Ubuntu Open Week - Xubuntu - Charlie Kravetz - Fri, Nov 6, 2009

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(10:00:21 AM) charlie-tca: I'm Charlie Kravetz, known as charlie-tca on irc and the mailing lists. I am Xubuntu Quality Assurance Lead.
(10:01:13 AM) charlie-tca: We are going to talk a bit about my favorite flavor this morning, Xubuntu.
(10:01:49 AM) charlie-tca: We will take your questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat, and
(10:02:02 AM) charlie-tca: will have a few minutes at the end to answer questions you hold on to. Feel free to ask questions at any time,
(10:02:14 AM) charlie-tca: but please start them with QUESTION: so they easy to spot. For example,
(10:02:46 AM) charlie-tca: QUESTION: What is Xubuntu?
(10:03:21 AM) charlie-tca: The answer would then be
(10:03:38 AM) charlie-tca: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with the Xfce desktop. Xfce emphasizes conservation of system resources, which makes Xubuntu an excellent choice for any system, new or old.
(10:04:04 AM) charlie-tca: Notice, that does not say "old only"
(10:04:27 AM) charlie-tca: I do run an Athlon amd64 to use daily
(10:04:41 AM) charlie-tca: As a ubuntu derivative, Xubuntu maintains the same high standards and quality that Ubuntu has. We still have bugs to track down and resolve, and we do help with the bugs in Ubuntu also. Testing is a combined effort, since the releases are on the same schedule.
(10:05:01 AM) charlie-tca: Xubuntu is an ideal candidate for older hardware or low-end machines, thin-client networks, or those who would like to get more performance out of their hardware.
(10:05:38 AM) charlie-tca: <mhall119|work> QUESTION: With LXDE coming in as the new low-resource desktop, is XFCE going to shift to become more of a full-power desktop like Gnome and KDE, or will it try and lower it's resource requirements to compete with LXDE?
(10:06:34 AM) charlie-tca: I don't see a need to shift at this time. Of course, Xubuntu does not drive Xfce, either. We incorporate it, just as Ubuntu uses Gnome.
(10:07:47 AM) charlie-tca: As for lowering the resource requirements, there are many other distributions out there with lower requirements already.
(10:08:25 AM) charlie-tca: As a ubuntu derivative, Xubuntu maintains the same high standards and quality that Ubuntu has. We still have bugs to track down and resolve, and we do help with the bugs in Ubuntu also. Testing is a combined effort, since the releases are on the same schedule.
(10:09:14 AM) charlie-tca: Also, Xubuntu is the Xfce-based distribution with a native 64-bit architecture. We produce both a 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and ports for the Mac PowerPC and Sony PlayStation 3.
(10:10:20 AM) charlie-tca: <mhall119|work> QUESTION: Are the PPC ports fully supported?
(10:10:26 AM) charlie-tca: Great question!
(10:11:37 AM) charlie-tca: Unfortunately, we can not fully support the ports. There are, however, two freenode channels where our developers with macs hang out
(10:12:16 AM) charlie-tca: Both #ubuntu-powerpc and #ubuntu-ps3 are available
(10:12:52 AM) charlie-tca: <Jesi> Question: GNOME and KDE are already fast, especially when compare some other OS's (not going to say which, we all know), is there really any need XFCE? how much of a performance boost is one likely to get?
(10:14:06 AM) charlie-tca: Again, let's not confuse desktop environments with distributions. I agree, Ubuntu and Kubuntu are fast. Can I run them on a PII with a 400MHz CPU?
(10:14:33 AM) charlie-tca: It has 256MB ram. I haven't been able to. I can run Xubuntu on it, though
(10:16:13 AM) charlie-tca: <Sertse> QUESTION: How does Xubuntu respond to claims that it is rather fat for an xfce distro, and thus misrepresents xfce? Many people draw conclusions on xfce from xubuntu. Xfce itself is rather light.
(10:16:35 AM) charlie-tca: Thanks for asking that. We agree with it.
