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Dev Week -- Kubuntu -- Jussi Kekkonen -- Tue, Feb 19

(01:04:45 PM) dholbach: Tm_T and Riddell: thanks for being here tonight - the stage is yours... Let's all get ready for some hot K action :)
(01:04:55 PM) Tm_T: whee
(01:05:10 PM) ***buks is panting and wagging tail
(01:05:28 PM) Tm_T: buks: behave, or you go walking with dholbach
(01:05:43 PM) ***buks is sitting quitly waiting
(01:06:18 PM) mruiz left the room ("Bye!").
(01:06:25 PM) dholbach: it's  Kubuntu  time
(01:06:32 PM) Tm_T: maybe I should introduce myself first: my name is Jussi Kekkonen, I'm fron Finland, been Linux user from early 2004 and messing with KDE and Ubuntu and their developers since late 2004
(01:07:09 PM) toma is now known as toma_
(01:07:16 PM) never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
(01:07:41 PM) Tm_T: I mostly spend my time running "bleeding edge or beyond" apps and then complaining when they fail to do what I want, also doing a lot of user support and being evil IRC police
(01:08:04 PM) dasKreech: All hail the evil IRC police!
(01:08:16 PM) Tm_T: dasKreech: sshh
(01:08:47 PM) ***dasKreech phears the stick
(01:09:39 PM) Tm_T: then something about Kubuntu: its the better, younger, more good looking side of Ubuntu powertwins, the KDE part to be precise
(01:10:10 PM) jussi01: QUESTION: Do you have any connection to the Education team?
(01:10:17 PM) Tm_T: I don't know what I should tell you more for it so questions please :)
(01:10:30 PM) jussi01: QUESTION: Is it true that KDE 4 will not be officially supported in hardy LTS, or am I just druk?
(01:11:09 PM) Tm_T: I do have some plans to edu side, but it isn't yet in full throttle, sorry
(01:12:13 PM) Riddell: Edubuntu includes KDE's Edu applications
(01:12:15 PM) Tm_T: Riddell: was it so that KDE4 and KDE3 both are out from LTS but the base is?
(01:12:24 PM) Riddell: there's also an Edubuntu KDE 4 meta package
(01:12:40 PM) jussi01:  < amachu> QUESTION: Why prefer Openoffice over KOffice in Kubuntu?
(01:12:45 PM) Tm_T: yes, KDE has excellent EDU applications, in both KDE3 and in KDE4
(01:12:47 PM) Riddell: and there are large rollouts of Kubuntu in eductional uses, Canary Islands, Georgia, Philippines
(01:13:18 PM) shujin: British Columbia, Canada too ;)
(01:13:31 PM) _Brandon_: QUESTION: i don't know if it is in topic but why kubuntu use ark instead of kioslave to open compressed files? :)
(01:13:36 PM) Tm_T: and more in the furure, when we Konquer the world
(01:13:41 PM) Riddell: LTS support: 4.0 is nothing like ready for LTS support.  it's KDE's "eat your children" release.  so 3.5.9 will be the commercially supported version for hardy
(01:13:59 PM) Riddell: but 4.0 will be the exciting new version that gets most publicity
(01:14:04 PM) jussi01: _Brandon_: questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat please
(01:14:15 PM) emilsedgh: QUESTION: will adept/restricted manager and other Kubuntu-supported projects will come in KDE4 version, or better to ask, will their Qt4/KDE4 version appear in Kubuntu 8.04's KDE4 version?
(01:14:57 PM) Riddell: amachu: there's some serious problems with KOffice 1.  it doesn't print at all well and it's full of bugs
(01:15:09 PM) Riddell: amachu: I expect that to change with KOffice 2
(01:15:21 PM) jussi01: < shujin> QUESTION: Should I direct questions about the KDEedu apps to the Kubuntu people or the Education team?
(01:15:22 PM) Tm_T: many new users just found OO.o more usable enough to be better this way
(01:17:02 PM) amachu: Riddell: Ok
(01:17:03 PM) Tm_T: emilsedgh: hmm, there's work being done, I'm not sure will it be ready for 8.04 though
(01:17:09 PM) Tm_T: Riddell: ^
(01:17:27 PM) Riddell: emilsedgh: restricted manager is now called jockey, there's a qt 4 version in hardy
(01:17:31 PM) emilsedgh: Tm_T: so which one we could expect to appear in 8.04?
