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Dev Week -- Kernel Triage -- JeremyFoshee -- Wed, Jul 14th, 2010

(04:00:58 PM) JFo: Hi folks, I'm JFo (Jeremy Foshee) and I am the Kernel Bug Triager
(04:01:18 PM) JFo: Today we are going to discuss a bit about triaging kernel package bugs.
(04:01:45 PM) JFo: this class is going to be something of a follow along for the chat from Saturday's Ubuntu User days
(04:01:58 PM) JFo: logs can be found here for that talk:,%20and%20why%20do%20i%20need%20it
(04:02:11 PM) JFo: so several of the things I'd like to cover are:
(04:02:28 PM) JFo: 1) duplicate bugs and the Ubuntu Kernel
(04:02:45 PM) JFo: 2) The subsystem tagging of kernel bugs
(04:02:59 PM) JFo: 3) triage statuses and the kernel bugs
(04:03:10 PM) JFo: and 4) The Kernel Triage Summit
(04:03:29 PM) JFo: please feel free to ask questions as you see fit by prefacing them with QUESTION:
(04:03:41 PM) JFo: those of you using Lernid will not need to enter that
(04:03:48 PM) JFo: ok, duplicates :)
(04:04:27 PM) JFo: For those of you who may not be aware, the Ubuntu kernel team have decided not to continue using duplicates in the current way
(04:05:02 PM) JFo: this means that, where you would normally have marked bugs that were on the same laptop model, we'd now ask that you do not