and far later than we'd been hoping to get this off the ground.
05:38   mdz     infinity: where they're not immediately fixable by you, they should be milestoned
05:39   infinity        mdz: Understood.  Anything I can't fix or delegate immediately, I'll file and milestone.
05:39   mdz     thanks infinity
05:39   mdz     pitti: next
05:39   pitti   Done:
05:39   pitti   * security updates: PHP, Mozilla,
05:39   pitti   * Edgy security review, applied a few missing patches that fell through the cracks; in a good state now
05:39   pitti   * caught up with pending MIRs
05:39   pitti   * bug triage/fix sprint; brought my own milestone bug list down to zero, starting to look into unassigned milestone bugs and general FTBFS issues from autotests builds now
05:39   pitti   * transition uploads to get rid of gnutls11 in universe, leaving us with only two gnutls versions for edgy (12 in universe, 13 in main); needs to be removed from the archive now (infinity might have already done that)
05:39   pitti   * new langpacks for edgy and dapper-proposed
05:39   pitti   Todo:
05:40   pitti   * CD testing
05:40   pitti   * helping with release-critical bug and FTBFS fixing wherever I can
05:40   pitti      - bug #62593 is my pet bug on the list ATM; I'm sure I can fix it soon
05:40   Ubugtu  Malone bug 62593 in evolution-data-server "Does not display alarms until I start evolution" [Unknown,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/62593
05:40   pitti      - ogra noticed that edgy's gstreamer breaks the LTSP audiosink magic; if that's considered release critical, I'll fix that by tomorrow evening, too
05:40   pitti      - currently dealing with various FTBFSes (partly fixed already), poppler ABI change, etc.; my current list should get done today; I'm certain that infinity has more stuff to look into :)
05:40   pitti   * think about and draft SRU policy for langpacks
05:40   pitti   * question to mdz/tfheen/Kamion: when shall I upload the final edgy langpacks? Another round would be nice for last polish and to pick up the KDE 3.5.5 translations (they came too late for the current packs)
05:40   mdz     ogra: breaks how?
05:40   ogra    mdz, it defaults to alsa instead of esd
05:40   pitti   ogra: it uses dmixsink now instead of esdsihnk
05:40   ogra    which doesnt help much with ESPEAKER
05:40   mdz     when did that change?
05:41   Kamion  pitti: language pack translation deadline is next Thursday
05:41   tfheen  pitti: langpack translations is at the same time as RC, isn't it?
05:41   tfheen  so I'd say Friday.
05:41   mdz     pitti: the day after RC
05:41   pitti   the patch is still there, but it somehow broke (I guess due to shifted priorities); I didn't investigate yet
05:41   ogra    mdz, no idea, my users here always worked i noticed it just recently
05:41   mdz     pitti: what's the fix?
05:41   Kamion  does make rather a joke out of the notion of a release "candidate"; perhaps we should revisit that scheduling next time, when we have a little more space to play with
05:41   ogra    (from a fresh cd install)
05:41   mdz     Kamion: indeed, I thought so too
05:41   pitti   mdz: alright, will upload them directly after RC then
05:42   pitti   mdz: fix> didn't look into it yet, but I guess it should be a trivial one-liner change to adapt priority
05:42   mdz     Kamion: have made a note for mountain view
05:42   ogra    pitti, now that i know where to look i can probably tackle it myself
05:42   pitti   well, I can also live with not updating the packs any more, and using edgy-proposed/-updates after release
05:43   mdz     pitti: we ought to fix that, given that it's a feature we promote in the release notes etc.
=== erwin [n=ph@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:43   Kamion  at the very least there should be an update on Monday or so, if not next Friday
05:43   pitti   mdz: ok, I'll look for the bug and add the milestone
05:43   pitti   oh, bug 65690
05:43   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65690 in gst-plugins-good0.10 "should select the esdsink for LTSP_CLIENTs" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65690
05:43   ogra    right
05:43   mdz     ok
05:43   mdz     thanks pitti
05:43   Kamion  but I think Friday's probably better
05:44   mdz     mvo: next
05:44   mvo     Did:
05:44   mvo     - bugtriage/testing/various fixes
05:44   mvo     - lots of upgrade testing/testing the upgrader
05:44   mvo     - fix synaptic performance regression (#63171)
05:44   mvo     - fix language-selector problem when new fontconfig fragments are added (#62869)
05:44   mvo     - investigate popcon #64122, fixed by forced reconfigure for older versions
05:44   mvo     - non-free icons issue of app-install-data (#61076) with mdy - one icon needs to be rechecked, rest is ok
05:44   mvo     - dist-upgrader fixes (kubuntu upgrades work now, vanishing icons fixed, fixes in the quirks handling, discoverd problem with dist-upgrades when only cdrom is used #65679
05:44   mvo     - fixed dist-upgrae postinst failure of linux-image-$foo by fixing the update-grub script
=== Viper550 [n=Viper550@d57-121-167.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:44   mvo     - fixed apt-index-watcher corrupting the pkgcache and causing crashes
05:44   mvo     - memleask/proxy-problem fixed in update-manager
05:44   mvo     - - g-a-i desktop files updated for RC
05:44   mvo     Will do:
05:44   mvo     - bugfixing/bugtriage
05:44   mvo     - upgrade testing/cd testing
05:44   mvo     Interessting milestone bugs:
05:44   mvo     - bug #61076: we should be fine, awaiting confirm from mdy for a outstanding clarification on one icon
05:44   Ubugtu  Malone bug 61076 in gnome-app-install "app-install-data contains non-free icons from multiverse, app-install-data-commercial contains even more unfree stuff" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/61076
05:44   mvo     - bug #61684: needs fixing in aptitude or exchanging aptitude with the apt-get way to install tasks
05:44   Ubugtu  Malone bug 61684 in ubuntu-cdimage "Removing any u-desktop depdencency marks all other packages for auto-removal (on alternate install)" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/61684
05:44   mvo     - bug #63396 we could add a special case for this in the upgrader
05:44   Ubugtu  Malone bug 63396 in imake "Upgrading to edgy beta leavs imake and makedepend" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/63396
05:44   mvo     - bug #63680 no progress :/ putting it into the release notes may be the only option
05:44   Ubugtu  Malone bug 63680 in apt "dapper -> edgy dist-upgrade holds back essential packages" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/63680
05:44   mvo     - bug #64395 can't reproduce
05:44   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64395 in gcj-4.1 "Update manager aborts on eclipse-platform-gcj when updating from Dapper to Edgy" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64395
05:44   mvo     - bug #65679 not analyized yet, but it looks not easy (apt-get dist-upgrade dies early)
05:44   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65679 in update-manager "cdrom only dist-upgrade not working because of openoffice.org-l10n" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65679
05:45   Viper550        excuse me, but from what I heard, Edgy will be released with Dapper's artwork, why did you do this?
05:45   mdz     mvo: 61684 only pertains to the alternate CD now, right?  it's fixed properly for the desktop cd?
05:45   fabbione        mvo: bug 63396 is a mix of things.. IIRC Kamion said something about archive that didn't drop a package?
05:45   Ubugtu  Malone bug 63396 in imake "Upgrading to edgy beta leavs imake and makedepend" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/63396
05:45   Kamion  mdz: it does appear to be
05:46   Kamion  mdz: I tried it out today and am not noticing weirdness so far
05:46   mvo     mdz: yes, the desktop cd should be fine
05:46   mdz     Viper550: please take that discussion to the art mailing list; we're short on time here
05:46   fabbione        Viper550: we are in a meeting and this is offtopic here.
05:46   mdz     Viper550: fschoep will provide background there
=== Viper550 [n=Viper550@d57-121-167.home.cgocable.net] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
05:46   Kamion  fabbione: those packages certainly aren't in the NBS list any more
05:46   Kamion  unless they're whole source packages that need to be removed
05:46   mdz     infinity,mvo,Kamion: fine = the awful hack we used for beta, or a proper fix now?
05:46   Kamion  in which case let ubuntu-archive know ASAP
05:46   fschoep I'm on it
05:46   fabbione        Kamion: ok. there was more to be done and it was assigned to rodrigo.. we should look at it again.
