Ubuntu Open Week - Introduction to Kubuntu - JonathanRiddell - Mon, Apr 27th, 2009

(04:03:06 PM) Riddell: Good evening Friends.
(04:03:17 PM) Riddell: My name is Jonathan Riddell and I'm an international freedom fighter.  I spend my days spreading freedom through the world through the medium of Kubuntu and KDE.
(04:03:31 PM) Riddell: who's all here to hear about Kubuntu?
(04:03:36 PM) ajmctaggart: +1
(04:03:39 PM) Bodsda: +1
(04:03:41 PM) hollman: +1
(04:03:42 PM) gamerchick02: +1
(04:03:43 PM) defrysk: o/
(04:03:44 PM) thegrieve: +1
(04:03:46 PM) ralf__: me too
(04:03:47 PM) michel1: +1
(04:03:48 PM) HoellP: everyone of course
(04:03:49 PM) atoom: +1
(04:03:51 PM) ceelight: +1
(04:03:53 PM) Riddell: :)
(04:03:53 PM) daskreech: o/
(04:03:56 PM) AndySpain: jacastro Me on kubunto for 2 months now
(04:03:58 PM) daskreech: *
(04:04:10 PM) eagles0513875: +1
(04:04:14 PM) Riddell: KDE is the original and best free software desktop.
(04:04:21 PM) JFo: +1
(04:04:22 PM) eagles0513875: here here
(04:04:27 PM) Riddell: If you ever tried to use free software or unix as a desktop before KDE you were probably the sort of person to wear a bow tie.
(04:04:41 PM) eagles0513875: hahahah thats me lol back in preschool
(04:04:57 PM) Riddell: At Kubuntu we aim to create a distro that brings out the best in KDE by selecting the best apps and releasing with the latest versions.
(04:05:17 PM) Riddell: We are part of the lovely Ubuntu community and follow all their values.
(04:05:21 PM) eagles0513875: here here
(04:05:36 PM) maco: eagles0513875: -chat please
(04:05:37 PM) eagles0513875: dont mean to interrupt but not only lovely but the best distro around in my honest opinion
(04:05:43 PM) Bodsda: eagles0513875: could you here here in -chat please
(04:05:49 PM) ***eagles0513875 zips lips
(04:05:51 PM) daskreech: eagles0513875: #ubuntu-calssroom-chat
(04:05:57 PM) daskreech: eagles0513875: #ubuntu-classroom-chat
(04:06:05 PM) Riddell: Kubuntu is one of the commercially supported products by Canonical, and other companies.
(04:06:20 PM) Riddell: but more importantly we are a community product made by beatiful people
(04:06:22 PM) jcastro: (we've gone all day without needing moderation, please be respectful to the presenter)
(04:07:15 PM) Riddell: A few years ago KDE developers had created KDE 3 and saw that it was a good product.  Stable, feature filled, good looking too.  Competed well with the competition.
(04:07:37 PM) AndySpain: the class will be here or in -classroom-chat?
(04:07:51 PM) Riddell: But we want world domination.  As we'd say in Ubuntu land, bug number 1.
(04:07:52 PM) ***eagles0513875 shhhhhhhhhh its in here
(04:07:52 PM) jcastro: the class is in here, questions in -chat, please see topic
(04:08:12 PM) Riddell: KDE 3 had gone about as far as the technology would allow
(04:08:16 PM) ***sirderigo leave, i dont like kde
(04:08:19 PM) sirderigo left the room ("Ex-Chat").
(04:09:02 PM) Riddell: So a lot of the base was thrown away and re-written to give us a technology platform that would be the most powerful and intuitive for developers to create rocking applications
(04:09:15 PM) AndySpain: ah, ok. thx jacastro.
(04:09:32 PM) Riddell: The result is KDE 4
(04:09:41 PM) Riddell: That was a necessary transition, it's been quite painful but is bearing shiny blingy fruit now
(04:10:06 PM) Riddell: KDE 4.0 was intended for developers and KDE fanboys.  We released an unsupported version alongside the stable 8.04 release
(04:10:29 PM) Riddell: KDE 4.1 showed where we want to be and we released that with 8.10 which as the intrepid port-LTS release is intended for people who have a good idea what they're doing
(04:10:44 PM) Riddell: KDE 4.2, included in our latest 9.04 Kubuntu release from last week is recommended for general users and users of previous versions will be prompted to upgrade
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(04:11:09 PM) Riddell: Some of the nice new features in 9.04 include improved printer setup..