(10:17:37 AM) charlie-tca: As a dirivative of Ubuntu, we rely on a number of applications from Ubuntu. This does cause some bloating for Xubuntu. We attempt to keep as many lightweight
(10:18:36 AM) charlie-tca: applications as possible, though. In 9.10, installed from the desktop cd, you pull in OpenOffice.org. You can remove it, and in Lucid, it will not pull it in.
(10:18:58 AM) charlie-tca: The bloat is a price we pay for staying a part of Ubuntu
(10:19:40 AM) charlie-tca: <openweek2> QUESTION: The Acer Aspire One and early Moblin demo's were based on XFCE, but recently UNR/Gnome, plasma-netbook/KDE and Clutter/Moblin have taken the limelight. Are there plans for an XFCE/Xubuntu netbook variant?
(10:20:51 AM) charlie-tca: I don't have an answer to this at this time.
(10:22:17 AM) charlie-tca: I have a question about why the gnome desktop ran after Xubuntu was installed along side of Ubuntu.
(10:23:05 AM) charlie-tca: You can install Ubuntu or Kubuntu or both, then install Xubuntu. This allows you to switch between the desktops and applications as you wish.
(10:24:17 AM) charlie-tca: Sometimes, when you do this, as you log in, you must tell gdm what session you want to run. At the bottom of the login screen, there is a selector for xfce, gnome, kde
(10:24:41 AM) charlie-tca: This normally is invisible until you tell gdm who is logging in.
(10:25:27 AM) charlie-tca: There is also a setting to tell the system if you want gnome, kde, or xfce to be the default environment
(10:25:59 AM) charlie-tca: <its_me> QUESTION: I am a new to Gnu/Linux, if Kernel, File system and Desktop is being developed by an independent communities. What exactly is ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu community is doing? Are they just combining all these components and giving it a new name?
(10:27:07 AM) charlie-tca: Great question from a new Gnu/Linux user! In Windows, everything came from one place, basically, Microsoft.
(10:28:24 AM) charlie-tca: In Linux, a desktop environment is built of many small applications. A distribution is built of many more applications, which may or may not include the desktop environment.
(10:29:11 AM) charlie-tca: So, yes, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu are combining many applications to make something easy to use.
(10:29:54 AM) charlie-tca: without them, it could take you two or three or four weeks of running programs without a graphic environment to get what we give you.
(10:30:47 AM) charlie-tca: <mhall119|work> QUESTION: Xubuntu seems to be trying to look the same as the default Gnome setup in Ubuntu, why not do your own style like Kubuntu does?
(10:30:55 AM) charlie-tca: Glad you asked!
(10:31:18 AM) charlie-tca: I could not tell you what the desktop in Gnome looks like in Ubuntu 9.10
(10:31:48 AM) charlie-tca: I have not actually seen it. If it does look like Xubuntu, that was an accident on our part.
(10:32:09 AM) charlie-tca: <Sertse> QUESTION: Does Xubuntu have any contacts with upstream? I remember there used to be an liason at one point.
(10:34:04 AM) charlie-tca: Yes, we do maintain contacts with upstream. While we no longer have a liason in Xfce, we do talk to developers in Xfce daily, also with developers in Gnumeric, Exaile, and other upstream projects.
(10:35:52 AM) charlie-tca: Well, that looks like enough questions for now. Hopefully, I answered all of them. If I missed yours, please ask it again.
(10:38:09 AM) charlie-tca: As a dirivative of Ubuntu, we are not officially sponsored by Canonical as Ubuntu and Kubuntu are. Xubuntu receives no funding from Canonical.
(10:38:37 AM) charlie-tca: All of the developers and team members are volunteers.
(10:38:52 AM) charlie-tca: We report bugs found through launchpad. Brian Murray gave a great session on "Reporting Bugs" on Monday. If you missed that session, there are full logs of all the sessions maintained on the wiki.
(10:39:30 AM) charlie-tca: Just go to the schedule, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/ , and click on the session you wish to review. I do much of the bug triage for Xubuntu, and most of our bugs in Xfce are forwarded upstream.
(10:39:53 AM) charlie-tca: We do verify a number of the bugs reported to Xfce from other sources.
(10:40:24 AM) charlie-tca: We work very close with upstream xfce, abiword and gnumeric bug teams to help resolve the bugs found. Once you report a bug, it goes through a process called bug triage.
