Ubuntu Open Week - Feedback and Ideas for next time - JorgeCastro - Fri, Nov 6, 2009

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(05:02:19 PM) jcastro: I've unmodded the channel
(05:02:22 PM) czajkowski: whooooo
(05:02:28 PM) akgraner: YAY!!
(05:02:29 PM) jcastro: how did you enjoy openweek!
(05:03:07 PM) AlanBell: it was great!
(05:03:08 PM) jcastro: wow that good?!
(05:03:12 PM) jcastro: heh
(05:03:13 PM) egyn: i only participated this last session, my first session ever anyway. what a great event!
(05:03:19 PM) egyn: sad to miss the rest..
(05:03:23 PM) jcastro: any recommendations or things we could do better?
(05:03:34 PM) openweek3_: egyn: same here
(05:03:50 PM) jcastro: well, we do have logs of all the sessions
(05:03:54 PM) jcastro: see the wiki page in the topic
(05:04:00 PM) jcastro: thanks to ausimage for doing the logs!
(05:04:10 PM) egyn: jcastro: yea i saw that, very good, reading up on how to develop rightr now
(05:04:13 PM) Jesi: it was excellant, I just wish we had more time for comments
(05:04:21 PM) Jesi: and questions
(05:04:31 PM) AlanBell: there were a load of people arriving with the openweekx nick who hadn't been directed to the schedule and were a bit confused on arrival
(05:04:41 PM) AlanBell: asking offtopic support questions in -chat
(05:04:54 PM) jcastro: AlanBell, the topic links them to the wiki page
(05:05:01 PM) AlanBell: and confusing people because they were all called openweekx
(05:05:06 PM) egyn: future open weeks might be held in multiple rooms, like in the case of regular IRL conferences
(05:05:10 PM) jcastro: however I felt having the web interface was important for people who don't know anything about IRC
(05:05:21 PM) AlanBell: I think the web interface is great
(05:05:21 PM) IdleOne: jcastro: we all know how everybody reads /topic :)
(05:05:29 PM) jcastro: so people who came from the web interface were openweek1, etc.
(05:05:43 PM) AlanBell: jcastro: yes, becase the nick was part of the URL
(05:05:59 PM) jbicha: except it was worse, openweek7____
(05:06:03 PM) gQuigs1: can we ever do something easier about time zones, like autoadjust to the users to show what's up next...?
(05:06:04 PM) Jesi: in multiple rooms? but then we'd have to choose which one to attend :(
(05:06:18 PM) jcastro: jbicha, yeah, unfortunately the more people join the crazier it gets
(05:06:21 PM) jcastro: maybe we can improve that
(05:06:51 PM) Jesi: well if we emphasize that UTC is GMT that might help
(05:06:51 PM) jcastro: gQuigs1, someone suggested a bot earlier
(05:06:55 PM) jcastro: and also to help with questions
(05:06:56 PM) AlanBell: I think having the auto-nick was a bad thing because people didn't appreciate that they were all separate people
(05:07:20 PM) jcastro: AlanBell, the webui does prompt people to put in a normal nick if they want
(05:07:25 PM) jcastro: I don't know how many people did that though
(05:07:32 PM) jbicha: what about if one day would be live video instead of just plaintext chat?
(05:07:39 PM) jcastro: thought about that
(05:07:48 PM) jcastro: the work required would be way way more than it is now
(05:07:49 PM) ***gQuigs1 wonders how if it's possible to do javascript in a wiki page...
(05:07:54 PM) jcastro: it's been tough just to pull off text
(05:07:57 PM) AlanBell: jcastro: no,
(05:08:03 PM) Jesi: I noticed that because I didn't have voice in this channel, I couldn't change my nick in any channel, for some reason and got stuck as Jesi-Idle
(05:08:19 PM) erUSUL: jbicha: video ? that will consume a lot of bandwith for little gain imho
(05:08:22 PM) AlanBell: it asks you if you want to connect as openweek0 and gives you a connect button, nothing else
(05:08:24 PM) Jesi: so if people get stuck as openweekX .....not good
(05:08:25 PM) jcastro: AlanBell, aaaaah, ok, I'll note that
(05:09:23 PM) AlanBell: a nice dedicated web based split screen UI would be good.