(04:11:17 PM) Riddell: We changed from our previous Kubuntu-specific package manager to packagekit which will allow distros to work together on the app
(04:11:27 PM) Riddell: And we got rid of almost all the KDE 3 apps (OpenOffice and k3b last ones standing)
(04:11:56 PM) Riddell: on top of all the good stuff that came with KDE 4.2 like the Plasma desktop with all its bling
(04:12:17 PM) Riddell: also some world leading apps like Digikam got updated to KDE 4 versions with lots of improvements
(04:12:38 PM) Riddell: It wasn't perfect though, there's a few too many problems with the X drivers for my liking and the new network manager is not as reliable as it should be (I hope to update the network manager soon)
(04:12:40 PM) michel1 left the room.
(04:12:53 PM) Riddell: The KDE 4 timeline fits in quite nicely with our LTS (long term support) cycle, I expect by the next LTS in 10.04 KDE 4 will be a work of perfection :)
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(04:13:26 PM) Riddell: There's plenty to work on, improving the package manager, finishing off our printer work, getting rid of the last KDE 3 apps as well as our ongoing tasks of packaging and fixing lots of bugs
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(04:14:07 PM) Riddell: let's take some questions,maybe there'll be something to counter the negativity of our friend sirdiego :)
(04:14:22 PM) Riddell: 21:12 < daskreech> QUESTION: WIll Canonical be interested in putting one person on KDE4 OO.o Integration ?
(04:14:26 PM) sirdiego: hu?
(04:15:02 PM) sirdiego: i like kde btw im not sirderigo :D
(04:15:13 PM) Riddell: daskreech: OO is looking pretty behind the times without a KDE 4 port
(04:15:23 PM) ***eagles0513875 raises my hand
(04:15:36 PM) ralf__: you are right for the drivers, I'm using a notebook with nvidia-drivers and there are still some slow-downs using the desktop effects
(04:15:50 PM) Riddell: questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat people
(04:15:59 PM) Riddell: but I can't say what canonical will or won't do, I'm tempted to give it a shot myself though
(04:16:05 PM) smeg0l: i'm currently running ubuntu because in kubuntu 9.04 in the gui it wount acknowledge any passwd it danish keyboard and language ?
(04:16:12 PM) Riddell: but I'm pretty certain it's slow and ugly work
(04:16:22 PM) Riddell: sorry sirdiego
(04:16:23 PM) smeg0l: sry
(04:16:51 PM) Riddell: 21:05 < kusanagi> Riddell, QUESTION: does kubuntu plans to have guest session like ubuntu does?
(04:17:18 PM) Riddell: kusanagi: yes I'd love that, it just needs the patch being sorted, we did have someone assigned to it but they got busy and havn't had time
(04:17:21 PM) Riddell: so volunteers welcome
(04:17:37 PM) Riddell: why are there lot of installed programs that dont show in the menu? (in ubuntu appears everything)
(04:17:59 PM) Riddell: dunno, sounds like a bug, file a bug and poke us until we look into it
(04:18:18 PM) Riddell: 21:07 < T0m4rn0ld> QUESTION: Will Canonical sponsor work on the webkit kpart to finally bring a modern browsing experience to Kubuntu?
(04:18:37 PM) Riddell: questions asking for funding from canonical are unlikely to get much of an answer, I don't hold the purse strings :)
(04:18:52 PM) Riddell: but I do want to look into alternatives to konqueror, it's getting too behind the times
(04:18:59 PM) Riddell: we'll probably discuss that at UDS
(04:19:05 PM) nixternal: such as?
(04:19:18 PM) nixternal: rekonq....arora....firefox?
(04:19:49 PM) Riddell: KDE based of course so rekonq or arora or webkitkde, we'll have to evaluate them all to see if they're good enough
(04:19:52 PM) Riddell: 21:10 < JFo> QUESTION: is there an easy way to set KDE up to test it on a Gnome based install without messing anything up?
