Ubuntu Open Week - Making Screencast - DKcross - Wed, Nov 4, 2009

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(12:02:15 PM) DKcross: hello friends!
(12:02:39 PM) akgraner: Welcome DKcross  and take it away!!
(12:02:43 PM) DKcross: Hello good morning/ afternoom/ nigth online community it’s a pleasure to share  ideas with all of you , my name is David  Cruz , I’m from El Salvador and I’m participating with the community since 2 years ago.
(12:03:35 PM) DKcross: \07
(12:03:37 PM) DKcross: Nowadays, I’m working in projects implementing Ubuntu in different schools  around my country at the same time, I’m involved with Ubuntu team in El Salvador.
(12:04:31 PM) DKcross:   In the community  I’m working for Development and also I  work  in motivation and  encouragement to promote that more people work for Ubuntu.
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(12:05:02 PM) DKcross:  Today, we are going  to check a great TOPIC because this topic will help us to have a better vision about what people want to learn.
(12:06:06 PM) DKcross: First, i will talk about the documents
(12:06:24 PM) DKcross: The document refers to what help us to follow the steps to achieve a goal,
(12:06:53 PM) DKcross: and also it makes reference to the ways you can work in a software.
(12:07:35 PM) DKcross: The possible mistakes and the ways  to solve them, the documents  are the Base for someone without experience know something and understand the functions
(12:08:11 PM) DKcross: We know different types of documents, the most famous are the “how to’s “  which are  the manuals about how to do something but the document goes beyond  let’s see .
(12:09:08 PM) DKcross: We can mention as examples the e-mail list, due to is a tool that help us to solve problems and we can create the steps to obtain a solution.
(12:10:04 PM) DKcross: We  can  also obtain documents in books, and in this case I could mention different books that have been designed about Ubuntu.
(12:11:45 PM) DKcross: The irc channels are also documents the same as the e-mail list and they also contribute to community support but finally a problem solution is obtained . this is  present in most of the projects about free software and ubuntu isn’t the exception .
(12:11:55 PM) DKcross: The screencast is a different way to make documents
(12:12:17 PM) DKcross: The screencast are very simple. It consists in making a record and  explaining the process, it means something that you practice, explain and record.
(12:13:09 PM) DKcross: The screencast can be about many topics, the same as written  documents, the most important difference about screencast is the possibility to guide people with our voice.
(12:14:15 PM) DKcross:  The are many software to develop screencast, for example
(12:14:15 PM) DKcross: “ xvidcap” and “record my desktop”,  for this topic I will talk about “record my desktop”
(12:14:41 PM) DKcross: i think is more easy :)
(12:14:47 PM) DKcross: and very simple..
(12:15:44 PM) DKcross: but if for you is better with xvidcap, then  is good too!
(12:15:57 PM) DKcross: What is record my desktop?
(12:16:52 PM) DKcross: RecordMyDesktop is a free and open-source desktop screencasting softwareapplication written for Linux that attempts to be easy to use, yet also effective at its primary task.
(12:17:49 PM) DKcross: The program is separated into two parts; a command line tool that performs the tasks of capturing and encoding, and an interface that exposes the program functionality graphically.
(12:18:49 PM) DKcross: There are two front-ends written in python with pyGtk (gtk-recordMyDesktop) and pyQt4 (qt-recordMyDesktop).
(12:19:34 PM) DKcross: RecordMyDesktop also offers the ability to record audio through ALSA, OSS or the JACK audio server. RecordMyDesktop only outputs to Ogg using Theora for video and Vorbis for audio.
(12:20:44 PM) DKcross: first, we have to install “recordmydesktop and gtk-recordmydesktop”
(12:20:56 PM) DKcross: in ubuntu :)
(12:21:52 PM) DKcross: we write in the Terminal sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop
(12:22:30 PM) DKcross: Record my desktop is great tool, it allow us to record our desktop and at the same time it records our audio
(12:23:10 PM) DKcross: Some considerations you can take  into account before you make a screencast:
(12:24:04 PM) DKcross: 1- To prepare a TOpic
(12:25:24 PM) DKcross: 2- to have a good knowledge about the Topic
(12:25:33 PM) DKcross: 3. to Practice what we are going to say
(12:27:14 PM) DKcross: 3. to Practice what we are going to say << very important!
(12:27:23 PM) DKcross: 4- record all the time and  then edit
(12:27:49 PM) DKcross: 1. We have to choose a TOPIC based on necessities we have to cover , in general screencast will be for beginners in the Linux world,
(12:28:08 PM) DKcross: we have to remember that Ubuntu is the first distribution Linux for many people .
(12:28:33 PM) DKcross: Taking this into account, we have to choose topics that will give benefits to these people.
(12:29:00 PM) DKcross: We can consider that the the Ubuntu community is very friendly , with the screencast we can work for keeping this partnership.
(12:29:48 PM) DKcross: 2. We  need to know the Topic we’re going to record , because it won’t be good if we record unreal information or a fact that we don’t know very well because this will affect others.
(12:30:46 PM) DKcross: We can select a Topic because we have to be sure that’s something it needs to be taught in a more detailed way, but we cand also make the effort to give a good class . For this reason, we have to know the topic ,to study it and investigate if we have any doubts.