05:47   mvo     fabbione: isn't it only a missing transitional package?
05:47   infinity        mdz: It installs ubuntu-live as a task now, which mvo assures me should work, however the awful hack is still in there *too*.  I'll remove it tomorrow and make sure that doesn't break anything.
05:47   fabbione        mvo: no.. imake is provided by xutils-dev.. let's talk about it after the meeting
05:47   mvo     fabbione: ok
05:48   infinity        mdz: The awful hack remained purely for paranoia's sake until I had a chance to rsync some images and test for myself.
05:48   mvo     infinity: please keep me updated on this too
05:48   mdz     infinity: ok
05:48   infinity        mvo: Oh, you'll hear from me if it braks. :)
05:48   infinity        s/braks/breaks/
05:48   mvo     you mean I will hear the yelling all over the ocean?
05:49   infinity        Possibly. :)
05:49   mvo     the cdrom->cdrom upgrade thing is currently the only one that makes me kind of nervous
05:49   mdz     mvo: please draft a note for 63680
05:50   mdz     mvo: you think one final upgrader update before RC?
05:50   mvo     mdz: I will draft a note. I have one (trivial) patch pending for the upgrader
05:50   mvo     and I would like to do a i18n update too if possible
05:50   mdz     mvo: 61684 -> I prefer that we switch to apt-get; that's what we're using for the livefs, yes?
05:50   infinity        Indeed.
05:50   Kamion  mdz: that's what I'm planning to do, yes
05:51   mvo     mdz: yes
05:51   Kamion  mvo says the aptitude fix is hard
05:51   mdz     indeed
05:51   mvo     unfortunately :/
05:51   mdz     mvo: ok, thanks
05:51   mdz     BenC: next
05:51   mvo     I can give it a deeper look though
05:51   BenC    64430: T42 Crash in e1000 on suspend: Working on this with mdz
05:51   BenC    43531: Seems I forgot to make these uploads. Just adds a Provides for all boot loaders of "boot-loader", and adds a "no-boot-loader" meta-package to linux-meta. Will upload today.
05:51   BenC    63553: Ricoh R5C822 card reader doesn't detect inserts. Patch applied. If another upload is done, it will get included.
05:51   BenC    General kernel: All security updates done. Most major regressions handled. May have one more upload before release, but not likely.
05:51   Kamion  mvo: probably not worth the time right now
05:52   Kamion  BenC: no-boot-loader is still such an incredibly confusing name given the existence of nobootloader :-/
05:52   fabbione        BenC: re 64430 you want to ask davem, he knows about this PM bug in the e1000. it's probably the same that generate the HV crash on Niagara
05:52   BenC    Kamion: Any suggestions?
=== sivang -> (sent and update to mdz)
05:52   tfheen  BenC: what about bug 33950 ?   You targetted it for 6.10?
05:52   BenC    fabbione: Ok
05:52   Ubugtu  Malone bug 33950 in linux-source-2.6.17 "hdaps Y axis inverted" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/33950
05:52   sivang  (had to go, laters)
05:52   mdz     BenC: bug 60231, bug 60938, bug 62685, bug 33950, bug 58742 all seem to be targeted
05:52   Ubugtu  Malone bug 60231 in linux "wg511 pccard not loaded (regression: dapper -> edgy)" [Unknown,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/60231
05:52   Ubugtu  Malone bug 60938 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17 "ath_hal missing from modules.dep" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/60938
05:52   Ubugtu  Malone bug 62685 in linux-source-2.6.17 "[Edgy regression]  Hostap driver for PRISM2 wifi card not working any more" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/62685
05:52   Ubugtu  Malone bug 58742 in linux-source-2.6.17 "[edgy]  Important dvb-ttpci modules are missing in edgy!" [Undecided,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/58742
05:53   BenC    bug 33950 ?
05:53   Kamion  BenC: virtual, null, not sure really, none seem compelling :-/
05:53   infinity        bug 60938 is a complete mystery to me, I've never been able to reproduce it.
05:53   mdz     Kamion,BenC: "manual"?
05:54   Kamion  mdz: good idea
05:54   BenC    I didn't see 58742, I'll check on that today
05:54   BenC    ok, manual-boot-loader it is
=== Czubek [n=Damian@a228.t15.ds.pwr.wroc.pl] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:54   mdz     I experienced 60938 though I am at a loss to explain how it could have happened
05:55   BenC    60938 sounds like a race to me
05:55   infinity        mdz: Can't reliably reproduce it, I take it? :/
05:55   BenC    some how depmod isn't getting run, or is run at the wrong time
05:55   mdz     if you guys have older kernels installed, search your old modules.dep and see if any are missing restricted modules
05:55   infinity        BenC: We run it from the lrm postinst, so that's pretty sketchy..
05:55   BenC    it doesn't sound possible though
05:56   seb128  mdz: I've to go now, is that ok?
05:56   mdz     seb128: ok, good night
05:56   seb128  thanks
05:56   mvo     bye seb128
05:56   mdz     infinity: if you would prepare a quick recipe people could paste to check whether they've been affected, and mail it out, that might help
05:57   mdz     we could at least estimate how many people were affected
05:57   infinity        mdz: I'll do so in the morning, sure.
05:57   infinity        mdz: Make sure to list it in the "meeting deliverables" mail, so I don't forget when I pass out in a few minutes. :)
05:57   BenC    mdz: I just checked ubuntu-6.10 bugs that were assigned to me, so I'll get on those other ones
=== dholbach_ [n=daniel@i577B3879.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:58   mdz     there are some conditions in both lrm-manager and linux-image.postinst, but they're pretty unlikely to be wrong
05:58   infinity        Yeah, I'm re-reading lrm-manager now..
05:58   mdz     BenC: ok, please mail me after you've looked at the others
05:59   mdz     BenC: ok, thanks
05:59   mdz     ogra: next
05:59   ogra    * last-week:
05:59   ogra    - fixed the remaining edubuntu and ltsp bugs
05:59   ogra    - go over screensaver and powermanager bugs, fix the non intrusively fixable ones
05:59   ogra    - fixed 640x480 usplash theme
05:59   ogra    - fix some edubuntu defaults
05:59   ogra    - several CD tests
05:59   ogra    - cared for MV sponsorings and arrangements
05:59   ogra    * next week:
05:59   ogra    - RC testing etc
05:59   ogra    - post RC: fill CD with langpacks where space is left
05:59   ogra    - look into bug #65693, bug #65690 and #49441
05:59   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65693 in edubuntu-artwork "progressbar is distorted " [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65693
05:59   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65690 in gst-plugins-good0.10 "should select the esdsink for LTSP_CLIENTs" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65690
05:59   Ubugtu  Malone bug 49441 in Baltix "Should not choose GL screensavers when no acceleration is available" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/49441
06:00   mdz     ack, 49441 is still around?
=== Linuturk [n=Linuturk@mail.faia.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:00   ogra    yep
06:00   ogra    and it might be a bit intrusive to fix ...
06:00   mdz     it is too late to fix
06:00   ogra    i'm considering disabling random in g-s-s
06:00   mdz     it's also a duplicate
06:01   mdz     has upstream shown any interest?
06:01   ogra    well, its mostly X breakage ...
06:01   mdz     oh?
06:01   ogra    so upstrema doesnt really care ...
06:01   fabbione        ogra: did you just volunteered to take over X for edgy+1?
06:01   ogra    indeed, if your system dies because of extensive mesa usage
=== tfheen ^5-s fabbione
06:01   ogra    fabbione, who does edubuntu and ltsp then ?
06:02   mdz     ogra: how is it an X issue? does X not allow the application to check whether opengl is accelerated?
06:02   ogra    mdz, X does
06:02   mdz     then what's the trouble?
06:02   ogra    but that the screensavers break at all is a GL/Mesa issue
06:03   mdz     they're incredibly slow unless acceleration is available
06:03   ogra    i have a warty laptop here that has no GL and all GL savers run fine without making it melt
06:03   ogra    its true that they eat CPU, but not in an amount that breaks the system
06:03   mdz     it takes the entire CPU on my desktop without accel
06:03   ogra    right
06:03   mdz     a screensaver shouldn't do that
06:04   mdz     anyway, it's too late (again!) to fix this
06:04   ogra    and it did so in dapper and breezy, but before GL savers were fine
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=== jenda [n=jenda@ubuntu/member/jenda] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:04   ogra    ok, i'll have a backportable fix for release then ...