(04:19:56 PM) Riddell: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
(04:20:05 PM) Riddell: doesn't mess up anything, just installs the programmes
(04:20:21 PM) Riddell: you can use a chroot if you really want to keep everything untouched
(04:20:24 PM) ralf__: arora isn't too bad, but the KDE-integration is not very god. Maybe rekonq will do, but I haven't tried it yet
(04:20:42 PM) Riddell: 21:10 < Bodsda_> QUESTION: Improved printer setup is in KDE only, meaning other derivitavies wont benefit from it?
(04:21:11 PM) Riddell: other ubuntu variants can use system-config-printer-kde if they like, or they can use another app, it's all just frontends to the same hal and cups logic
(04:21:19 PM) ajmctaggart: Riddell, I have tried that many times, apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, the problem is, it's not as easily removed...any recommendations?
(04:21:20 PM) Riddell: 21:10 < daskreech> QUESTION: how long will you keep around KDE3 libs for third party apps that are not ported yet
(04:22:04 PM) Riddell: we'll keep KDE 3 libs around as long as they're needed, probably several cycles yet, but I'd like to get them off the CD, they just take up valuable room
(04:22:31 PM) Riddell: 21:14 < daskreech> QUESTION: There is a LOT of things not shipped by default with Kubuntu (Wallpapers,Themes, Plasmoids etc) can we have a virtual package that does a one shot install of a fuller kubuntu experience like kubuntu-restricted-extras does?
(04:22:48 PM) daskreech: That's a CD issues awell
(04:22:54 PM) Riddell: one CD only has space for a basic desktop
(04:23:10 PM) Riddell: I think that the Download buttons appearing on apps is a better way to install extra themes and widgets
(04:23:21 PM) eagles0513875: i think what he means is as you are installing why not pull more things off the repos as one is installing
(04:23:40 PM) Riddell: 21:14 < mrasty> QUESTION: what does canonical/ubuntu do for the kde project apart from producing packages ?
(04:23:49 PM) Riddell: get it out infront of millions of users
(04:23:58 PM) Riddell: that's out main goal and achievement
(04:23:59 PM) nixternal: Riddell: time to put the answer to this question on k.o/FAQ :)
(04:24:09 PM) Riddell: get high profile users like the French parliament too
(04:24:46 PM) Riddell: we fill in obvious gaps that don't get worked on by upstream because they're not very sexy, like printer setup or user setup
(04:24:51 PM) daskreech: viva la French!
(04:25:07 PM) Riddell: but the main task of distros is to get users and hopefully bring back some of those users to contribute
(04:25:27 PM) Riddell: 21:16 < alexismedina> QUESTION: when UXA will be mature in kubuntu for intel drivers?
(04:25:31 PM) Riddell: dunno, ask Intel
(04:25:52 PM) Riddell: 21:16 < Ireyon> QUESTION: what about shipping the Oxygen-style for GTK-applications with kubuntu? looks quite nice in my opinion.
(04:26:17 PM) Riddell: we shipped gtk curve in this release because it was popular and fits in well with the KDE theming
(04:26:39 PM) Riddell: if there's other themes we should look at do let us know, but really this is a GTK bug, it should ship with a decent looking theme itself
(04:26:53 PM) daskreech: So file a bug on LP for that?
(04:26:58 PM) Riddell: 21:17 < sirdiego> QUESTION: whats going on with the translations in kubuntu? will they be better in next kubuntu release?
(04:27:15 PM) Riddell: we need more QA done on translations
(04:27:37 PM) Riddell: I'd like to get people checking and double checking that it all works earlier in the cycle
(04:28:17 PM) apachelogger: I am working on establishing a sensible structure to support that.
(04:28:36 PM) Riddell: the process hasn't been working as well as it should mostly because of a series of smallish issues that take too long to resolve
(04:28:54 PM) Riddell: and I'm not the best person to check it all since I work in English
(04:29:14 PM) Riddell: having said that, there's only limited places where it's broken in 9.04 and those should all be fixable
(04:29:22 PM) Riddell: if you have more problems, shout about them until we work out what's up
(04:29:32 PM) Riddell: 21:17 < zepo> QUESTION: do you think Ubuntu users should switch to Kubuntu, and why?