(12:31:37 PM) DKcross: 3. It’s good to practice befote the rehearsal ,with the purpose of avoid mistakes or any problem.
(12:32:14 PM) DKcross: A good option will be to make rehearsal sessions , at the beginning we may feel nervous or afraid of taking but it will be over with the practice.
(12:33:05 PM) DKcross: 4. A good option is  to record with mistakes and then to edit with edition tools such as: kdenlive or the one you prefer.
(12:33:55 PM) DKcross: To edit allow us to record and to repeat in the same record
(12:34:13 PM) DKcross: and later we delete the  unnecessary information and at the same time,
(12:34:31 PM) DKcross: we can add captions, sound effects, and to increase the volume or reduce it.
(12:34:54 PM) DKcross: We’re going to practice recording a screencast, please follow this guide after you install record my desktop
(12:35:40 PM) DKcross: First, we have to install the necessary software
(12:35:53 PM) DKcross: we type in the Terminal
(12:36:01 PM) DKcross: sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop
(12:36:26 PM) DKcross: or you can use other front end, like ubuntu software center
(12:36:51 PM) DKcross: or synaptic
(12:37:16 PM) DKcross: please go to ->
(12:37:52 PM) DKcross: Using recordMyDesktop
(12:38:02 PM) DKcross: You can start recordMyDesktop under Applications > Sound & Video > gtk-recordMyDesktop:
(12:38:29 PM) DKcross: This is how its interface looks. You can configure the video and sound quality (if you want to include sound in your screencast; it's also possible to deselect sound);
(12:39:46 PM) DKcross:  to start a recording, click on Record; the recordMyDesktop window will disappear, and the recording starts.
(12:40:14 PM) DKcross: During the recording, you will see a square button in the taskbar in the upper right corner:
(12:40:50 PM) DKcross: This button allows you to control the recording. By right-clicking the button, you can pause the recording:
(12:41:20 PM) DKcross: And by left-clicking it, you stop the recording
(12:41:44 PM) DKcross: This will cause the recordMyDesktop-encoder window to apppear
(12:41:56 PM) DKcross:  your screencast is now being converted to Theora Ogg:
(12:42:18 PM) DKcross: Afterwards, the recordMyDesktop window appears again
(12:42:34 PM) DKcross:  Click on Quit to leave it:
(12:42:50 PM) DKcross: You can now find the screencast in your home folder (Places > Home Folder)
(12:43:36 PM) DKcross: Your screencast is named out.ogv. You can watch it by double-clicking it
(12:43:47 PM) DKcross: This will open your screencast in the Totem movie player:
(12:44:18 PM) DKcross: now, we know about screencast!
(12:44:27 PM) DKcross: is very easy.
(12:44:57 PM) DKcross: now you can convert from ogv  to other.. like avi, mpeg ..
(12:45:25 PM) DKcross: We have learned how you can make a video about what take place in my desktop, it’s easy to follow and it’s one of the best ways to help the beginners , thanks for you attention ,it’s been a pleasure to share this with the online community.
(12:45:46 PM) DKcross: with big and friendly community of course..
(12:48:08 PM) DKcross: who have the quesions?
(12:48:39 PM) DKcross: ohhh sorry
(12:48:52 PM) DKcross: this is important
(12:49:52 PM) DKcross: The Ubuntu Screencast Team is a part of the Ubuntu Documentation Team, however we have our own mailing list and IRC channel (#ubuntu-screencasts).
(12:49:53 PM) akgraner: <TheFunkbomb> QUESTION: DKcross, what video editing software do you use?  pitivi or whatever doesn't work with compiz.  Kdenlive crashes
(12:51:37 PM) DKcross: ok
(12:51:48 PM) DKcross: well for me kdnlive has allways been a great tool
(12:52:29 PM) DKcross: while using compiz
(12:52:40 PM) DKcross: on the gnome desktop
(12:53:04 PM) akgraner: <jamesjedimaster> QUESTION how can i convert this .ogv into mpg or something else?
(12:53:06 PM) DKcross: you can go to #ubuntu-screencasts and ask more about
(12:54:05 PM) DKcross: :)
(12:54:21 PM) DKcross: is very easy  convert ogv
(12:55:12 PM) DKcross: you need mencoder
(12:55:45 PM) DKcross: winff is a great tool too
(12:55:58 PM) DKcross: if you want a simple and great tool then you need winff
(12:56:14 PM) DKcross: ok
(12:56:30 PM) mode (+v dpm ) by akgraner
(12:58:06 PM) DKcross: about kdnlive, i am not familiar with all its bugs
(12:58:21 PM) DKcross:  but you could report them
(12:58:33 PM) DKcross: and for sure the comunity can take
(12:58:43 PM) DKcross: care of them
(12:58:52 PM) DKcross: with with next update
(12:59:05 PM) DKcross: well... tanks for all
(12:59:14 PM) DKcross: :D thanks akgraner
(12:59:28 PM) akgraner: DKcross, thank you for taking time teach this session!...
(12:59:44 PM) DKcross: :)
(01:00:16 PM) akgraner: If you have questions about screencasts please go to #ubuntu-screencasts...

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