06:04   mdz     they weren't in my experience
06:05   mdz     thanks ogra
06:05   mdz     iwj: next
06:05   iwj     automated-testing-deployment: Automated testbed (Xen guest) creation packaged up.  Working on tearing apart adt-virt-chroot to make adt-virt-xenlvm too.
06:05   iwj     firefox: 2.0rc2 in edgy, calling itself `Firefox'.  2.0 final has missed the boat, but rc2 seems to be working well enough.
06:05   iwj     next week: holiday
06:05   iwj     edgy-targeted bug #30791 (compreg.dat): partial workaround (rm in postinst) deployed but we still don't know the real cause and can't fix until we do :-/.  I think this bug no longer needs to be on the radar for the edgy release so I have de-targeted it.
06:05   Ubugtu  Malone bug 30791 in firefox "firefox 1.4.99 upgrade still have compreg.dat, creates issue" [Medium,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/30791
06:05   iwj     edgy-targeted bug #57161 (libsmjs-dev etc, eclipse): Communications with submitters don't seem very good, but: I still think this should be fixed by use of firefox's -dev packages, as I say in the report.  Unfortunately I think it is now too late to fix this in the libsmjs etc. packages (in universe).  Certainly it is too late to make any kind of structural change to the libraries provided by firefox.
06:05   Ubugtu  Malone bug 57161 in xulrunner "Impossible to install libsmjs-dev with firefox present" [Unknown,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/57161
06:05   iwj     nothing else for edgy on my plate that I know of.
06:06   mdz     iwj: shouldn't be too late to fix things like that in universe, if we have a fix in hand
06:06   iwj     mdz: I don't think we do have a fix in hand.
06:06   iwj     I mean, I have a suggestion for what to do, but there is no concrete patch or anything and no-one has tested it.
06:06   iwj     We don't even know if what I suggest will work, although I think it will.
06:06   doko_   mdz: I'm still looking to build eclipse using firefox-dev.
06:07   mdz     iwj: wouldn't this problem date back to before edgy?
06:07   iwj     mdz: Yes.
06:07   iwj     At least, unless libsmjs etc. changed.
06:07   iwj     I'm afraid I don't know much about them.
06:07   mdz     iwj: 30791 has no milestone set
06:07   tfheen  mdz: he said he de-targeted it
06:08   iwj     mdz: Yes, I unset the milestone because the partial workaround I've deployed is what we're doing for edgy.
06:08   mdz     ok
06:08   tfheen  we've deployed a workaround (rm-ing compreg.dat in postinst) which is not ideal, but might help
06:08   mdz     iwj: what's the word from sysadmin about deploying automated testing?
06:08   iwj     It's certainly safe and it might help gather information and will make it easier to fix broken systems.
06:08   Kamion  xulrunner is fairly new; I'm not sure it was in <edgy?
06:08   iwj     mdz: I haven't spoken to them recently.  I'm still putting pieces together.
06:08   iwj     Kamion: That may be true.
06:09   mdz     ok
06:09   iwj     mdz: re automated testing, I had agreement in principle.
06:09   Kamion  ah, xulrunner is only in edgy, but libsmjs-dev predates edgy
06:09   iwj     Presumably libsmjs-dev changed its dependencies in Debian.
06:09   Kamion  it used to come from spidermonkey
06:10   mdz     iwj: it seems unlikely to be deployed now, and is too late to reap benefit for edgy anyway
06:10   mdz     iwj: please mark deferred
06:10   iwj     Willdo.
06:10   iwj     I'll keep working on it though ...
06:10   mdz     thanks iwj
06:10   mdz     sfllaw: next
06:10   sfllaw  Done:
06:10   sfllaw  * Hug Day
06:10   sfllaw  * Bug triage
06:10   sfllaw  * Testing/Current
06:10   sfllaw  To do:
06:10   sfllaw  * Cupsys SRU (bug 54277)
06:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 54277 in cupsys "cupsd can't access /var/log/cups/error_log permission denied" [High,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/54277
06:11   sfllaw  * Hal SRU (bug 56484)
06:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 56484 in hal "hal does not detect non-ATAPI CD-ROM drives" [Unknown,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/56484
06:11   sfllaw  * Bug triage
06:11   sfllaw  * Testing/Current
06:11   sfllaw  * Hug Day
06:11   sfllaw  ogra: Since you have the hardware that can reproduce the hal change, could you install hal from dapper-proposed and give it a spin?
06:11   sfllaw  tfheen: Which CD images should we be targetting in Testing/Current?
06:11   mdz     sfllaw: do you have a plan for testing RC?
06:11   tfheen  sfllaw: none yet; I'll build candidate images on Monday.
06:11   sfllaw  Yes.
06:11   ogra    sfllaw, will do so, but i need a free machine for dapper first
06:11   tfheen  sfllaw: 54277 isn't targetted
06:11   mdz     sfllaw: is it in the wiki?
06:11   pitti   ogra: that's the SCSI/USB cd-rom issue I fixed in Wiesbaden
06:12   tfheen  sfllaw: neither is 56484
06:12   dholbach        tfheen: that's a stable release update, no?
06:12   sfllaw  Not anything further than Testing/Current.
06:12   ogra    pitti, yep, i saw the mail
06:12   pitti   sfllaw: these were dapper-proposed uploads
06:12   pitti   tfheen: ^ sorry
06:12   tfheen  dholbach: oh, true.
06:12   pitti   they are both fixed in edgy
06:12   sfllaw  We'll be doing lab testing which should give us good results.
06:12   sfllaw  But we will need people to chip in with PPC and Sparc hardware.
06:13   sfllaw  As we don't have enough of that.
06:13   fabbione        sfllaw: you have 2 sparc gears at the DC
06:13   fabbione        sfllaw: those are the one you care the most
06:13   sfllaw  fabbione: DC?
06:13   dholbach        data centre?
06:13   mdz     sfllaw: what we need is a list of tasks and who will carry them out
06:13   sfllaw  fabbione: Are you referring to the certification lab?
06:13   fabbione        sfllaw: yes
06:14   mdz     all of the high priority test cases should have a name attached and a commitment to complete the test on schedule
06:14   sfllaw  OK.  Well, I will look for volunteers to help with PPC then.
06:15   mdz     high priority should cover all ISOs, at least one install test per
06:15   sfllaw  We can do lots of Intel and AMD64 machines in parallel.
06:15   sfllaw  Since the office bandwidth will be low, I'm going to do downloads from home and ship them there by sneakernet.
06:15   mdz     sfllaw: there's a wiki list of who has what hardware; don't wait for volunteers but rope them in
06:15   sfllaw  OK.
06:15   Keybuk  mdz: where is that page?  I need to remove my ppc from it
06:15   mdz     Keybuk: canonical wiki
06:15   keescook        sfllaw: I have two PPC here, let me know where I can help
06:15   sfllaw  https://wiki.canonical.com/StaffHardware
06:16   sfllaw  keescook: Thanks.
06:16   dholbach        i need to get memory for my old ppc over the weekend, so i can do at least an alternate installer test
06:16   sfllaw  Can we all update https://wiki.canonical.com/StaffHardware then?
06:17   pitti   will o
06:17   sfllaw  Stylish!
06:17   pitti   do, even
=== fabbione start to feel hungry
06:17   mdz     sfllaw: I'll sketch an outline of what I mean for the testing process and we'll go over it tomorrowish
06:18   mdz     sfllaw: thanks
06:18   sfllaw  Thanks.
06:18   mdz     fabbione: next
06:18   fabbione        Done
06:18   fabbione        * RC bug fixing. My personal list has been emptied a week ago or so, picked up some random one from the others.
06:18   fabbione        * More of the above.
06:18   fabbione        * install/upgrade testing on sparc/i386.
06:18   fabbione        * Setup super buildd of death for sparc (running as we speak).
06:18   fabbione        * Started beta testing program for one ISV.
06:18   fabbione        * cpio/LSB funtastic. no regressions so far. will unsubscribe myself tomorrow as specified by SRU procedures.