(04:29:56 PM) Riddell: I think people should use whatever they like :)  if you're a Kubuntu user you are of course already an Ubuntu user
(04:30:01 PM) Riddell: although not an Ubuntu Desktop user
(04:30:25 PM) ajmctaggart: member:identifier:riddell what is the best way in your opinion to spread the word about the benefits of an integrated desktop...KDE is awesome, but it takes the integration of Mac and combines it with a TON of options, similar to Windows is able to do, making a difficult environment to get into from scratch...
(04:30:30 PM) Riddell: gnome is a fine desktop, although it lacks much of a long term outlook in my subjective opinion
(04:30:48 PM) Riddell: the main reason I love KDE and Qt is that it's the best development platform in the world
(04:30:56 PM) Riddell: users can pick whatever they're happiest with though
(04:31:11 PM) Riddell: 21:18 < francisco_t> QUESTION: Some news about qt-firefox?
(04:31:18 PM) Riddell: dunno, Nokia started that, you'd need to ask there
(04:31:36 PM) Riddell: 21:20 < LjL> QUESTION: is there an interest in providing, when possible, native KDE applications (with support for KParts, kioslaves, and all those KDE-specific things) as opposed to merely Qt applications? I seem to see a rise of Qt-but-not-really-KDE applications since KDE 4
(04:31:48 PM) Riddell: full KDE integration is best for sure
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(04:31:55 PM) Riddell: I don't know of many Qt only apps we use actually
(04:32:16 PM) Riddell: 21:20 < atoom> QUESTION:what is mening of. zoom out in the upper right corner
(04:32:42 PM) Riddell: ah well, here we come into disagreement with upstream.  it's a curious feature that which we removed in one release because it doesn't seem to do much useful
(04:33:02 PM) Riddell: but the plasma people moaned so we added it back, I'm still not convinced it does much
(04:33:18 PM) Riddell: hopefully it'll get integrated with the existing virtual desktops for a better experience
(04:33:30 PM) Riddell: 21:21 < rufong> QUESTION:has network management in kde come a long way in your opinion? i did see you mention it as an area to improve
(04:33:52 PM) Riddell: it's come a long way since we started kubuntu for sure, but it's still behind where it should be
(04:33:58 PM) daskreech: Riddell: It should be able to be mapped to Desktops in future I think
(04:34:24 PM) Riddell: the KDE developers working on the network manager tell me it's at a good stage now so I'll package that and hopefully get it into backports for people to use
(04:34:27 PM) croppa_ is now known as croppa
(04:34:51 PM) Riddell: 21:25 < ceelight> QUESTION: dunno? Could you please also write for "non-native-speakers"? ;)
(04:35:01 PM) Riddell: sorry, "I don't know" :)
(04:35:45 PM) Riddell: 21:27 < drostie> QUESTION: It's all well and good for you to talk about how you think KDE 4 is the best desktop ever, but in what particular way do you think it shines over GNOME or XFCE?
(04:36:05 PM) Riddell: it's beautiful!
(04:36:26 PM) Riddell: in terms of shinyness, the artwork in KDE 4 is world class, thanks to the Oxygen team at KDE
(04:36:53 PM) Riddell: in terms of apps we have world leading ones like Digikam and K3b and Amarok
(04:37:23 PM) Riddell: watch out for Krita too, it's going to be a photoshop killer I just know
(04:37:31 PM) Riddell: 21:28 < Ireyon> QUESTION: does kubuntu have own translation teams or do they work together with the 'normal' ubuntu translators?
(04:37:43 PM) ralf__: I think there is also one more thing: integration. IMHO KDE and KDE-progs are much more integrated
(04:38:00 PM) Riddell: we get our translations from KDE, they get fed into launchpad where the ubuntu translation teams can fill in bits added by Kubuntu
(04:38:16 PM) Riddell: 21:29 < francisco_t> QUESTION: What happend with konqueror, webkit and KHTML?
(04:38:22 PM) ***nixternal notes that Krfb and KRDC also rock, especially for those of you who have to maintain Windows machines at work or remotely
(04:38:27 PM) Riddell: currently we use Konqueror with KHTML
(04:38:43 PM) Riddell: webkit integration with Konqueror is harder than it should be so that hasn't happened as quick as we'd like
(04:39:02 PM) Riddell: so we'll evaluate the options out there at UDS and decide what's best for our users
(04:39:13 PM) Riddell: 21:30 < zaidka> QUESTION: if i install a gtk application on kubuntu, will the widgets look like normal qt?