(01:17:44 PM) Riddell: emilsedgh: mornfall is working on adept for KDE 4, find it in ~mornfall PPA on launchpad
(01:18:00 PM) jussi01: emilsedgh: please join #ubuntu-classroom-chat to ask questions :)
(01:18:06 PM) ***Tm_T sips coffee
(01:18:14 PM) jussi01: < polopolo> QUESTION: is there any reasons why some of the self-devolped programs of ubuntu are not included at kubuntu like compiz etc?
(01:18:18 PM) emilsedgh: thanks, you rock, sorry jussi01, i thought its the place for that
(01:18:52 PM) Tm_T: shujin: I think Edu group might be better, as we can't concentrate much in to it currently
(01:19:32 PM) Tm_T: polopolo: being not stable enough to be included by default? IIRC Compiz isn't known to behave well enough in KDE
(01:19:53 PM) shujin: Thanks, I only ask because the Edu team seems a little swamped
(01:20:10 PM) Tm_T: shujin: all help is welcome in both groups :)
(01:20:13 PM) coggz: yes, compiz crashes very often under KDE
(01:20:17 PM) jussi01: < dennisv> QUESTION: Why is krita not installed by default in gutsy?
(01:20:19 PM) Tm_T: shujin: and I would love to help with it
(01:20:36 PM) Tm_T: dennisv: it isn't? I thought it is
(01:21:02 PM) Riddell: dennisv: space on the CD.  I love krita but it's a large app and the CD only provides a basic desktop
(01:21:09 PM) jussi01: Tm_T: no, it isnt. I would imagine because of size constraints.
(01:21:10 PM) Tm_T: ah, true
(01:21:32 PM) jussi01: < amachu> QUESTION: If KDE4 is not going to happen with Hardy, will upgrade be suuported for those who have installed recent Kubuntu release specific to KDE4?
(01:21:33 PM) Tm_T: I saw some list where it was included, too much reading lately to make me fuzz
(01:21:43 PM) Riddell: shujin: most questions about KDEedu apps should go to the kde edu developers, we mostly just package their software
(01:21:57 PM) Tm_T: amachu: it does have KDE4 already
(01:22:11 PM) jussi01: QUESTION: why does is seem like gnome is the more officially liked over KDE, when to me (coming from windows) KDE feels a lot more easy to migrate to thatn gnome.?
(01:22:21 PM) emilsedgh: shujin: #kde-edu is their channel
(01:22:32 PM) Tm_T: amachu: and we (atleast apachelogger?) is working for assistants to make moving from 3 to 4 easy and painless
(01:22:33 PM) shujin: Thanks
(01:22:48 PM) Riddell: _Brandon_: ark supports many more formats than ioslaves
(01:23:23 PM) toma_ is now known as toma
(01:24:06 PM) jussi01: Tm_T: last question was from buks
(01:24:22 PM) amachu: Tm_T: Ok, Thank You
(01:24:43 PM) Tm_T: buks: GNOME has more resources in some way yes, because it has their release schedule sync with Ubuntu and other technical reasons
(01:25:11 PM) jussi01: < oloughlin75> QUESTION: Is 8.04 coming in two flavours? A kde3 and a kde4 as different install discs? Or will kde3 be default with the option to install kde4 or vice versa?
(01:25:13 PM) Tm_T: BUT many of those developers also help with K side, so, it's not they against us but we together hopefully
(01:25:13 PM) Riddell: "KDE4 is not going to happen"?  KDE 4 will be on our CDs and on shipit and be the exciting new feature.  the only thing it won't be is commercially supported.
(01:25:35 PM) emilsedgh: QUESTION: any plan to support bulletproof X for kdm?
(01:25:45 PM) Tm_T: oloughlin75: IIRC both install options will be there
(01:25:58 PM) Tm_T: emilsedgh: yes
(01:26:27 PM) coggz left the room ("Konversation terminated!").
