I am the chief engineer for Metacom GNU / Linux Services.

The company is based in Thessaloniki Greece and provides services to businesses in our locale. We provide total information systems solutions via consulting, design, engineering and support.

We specialize in :

  • Debian GNU/Linux,
  • Ubuntu Linux,
  • Basic domain services (e-mail, dns, dhcp, ldap, etc)
  • Database driven dynamic web applications (MySQL, PostgreSQL, apache, python, php)
  • Plone Content Management System,
  • HylaFAX fax server (including support for high-end Eicon Diva Servers and PBX's),
  • GLPI + OCS for computer hardware inventory, management and help desk support,
  • Open Dental, dental office management,

... you can discuss any requirement with us for custom software and systems development...

Always at your service.

Menelaos Maglis

Chief Engineer

Metacom Ltd


E-mail: <info AT SPAMFREE metacom DOT gr>, <sales AT SPAMFREE metacom DOT gr>


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