(04:39:27 PM) Riddell: they'll use the qtcurve theme, which integrates pretty well with the KDE oxygen theme
(04:40:28 PM) Riddell: phew, I think I'm up to date on all the questions
(04:40:36 PM) drostie: :D
(04:40:50 PM) Riddell: keep asking in -chat, I'll get to more at the end
(04:40:59 PM) Riddell: The most important part of Kubuntu is the community, because it's people like them that make free software fun
(04:41:13 PM) Riddell: We mostly work over IRC in the #kubuntu-devel channel.  IRC lets us work with high communication rates from wherever we happen to be, it's almost good as being in a room together, but you don't have to get out of bed :)
(04:41:27 PM) nixternal: hahaha
(04:41:44 PM) Riddell: Although it's called -devel we count any contribution as devels. Helping the community, doing translations, triaging bugs, packaging of course, testing CDs, anything useful
(04:41:58 PM) Riddell: Let's look at some of the community members to get an idea of what people can do when they want to difference in the world
(04:42:02 PM) Riddell: apachelogger (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/16775366/moi.jpeg)
(04:42:13 PM) Riddell: Not so long ago I did all the KDE packaging myself.  But for one KDE release I was away for a week, so apachelogger took over
(04:42:23 PM) Riddell: He realised it was far too much work for one person to do so for the next release he used his good looks and charm to round up a team of people to package KDE and now we do it as a team effort every time
(04:42:40 PM) Riddell: The team is called the Kubuntu Ninjas and we spend a week locked in a bunker before every KDE release packaging it for the development version and the released version to make sure it's available as soon as possible to our users
(04:43:15 PM) Riddell: or there's JonTheEchidna (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/15880502/me-cropped-0707.png)
(04:43:23 PM) Riddell: Jon is one of our best looking developers and does a lot of bug triage.  Actually he does a lot of other stuff for Kubuntu too but he's now associated with over 5000 bugs, which is a lot of traging.
(04:43:40 PM) Riddell: We get a lot of bugs reports and there's a lot of different possibilities that can happen with them, only a few small number will we need to fix directly
(04:43:49 PM) Riddell: Others get fixed upstream or maybe they're already fixed or maybe the program is indended to work as it does and the user is misunderstanding it (which is a bug too of course)
(04:44:02 PM) Riddell: Sorting out the hundreds of bugs we get each week is what folks like JonTheEchidna do and we all owe them for that
(04:44:27 PM) SWAT__ is now known as SWAT
(04:44:36 PM) Riddell: one of my favoutest people is Mamarok (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/14888760/me_mugshot_launchpad_2.png)
(04:44:43 PM) Riddell: User support is massively important, it's one of free software's advantages over the proprietry competition
(04:44:56 PM) Riddell: Myriam recently took over as an admin of the kubuntu-users mailing list to make sure conversation is kept on topic and a welcoming and friendly atmosphere is encouraged
(04:45:09 PM) Riddell: She's also on the Ubuntu Forums Beginners group who help out new users on our forums
(04:45:19 PM) Riddell: User support is something we all should do to be good community citizens.  You don't have to be as good looking as Myriam to do your bit
(04:45:45 PM) Riddell: finally in my sample of Kubuntu devels I picked ScottK (Scott doesn't have a photo on launchpad but I can assure you he's as good looking as any Kubuntu dev)
(04:45:54 PM) Riddell: amongst other things Scott is an archive admin.  That means he has a big red button on his computer which he can press to approve or reject new packages which get uploaded (the main reason for rejection is licence quibbles)
(04:46:08 PM) Riddell: He also does a lot of work approving backports and is currently moving KDE 4.2.2 to backports (yay)
(04:46:20 PM) Riddell: When the archive is frozen, which we do shortly before releases to stop people uploading anything dangerous, he checks and approves any uploads
(04:46:31 PM) Riddell: Sometimes we have bugs in our releases (shocking I know!) and Scott is one of the guys who can review updates to make sure they fix and don't add more bugs
(04:46:38 PM) Riddell: All tasks with a lot of responsibility, if he pressed the red button at the wrong time everything could break!
