Ubuntu Open Week - OEM Community Netbook testing - ChrisGregan - Fri, May 1st, 2009

(02:02:14 PM) charlie-tca: And, next we have chris Gregan with OEM Community Netbook Testing
(02:02:27 PM) cgregan: Hello All
(02:02:35 PM) ActionParsnip: howdy
(02:02:53 PM) cgregan: Can we get a channel topic change?
(02:02:57 PM) kenvandine_wk: i tried
(02:02:59 PM) kenvandine_wk: didn't let me
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(02:03:05 PM) kenvandine_wk: great
(02:03:09 PM) cgregan: Excellent!
(02:03:11 PM) cgregan: Ok
(02:03:18 PM) cgregan: A little background
(02:03:35 PM) cgregan: I am the QA Manager for the OEM Services Team in Canonical
(02:03:44 PM) cgregan: For those of you not familiar
(02:03:56 PM) cgregan: we customize Ubuntu Desktop
(02:04:13 PM) cgregan: For release as pre-installed systems on Netbooks and MIDs
(02:04:43 PM) cgregan: Our recent releases were Dell minis
(02:04:49 PM) cgregan: and HP mini
(02:05:22 PM) cgregan: We provide custom interface design and hardware enablement as well as maintenance after the fact for end users
(02:05:34 PM) cgregan: which brings us to the reason for this session
(02:06:20 PM) cgregan: I have been organizing an effort to build a community of testers with netbooks to provide a review stage before we push security updates and fixes
(02:06:35 PM) cgregan: [link]
(02:06:54 PM) cgregan: This is our team page in LP
(02:07:21 PM) cgregan: The goal is to have more eyes on these proposed fixes before the general public sees them
(02:07:51 PM) cgregan: So we can continue to maintain a high level of quality as the number of netbooks rapidly expands over the next year
(02:08:05 PM) cgregan: do we do this
(02:08:31 PM) cgregan: The team is associated with a mailing list and a proposed repo
(02:09:15 PM) cgregan: When you join you get the sources.list entries and updates from the list on approaching releases
(02:09:30 PM) cgregan: Who are we looking for.....
(02:09:57 PM) cgregan: Anyone with a Dell mini9, 12, or 10 that came with Ubuntu pre-installed
(02:10:07 PM) cgregan: Anyone with UNR installed on a netbook
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(02:10:55 PM) cgregan: And as the number of shipping units grows, anyone who has one
(02:11:36 PM) cgregan: The process...once you are joined up is familiar
(02:12:06 PM) cgregan: Add the proposed repos to your sources.list
(02:12:11 PM) cgregan: update
(02:12:16 PM) cgregan: and report problems
(02:12:38 PM) cgregan: there are projects established for bugs as well
(02:12:52 PM) cgregan: Dell users have
(02:13:16 PM) cgregan: UNR has two
(02:13:25 PM) cgregan:   for general issues with the release
(02:13:48 PM) cgregan:  for issues just with the custom launcher/desktop
(02:14:30 PM) cgregan: We also encourage triage, fix submission, and any other activity that would help
(02:15:15 PM) cgregan: Ubuntu is growing rapidly in the netbook range and we expect MANY more devices shipping with Ubuntu
(02:15:50 PM) cgregan: Any effort to lend a hand would be very appreciated
(02:16:44 PM) cgregan: In addition to those of you with devices already.....there has also been interest in growing a core team of triagers and tester who would be provided devices in exchange for a commitment
(02:17:15 PM) cgregan: This idea has been used before by Canonical, and I am exploring this as an option here as well.