(01:26:28 PM) jussi01: emilsedgh: questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat, then they will be relayed in here in turn. thanks :)
(01:26:55 PM) buks: Tm_T: I guess it also boils down to personal choice. I like KDE and will advocate it. A work friend (windows user) of mine commented that gnome looks like a toy with its big fonts and big windows. kde looks more slick
(01:27:12 PM) Tm_T: buks: true :)
(01:27:31 PM) Tm_T: buks: best we can do to fix this issue is to make Kubuntu rock most
(01:27:52 PM) jussi01:  < sahin_w> QUESTION: KDE4 will be preconfigured/customized for Hardy? For example: knetworkmanager start at login time... etc.
(01:27:58 PM) Riddell: oloughlin75: yes there will be two disks, so you can chose the one that suits you.  New and exciting or Nice and stable.
(01:28:30 PM) Tm_T: sahin_w: should be Kubuntified
(01:28:56 PM) buks: Tm_T: hell, I seem to be using KDE3, and thought it was KDE4, and I still thinks it rocks :)
(01:29:14 PM) Tm_T: buks: they do both ;)
(01:29:25 PM) jussi01: < sahin_w> QUESTION: Is there any plan to automatic codec install for Kaffeine just like totem?
(01:29:47 PM) Tm_T: Riddell: see sahin_w question, didn't we have that in Kaffeine?
(01:30:08 PM) ***Tm_T has been way too long without "Kubuntu desktop"
(01:30:35 PM) regel: I thought Kaffeine playd all kind of stuff out of the box
(01:30:48 PM) regel: I didn't have to install anything to get DVB working
(01:30:49 PM) jussi01: Tm_T: Its in amarok, and so I would imaginf kaffeine
(01:31:04 PM) Riddell: sahin_w: yes, we added that recently to kaffine.  it needs a bit more testing but it should work
(01:31:15 PM) jussi01: < nemphis> QUESTION: How is the progress at hardy catchup? Will kubuntu 8.04 have the same features as ubuntu 8.04?
(01:31:16 PM) sahin_w: Riddell: Thanks.
(01:32:45 PM) Tm_T: nemphis: lot to do, lot have been done, I afraid we don't get all they have but close I hope
(01:32:51 PM) Tm_T: all help is welcome ;)
(01:32:59 PM) Riddell: nemphis: two desktops will never have the exact same features but all of KubuntuHardyCatchup is implemented pending bugs and testing
(01:33:26 PM) jussi01: < sahin_w> QUESTION: I saw the proposed defult ubuntu wallpaper. Why don't you create a blue one for Kubunu too? I mean: the same wallpaper with blue colors.
(01:33:27 PM) Tm_T: Riddell: installers does vary some features yet, right? ;)
(01:34:18 PM) Riddell: so we have bullet proof X (as much as ubuntu desktop does), automatic printer setup, a simple compiz setup tool, codec install, brightness control, xdg home dirs and user hard disk mounting
(01:34:29 PM) Riddell: wow, what a rocking community of developers we have
(01:34:34 PM) Tm_T: good :))
(01:34:39 PM) ***jussi01 hugs Riddell 
(01:34:50 PM) Tm_T: Riddell: I'll catch those and update wikipage, ok?
(01:35:10 PM) Riddell: ok
(01:35:23 PM) Tm_T: sahin_w: we are not "blue ubuntu" ;) and also kwwii is the man you should bug when talking about artwork, he's our painter
(01:35:40 PM) Riddell: sahin_w: we take our artwork inspiration from KDE, since the aim of Kubuntu is to be the best KDE distro
(01:36:15 PM) jussi01: < dasKreech> QUESTION: Will KDE4 on hardy be pure or will you install KDE3 to make life easy?
(01:36:16 PM) Tm_T: or I could say that, "we can be better than just a blue brother of that brown one"
(01:36:51 PM) Tm_T: dasKreech: there will be some apps from KDE3 because those are not ready for serious use yet, kdepim for example
(01:36:58 PM) sahin_w: Tm_T: Well, good answer!
(01:37:34 PM) Tm_T: dasKreech: sufficient answer?