(10:40:36 AM) charlie-tca: You will find that I often triage the Xfce, Abiword, and Gnumeric bugs for this reason. I am also the bugsquad contact for these bugs.
(10:41:19 AM) charlie-tca: We will work very closely to the Ubuntu bugsquad when triaging, and follow the guidelines set in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage. A very important idea in triaging for Xubuntu is that just because only one person had a failure, that does not make it invalid.
(10:42:03 AM) charlie-tca: At this time, I would like to hit on some of the key points in Xubuntu 9.10, otherwise known as Karmic Koala.
(10:42:35 AM) charlie-tca: Xubuntu now has Xfce 4.6.1, which included many bug fixes.
(10:43:47 AM) charlie-tca: In work at Xfce is 4.8, which will have the menu editor. It is scheduled for final release April 18, which may be too late for Lucid, but could make the .1 upgrade
(10:44:03 AM) charlie-tca: Xubuntu 9.10 includes the Exaile 0.3.0.x music player to make enjoying podcasts, streaming radio, audio books, and music library easier than ever before.
(10:44:22 AM) charlie-tca: <mhall119|work> QUESTION: why was OpenOffice.org included now in 9.10, but going to be removed again in 10.04?
(10:45:10 AM) charlie-tca: Good question! OpenOffice.org slipped passed the testers. It is not normally included in Xubuntu, due to the size.
(10:45:58 AM) charlie-tca: It will be removed in future releases because it does not meet Xubuntu's requirements for lightweight applications.
(10:46:24 AM) charlie-tca: <sebsebseb> QUESTIONS: Why does Xubuntu use  GDM,  rather than it's own Display Manager?  Also isn't really XFCE just a window manager, instead of being a desktop environment such as Gnome or KDE?  As for xubuntu-desktop it's just XFCE with some choosen apps right? If so that's probably why there isn't a XFCEDM, or whatever it would be called, because XDM already exists.
(10:46:35 AM) charlie-tca: Thanks for asking, sebsebseb
(10:47:51 AM) charlie-tca: Xubuntu uses GDM because it is included in Ubuntu. We are a small team, and if Ubuntu has an application that works for us, we can have our developers work on other, more important tasks.
(10:48:31 AM) charlie-tca: <mhall119|work> QUESTION: What's going on with XFCE's settings backend?  Is it going to use the same as Gnome?
(10:50:10 AM) charlie-tca: Before I answer this, let me step back a minute
(10:51:05 AM) charlie-tca: I want to touch on the names we use for a minute. Xubuntu uses many applications to maintain lightweight, usable environment.
(10:51:51 AM) charlie-tca: Whether that application contains the name KDE, Gnome, Xfce, Lxde, etc, does not really come into the decision making process.
(10:52:45 AM) charlie-tca: We are looking for applications that work the best for Xubuntu. If the name mattered, most applications won't work. If the name doesn't matter, many applications will work.
(10:53:18 AM) charlie-tca: GDM is Gnome Display Manager. We use it for a log-in screen. It works for that.
(10:54:55 AM) charlie-tca: Now back to mhall119|work question. We aren't using Gnome's backend. We do use the parts that work for us.
(10:57:05 AM) charlie-tca: Does anyone know why was the name "Xubuntu - Lots of Kittens and Mice" given for this session? it does't seems to be related.
(10:57:25 AM) charlie-tca: Let's tackle this one, even though it is not actually being asked.
(10:58:48 AM) charlie-tca: Xfce's logo is a mouse. Xubuntu uses that mouse inside the "human circle of friendship" of Ubuntu. And, what good are mice without kittens?
(10:59:20 AM) charlie-tca: The kittens chase the mice round and round
(10:59:54 AM) charlie-tca: I want to thank all of you for being here.
(10:59:58 AM) charlie-tca: If you want to join the *developer* team, there is #xubuntu-devel and there is also the developer mailing list, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-devel
(11:00:10 AM) jcastro: thanks a bunch charlie-tca!
(11:00:13 AM) charlie-tca: As part of one of the best, fastest growing distributions available, we welcome anyone who would like to assist in development, testing, and bug triage!

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