(04:46:47 PM) sirdiego: puh, i cant do some work for kde, i dont look as good as they ;)
(04:46:54 PM) Riddell: That's just a small random sample of the sort of people involved in Kubuntu
(04:47:04 PM) Riddell: They're not realated by age or gender or location but rather by a desire to help change the world in interesting ways
(04:47:18 PM) Riddell: The good news is you can join them, if you're interested in Kubuntu come and say hi in #kubuntu-devel
(04:47:28 PM) Riddell: You don't have to be good looking, by being part of the Kubuntu community you automatically become good looking.  You just need a desire to free the world!
(04:48:34 PM) Riddell: 21:39 < Sanne> QUESTION: in case you decide against Konqueror as a browser in the future, will it still be available as a file manager for people who prefer it to Dolphin?
(04:49:07 PM) Riddell: if we do go with a different browser, and I stress that's not even remotely decided, we'd keep Konqueror on the CD, it's part of what is KDE
(04:49:18 PM) Riddell: 21:40 < eagles0513875> QUESTION what is being done in regards to dolphin being super slow in accessing remote shares using smbfs
(04:49:50 PM) Riddell: I think the whole file sharing experience is poor, it's something I've been wanting to look at for some time, maybe one day I'll have time for it :)
(04:50:48 PM) Riddell: 21:47 < drostie> QUESTION: are you using Quassel right now? Was there a range of options among which Quassel was chosen for Jaunty, or was it just the only native KDE4 IRC client around? (Everybody I've spoken to finds it rather unintuitive for the first week.)
(04:51:06 PM) Riddell: actually I use irssi, I like my command line :)
(04:51:21 PM) eagles0513875: Riddell: i have been using konqueror as an alternative to dolphin. another thing about konqueror is that i like the ability to open up websites as well as locations on the same machien all in one place
(04:51:25 PM) Riddell: but I use Quassel too at times and it's much better now than it was six months ago when we first looked at it
(04:51:51 PM) Riddell: that's because Kubuntu people like seele and others worked with the Quassel developers to end up with something quite good
(04:52:21 PM) Riddell: but plenty more work to be done, the Quassel developers are very responsive though so you can try pinging them in #kubuntu-devel (or probably they have their own channel too)
(04:52:52 PM) maco: Riddell: #quassel
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(04:53:57 PM) Riddell: oh and Kubuntu developers love hot tub parties, you don't get that with any other project :)
(04:54:25 PM) ***nixternal can attest to that, thankfully he hid from the pool area during UDS
(04:55:20 PM) Riddell: 21:53 < T0m4rn0ld> QUESTION: Which Kubuntu release will surpass Ubuntu with regards to polish and stability? ;)
(04:55:34 PM) ***NCommander can attest to the hot tube bit as well :-)
(04:55:41 PM) Riddell: well that's subjective and could lead to flamebate if I don't answer carefully
(04:55:52 PM) knome: (yes, if there's beer!)
(04:56:07 PM) nixternal: Riddell: rumor has it, the intertubes say the release of Kubuntu with KDE 4.5 (that is your safe way out of that one) :)
(04:56:33 PM) Riddell: KDE is the fastest moving desktop out there.  thanks to the Qt and KDE 4 platform we can do stuff that can't be done on other platforms and we can do it earier (for developers)
(04:56:43 PM) ralf__: I'd be glad if it would be the same polish as Ubuntu
(04:56:54 PM) Riddell: which should result in better apps and a better experience
(04:57:10 PM) Riddell: as I say 10.04 (odds on to be the LTS) will be a work of perfection
(04:57:52 PM) Riddell: 21:56 < daskreech> QUESTION: Is there a way to highlight artistic contributions to Kubuntu?
(04:58:05 PM) Riddell: almost all our artwork comes from KDE, those Oxygen guys are just so good
(04:58:21 PM) Riddell: if you ever get to meet pinheiro, buy him lots of beers
(04:58:50 PM) Riddell: well I think my time is up
(04:59:13 PM) Riddell: if you want to help we're in #kubuntu-devel, if you need help we're in #kubuntu
(04:59:40 PM) Riddell: thanks for coming and enjoy the rest of Open Week

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