(02:17:52 PM) cgregan: Keep and eye on the ubuntu-testing channel for details
(02:18:17 PM) cgregan: No promises :-)
(02:19:40 PM) cgregan: I'm am also soliciting ideas from the community for general improvements to our shipping images
(02:20:13 PM) cgregan: If you do not want to necessarily connect to a proposed repo and test
(02:20:32 PM) cgregan: you can help out with usability bugs, proposed additions to our base applications
(02:20:46 PM) cgregan: suggestions on new features
(02:20:59 PM) cgregan: all of which can be entered in the LP projects listed above
(02:21:49 PM) cgregan: So I'd like to pause here to see if there are any questions that have been prompted by what I've discussed so far
(02:24:05 PM) cgregan: ali1234 has a question about the usefulness of UNR due to netbook power
(02:24:20 PM) brianchidester: ali1234> QUESTION: given that the x86 netbooks are more powerful than the main workstations some people were using as little as two years ago, why is there a need for things like UNR?
(02:24:35 PM) cgregan: UNR is not designed as a means to better performance
(02:24:51 PM) cgregan: It is actually a full version of Ubuntu Desktop
(02:25:09 PM) cgregan: it uses just as much in the way of resources as the normal distro release
(02:25:28 PM) cgregan: The reason for UNR is screen realestate
(02:25:34 PM) cgregan: and touch
(02:26:11 PM) cgregan: Netbooks tend to have sub 9" screen
(02:26:28 PM) brianchidester: QUESTION: Is this lp team intended only for oem versions of UNR, or also the generic UNR?
(02:27:06 PM) cgregan: this makes it difficult from a user's standpoint to get to all of the icons and manipulate the environment
(02:27:19 PM) cgregan: So we designed something with a larger UI
(02:27:36 PM) cgregan: Next question is about the LP team
(02:28:08 PM) cgregan: The team is designed for units that shipped with UNR or Dell desktop from the factory
(02:28:38 PM) cgregan: With the recent major release of UNR by the distro team this has shifted a bit
(02:29:35 PM) cgregan: Although I would like anyone with a netbook running UNR to join, our focus is on pre-installed systems
(02:30:39 PM) cgregan: There is still some work on the shifting of responsibility for UNR from OEM to distro so I am still encouraging anyone to join the team and help out
(02:31:28 PM) cgregan: There is another small quirk that this question bring up
(02:31:58 PM) cgregan: There will be some units...the HP mini comes to mind...that there will be no public LP project or repo for
(02:32:44 PM) cgregan: Users with this situation are encouraged to submit issues with the equipment manufacturer first
(02:32:46 PM) cgregan: but
(02:32:57 PM) cgregan: we will be happy to hear suggestions from them as well
(02:33:04 PM) cgregan: basically we love feedback
(02:33:15 PM) cgregan: it helps us design an build better systems
(02:33:58 PM) cgregan: Any other questions? I am nearing the end of my prepared material
(02:34:48 PM) cgregan: Ok.....
(02:35:24 PM) cgregan: So there is one last aspect of this community effort that is a little different
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(02:35:54 PM) cgregan: We prefer positive response as well as bugs
(02:36:04 PM) cgregan: So if you are a member
(02:36:19 PM) cgregan: and you receive a notification email of updates for testing
(02:36:58 PM) rufong: QUESTION: you mentioned Dell and HP, have you had contact with any other OEMs, contacted them? upcoming mass shipments with ubuntu?
(02:37:17 PM) cgregan: We like +1 posted to the email list in response if the update had no problems
(02:37:39 PM) cgregan: Or if you feel the update could still go out to the general user despite an issue
(02:38:22 PM) brianchidester: <pwnguin> QUESTION: are there any tools volunteers can use to create automated test reports?