06:18   fabbione        * Fixed redhat-cluster-suite dapper -> edgy upgrade with help from Kamion.
06:18   fabbione        To do
06:18   fabbione        * Team up with infinity to fix FTBFS from the above (plenty to investigate).
06:18   fabbione        * More testing on sparc.
06:18   fabbione        * Write wiki upgrade procedure for redhat-cluster-suite.
06:18   fabbione        Note:
06:18   fabbione        * while the sparc buildd of death is running, i *am* less responsive on IRC because i often need to head out of the office because it's just too noisy.
06:18   fabbione        mdz: i would like to take 2 minutes of your time after the meeting.
06:18   mdz     sfllaw: oh, and when targeting any new bugs which don't have an assignee, please notify me, as I'm keeping track out of band
06:19   mdz     fabbione: no problem
06:19   sfllaw  mdz: Targetting?
06:19   Kamion  sfllaw: milestone ubuntu-6.10
06:19   mdz     sfllaw: if you come across a bug in triage which ought to be targeted, and target it, I'd like to hear about it asynchronously
06:19   sfllaw  mdz: Ah.  Will do.
06:19   fabbione        mdz: possibly after dinner.. when i wrote the report it was 2 hours ago :)
06:20   mdz     fabbione: no targeted bugs for sparc?
06:20   fabbione        mdz: nope.. all cleared
06:20   mdz     cool
06:20   fabbione        mdz: well modulo the FTBFS that i am still parsing
06:21   fabbione        mdz: all the other stuff looks good
06:21   mdz     infinity: sparc is covered by the rebuild test?
06:21   infinity        mdz: Doubly-so, both in the DC and on Fabio's rig.
06:21   fabbione        mdz: yes.. i did setup 24 buildd's here
06:21   mdz     fabbione: !
06:21   mdz     24?
06:21   mdz     one for every hour of the day?
06:21   fabbione        mdz: yes.. on the Niagara
06:21   fabbione        mdz: ahah no.. just a bit of hacks around dak
06:21   Kamion  make -j24 fabbione
06:22   fabbione        Kamion: ROFL
06:22   ogra    heh
06:22   mdz     ok
06:22   mdz     thanks fabbione
06:22   mdz     Kamion: next
06:22   Kamion  Done:
06:22   Kamion    usplash: Made tasksel install xserver-xorg before usplash, fixing resolution detection.
06:22   Kamion    ubiquity: Fixed DCOP handling so that the KDE frontend can reboot properly and disable the media notifier. Fixed manual partitioning summary. Fixed several nasty bugs with tens of reports each. Quick accessibility tweak for Henrik (orca). Pulled in final translations. Pretty happy with the state of the world here.
06:22   Kamion    sane-installer-keyboard: Default keyboard layout in ubiquity fixed. Beat up keymapper and cdebconf-keystep until they can detect a UK keymap correctly again.
06:22   Kamion    misc: LVM and RAID polished up in d-i; likewise XFS. ia64 fixes in d-i. Kickstart fixes for prebaseconfig -> finish-install renaming. Fixed system-config-kickstart. Killed off the *-live metapackages, now don
06:22   Kamion  e using tasks.
06:22   Kamion    milestone-bugs: Two left assigned to me at present: bug 61684 (tasksel vs. aptitude vs. apt-get) should be straightforward now, and is tangled up with bug 62712 (language-support-* automarking) so both will probably be fixed at once.
06:22   Ubugtu  Malone bug 61684 in ubuntu-cdimage "Removing any u-desktop depdencency marks all other packages for auto-removal (on alternate install)" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/61684
06:22   Ubugtu  Malone bug 62712 in debian-installer "Language support packages are marked as automatically installed" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/62712
06:22   Kamion  To do:
06:22   Kamion    misc: Make d-i use apt-get to install tasks rather than aptitude, to help apt's autoremove facilities (bug 61684). Bug 62712 will probably be fixed in the process. Be a general consultant for as many other RC bugs as I can. Release candidate CD preparation and testing.
06:22   Kamion    ubiquity: Bug triage ad infinitum.
06:22   Kamion    fonts: Either we need ttf-dzongkha and ttf-khmeros in desktop (a little over 1MB total), or we should remove Dzongkha and Khmer from the list of languages presented by ubiquity. Sorry for not sorting this out earlier.
06:24   mdz     Kamion: has oem been tested lately?
06:24   Kamion  not this week
06:24   pitti   yes, I did
06:24   Kamion  ah
06:24   pitti   worked like charm now
06:24   mdz     good
06:24   Riddell it's reported to work well on kubuntu
06:24   Kamion  excellent
06:24   pitti   I thought I test it early, since it was pretty problematic in beta
06:24   Kamion  s/pretty problematic/hosed/
06:25   Kamion  a lot of ubiquity bugs turned out to be due to log-output wrapping lines at 1024 characters
06:25   Kamion  (only ones filed on edgy, though) fixing that fixed a bunch of weird debconf errors
06:25   mdz     oh?
06:26   Kamion  the hw-detect exiting 10 one, which I only figured out this afternoon
06:26   Kamion  anyway, fonts?
06:26   mdz     Kamion: is ubiquity actually translated into those languages?
06:26   mdz     or the rest of the desktop?
06:26   mdz     if so, it's worth it, if not, not
06:27   Kamion  slightly, but not much
06:27   Kamion  it's obvious that those fonts are missing, because Dzongkha is visible in the listbox at the very start
06:27   Kamion  (written in its native language which shows up as boxes)
06:27   mdz     if it isn't complete enough to go all the way through ubiquity, then I don't see the point of including it in the list
06:27   Kamion  ok. we should probably promote the fonts to main so that d-i installs have them
06:28   Kamion  (but maybe post-edgy now)
06:28   Kamion  I'll rip those languages out somehow, then
06:28   mdz     ok
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:28   mdz     Kamion: is the ubiquity bug situation manageable?
06:28   Kamion  yeah
06:28   mdz     have you processed the feedback from beta?
06:28   Kamion  I mean there are still a lot, but it's under control
06:29   Kamion  about 80% of it, I think
06:29   Kamion  was mostly just a few regressions; I've fixed all the ones I saw
06:29   mdz     ok
06:29   mdz     thanks Kamion
06:29   mdz     Riddell: next
06:29   Kamion  oh, and various people with keymap bugs
06:29   Riddell done:
06:29   Riddell KDE 3.5.5 uploaded, Qt 4.2 packaged (I'd still like to see it in edgy, e-mailed mdz with further rationale), koffice 1.6 packaged (no changelog yet so I don't know if it's Edgy suitable)
06:29   Riddell todo, bug fixing:
06:29   Riddell new guidance package to bring in a couple of fixes. adept has 1 critical bug. can we turn on mdns by default in libnss-mdns? need to check KDE CUPS support in 3.5.5 some people reporting problems. CKJ has an issue with the fonts.
06:29   mdz     Kamion: as in, bugs in the keymaps? or bugs in ubiquity?
06:29   Riddell these all have fairly simple fixes except adept
06:29   Riddell also:
06:30   Riddell amarok 1.4.4 scheduled, very unlikely to be Edgy suitable though so I'll leave to others to package
06:30   Kamion  mdz: mostly console-setup keymap selection bugs, plus the lack of a keyboard variant selector in ubiquity (now fixed)
06:30   mdz     Riddell: haven't read email yet, but we need to draw a hard line on that stuff nowish.  given that qt 4.2 is already packaged separately for people who want it for kde development, I'd prefer not to risk updating our main Qt so late
06:31   Riddell it's not our main qt
=== janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== sivang -> back
06:31   mdz     oh, did I misunderstand?
06:32   Riddell it's only used by two apps in main
06:32   mdz     Riddell: which ones?
06:32   Riddell the calculator and hwdb kde client
06:32   mdz     Riddell: ok then, if you test those thoroughly before upload, it's OK with me
06:32   mdz     Riddell: on multiple architectures
06:32   Riddell thanks
06:32   Riddell will do
06:33   mdz     Riddell: mdns?