(05:09:24 PM) jcastro: did you like the variety of the sessions?
(05:09:26 PM) jbicha: erUSUL: probably so, and may make the session less useful, but it's more fun
(05:09:27 PM) jcastro: and the presenters?
(05:09:29 PM) AlanBell: the sessions were great
(05:09:47 PM) Jesi: as for video, if IRC did video chat.....
(05:09:50 PM) Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
(05:09:50 PM) AlanBell: the presenters were all well prepared and responsive to questions
(05:10:03 PM) erUSUL: jcastro: as allways ones a liked more than others ;)
(05:10:04 PM) jcastro: we tried to get new presenters in
(05:10:05 PM) akgraner: I liked how many new presenters there were...great to see more people getting involved
(05:10:10 PM) jcastro: as well as old favorites
(05:10:40 PM) jcastro: do you think the sessions were too techy? Not techy enough?
(05:10:46 PM) jcastro: or do you like a blend?
(05:10:51 PM) dscassel: If video's logistically hard, how about audio? More people have phones than webcams...
(05:11:00 PM) AlanBell: blend is good
(05:11:17 PM) jcastro: (please note that Developer Week is the intended hardcore week)
(05:11:25 PM) openweek3_: i think it was nicely balanced, I thought the telepathy one would be more technical but thankfully it wasnt. The examples of implementations helped a lot
(05:11:35 PM) akgraner: jcastro, would a survey  like survey monkey link off the wiki be helpful for feed back at all?
(05:11:48 PM) jcastro: sure
(05:11:56 PM) jcastro: akgraner, perhaps next time we should have a survey done before hand
(05:11:57 PM) egyn: jcastro: (i only attended the last session) did you have extra time where presenters could rearrive in a later hour and talk more in detail?
(05:11:58 PM) dscassel: I thought the blend was good.
(05:12:01 PM) jcastro: for people in the beginning of the week
(05:12:04 PM) jcastro: akgraner, good idea though
(05:12:08 PM) akgraner: yeah I mean for next time sorry
(05:12:17 PM) egyn: openweek3_: I agree
(05:12:23 PM) jcastro: egyn, we always allow people to run sessions out of band if they want
(05:12:24 PM) erUSUL: jcastro: i felt that the one about kvm/libvirt was not technical enough. an hour was not enough it seems
(05:12:35 PM) jcastro: right
(05:12:41 PM) ghostman: mimimi
(05:12:57 PM) jcastro: some tech stuff will always take longer
(05:13:06 PM) jcastro: however we've tried longer sessions in the past
(05:13:11 PM) jcastro: and they just get brutal for everyone
(05:13:33 PM) jcastro: so if an hour session can wet your appetite enough to get you to join the virt channel or whatever then I consider that a success
(05:13:50 PM) jcastro: ideally a presenter should be flooded in their channel afterwards with questions
(05:13:57 PM) gQuigs1 left the room (quit: "Leaving.").
(05:14:15 PM) erUSUL: jcastro: i will have to learn how to do the bridgin scripts for kvm elsewhere XXDD
(05:14:15 PM) egyn: jcastro: that is a good approach. thanx
(05:14:23 PM) jcastro: akgraner, I think enforcing speakers to finish off with where people can follow up would be useful
(05:14:26 PM) openweek3_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds).
(05:14:41 PM) akgraner: yes.. it would...
(05:14:53 PM) akgraner: and 5 min before the next session
(05:14:55 PM) AlanBell: is Open Week a good title?