(01:38:09 PM) jussi01: < dasKreech> QUESTION: will there be a kubuntu3-desktop or a Kubuntu4-desktop ?
(01:39:10 PM) Tm_T: kubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-kde4-desktop if I remember these things right
(01:39:49 PM) jussi01: < polopolo> QUESTION: If I want something added at a package of kubuntu, who do I need to contact?
(01:40:02 PM) dasKreech: Tm_T: yup
(01:40:25 PM) Tm_T: polopolo: package maintainer and/or kubuntu-devel mailinglist are good startingpoints I believe
(01:40:44 PM) polopolo: Tm_T: ok, I should start with it, thank you
(01:40:51 PM) Tm_T: polopolo: thank to you :)
(01:40:52 PM) TuxCrafter: dholbach: i just read the transcript of packaging 101 and i have some questions
(01:40:58 PM) mode (+o ChanServ ) by irc.freenode.net
(01:41:03 PM) Tm_T: TuxCrafter: not here?
(01:41:15 PM) TuxCrafter: Tm_T:
(01:41:22 PM) TuxCrafter: is the session starting?
(01:41:29 PM) Tm_T: going
(01:41:34 PM) TuxCrafter: ok np
(01:41:36 PM) TuxCrafter: moving to chat
(01:41:38 PM) Tm_T: thanks :)
(01:41:40 PM) jussi01: < talavis> QUESTION: which Kubuntu CD (KDE 3 or 4?) will be available through shipit?
(01:42:02 PM) Riddell: polopolo: #kubuntu-devel is often more active than the mailing list
(01:42:03 PM) Tm_T: talavis: KDE3
(01:42:09 PM) Riddell: no
(01:42:10 PM) Riddell: KDE 4
(01:42:13 PM) Tm_T: awww
(01:42:19 PM) Tm_T: shame on me
(01:42:28 PM) jussi01: < shujin> QUESTION: Is there a KDE4 replacement for Kiosktool?
(01:42:31 PM) Tm_T: polopolo: yes, irc is always good for poking :))
(01:42:33 PM) Riddell: not 100% final that, but we like to ship new and exciting things
(01:42:46 PM) polopolo: Riddel: ok Tm_T: ok, I gonna go there
(01:42:57 PM) ***dasKreech phears the stick
(01:43:44 PM) Tm_T: shujin: umm, I haven't seen yet one
(01:44:05 PM) apache|mobile: shujin: no, however there is quite some demand for it from what I noticed
(01:44:28 PM) shujin: I can't move forward without it
(01:44:53 PM) dasKreech: shujin: Tentaive for KDE4.1 You can sit out till then
(01:44:54 PM) Tm_T: shujin: poke upstream (related KDE developers) :)
(01:44:59 PM) dasKreech: It's like 4 months away
(01:45:08 PM) Tm_T: yup
(01:45:43 PM) Tm_T: KDE 4.0 is bit bare still, so I give most of my hopes for 4.1 and 4.2
(01:46:06 PM) jussi01:  < emilsedgh> QUESTION: isnt there any plan for something like GTK-Qt engine so KDE3 apps look like KDE4 ones?
(01:46:29 PM) Tm_T: emilsedgh: not that I know
(01:46:44 PM) Tm_T: correct me if I'm wrong
(01:46:56 PM) emilsedgh: so please include GTK-KDE4
(01:47:28 PM) Tm_T: jussi01: next?
(01:47:36 PM) jussi01:  < emilsedgh> QUESTION: any plan for nightly builds of KDE4?
(01:49:03 PM) Tm_T: emilsedgh: not that I know, not much use unless you do with trunk and that can be adventurous as it needs a MUCH work and packages done which can't be used with 4.0 releases IIRC
(01:49:31 PM) Riddell: emilsedgh: there is this, I've no idea if it does anything currently http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~ruphy/gtk-qt4-engine/
(01:49:50 PM) jussi01: < polopolo> QUESTION: Is there a list of plans to be included in kubuntu hardy? and shows it wich is done and wich not?