06:33   Riddell for zeroconf
06:33   Riddell currently avahi isn't much use unless you edit nsswitch.conf by hand
06:33   Kamion  mdz: bug 65676
06:33   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65676 in nss-mdns "Package should edit /etc/nsswitch.conf on install" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65676
06:33   mdz     I don't think we want to fiddle with that at this point; NSS touches an awful lot of stuff
06:33   Riddell debian now does it in a postinstall script
06:33   mdz     oh, you mean only when the package is installed
06:33   Keybuk  Riddell: avahi works just fine without libnss-mdns
06:34   Riddell yes
06:34   mdz     isn't nsswitch.conf a conffile?
06:34   Keybuk  you only need libnss-mdns for non-infrastructure link-local networks
06:34   Riddell I believe it's not a conffile
06:34   mdz     I use avahi without libnss-mdns myself
06:34   pitti   mdz: it seems it's not a conffile
06:34   mdz     mizar:[~]  dpkg -s base-files |grep nsswitch
06:34   mdz     /etc/nsswitch.conf 3114ea9cf2f3bd8d120b4da96e3832d5 obsolete
06:34   mdz     I believe it is
06:34   pitti   so, postinst hackery required
06:34   Keybuk  (which we should support, but it's not the end of the world if we don't for edgy... there's even an edgy+1 spec about it)
06:34   mdz     oh, 'obsolete'
06:35   mdz     I'm quite happy to defer that to edgy+1, when we'll tackle the whole business once and for all
06:35   Riddell ok
06:36   mdz     we don't have a milestone for edgy+1 yet, but I've made a note about it
06:37   mdz     Riddell: have you talked with tkamppeter about the cups issues?
06:37   iwj     It would be nice to be able to target specs etc. to it, too.
06:37   tfheen  we should be better at using the milestone through the full release cycle.
06:37   tkamppeter      Riddell, which CUPS issues?
06:37   mdz     iwj: that'll happen when it's created in LP (soonish)
06:37   iwj     RSN TM :-).
06:38   Keybuk  iwj: specs should not be targeted until approved, no?
06:38   mdz     tfheen: yes, that should be added to the documentation
06:38   Riddell mdz: not yet, they only appeared today or yesterday as people install kde 3.5.5.  since it worked fine when testing it should be a limited problem
06:38   mdz     Riddell: ok, please do
06:38   mdz     Riddell: you already know how to fix the cjk issue?
06:38   iwj     Keybuk: Well, yes, but if it's already approved and deferred it would be nice to be able to retarget to edgy+1 rather than just set it to `deferred'.
06:38   Riddell and there's been some discussion on kde-packager on how to fix it that I need to catch up on
06:38   Keybuk  iwj: true, true
06:39   Keybuk  iwj: assuming the spec doesn't need rediscussion, of course
06:39   iwj     Keybuk: Right.
06:39   tkamppeter      Riddell, is it the problem again that KDE does not see the printers due to misinterpreteing the "Listen <domain socket>" in cupsd.conf?
06:39   Riddell mdz: yes, they want default font changed from DejaVu to Sans, which I need to test but should come to the same thing for users
06:39   mdz     Riddell: what's the issue with adept? bug#?
06:39   Riddell mdz: bug 62610
06:39   Ubugtu  Malone bug 62610 in adept "impossible to manager repositories" [Unknown,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/62610
06:40   mdz     Riddell: is that new with kde 3.5.5 or unrelated?
06:40   Riddell mdz: it's unrelated
06:40   mdz     Riddell: that's a regression from dapper, right? any idea when it began?
06:41   Riddell mdz: it is, it just needs persuaded to not disable the menu item, I've no idea what's causing it but I think it'll be easy to enough to fix even if it's just forcing it to be enabled
06:41   mdz     seems like it would have been noticed
06:41   mdz     ok
06:41   mdz     thanks Riddell
06:41   mdz     keescook: next
06:41   keescook        Done:
06:41   keescook        * sbuild+schroot+lvm snapshot build environment finalized
06:41   keescook        * security updates created and released: python2.3/all, python2.4/hoary,breezy, awstats/all, bind9/edgy, libmusicbrainz/all
=== Adri2000 [n=Adri2000@unaffiliated/adri2000] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:41   keescook        * edgy bug triage, including fixes: inkscape warning (63644), liferea crash (62863)
06:41   keescook        * security reviews: keeping "unchecked" CVE list short, race fixes for 14392
06:42   keescook        * security updates in universe: torrentflux, moodle
06:42   keescook        * universe openssl 0.9.7->0.9.8 rebuilds issued for 24 packages
06:42   keescook        To do:
=== erwin [n=ph@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:42   keescook        * examine/release security updates for: libksba, slapd, xorg(minor race), 65615
06:42   keescook        * fix remaining FTBFS or otherwise busted universe openssl 0.9.7->0.9.8 packages
06:42   keescook        * more universe cleanups as suggested by dholbach
06:42   keescook        Edgy milestones:
06:42   keescook        * None assigned; happy to take some on, but wasn't sure which to focus on
06:42   mdz     Riddell: (oh, also that konversation freeze exception request is still active also)
06:42   pitti   keescook successfully announced his very first USN yesterday!! *hug*
06:42   tfheen  keescook: I'll give you some bugs to fix if you're out of work.
06:42   mdz     Riddell: (bug 64488)
06:42   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64488 in konversation "UVFe ( main ) for konversation 1.0 to 1.0.1" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64488
06:43   mdz     Riddell: I assume you want it too?
06:43   imbrandon       mdz yes me and sho are updating it with some additiional info now
06:43   keescook        tfheen: I wouldn't say I'm OUT of work.  :)  but, sure, happy to work on milestone stuff.
06:43   tfheen  keescook :-)
06:43   Riddell mdz: yes, it would be good to have
06:43   mdz     keescook: they're all assigned importance; that's a good prioritization guideline
06:43   mdz     Riddell: would be good to have, or is important for the release?
06:44   pitti   keescook: focus on the unassigned ones and grab those you feel comfortable with
06:44   keescook        mdz, pitti: okay
06:44   mdz     keescook: we'll review the bugs no one has claimed at the end of the meeting
06:44   pitti   ah, good
06:44   mdz     keescook: congratulations on your advisory
06:44   keescook        thanks!  :)
06:44   mdz     we'll find more work for you, fear not
06:44   mdz     thanks keescook
06:45   mdz     tfheen: next
06:45   tfheen  done: release management
06:45   tfheen  todo: more release management
06:45   tfheen  status: We're frozen, RC bug fixes are trickling in, but we're at a bit too high level.  Rebuilds are uncovering too many FTBFS bugs and I'm hassling people over the outdate list.  Those are going quite well.  Installation and upgrade testing is needed, but I'd like us to be a bit more stable before starting doing that in full.
06:45   pitti   now the only missing thing is jackass login, RT has been filed a while ago
06:45   Kamion  mdz: would you mind if I left at this point? I was hoping to have been out of here by 16:30 UTC, and my family are starting to get twitchy
06:45   mdz     mvo: we're still doing upgrade testing automatically, yes?
06:45   Riddell mdz: it's important mostly to fix right to left language support, otherwise updated translations and bugfixes are just good to have
06:45   mdz     Kamion: ok, but please review the log after
06:46   Kamion  will do
06:46   Kamion  thanks
06:46   pitti   mvo: oh, we do? what do we test, desktop->desktop or main->main upgrade tests?
06:46   mvo     mdz: I do both, manual (to test the upgrader) and automatic
06:46   dholbach        tfheen: what do you mean by "a bit too high level"?
06:46   pitti   too many?
06:46   tfheen  dholbach: we have too many RC bugs compared to what I think we should have at this point.
06:46   mvo     pitti: currently only desktop->desktop , but the system is flexible enough to test other configurations too
06:46   mdz     tfheen: as I mentioned to sfllaw, I'll be drafting something around installation/cd testing today.  I'll mail you/sfllaw/Kamion for feedback on it
06:46   tfheen  mdz: thanks.
06:47   dholbach        tfheen: ok
06:47   Keybuk  tfheen: did you have much luck with the usplash bug?
06:47   Keybuk  mjg59 said you were looking at it?
06:47   mdz     tfheen: any issues with ReleaseCandidateProcess?