(05:15:04 PM) Jeruvy: I really enjoyed this, well moderated and ran.    Some presenters went way too fast, but having a irc log online will give us time to review at our own pace.  In no way did this detract from the topics.  My thanks to everyone behind the scenes who made this happen great work.
(05:15:08 PM) jcastro: that way all the people passionate about the topic can continue the discussion in another channel without bothering the new presenters
(05:15:10 PM) ghostman: freenode ist nazi
(05:15:13 PM) AlanBell: maybe "text only conference" or something along those lines
(05:15:21 PM) Jesi: i think it depended on the session..... some could have used more detail, others were maybe too technical, I don't considered myself to be non-technical and I like to read up on things.... but I did have to ask about terminology
(05:15:21 PM) akgraner: so dents/tweets/topic changes and voicing can happen smoothly
(05:15:22 PM) sebsebseb: I had a whole Open Week this time, however some sessions weren't really for me, so  I  went away from computer a bit or some Ubuntu Support in  IRC or whatever.   Some stuff I  haven't read yet also  sessionwise.  Unfortunatly I coudn't take part in the KVM session, because this computer doesn't have hardware virtulization.  The women sessions were good of course, but unlike with the one in 9.04, this time round I didn't ask a
(05:15:24 PM) sebsebseb: question since  I ended up doing something else.
(05:15:32 PM) jcastro: Jeruvy, yeah, unfortunately sometimes people have to write things ahead of time
(05:15:45 PM) jcastro: because they would run out of time if they had to type by hand all hour
(05:16:10 PM) sebsebseb: The Wine session was great for 9.04,  it's ashame that it got cancalled for 9.10,  why was that?
(05:16:19 PM) jcastro: I personally tend to paste a block, write manually for a bit, repeat
(05:16:28 PM) jcastro: sebsebseb, the WINE guy was on his way to the Wine conference
(05:16:35 PM) jcastro: and had a last minute plane change
(05:16:54 PM) jcastro: since all the wine people were on the way to wineconf it was impossible to find a wine person, heh
(05:17:03 PM) sebsebseb: oh
(05:17:15 PM) jcastro: Scott sends  along his regrets, he'll definately be back next time though
(05:17:24 PM) Jesi: wineconf?
(05:17:42 PM) jcastro: it's the conference for wine people
(05:17:43 PM) sebsebseb: It would have been good if Marks session was two hours this time, since  quite a few questions that ended up not getting answered.
(05:18:02 PM) Jesi: yeah allot of people ask about Wine, why isn't wine in synaptic?
(05:18:06 PM) jcastro: sebsebseb, unfortunately even when it's 2 hours not everyone's questions get asked
(05:18:25 PM) AlanBell: Jesi: it is.
(05:18:31 PM) jcastro: he didn't have time to commit to 2 this time around
(05:19:00 PM) ghostman: freenode ist nazifreenode ist nazi
(05:19:18 PM) IdleOne: ghostman: #freenode for help with that
(05:19:21 PM) Jesi: AlanBell: as of recently or has been? I had to add it to the sources in....... Intrepid (maybe it was Jaunty)
(05:19:37 PM) IdleOne: Jesi: it was in jaunty
(05:19:40 PM) ghostman: freenode ist nazifreenode ist nazifreenode ist nazifreenode ist nazi
(05:19:55 PM) Jesi: oh, how long will the logs be up?
(05:19:57 PM) IdleOne: jcastro: maybe you could show us how a ban is done?
(05:20:02 PM) AlanBell: !info wine1.2
(05:20:03 PM) ubottu: wine1.2 (source: wine1.2): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.31-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 9065 kB, installed size 75812 kB
(05:20:08 PM) ubot2: AlanBell: wine1.2 (source: wine1.2): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.31-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 9065 kB, installed size 75812 kB
(05:20:19 PM) charlie-tca: Jesi: once they are put in the wiki, they stay
(05:20:35 PM) jcastro: IdleOne, I was just wondering the same thing
(05:20:42 PM) ghostman: freenode ist nazifreenode ist nazi
(05:20:54 PM) mode (+b *!*n=ray-kde@* ) by jcastro
(05:20:54 PM) ghostman left the room (Kicked by jcastro (jcastro)).