(02:38:32 PM) cgregan: rufong: We are in contact with may ODM and OEM companies
(02:38:37 PM) cgregan: unfortunately
(02:38:53 PM) cgregan: I cannot mention anything about them until a product actually shipd
(02:39:00 PM) cgregan: s/shipd/ships
(02:39:09 PM) cgregan: due to legal obligations
(02:39:38 PM) cgregan: But rest assured, you will be seeing more and more devices with Ubuntu in the near future
(02:40:20 PM) cgregan: pwnguin: tools question
(02:40:50 PM) cgregan: Automated test reports, I'm not sure I'm clear so I will answer both ways
(02:41:21 PM) cgregan: Automated reports: there is currently no tools for producing reports
(02:41:51 PM) cgregan: approved tool being used...if you know of one I suggest you get in touch with me. I am always looking for new way to manage testing
(02:42:11 PM) cgregan: Automated tools: We are beginning a large automation effort based around Checkbox
(02:42:52 PM) cgregan: In co-ordination with the Distro QA team, we are using Apport, LDTP, and checkbox to create a comprehensive test suite
(02:43:30 PM) cgregan: We could definitely use some help if anyone has some LDTP skills and a spare cycle or two
(02:43:46 PM) cgregan: there is a wiki tracking the early efforts
(02:44:16 PM) brianchidester: Is there a link for that?
(02:44:24 PM) cgregan:
(02:44:36 PM) brianchidester: rufong> QUESTION:do you feel Ubuntu is/is becoming the goto OS for netbooks?
(02:45:03 PM) cgregan: rufong: Good question....and a difficult one to answer
(02:45:37 PM) cgregan: what I do know is that the market has changed from Canonical going to manufacturers trying to convince them to ship Ubuntu
(02:46:12 PM) cgregan: To a market where manufacturers are coming to Canonical trying to convince us to work with them on a product
(02:46:37 PM) cgregan: We are also moving into spaces where other distros once had a foot hold
(02:47:18 PM) cgregan: Whether or not that makes us the goto remains to be seen, but the pace of sales is advancing
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(02:47:59 PM) cgregan: Ok....I think that wraps it up for me
(02:48:50 PM) cgregan: I'd like to encourage anyone help out as they see fit so we can continue to impress the average user and build a truly impressive resume' of netbooks shipping Ubuntu
(02:49:12 PM) cgregan: Any last questions?
(02:51:23 PM) cgregan: rufong
(02:51:29 PM) cgregan: Touch is a growing area
(02:51:30 PM) ActionParsnip: hey all
(02:51:45 PM) cgregan: but we feel it is still a little ways off
(02:52:08 PM) cgregan: we have support built in, and are waiting for devices
(02:54:51 PM) ActionParsnip: with netbooks usually having a small internal drive, is there a view to having smoe kind of package cleanup script post install to remove unnecessary packages
(02:55:25 PM) okolotas: let's figth !
(02:55:48 PM) cgregan: ActionParsnip: funny you ask
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(02:56:11 PM) charlie-tca: 5 minute warning
(02:56:14 PM) cgregan: I recently entered a bug pointing out that Update-manager does not run cleanup by default
(02:56:20 PM) ActionParsnip: i've noticed that large amounts of data are wasted by ubuntu with a lot of drivers that simply dont apply to the system, for example a system with an nvidia video card has no need for an intel video drivers etc
(02:56:27 PM) cgregan: So we will be looking at that
(02:57:00 PM) ActionParsnip: i personally have my own script to carve out what i dont need and can get a full system off 2.7Gb right now
(02:57:07 PM) cgregan: ActionParsnip: this is the kind of issues we would like to see in our LP projects as bugs
(02:57:23 PM) ActionParsnip: i'll do it when i get time, and im sober
(02:57:47 PM) ActionParsnip: can we please change the default setup to put home on a seperate partition in some way too
(02:58:14 PM) charlie-tca: ActionParsnip: questions and comments in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
(02:58:29 PM) ActionParsnip: i see
(02:58:43 PM) ActionParsnip: so is this like a lecture room?
(02:58:48 PM) charlie-tca: yes
(02:58:52 PM) ActionParsnip: gotcha
(02:59:00 PM) charlie-tca: TWO minutes
(02:59:01 PM) cgregan: I'll answer that though
(02:59:34 PM) cgregan: We are often subject to the requirements of the customer
(02:59:50 PM) cgregan: in most cases they require a specific setup for partitioning
(03:00:07 PM) cgregan: where we can we promote better setup
(03:00:17 PM) cgregan: but often we have no say
(03:00:25 PM) cgregan: Thanks everyone

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