06:47   tfheen  Keybuk: the nvidia one?  No, it ends up in a loop somewhere deep in x86emu.
06:48   tfheen  Keybuk: fixing the segfault is trivial-ish.
06:48   Keybuk  tfheen: did we decide what to do about it?
06:48   tfheen  mdz: seems fine so far.
06:48   mdz     tfheen: is the timing about right for switching to manual cd builds?
06:48   tfheen  mdz: yes, I think so.
06:48   mjg59   keybuk: I'm going to have another shot at it at the weekend, and if not fall back to vga16 for amd64
06:48   mdz     (it's monday currently)
06:48   Keybuk  it's the infini-loop I'm vaguely concerned about, it's actually possible for it to halt the boot process entirely
06:48   Keybuk  on a single-cpu amd64, udev will wait for the load to go down before doing any processing
06:48   Keybuk  so it'll sit there forever
06:48   infinity        We may as well go manual now, given that the archive is also manual.
06:49   fschoep (BTW Mark is alive now it seems)
06:49   tfheen  infinity: I don't care either way; I at least won't be able to do meaningful install/upgrade testing before we have most of the bits in.
06:49   mdz     changing cd builds to manual means that we need to remember to run one after things build, otherwise we're perpetually out of date
06:49   mdz     I'd almost say we should build more often during these times, so that we're more likely to be up-to-date
06:49   infinity        Fair point.  I'll keep the dailies on for now, then.
06:50   tfheen  leaving it on automatic until we have something with above 0-chance can be a candidate makes sense, IMO
06:50   mdz     Keybuk: is this bug 56587 or something else?
06:50   Ubugtu  Malone bug 56587 in usplash "[edgy]  usplash segfaults" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/56587
06:50   Keybuk  mdz: yes, well, something that's a duplicate of that bug with entirely different symptoms
06:50   Keybuk  for many people, usplash doesn't segfault, but use 100% of the CPU
06:50   mdz     do we need to revert to vga16fb on amd64?
06:50   Keybuk  <mjg59> keybuk: I'm going to have another shot at it at the weekend, and if not fall back to vga16 for amd64
06:51   tfheen  mdz: that's mjg59's backup solution.
06:51   mdz     ok
06:51   pitti   will the artwork cope with vga resolution?
06:51   kwwii   would we then include different artwork for that arch?
06:51   mdz     good question!
06:51   tfheen  we'll have to test that.
06:51   mdz     mjg59: is there a working fallback mechanism for that?
06:52   kwwii   I'll wait for someone to grab me by the ear, then
06:52   mjg59   mdz: It's a two-line change to the usplash init script
06:53   mdz     mjg59: I mean for the artwork
06:53   mjg59   As long as the artwork exists, yes
06:53   kwwii   the 240 fewer colors _will_ make a difference
06:53   fschoep you think so?
06:53   mdz     fschoep,kwwii: does the artwork exist in the current packages in edgy for vga16?
06:53   fschoep mdz: well, we still have Dappers, right?
06:53   fschoep would fit right in
06:53   mdz     fschoep: I'm asking you
06:53   kwwii   mdz: I would need to work on making the current design work well in 16 colors
06:54   pitti   but we don't have the window with the text messages any more
06:54   pitti   or, rather, we don't have any messages for that window any more
06:54   mdz     kwwii: please do, we need to have that fallback
06:54   mdz     kwwii: or at least the dapper artwork
06:54   fschoep mdz: yes, I think we can get some art for that
06:54   kwwii   mdz: it will look a bit different though...I wil say that now
06:54   kwwii   mdz: ok, will do
06:54   mdz     kwwii: we have little choice
06:54   kwwii   gotcha
06:54   mdz     ok, thanks tfheen
06:54   mdz     Keybuk: next
06:55   ogra    could i be notified what to do for edubuntu if thats implemented in ubuntu ?
06:55   mdz     ogra: the same
06:55   Keybuk  Bug #65063 - gettext doesn't support datarootdir - Done by uploading gettext 0.15
06:55   Keybuk  Bug #64499 - kill 1 in upstart postinst doesn't work in vmserver - Done, added || true
06:55   Keybuk  Bug #35004 - /proc/bus/usb missing - Done by bind-mounting /dev/bus/usb there and a symlink hack to make the devices file
06:55   Keybuk  Bug #61539 - /etc/inittab not migrated - Done, changes to ttys or commenting of shutdown command are migrated
06:55   Keybuk  Bug #64946 - ada sync requests - Done
06:55   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65063 in gettext "Doesn't support datarootdir" [High,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65063
06:56   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64499 in upstart "kill 1 in postinst does not work inside a vserver" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64499
06:56   Ubugtu  Malone bug 35004 in sysvinit "USB devices are not shown in /procu/bus/usb/ causing VMWare to fail to see them" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/35004
06:56   Keybuk  Bug #65674 - pychecker sync request from doko - Done
06:56   Ubugtu  Malone bug 61539 in upstart "/etc/inittab (esp. ttys) not migrated to upstart jobs" [Wishlist,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/61539
06:56   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64946 in Ubuntu "sync requests / UVF exceptions (Ada packages in universe)" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64946
06:56   Keybuk  Bug #64938 - diacanvas sync request from doko - Done
06:56   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65674 in pychecker "sync request" [Undecided,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65674
06:56   Keybuk  Bug #64909 - duplicate uuids in fstab; seems to be caused by people having dd duplicates of drives, or by FAT having not-very-unique IDs - not yet done
06:56   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64938 in diacanvas2 "sync request" [Undecided,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64938
06:56   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64909 in udev "Duplicate UUIDs after Edgy update" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64909
06:56   mdz     Keybuk: is 64909 straightforward to fix?
06:57   Keybuk  nope
06:57   Keybuk  it's a total bastard
06:57   mdz     it's clearly a weird corner case, but it regresses seriously
06:57   Keybuk  /bin/sh lacks any form of hash table, or arrays, etc.
06:57   Keybuk  so discovering further down the file that you have a duplicate of something above it ... hard
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06:57   mdz     we have more than just /bin/sh available though
06:58   mdz     no?
06:58   iwj     Keybuk: The shell variable namespace is a hash table.
06:58   tfheen  Keybuk: grep the file you're building or build fragments in a directory?
06:58   iwj     And not even that hard to use.
06:58   ogra    bash is still our default user shell ... so it should be available in any ubuntu, no ?
06:58   mdz     awk and perl are both around
06:58   Keybuk  mdz: converting the fstab migration to another language at this phase seems ... error-prone
06:58   iwj     Or you can do something like    case "$all_uuids_seen" in *" $this_uuid "*)
06:59   Keybuk  iwj: that was my vague plan
06:59   Keybuk  and iterate the file twice
06:59   mdz     Keybuk: I was thinking more to abort the migration entirely if we detect this scenario
06:59   Keybuk  first to build a list of uuids
06:59   Keybuk  and a second time to write out the file
06:59   mdz     Keybuk: since we can't hope to do much good by it anyway
06:59   Keybuk  mdz: those people will be fucked in edgy+1 ;)
06:59   iwj     Keybuk: Since you have to write out the file in a temp name anyway, you can do both at once.
06:59   Keybuk  we should at least let them know somehow that their system is not a very happy one
06:59   mdz     Keybuk: they'd be fucked anyway; we can't uniquely identify their filesystems
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07:00   Keybuk  iwj: how would I rewind and delete an earlier line because the uuid has been discovered to be a duplicate?
07:00   iwj     Keybuk: OIC
07:00   Keybuk  mdz: but they should be at least informed of this ;)
07:00   mdz     Keybuk: right, so we only need to detect this situation, not convert the migration to another language
07:01   Keybuk  I did actually briefly consider extending vol_id to allow generation of a new uuid
07:01   Keybuk  so on finding a duplicate, we could hex-edit the filesystem to change the uuid to make it not duplicate
07:01   Keybuk  we do this already for swap partitions, after all ;)
07:01   iwj     Keybuk: Lovely, your users with multiple uuid-using OSs will be so pleased.
=== mvo needs to leave soon, appointment at 17:00UTC and I don't want to be very late
07:01   iwj     Even better when you have undetected multipath.
07:02   mdz     ok
07:02   iwj     mvo: You're already 140s late if you arrive at the appointment not.