(05:21:03 PM) IdleOne: thank you
(05:21:03 PM) jcastro: is that right? :p
(05:21:10 PM) IdleOne: looked good yes
(05:21:25 PM) Jesi: good session ;)
(05:21:59 PM) JanC: I think Wine has been in Ubuntu since before 1.0 was released, so at least since dapper
(05:22:02 PM) Jeruvy: get a board to set it on will help
(05:22:11 PM) sebsebseb: Having this channel   moderated so we can't  message  here when a session is going on this time round,  well yes  I can imagine people maybe coming in here asking support questions when a session is going on,  or otherwise talking in here when they aren't really meant to.   However take 9.04 for example where people put messages in this channel when a session was going on when not really meant to,  it sometimes made things more fun,
(05:22:13 PM) sebsebseb: and sometimes it was useful to be able to do that.
(05:22:23 PM) jcastro: yeah
(05:22:25 PM) ***Jeruvy oops that, wrong window
(05:22:27 PM) jcastro: last time we didn't need +m
(05:22:30 PM) jcastro: but this time we did
(05:22:37 PM) AlanBell: +m is better
(05:22:39 PM) jcastro: dunno, I think that depends on the vibe
(05:22:58 PM) jcastro: it was quite /awesome/ last time, we went the entire week without +m and everything worked so well
(05:23:03 PM) dscassel: I liked having the two channels.  Learning how /window works in irssi helps.
(05:23:13 PM) jcastro: but I think this time with a bunch of new people coming in with openweek7___ etc.
(05:23:19 PM) sebsebseb: jcastro: Why was it felt that +m was needed this time?
(05:23:22 PM) jcastro: that it was difficult to keep it non moderated
(05:23:24 PM) Jesi: I accidently posted to the wrong channel a few times, good thing it didn't go through.... yeah, I suck....
(05:23:33 PM) jcastro: sebsebseb, it just got too noisy with inexperienced people early on
(05:23:40 PM) sebsebseb: jcastro: yeah those openweek  names confussed a lot of us I think
(05:23:53 PM) jcastro: yeah that can be improved
(05:24:05 PM) charlie-tca: As the numbers grow,
(05:24:21 PM) charlie-tca: so does the confusion
(05:24:30 PM) jcastro: yeah
(05:24:35 PM) jcastro: those of you asking about video and stuff
(05:24:44 PM) jcastro: jono does have a video-esque show on ustream:
(05:24:50 PM) jcastro: where people can ask questions about ubuntu, etc.
(05:24:51 PM) AlanBell: also the people arriving as openweek didn't get a good first impression of IRC. They were all being told to shut up for being off topic and go away to #ubuntu - which they couldn't as #ubuntu kicks out web client users.
(05:24:54 PM) egyn: and the will to destroy and flood
(05:25:07 PM) dscassel: jcastro, cool. Will check it out.
(05:25:17 PM) sebsebseb: Maybe if something similar happens next time,  a rule should be that to take part in the channel  that's  classroom chat   and this one,  is that  they have to have a proper name.   Otherwise they get kicked/banned untill they name change?
(05:25:27 PM) Jesi: would it be possible to have backup options for sessions if something gets canceled? it would be a shame for something not to be included because of time restraints to then find out it could have been included
(05:25:38 PM) jcastro: I thnk we should just make it so they have to put in a name before they join
(05:25:39 PM) AlanBell: text only is cool, it enables non-confident speakers to participate
(05:25:40 PM) dscassel: I just find I learn more of an auditory learner.  Reading doesn't let it sink in as well.
(05:25:49 PM) dscassel: IRC's good for the Q&A aspect, tho
(05:26:14 PM) jcastro: Jesi, normally we have backup sessions but some people have been busy so it didn't work out
(05:26:16 PM) AlanBell: there are plenty of real life/video/audio conferences. this is the only text only one I am aware of.