(01:50:03 PM) Riddell: emilsedgh: it would be cool though, helpers welcome
(01:50:19 PM) Tm_T: emilsedgh: yes please help! ;)
(01:50:23 PM) emilsedgh: its for GTK->Qt4, i asked for something like Qt3->Qt4, btw please include it
(01:51:03 PM) nosrednaekim: polopolo » https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo
(01:51:05 PM) Riddell: emilsedgh: ah right, I misread the question
(01:51:57 PM) jussi01: < shujin> QUESTION: Any Thin Client specific improvments planned for this release?
(01:52:03 PM) polopolo: nosrednaekim: thank you
(01:52:29 PM) Tm_T: shujin: not that I know outside of "HardyCatchup"
(01:52:54 PM) Riddell: shujin: most of the thin client stuff is done by edubuntu, and KDE should just work on top of it
(01:53:27 PM) jussi01: < oloughlin75> QUESTION: Is the KDE3 flvaor of 8.04 going to focus as strongly on visual appeal as the KDE4 version?
(01:53:57 PM) Tm_T: oloughlin75: not more than normally, usability and reliability should be main targets
(01:54:46 PM) jussi01: < fredreichbier> QUESTION: Is it planned to tidy up and reorganise the KDE control center? I didn't like it in KDE 3.5 ;-)
(01:55:20 PM) Tm_T: fredreichbier: Kcontrol doesn't have active maintainers, so no, but that's the point of SystemSettings
(01:55:30 PM) Tm_T: (and IMO it's tidy already)
(01:55:58 PM) jussi01: < enaut> QUESTION: I have got a more general question: What are the similarities and where are the differences between Ubuntu and Kubuntu?
(01:56:54 PM) Tm_T: similarities: we have pretty much same dream (and same base): to provide the best operating system to be available to everyone
(01:57:48 PM) Tm_T: differences, well, we have just bit specialised to KDE, can't say about differences more in general
(01:57:59 PM) jussi01: < buks> QUESTION: a bit off topic, why is the .jigdo template for the daily DVD so huge (600MB) whereas the template for the CD is so small?
(01:58:09 PM) Tm_T: differences lie in differences of GNOME and KDE mostly, I hope :p
(01:58:29 PM) enaut: ok
(01:58:48 PM) Tm_T: I believe that Ubuntu and Kubuntu are the same, just bit different paint and chassis
(01:58:51 PM) toma: shujin, apache|mobile: i think i saw some porting effort for kiosktool
(01:59:48 PM) Tm_T: one more question?
(01:59:51 PM) jussi01: < emilsedgh> QUESTION: any plan for some public advertisement in near (2-3 years) future?
(01:59:54 PM) Tm_T: time is up
(02:00:10 PM) jussi01: Tm_T: you have 2 mins
(02:00:21 PM) Riddell: only if someone pays for it :)
(02:00:37 PM) Tm_T: emilsedgh: oh I hope so! that is discussed in marketing team often and well, so let's say "it's planned" but as Riddell said, money...
(02:00:52 PM) Riddell: so folks, Kubuntu has a great community and we want you to join it
(02:01:08 PM) nosrednaekim: and we have free beer....
(02:01:10 PM) Riddell: we need people to help with packaging, bugs, CD testing, coding etc
(02:01:19 PM) nosrednaekim: but you have to code for it :)
(02:01:41 PM) meven: QUESTION: kubuntu will be present at FOSDEM ?
(02:01:41 PM) jussi01: Thanks for coming everyone!!
(02:01:46 PM) Tm_T: all help is welcome, even if it's only user reports and testing, so there's no much step from every day user
(02:01:46 PM) Riddell: do drop in on #kubuntu-devel and start your free software helping
(02:01:46 PM) emilsedgh: if you needed help on web stuff, count on me
(02:02:01 PM) Riddell: meven: yes, I'll be there.  I'll be giving a packaging tutorial
(02:02:05 PM) Tm_T: thank you all for Kood questions :))
(02:02:19 PM) nareshov_: :D
(02:02:19 PM) nosrednaekim: thanks Tm_T
(02:02:23 PM) enaut: thank you for your answers
(02:02:25 PM) meven: Riddell: see you there then ;)

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