07:02   mdz     thanks Keybuk
07:02   iwj     s/ not/ now
07:02   mdz     that seems to leave the following list of targeted bugs no one seems to own
07:02   mdz     bug 56365
07:02   mdz     bug 63729
07:02   mdz     bug 62135
07:02   mdz     bug 64594
07:02   mdz     bug 43531
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 56365 in xserver-xorg-video-i810 "X crashes on second resume from suspend-to-ram on Thinkpad X41" [Critical,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/56365
07:02   mdz     bug 39275
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 63729 in yelp "translations patch to update from rosetta before edgy" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/63729
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 62135 in mesa "Support for Intel 965 (GMA X3000) doesn't work" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/62135
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64594 in hubackup "[Edgy]  hurestore crashes on startup" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64594
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 43531 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Kernel isn't very useful without a boot loader, but doesn't depend on one" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/43531
07:02   mdz     bug 63553
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 39275 in gstreamer "AC3 videos sound WAY too soft" [Unknown,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/39275
07:02   mdz     bug 64053
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 63553 in linux-source-2.6.17 "Ricoh R5C822 reader only works when booted with card inserted" [Medium,Fix committed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/63553
07:02   mdz     bug 64171
07:02   mdz     bug 63325
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64053 in kde-guidance "does not recognize ibook as a laptop" [Medium,Fix committed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64053
07:02   mdz     bug 64978
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64171 in usplash "Colors look bad " [Medium,Fix committed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64171
07:02   mdz     bug 65665
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 63325 in kde-systemsettings "systemsettings won't load the desktop_kde-systemsettings.mo translation in Edgy" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/63325
07:02   mdz     bug 65675
07:02   mdz     bug 65676
07:02   Ubugtu  Malone bug 64978 in kde-guidance "powermanager icon sometimes shows fully charged when not" [Undecided,Fix committed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/64978
07:02   mdz     scratch 43531
07:03   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65665 in kdebase "Cups printing fails after update to kde-3.5.5" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65665
07:03   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65675 in kdebase "system menu fails to load on start" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65675
07:03   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65676 in nss-mdns "Package should edit /etc/nsswitch.conf on install" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65676
07:03   mdz     Riddell: 64053 is the guidance bug you mentioned?
07:03   Keybuk  mdz: 65676 should be deferred to edgy+1
07:03   ogra    isnt hurestore in universe ?
07:03   Riddell mdz: yes, it's fixed in SVN, just needs an upload
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
07:03   mdz     Keybuk: yes, I did that and didn't update my notes
07:03   tfheen  mdz: bug 56365 is rodarvus?  Same goes for 62135 which seems to be fixed.  64594 is universe.
07:03   Ubugtu  Malone bug 56365 in xserver-xorg-video-i810 "X crashes on second resume from suspend-to-ram on Thinkpad X41" [Critical,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/56365
07:03   pitti   bug 63729 is owned by seb128, and it's not really critical any more
07:03   Ubugtu  Malone bug 63729 in yelp "translations patch to update from rosetta before edgy" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/63729
07:04   tfheen  mdz: benc claimed 43531 , 63553 is also a kernel bug.
07:04   tfheen  64171 will be fixed with the next usplash upload.
07:04   tfheen  and I though 65676 was decided that we'll defer to 7.04?
07:04   mdz     Riddell: 65665 is the cups issue you mentioned?
07:05   mdz     Riddell: what about 65675?
07:05   Riddell mdz: yes
07:05   pitti   Riddell: ping me if I can assist you with that
07:05   tkamppeter      I needed to hammer a lot on the responsible people to get bug 65665 fixed in Mandriva 2007. They told me that it was fixed upstream in KDE 3.5.3, and we have it in KDE 3.5.5? Strange.
07:05   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65665 in kdebase "Cups printing fails after update to kde-3.5.5" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65665
07:05   Ubugtu  Mandriva bug 2007 in Installation "Switching to alternate screens during install crashes X" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]  http://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2007
07:05   Riddell mdz: I think 65675 is fixed in kde 3.5.5, I just need to try a CD build to confirm
07:05   mdz     dholbach: do you know anything about bug 39275?
07:05   Ubugtu  Malone bug 39275 in gstreamer "AC3 videos sound WAY too soft" [Unknown,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/39275
07:05   tkamppeter      bug 65675
07:05   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65675 in kdebase "system menu fails to load on start" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65675
07:05   keescook        39275 is universe, too.
07:06   Keybuk  mdz: it says fixed released? :)
07:06   mdz     keescook: yeah, but it matters ;-)
07:06   mdz     Keybuk: released upstream
07:06   mdz     too much for ubugtu's simple brain
07:06   Keybuk  heh
07:07   keescook        I can take on tracking down the fix for 39275.
07:07   mdz     bug 62135 looks like it should have an upload waiting in the queue
07:07   Ubugtu  Malone bug 62135 in mesa "Support for Intel 965 (GMA X3000) doesn't work" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/62135
07:07   dholbach        mdz: no, not at all - will try to get som input on it
07:08   mdz     hmm, actually it's already accepted
07:08   mdz     so I'll mark that fix released
07:08   mdz     is that everything?
07:08   dholbach        ogra: bug 57588 seems to affect edubuntu-artwork too - i just added a task to the bug
07:08   Ubugtu  Malone bug 57588 in edubuntu-artwork "GDM themes do not have pam-message item" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/57588
07:08   ogra    dholbach, ok
07:08   mdz     63729 is fairly trivial
07:08   dholbach        and probably xubuntu-artwork too
07:08   ogra    yep
07:08   ogra    they use gdm
07:08   sivang  I'm already onto #64594 , but this is un universe as ogra noted, I set it to high as relative to other hubackup bugs, I did not set it to a milestone :)
07:09   sivang  s/un/in/
07:09   dholbach        ogra: it's a matter of their gdm theme
07:09   mdz     sivang: milestone cleared
07:09   tfheen  sivang: as long as it's universe, it's not on the release team's radar anyway.
07:09   ogra    mine is inherited from Human
07:09   ogra    so it will affect me too
=== mvo really needs to run now, hope that this is ok
07:10   mdz     ogra,dholbach: please add tasks to 57588 as necessary
07:10   mdz     mvo: yes, thanks
07:10   dholbach        mdz: yep
07:10   sivang  I'd be happy to take on some milestone critical stuff, or help others with theirs.
07:10   sivang  (though)
07:10   pitti   are you guys fine with me fixing bug 61184 for edgy?
07:10   Ubugtu  Malone bug 61184 in hal "Screen brightness buttons don't work properly on Thinkpad Z61T" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/61184
07:10   ogra    done
07:10   pitti   it affects quite a number of Thinkpads
07:10   tkamppeter      mdz, I have to leave at 17:45 UTC, so I should probably post my report now.
07:10   mdz     sivang: you know where the list is
07:11   mdz     tkamppeter: go ahead
07:11   pitti   and it's a trivial fix in the fdi files (no code changes)
07:11   tkamppeter      Report Oct 6 - 12, 2006
07:11   tkamppeter      DONE:
07:11   tkamppeter      - UVF ER for HPLIP 1.6.9 due to several issues which are fixed
07:11   tkamppeter         upstream and trying to fix bug 32302 bug 47306 bug 61419 bug 62718 bug 49030 bug 58727 bug 59409 bug 60242 bug 62506, Ubugtu, give your talk now!