(05:26:18 PM) charlie-tca: The problem is if they are first timers, they don't really know how to get names always
(05:26:49 PM) jcastro: was anyone aware of the Spanish Open Week happening at the same time?
(05:27:00 PM) sebsebseb: Regarding the +m  I suppouse really the person taking the session should choose to have it or not, for next time?
(05:27:00 PM) AlanBell: yes, it was on the wiki page
(05:27:01 PM) IdleOne: Please choose a nickname " little box to type it in "
(05:27:03 PM) jcastro:
(05:27:06 PM) sebsebseb: jcastro: yes I was
(05:27:09 PM) akgraner: I think we could have done a better job of making that known
(05:27:17 PM) jcastro: just as a note, if you want to run an openweek in your language that that would be brilliant
(05:27:26 PM) JanC: AlanBell: video/audio is a lot more complicated to set up...  (and for some people just impossible to use)
(05:27:44 PM) sebsebseb: jcastro: not useful for me though, since  I know Hola  and  I think it's Navidad for Christmas and that's about it,  Costa Del Sol
(05:27:56 PM) Jesi: yeah, one thing I did on my website (or used to do) when I had a web frontend or IRC, was to put a table underneath the applet to list commands and what they did
(05:28:00 PM) charlie-tca: At the same time, turning on accessibility features, you can convert text to speech
(05:28:47 PM) sebsebseb: I could name a few Spannish places
(05:29:03 PM) AlanBell: I think open week should get the marketing effort (and suitable name) that a full scale conference would get.
(05:29:08 PM) Jesi: I use pjirc for that..... never had a problem with going into channels
(05:29:12 PM) IdleOne: sebsebseb: taco bell does not count :P
(05:29:16 PM) AlanBell: how many users were in the audience?
(05:29:23 PM) AlanBell: for Mark
(05:29:25 PM) jcastro: we averaged around ~300
(05:29:28 PM) jcastro: ~350 for mark
(05:29:43 PM) jcastro: he usually gets about ~450 but I'm sure the last minute reschedule didn't help
(05:29:59 PM) AlanBell: so a conference with 350 attendees is a significant conference
(05:30:21 PM) sebsebseb: makes sense to have a Spannish Open Week I think though, since the amount of people that want es  that come into The Big Ubuntu Support Channel
(05:30:31 PM) Jesi: 350 is a nice number I think
(05:30:41 PM) jcastro: sebsebseb, yeah, ideally having concurrent weeks in different languages around the world would rock
(05:30:43 PM) erUSUL: well i'm sure there were a few idlers (or many if count the people making questions ...)
(05:30:46 PM) jcastro: that would also help coverage with time zones
(05:31:19 PM) sebsebseb: jcastro: well  mainland Spain is a few hours a head of South America
(05:31:52 PM) jcastro: that  brings up another idea
(05:32:02 PM) AlanBell: and the number of unique attendees would be quite a lot higher than 350
(05:32:07 PM) jcastro: in the past after the scheduled sessions people have just decided to run random sessions
(05:32:08 PM) AlanBell: over the full week
(05:32:11 PM) sebsebseb: jcastro: Also having session logs translated into other languages  afterwoulds could be useful
(05:32:14 PM) JanC: I was idling most of the time, but have also read several presentations in backlog, that goes faster...  ;)
(05:32:18 PM) jcastro: so one person will just start one on the fly, this is highly encouraged!
(05:32:31 PM) charlie-tca left the room (quit: "Time to leave, I guess ...").