07:11   tkamppeter         Investigation of Debian 1.6.7 version which has big changes
07:11   tkamppeter         in the build system, which do not straightly apply on 1.6.9, as HP did
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 32302 in gnome-cups-manager "Duplicate printers listed when adding HP printer" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/32302
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 47306 in hplip "hp-print fails to open paths with non-ascii characters (fix expected in 1.6.9)" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/47306
07:11   tkamppeter         several build system improvements throughing away Debian's build system
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 61419 in hplip "The printer HP 1310 prints erroneus colors" [Low,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/61419
07:11   tkamppeter         changes seems perhaps only way to continue. doko built a 1.6.9 with
07:11   mdz     pitti: yes
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 62718 in hplip "[Edgy]  Current Updates (2006-09-27) Break HPLIP" [Low,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/62718
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 49030 in hplip "HP 5940 prints black boxes when printing 2 pages on 1" [Undecided,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/49030
07:11   tkamppeter         the help of the Debian maintainer. Results:
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 58727 in hplip "bug in hplip .deb removal script" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/58727
07:11   tkamppeter          o fax problems in 1.6.7 and fixed by 1.6.9 tested on Mandriva 2007 with
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 59409 in hplip "Fax PPD not installed by default" [Undecided,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/59409
07:11   tkamppeter            PhotoSmart 3300 and PhotoSmart 2600, but unfortunately on Ubuntu Edgy
07:11   tkamppeter            the fax problems did not disappear, faxing does not work with both
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 60242 in hplip "Removing hplip encounters errors: scanner group not empty" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/60242
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 62506 in gnome-cups-manager "Incorrectly Detects HP Fax device" [Medium,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/62506
07:11   tkamppeter            1.6.7 and 1.6.9. Debian package has very big patches on the build
07:11   sivang  mdz: will do.
07:11   tkamppeter            system, probably it is really messed up.
07:11   Ubugtu  Mandriva bug 2007 in Installation "Switching to alternate screens during install crashes X" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]  http://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2007
07:11   tkamppeter          o Printer setup programs show always a fax device under the
07:11   tkamppeter            auto-detected printers, independent whether there is an
07:11   tkamppeter            appropriate printer connected or not (bug 62506, fixed).
07:11   tkamppeter          o Fax PPD in wrong-sub-package, moved to hpijs (bug 59409, fixed)
07:11   tkamppeter          o hp-print fails to open paths with non-ascii characters (bug 47306,
07:11   tkamppeter            fixed according to HP)
07:11   tkamppeter          o hplip unable to find and connect to network printers (bug 60125,
07:11   Ubugtu  Malone bug 60125 in hplip "hplip unable to find and connect to network printers" [Undecided,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/60125
07:11   tkamppeter            "hp-probe -b net" finally works)
07:11   tkamppeter      - Answered to bug reports
07:11   tkamppeter      TODO:
07:12   tkamppeter      - What decision was made on including PostScript PPDs (bug 39847)?
07:12   Ubugtu  Malone bug 39847 in ubuntu-meta "ubuntu-desktop should depend on linuxprinting.org-ppds for PostScript PPDs" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/39847
07:12   tkamppeter      - Should we fix automatic firmware upload on cheapo HP lasers (setting
07:12   tkamppeter        some links in foo2zjs package, bug 65618 and bug 6017)?
07:12   Ubugtu  Malone bug 65618 in foo2zjs "Package broken/incomplete, missing firmware files" [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/65618
07:12   tkamppeter      - More test on getting fax with HPLIP really working?
07:12   Ubugtu  Malone bug 6017 in dapper-backports "Update to latest package to make HP LaserJet 1020 work" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6017
07:12   tkamppeter      - (On the Printing Summit) Talk with the HPLIP developers about Debian and
07:12   tkamppeter        Ubuntu in their testing schemes, as it seems that there are problems with
07:12   mdz     tkamppeter: so the end result is that 1.6.9 seems stable?
07:12   tkamppeter        integration of HPLIP into these distros.
07:12   tkamppeter      EDGY MILESTONE BUGS (printing issues, according to bug subject, all "Fix Released for Edgy):
07:12   tkamppeter      - Bug 46595
07:12   Ubugtu  Malone bug 46595 in hplip "hplip fails to launch when installing" [High,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/46595
07:12   tkamppeter      - Bug 57445
07:12   Ubugtu  Malone bug 57445 in foomatic-filters "Printing not possible with line break or mis-interpreted encoding in job title" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/57445
07:12   tkamppeter      - Bug  6017
07:12   tkamppeter      - Bug 44196
07:12   Ubugtu  Malone bug 44196 in cupsys "gnome-cups-icon uses 100% CPU" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/44196
07:12   tkamppeter      - Bug 62198
07:12   Ubugtu  Malone bug 62198 in cupsys "[Edgy]  cups-included PPDs found twice" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/62198
07:12   tkamppeter      But this does not m
07:12   tkamppeter      But this does not mean that the printing system is perfect in Edgy :(
07:12   tkamppeter      ADDITIONAL REMARKS:
07:12   tkamppeter      - Before release I am only available next week, the week afterwards I am on the FSG OpenPrinting Summit http://www.freestandards.org/en/OpenPrinting/SummitLexington (and if all works as planned, Edgy+1 will perhaps be the first distro with auto-download of printer drivers from the internet).
07:12   tkamppeter      poor Ubugtu ...
07:12   tkamppeter      Yes, but we did not get the fax working. This will remain for an official Edgy update.
07:13   mdz     tkamppeter: regarding bug 39847, ubuntu-desktop depends on linuxprinting.org-ppds, as you should be able to see
07:13   Ubugtu  Malone bug 39847 in ubuntu-meta "ubuntu-desktop should depend on linuxprinting.org-ppds for PostScript PPDs" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/39847
07:13   mdz     this was updated last week
07:13   tfheen  mdz: not any more, it was erronously added by Scott
07:13   tfheen  (due to a miscommunication)
07:13   tkamppeter      So this means that all the PPDs are available on the CD. Great!
07:13   pitti   that package isn't split yet, but that should happen for the release, should it not?
07:14   tfheen  I moved it to supported again.
07:14   pitti   or that
07:14   tkamppeter      What did you through over board to gain the space?
07:14   mdz     is it a regression from dapper?
07:14   tfheen  no, it's universe in dapper
07:14   mdz     tkamppeter: is the fax issue a regression from dapper?
07:15   tkamppeter      No, the HPLIP 0.9.x from Dapper did not support fax.
07:15   tfheen  I'd prefer to have a split package ppds package with the most common and let the rest of the space be filled by langpacks.
07:15   mdz     ok then
07:15   pitti   tfheen++
07:15   mdz     tkamppeter: what are the remaining issues in edgy which cause you to say it is not perfect?
07:16   mdz     tkamppeter: I think it is too late to fix the firmware upload issue; doesn't that require automatic downloading of firmware from the web?
07:16   mdz     since it is not redistributable?
07:16   tkamppeter      Missing faxing, many small driver packages not in the distro (splix, Epson EPL-L, ...)
07:17   tkamppeter      The missing driver problem will be solved by my FSG OpenPrinting efforts.
07:18   tkamppeter      gnome-cups-manager unmaintained (I suggest replacing by printerdrake in Edgy+1)
07:18   tkamppeter      Still some duplicate display of same driver (can later be solved by Foomatic or printerdrake)
07:19   mdz     dholbach: has there been any feedback on the bluez stack update, good or bad?
07:19   dholbach        mdz: good, just the kde pairing issue
07:19   mdz     dholbach: regression or no?
07:19   dholbach        mdz: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bluetooth/TestPlan
07:19   tkamppeter      With not perfect I am comparing Edgy with Mandriva 2007, but on Mandriva I have worked for five years, on Edgy only for 1.5 months ...
07:19   Ubugtu  Mandriva bug 2007 in Installation "Switching to alternate screens during install crashes X" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]  http://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2007
07:20   tkamppeter      Ubugtu, 2007 is the version number, shut up !!!
07:20   dholbach        mdz: the stack changed, kde does have the necessary bits only in kdebluetooth svn
07:20   mdz     Ubugtu: hahah
07:20   mdz     dholbach: argh
07:20   tfheen  can we please continue the discussion on #u-devel?  We're way overtime already.
07:20   mdz     dholbach: bug#?
07:20   dholbach        mdz: so we're working on a workaround with kmobiletools upstream
07:20   dholbach        it works for him and I need to test
=== fabbione is close to starvation
07:21   mdz     any other business for the meeting?
07:21   dholbach        bug 56651
07:21   Ubugtu  Malone bug 56651 in bluez-utils "Impossible to do pairing in Kubuntu" [Unknown,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/56651
07:21   dholbach        oh, somebody set to fix released
07:21   dholbach        nice :)
07:21   mdz     dholbach: upstream
07:21   dholbach        ah!
07:21   dholbach        alright
07:21   mdz     ok, not hearing any other business, adjourned
07:21   mdz     thanks all

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