(05:33:02 PM) sebsebseb: jcastro: Random sessions hmm
(05:33:11 PM) jcastro: right
(05:33:20 PM) jcastro: so some people miss it because of time zone or whatever
(05:33:25 PM) sebsebseb: normalley I keep out of  these two channels  classroom and chat, since I don't really know what happens with them
(05:33:29 PM) jcastro: so one day I woke up and overnight people were just running sessions
(05:33:31 PM) jcastro: it was cool
(05:33:45 PM) jcastro: well, when not running openweek the channels are here for similar things
(05:33:53 PM) jcastro: so if your loco wanted to have a classroom session on something
(05:33:58 PM) jcastro: you don't have to wait for openweek
(05:34:00 PM) jcastro: you can just do one
(05:34:19 PM) Jesi: nice
(05:34:19 PM) jcastro:
(05:34:31 PM) sebsebseb: I mean I knew there was a developer week, and that's about it,  plus  I know the channel gets logged in the useual place for the main channels
(05:35:26 PM) sebsebseb: I am  not invovled with any in person  Ubuntu community stuff, if that's what you meant by loco
(05:35:42 PM) jcastro: well, whichever team you want to work with
(05:35:44 PM) jcastro: virtual or otherwise
(05:35:45 PM) egyn: sebsebseb: maybe one could use something like babelfish or whatever to translate the presentation in realtime in another language-irc-room
(05:35:47 PM) jcastro: any other feedback?
(05:35:56 PM) ***jcastro is dying to get food at some point
(05:36:12 PM) sebsebseb: egyn: I woudn't rely on  babelfish that  can come out with some rather odd translations at times
(05:36:13 PM) itnet7: Great Job this week everyone!
(05:36:20 PM) IdleOne: !botsnack | jcastro
(05:36:21 PM) ubot2: jcastro: Yum! Err, I mean, APT!
(05:36:26 PM) ubottu: jcastro: Yum! Err, I mean, APT!
(05:36:27 PM) egyn: sebsebseb: i just grabbed an example service out of my head
(05:36:30 PM) jcastro: awesome, thanks again for showing up, feel free to hang out, smoke if you got em!
(05:36:34 PM) egyn: i am sure there are other more suitable
(05:37:04 PM) egyn: it is the idea, not the specific translation solution service i was after
(05:37:16 PM) Jesi: ok, so, what kind of sessions would you like to see next time?
(05:37:39 PM) sebsebseb: jcastro: oh I just saw you had to ban someone
(05:38:43 PM) akgraner: jcastro, thanks for all your hardwork this week as well....  YOU ROCK!!!
(05:39:24 PM) IdleOne: Thank you jcastro, akgraner, pleia2 and everybody else for the great week.
(05:39:30 PM) AlanBell: sebsebseb: which is a good reason for having +m, or it ends up in the logs, or gets edited out, both of which are sub-optimal
(05:39:39 PM) AlanBell: jcastro: thanks!
(05:39:55 PM) akgraner: IdleOne, thanks!!
(05:40:40 PM) sebsebseb: AlanBell: I don't think any of the offical Ubuntu logs get edited, unless there is a very good reason to do it, then they probably will I guess
(05:41:37 PM) kalon33: thanks all :)
(05:41:52 PM) IdleOne left the room ("Leaving").
(05:48:09 PM) sebsebseb: Yes  thanks,  Ubuntu Open Week is a time, when I think it makes a lot of sense for me to be using IRC.  I also think that Ubuntu Open Week is good for the community.
(05:49:11 PM) airurando: This openweek was EXCELLENT. Something (or several things) for everyone. Very enjoyable. Sincere thanks.:)
(05:53:24 PM) Schendje: Yes, this week was great. :) Couldn't join all the sessions, but luckily there are always logs! Thanks to everyone involved. :)
(05:56:32 PM) kalon33: thanks to everyone
(05:56:35 PM) kalon33: good night :)
(05:56:39 PM) kalon33 left the room (quit: "Good bye world !").
(05:59:25 PM) sebsebseb: jcastro: I missed stuff that was put from the beginning of this session.   I didn't really think about it, but that makes sense the open week names, because they went on the web based IRC thing.

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